Season 7 Episode 15

Mix It, Stretch It, Boil It Up! Burn, Copper Pot, Burn!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 24, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • If only all of the fillers were this awesome.

    It seems that after a bad filler arc, an awesome slice of life episode like this one appears out of nowhere. Having these awesome slice of life moments with our most lovable cast of characters is a lot better than dumb poorly paced and constructed action arcs. First off it was actually pretty funny; the whole gag of Ayame getting fat and the diet ramen was pretty funny, and the ninjas getting fat and being unable to execute missions properly was also funny. Though overall, what made this a pretty good watch is the slice of life moments with Chouji, Sakura, and Naruto, and the fact that it didn't come up with some deus ex mechanica bs where the gang learn how to master making ramen noodles overnight. I guess incorporating ninja techniques does constitute a little bit as DEM, but it was just an overall very enjoyable episode.
  • Hate it

    This is the big sh17, never watch this episode. If somebody shows it to you then simply take an axe and destroy the display and the cd/dvd/hdd/tape that contain this crap. Just please do not i repeat do not wath this thing. Go out and play with your mmom fot 22 min, and taht will be a lot more exiting then this so called great naruto episode.
    Is like what were they thinking, it's really the worst episode of them all cartoons/animes out there. It was a real effort there dut they'v made it, it's a record "the worst ever to be made episode"
    So just please delete this episode from the face off the earth and greenpace will be happyer.X(
  • An episode about ramen...... And another filler

    Well Yeah it's an episode about ramen!! The Ramen guy's (forgot his name) daughter Ayame gets kidnapped by some guys who want the Ramen guy's recipe, and won't give her back until they get it. The Ramen guy doesn't have a clue what they are talking about because his recipe was called something different. So then Naruto, Choji, and Sakura help him to make the best Ramen ever, so they can get Ayame back. They practiced all night and when the time came they made the Ramen perfect and served everything right on time. The guy loved the Ramen but it turned out that the Ramen guy's secret recipe or whatever, wasn't called what the other man thought it was called and it was all a big misunderstanding. So they got Ayame back and she was really fat but then went on a ramen diet!!
  • differrent...

    well at the beggining ichiraku guy (ill call him bob) says his daughter has been kidnapped. for a ransom they must fork over a recipe or make some great ramen. choji sakura and naruto( of course) help him out to make ramen. after a full night of practice everyone meets the kidnapper so he cann taste the ramen. they use jutsu to make the ramen as best as it can be. the kidnappers like it returns bobs daughter to him. this was astrange episode sometimes i liked the humor sometimes i didnt. they definetly made a way to big deal about the food. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • It was a nice change of pace.

    After all of that must find sasuke stuff this was a good change. Naruto showed alot more intelligane then in most episodes. Choji finally got another episode. this was a good filler. Choji and naruto help their favorite ramen shop owner win a cooking contest and get his daughter back. This was very interesting the way it was all written. I hope they plan on making more episodes like this one. The way those ninja looked all fat was hilarious. Ninja as cooks was a very funny and good idea for the show. I think sakura is finally over sasuke now. End of review.
  • Ready... Steady... COOK!!!

    Usually I have an order in which I watch my new anime episodes, but I bent the rules this time. :P Usually it goes, Bleach, Naruto, Naruto, Death Note, (sometimes I switch the order up because I only watch Death Note when it's dark, much scarier) but Bleach always comes first. Well, I'd been looking forward to this one for a long time, so I decided to watch it first. Mm, it wasn't as good as I expected, but it was still fun to watch, and a nice change of pace from Naruto chasing down Sasuke. I was getting a little bit tired of that. Hey, you know what would make for a good filler? A Day in the Life of Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Kabuto! Sure, it'd be dumb as Hell, but it would be freaking hillarious!!! Just like that comic of the watching The Ring. Anyway, there's not much to say about this one, other than that guy who runs Ichiraku's daughter gets kidnapped. Naruto, Sakura (Finally! A filler with Sakura!), and Choji get cracking and help him make a smashing pot of ramen to get her back. Rather odd, and just a smidgen of lamness thrown in there, but not bad, overall.
  • Naruto is at it again, but this time it's a whole other ramen deal.

    What happens to Naruto when Ichiraku ramen is closed? How does Choji know so much about the art of ramen taste testing? And why is the episode revolving around ramen? All of those questions are answered in this episode; well, except for how Choji knows about the art of ramen taste testing. This is one of the better episodes of the fillers, but that is what I think. For anyone who complains about the fillers being about nothing but having Naruto sent on mission after mission, he finally gets a break. And of course, Naruto is going to fool around making ramen dolls that look like Kakashi and Jiraiya, known to Naruto as the Pervy Sage. Now Ayame is now saved, but she's what I call Choji-like. No, I'm not calling Choji fat Choji fans! I'm a Choji fan myself. This prompts the owner to make diet ramen. It's a new item on the menu. Of course you know Ino's going to be in line, but you definitely do not expect Hinata in the line. The owner eats the diet ramen to support Ayame, but the owner looked very weird with the amount of weight he lost.
  • Terrible filler episode

    Naruto, Sakura, and Choji help the ramen shop guy get his daughter back by helping him make ramen. There were some funny parts in this episode but overall it was pretty cheesy. I can't believe i watched the whole episode. This is probably the worst filler i have ever seen. I can't take anymore of these lame fillers. An episode about cooking ninjas !!?!?! You got to be kidding me. When will these pointless filler episodes be over. If they get any worse than this episode i'm gonna quit watching naruto all together until shippuden begins. Hopefully the next batch of episodes will be much better.
  • Mr. Ichiraku must win a cooking contest to get his daughter back.

    Naruto and Choji are headed to Mr. Ichiraku's ramen shop to get some ramen. When they get there, the shop is closed up and a sign on the store says that it is closed for the day. Naruto starts to leave when Choji says that he smells ramen cooking. They sneak inside and find Mr. Ichiraku making a new ramen dish. After getting konked in the head by accident Mr Ichiraku serves them his new ramen dish. Choji loves the soup part of it, but says that the ramen noodles are lacking. Mr. Ichiraku passes out. Naruto and Choji take him to Sakura where he tells them the story of the challenge....
  • This episode was some really entertaining filler. The whole concept of them having to learn to make ramen was really cool in my opinion.

    This episode was some really entertaining filler. The whole concept of them having to learn to make ramen was really cool in my opinion. Naruto, Sakura, and Choji decide to help the Ramen guy make the best ramen he has ever made to help save his daughter, who has been kidnapped by some deranged cook ninja. They have some how gotten the idea that he has some legendary ramen recipe and hold his daughter as ransom for it. It was interesting to see how ramen is made and even more interesting to see the genin make it in their own special way. This episode made me laugh a lot.
  • Pointlessly funny.

    This episode was pointless and funny at the same time. Pointless cuz this episode obviously had no point at all and will never be heard of ever again, but still funny. I loved how they made the ramen in the end. Naruto using shadow clones to serve and rasengan to mix the ingredients was cool. Oh my gosh I died laughing when Sakura pounded the dough thing omg that was so frickin funny and she already got super strength from Tsunade huh lol very cool. Chouji did good also. So yeah funny and pointless episode yay end of review now.
  • Although silly and not important, a few moments of this episode are really funny.

    The concept of "cooking ninja" has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Not just the existence of such a thing, but it's stupid that such a thing could ever be needed. Ninja really aren't interested in food during missions-well maybe just Chouji. But I'm pretty sure they're more concerned about the actual mission than if their food is appetizing. I have to say there were a few moments that really made the episode funny. For example Ayame's weight gain, Naruto's noodle Kakashi-Sensei, and practically every girl in the series waiting online for diet ramen. I did enjoy this episode, however stupid the concept is.
  • Garbage episode. Cooking ninja. Who thought of that?

    This episode made me crack a couple of smiles, but then i realized how much of a waste of time it is. They went through all of that because of a mispronunced misunderstood word. These fillers are really gettin on to me. But I'll admit it was funny when Ayame came out all fat. But Naruto should stick to his day job. Finding Sasuke.
  • Making ramen ninja style.

    I episode is great. It started out with Chouji and Naruto getting ready to have some ramen but the shop í closed. They sneak up on the roof and saw the man making ramen. He saw then he told them that her son have ben kidnapped. They were shocked. The cook ninja wanted the legendary ramen recipe from the bar. The next day they went to where the cook ninja told them. There, they made ramen ninja style. The cook nijas were impressed and they returned the man's daughter. I can't believe she fatten up. Well anyway, it was a great episode.
  • The owner of Naruto's favorite Ramen store had his daughter stolen by the infamous Cooking Ninjas.

    I actually thought this was a great episode to watch. It was very funny, in my opinion. However, I do agree that the Cooking Ninjas exploit is kind of... mediocre.

    However, this episode showed a bit of teaser for what's been happening through Sakura's stage while in the care of Tsunade.

    Finally, this is the first time I've seen Choji partnered up with Sakura and Naruto.

    On a sidenote, I never realized until now how much Choji and Naruto are alike :)
  • Funny I guess but the idea of cooking ninjas...ugh

    Ayame got kidnapped by some cooking ninjas.They challenge Ichiraku to cook some noodles and if they like it they let Ayame go, if not Ichiraku has to give them some "legendary recipe"Ichiraku got the soup right but he burnt himself.Naruto, Sakura and Chouji help Ichiraku to make some noodles.They weren't so good at it at first but later Naruto used his rasengan to mix the ingredients, Sakura used her superstrenght to pound the dough and Chouji used his partial multisize jutsu on his arms to stretch the noodles.The cooking ninjas tell them that tthey must serve the at the same time as they arrived at almost exactly the same time.Naruto uses his clone jutsu to sastify that and they win.Ayame is returned to them.It appears Ayame ate too much and got fat.Luckily Ichiraku invented diet ramen.Almost all girls we met so far are queing outside the shop.Ayame returned to her normal weight but Ichiraku looked like a rag doll.
  • These fillers sure can be bad, and I thought episode 192 with the fat Elvis lookalike (20 minutes wasted when she could've just done the thing herself instead of hiring Ino) and 193 with Might Guy with the fake moustache and afro were bad.

    Basically this episode is terrible. You have these cooking ninjas who challenge the guy who owns the ramen shop to a cooking contest for his daughter. They wanted to make their food good but not addictive to the point of weight gain. Therefore, the ramen owner asks naruto and crew (guess who's in because it's food..if you guess Choji because he's fat and stereotype him with food, give that person a prize although it's obvious) to help.

    I honestly wonder what's next, plumbing ninjas that create a toilet jutsu so you can take a crap whenever you want to? Well folks, that's why it's called a filler arc. They're just gonna write garbage until they get back to the point. I also don't recommend the episodes I put in my summary (192 and 193).

    Then as Tsubaki_Sakura said in her review, the diet ramen is just sad. The idea for little girls, and girls who're already thin to think they need this is ridiculous. Oh well, guess it's good for business for everyone to feel their body's miserable (at least the cosmetic and diet industries which would otherwise go out of business if everyone liked themselves regardless of what they look like).
  • The owner of the ramen shop that Naruto always goes to had is daugher kidnapped by cook ninjas. Naruto, Chouji, and Sakura helps get her back. There was a cooking contest. The three genins used their abilities to win.

    Dude, I heard the fillers were bad but gadamn this one was truly stupid. The story was ridiculous and had absolutely no meaning. Sakura was annoying as always. Their powers were wasted on just cooking. I also didn't like the ending where they made it seem that all girls are concerned about dieting and their physical appearance, even the little kids!
  • Well the ramen cook from the village had his daughter kidnapped. The cooking ninja took her and said they'll give her back if he gives them the recipe. in the end he gets her back and creates a diet recipe for the girls to stay trim because ayame gained w

    I didn't like it too much. I want the storyline to develop. It's been 168 epsiodes and all I've seen are missions and mediocre plots. Where's sasuke? What is being done to find him?
    None of this is being brought out. The only entertaining episode out of the whole season was 166-167. That one had a nice twist and good plot development.