Season 8 Episode 23

Multiple Traps! Countdown to Destruction

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Chouji increases the size of his arms such that they were almost as large as the Great Stone Faces, and then hangs them in front of the Third Hokage's face. However, when the summoned bird explodes and we get a point of view from the shinobi down in the village, we do not see Chouji's arms hanging in front of the face.

  • Quotes

    • Gennou: But why? Why didn't it explode?
      Tenten: Yeah, tough luck. We already disarmed that paper bomb.
      Neji: And all the devices you set up in the mountainside images, we disarmed those as well.
      Naruto: Just give it up, old man, it's over.
      Sakura: That's right, end of the line.
      Lee: Fleeing is useless.
      Naruto: No matter how incredible a trap master you think you might be, our teamwork is going to beat you every time, old man; just face it.
      Gennou: I could no more give up than I could stop breathing.

    • Gennou: You did very well to find us.
      Kiba: Nah, we had a pretty good idea where to start lookin'. Shikamaru got it into his head that the final trap was in the mountainside images.
      Naruto: Shikamaru did?
      Gennou: Interesting. Well I guess I might have been taking my young opponents too lightly after all.
      Shino: Yes, you seriously underestimated us.

    • Gennou: It's no use. The idea of a boy like you disarming all my traps is inconceivable.
      Naruto: Yeah, you're right. It would be next to impossible if I were alone, but luckily I've got my friends.
      Gennou: These would be the same friends you did nothing but hurl insults at and bad mouth at Ichiraku?
      Naruto: Yeah, I get into plenty of fights with those guys, and they sure can tick me off at times, but they're my friends alright. They're all shinobi who will help me protect the Leaf. No matter what weird traps you set or where, they'll manage somehow, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    • Guy: (Runs into the village with most of the Leaf shinobi) Hurry up! Now that Might Guy is back, the enemy is going to have to change its plans!

    • Tsunade: You think all these paper bombs are just a diversion?
      Ino: That's right.
      Shizune: It can't be!
      Tsunade: It could. Gennou is the man who would go even further. After all, he is the trap master.

    • Gennou: I see that I cannot underestimate you whippersnappers.

      ~Japanese version

    • Gennou: It's impossible for you to undo all of my traps by yourself!
      Naruto: Yeah. It might be impossible for me to do it alone. But I have friends!
      Gennou: But at Ichiraku all you ever did was complain about them.
      Naruto: Yeah... There are times when they piss me off and we argue, but they're my friends! Together we're shinobi who will protect Konoha! I'm sure they'll figure something out, despite whatever traps you set up!

      ~Japanese version

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