Season 8 Episode 23

Multiple Traps! Countdown to Destruction

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • An Awesome Arc Arrives to an End!

    So this arc comes to a happy ending, it was an amazing hunt for the truth behind Old Man Genno's genius plan to have fun before he dies of old age. What a fun way to go out eh? So it was just a fun treasure hunt meant to take revenge on the Leaf for the death of his son, but when he met Naruto, it seems he changed his plans. The guy had almost everyone fooled except Shikamaru who himself was scratching his head at this. But luckily we have the Konoha 11, who used each of their abilities to figure out the puzzle behind the traps.

    It seems the old man didn't want to really hurt anyone, but made it seem like he would and had all the cards to do so. Something like this would be an efficient way to do things. The animation for this episode and pretty much for the Arc was pretty good overall, this episode especially. Compared to other episodes in this season.

    A treasure hunt like this, would be pretty fun actually. Find the traps, the truth and be able to disarm them, or fail and let the entire thing go up in flames. The risks are all so high that you have to work hard so you do not fail your village, people and yourself. So this would be worth playing for real.
  • The Konoha 11 continue to fight off Genno and end his fiendish plot.

    Naruto along with the other members of the Konoha 11 continue their investigation. Shikamaru realizes that Genno's main target was the great Hokage faces. By placing paper bombs inside of them, it would cause a landslide and destroy the entire village. While Naruto learns about this from Genno, and he continues to fight him, Kiba shows up and saves Naruto, but Genno gets away. The other ninja find him, but he flees to the other side of the faces where he summons a giant bird equipped with a paper bomb, and places a Genjutsu on the Konoha 11. After releasing the Genjutsu, Ino decides to use her Mind Transfer Jutsu on Genno, but had to return to her own body after feeling all the wounds that Genno has. Meanwhile, Naruto and Hinata must stop the bird from putting the paper bomb on the great Hokage face. Naruto successfully takes it out with his Rasengan, and the village is saved. Nearing the end of the day, Genno dies. Another great episode, so a 10 out of 10.
  • Finally, it all makes sense.

    Finally! All the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and it all makes sense now! But it was a typical Naruto ending, and very sappy. So old Gennou died after threatenting to blow up Hokage Mountain, and Naruto was all sad. Boo hoo. But then Shikamaru finds a picture that strongly resembles Naruto on the old man. Tsunade reveals that the kid in the piccy is Gennou's son who was killed in the raid against the Heat Devil Village. So all this time, Gennou just wanted revenge for his brat. But once he met Naruto, he couldn't go through with it, so the whole time he was just leading the Konoha 11 on a wild goose chase!!! XD Hey, that means Shippuuden is coming soon!
  • The final episode of the Gennou arc

    Naruto confronts Gennou and vows to defeat him in order to protect the village. Meanwhile Shikamaru is contemplating what Gennou's real plan is and realizes that Gennou must plan to blow up the mountain above the village to create a rockslide that would destroy the village. Just then Hinata shows up with Sakura and tells them that Naruto needs help. Naruto uses his shadow clones and Gennou uses kunai to defeat them. Gennou throws more kunai and Kiba and Akamaru show up just in time to deflect them and protect Naruto. Then Shino uses his bugs to overwhelm Gennou and Shino realizes that...
  • Ending of a great filler saga

    This was actually a worth while filler. It showed how well Naruto and his friends work out. And how amazing Shika's leadership is. In the end it was a little "treasure hunt" but Naruto and Gang figured it out. There were many back-up plans. It seems as if Gennou died as a happy man.
  • MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    N A R U T O . . . S A K U R A . . . I N O . . . S H I K A M A R U . . . C H O J I . . . K I B A . . . H I N A T A . . . S H I N O . . .
    N E J I . . . T E N T E N . . . R O C K L E E . . . A N D . . . M A N Y . . .
    O T H E R S . . . A R E . . . I N . . . T H I S S H O W . . .
  • This episode is the conclusion of the Trap story line.

    Although this episode is still apart of the "filler" episodes it does serve a purpose. It provides us with a fine example of what teamwork is about. We actually get the opportunity to see all of the orignal Genin (save Sasuke ofcourse) and they all participate in some form. The conclusion to the story line was shocking, it ended with a nice twist of events. I must say that this episode was well written, and it further develops the main plot of Naruto. It's good to see such effective teamwork, but it's actually somewhat sad to see all of Naruto's friends bonding while fighting to protect Konoha, with Sasuke not being present. It'll be very interesting to see how it all goes down once Sasuke is re-introduced into the story.
  • This is a stunning conclusion to the short series involving Gennou.

    Finnaly, Naruto is able to find Gennou, and Shikamaru pulls through for the team again, quickly figuring out what was actually going on. But no one, not even the people most addicted to Naruto would be able to see what was coming. I give this episode a high 9, just because of how flawless everything came together, and what a great ending it was.

    For people prone to crying, this might be a situation where you\'ld need to bring out a tissue or two. This episode is sure to hit some emotion of your\'s, and with remarkable accuracy.

    Finally, as a little hint to what will happen... The feelings that Gennou show towards Naruto when they first met arn\'t as meaningless to him as might first appear.
  • Wow this episode was great!

    For some reason i like th efiller episodes more than the actual storyline because with the fillers you can really see their personalities you know..they goof-off more. But i really liked how in this episode you really saw how everyone used their specialities in unison! it was awesome! i think one of my recnet fav. characters of the series is Rock Lee (even though I love Shikamaru too)
  • A good close to the seemingly neverending fillers. Every member of the KONOHA 11 had a hand in "defeating" Gennou, but in the end it was our Number 1 Hyperactive-Troublemaker-Full of Surprises Ninja Naruto who saves the day.

    Traps that the number one trap user, Gennou made are all diversions. His supposed "real" goal is to blow up the Hokage mountain behind the village and crush it with the landslide brought upon by exploding tags. The team shows up to help Naruto, w/each member helpin out. Gennou summons a bird who had explosive tags attached to its feet. Naruto uses Rasengan to blow the bird off w/Chouiji, Sakura and Hinata's help. It turns out Gennou had a son who looked like Naruto, who died in the Hidden Leaf-Dragonfly War, some 30 years ago. Shikamaru and Shino realizes a lot of the traps were not set to explode, speculating that Gennou gave up his intention to attack Konoha after getting to know Naruto and turned the entire attack into a treasure hunt with his “son”.

    And in the end of the episode, while eating Ramen @ Ichiraku Naruto, Shikamaru, Sakura, Ino and Chouji make their declaration...

    Naruto: We cant think that every enemy who makes it to Konoha is going to be like him. Another Orochimaru-like person might come again!

    Ino: In other words, it doesnt hurt to be prepared. Right?

    Sakura (nods her head in agreement)

    Shikamaru: Its troublesome, but...

    Chouji: For that time,

    Naruto: We will...

    An image of the Konoha 11 standing side by side (Neji, Ten-ten, Lee, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Kiba & Shino) flash with the words:

    Protect Konoha... by combining all our strengths.
  • omg omg omg omg omg.. that old man was actually...

    he was nice.. he met naruto and changed his mind about getting revenge on kohona.. that old man wasnt bad after all..
    i respect that old guy and naruto felt sad at the end, all the troubles they went to actually worth it, great episode and im glad that the filler is gone now.. i dont want anymore fillers, well if there is then i dont mind as long as i get to watch naruto every week.. but seriously this episode was the greatest one that i'd watched, out of the whole episodes..
    keep the new episodes coming and i'll just keep waiting like usual.. hehe arigato