Episode 30

Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 19, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The leader of the village hidden in the waterfall hiring Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to help him clean up trash from the waterfall. The leader, Shibuki, is a scaredy-cat and freaks out on everything, including a bird. the bird turns out to simply be a message from Kakashi, telling him that there's an important Jounin meeting going on. Kakashi leaves.
An elderly woman then appears, revealing that she's Shibuki's mother and the village is being attacked. Sasuke has Sakura take her to a safe place while he and Naruto defend the village. He then knocks down both Naruto and Shibuki to help them doge a flurry of Kuni. He then knocks Naruto down into the water and tells him to protect Shibuki. Shibuki then runs and, taking a certain water called the 'Hero Water'. He then reappears next to Naruto and explains that the Hero Water is a special kind of water from the Waterfall village that can give the user a ten-fold increase in his/hers chakra, but weakens the user's body. Naruto then tells him to drink it and help defend the village, but Shibuki is unsure about that. Naruto scolds him and leaves.
Seeing Naruto's selfish actions to defend the village, Shibuki decides to drink it, and joins the fight, but gets badly injured at the same time. Unfortunately, the Hero Water falls into the hands of one of the attackers, Suien, a missing-nin of the hidden waterfall village. He drinks the water continuously, increasing his chakra by a lot. He then gloats about the power he has. Sasuke remarks that that power's just fake due to the fact it's not his true power. Suien just blasts Sasuke into a tree, which angers Naruto and causes him to call up our favorite fox demon.
Naruto then knocks back Suien with his chakra while Sasuke, seeing his chance, blasts the bottle of Hero Water with his fireblast technique. Together, they managed to defeat Suien.