Season 8 Episode 23

Multiple Traps! Countdown to Destruction

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Ino tells Tsunade that the tags are a diversion. Tsunade says that it is expected because Gennou is a trap master.

Shikamaru does his thinking pose and thinks that he has figured out where Gennou is.

In the Hokage faces, Gennou tells Naruto that he will use his exploding tags to collapse the mountain. By doing this he could submerge the whole city in sand and rocks.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru has figured out Gennou's plan. He is about to tell the Tsunade when Lee and Kiba arrives to tell him that Gai and his squad has arrived. Also, Hinata warns him that Naruto is gone.

Everyone has returned to the village and Gennou is about to activate his trap. Naruto tries to stop him but failed. Gennou attacks Naruto but Kiba was able to save him. Naruto asked him how he found him and he says that Hinata was the one who found him. Then Gennou was surrounded by bugs. Suddenly, he exploded. Shino tells them that that wasn't the real Gennou and the real one is outside. Gennou was about to activate his trap but Shikamaru stopped him using his jutsu. He then used a smoke screen to get away from Shikamaru's jutsu. When he got away he threw a kunai at the tags to make it explode. The tag didn't explode and Tenten tells him that she already removed it. Then Gennou made something explode which caused the group to experience a genjutsu. Sakura was able to release them from it. Then Gennou used a summoning jutsu to summon a bird but Ino used her Shintenshin no Jutsu to take control of Gennou. Then she suffers pain and tells them that he is fighting under great pain. He again tried to escape but Rock Lee fought him. Suddenly they remembered about the bird. It has an exploding tag on its legs. It is heading towards the thirds face. Naruto heads towards the face but didn't have the grip to stay on. Chouji used his jutsu keep Naruto stable. Then Hinata shows up and tells him that she will direct his attacks. She tells him to attack but the bird dodged it. Sakura then threw a boulder to try and stall the bird and this gave Naruto the chance to finish the bird.

After all the fighting Sakura finds out that Gennou has been fighting while enduring extreme pain. Sakura tries to heal him but Gennou is to sick and dies. After his death they find him holding a picture which looks incredibly like Naruto, as they turn the picture over they see an inscription. They then resume talking about it at Ichiraku Ramen where they come to the conclusion that Gennou wasn't a bad person after all.

When Gennou met Naruto, it reminded him of his son that died and planned everything so he could be with him. He made it a game like a treasure hunt playing with his son.
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