Season 1 Episode 2

My Name is Konohamaru

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 10, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto has finally graduated and has submitted his application. Iruka and the Hokage are in the middle of lecturing Naruto for his inappropriate picture when they are interrupted by the Hokage's grandson, Konohamaru. What is up with this little boy?

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  • A really bad episode

    Nothing happened in this episode, you think during the first five episodes, when the show is in danger of cancellation they would make a good second episode but all what they made was a sick joke. We got introduced to a character who, bugs everyone and thank goodness we only see him a few times. This episode doesn't even deserve a 1.6 it deserves a 0. It wasted my time and left me feeling bad and depressed. I hate this episode! i hate it almost as much as i hate fillers. This episode stunk and after it was over i watched a good tv show.moreless
  • it was boring

    Konohamaru is introduced but nothing else realy happened it was extremely boring to watch. I am a Naruto fan and personaly i think that the show would be better with out the poinless episodes with Konohamaru and his annoying friends in. I cant think of anything else to say so im going to type in random jiberish. irej iodrenjb jn;igtr j iod fejinfww fjeow;fb oendewon jeowrewkj jenfownrow y tr ytt rg rg et e g retg 4g e 54y e h tr hrf h tr ge dg eg eg e g eg reytg hg eg er tgr et tg reytg r. I regret this episode ever being aired.moreless
  • we meet the hokage's grandson, konohamaru.

    the episode was kinda filler, since not a lot happened. we see a new jutsu from naruto that is similar to sexy no jutsu but with shadow clones, harem no jutsu. we realize that ebisu is a closest pervert ( which means he is perverted but likes to keep it hidden ) and we meet the third hokage's grandson, konohamaru. but that has nothing to do with the plot! so yeah its filler. i have nothing else to say. oh wait i got something to say, this episode is filler. This episode is FILLERRR! so yeah im done with the reviewmoreless
  • good show/ actors

    A photographer stands atop a building looking and Naruto and asking if he really wants to have his picture taken while looking like he does. Naruto tells him not to worry and the photographer sighs a snaps a photo. After the whole 'say cheese' bit the picture is taken, and we see Naruto painted white from head to toe with red swirls added on while he makes a nasty face.

    Later on, Naruto sits in the Hokage's office while the 3rd Hokage examines his ninja profile card complete with goofy picture. Naruto grins and smirks however; the Hokage does not look amused.

    Contents of the profile paper:

    Profile: Hobby is to pull pranks. Favorite food is ramen, especially miso ramen.

    Ninja Registration Form: Registration Number 102607

    Date of Birth: October 10th, 12 years old, Libra.

    The Hokage stares blankly at the page for a second as Naruto begins to explain how he couldn't make a nice face so he took three hours to put the outfit together, and he wonders if the Hokage thinks it's artistic or cool. So naturally, the Hokage tells him to retake it. A stupefied Naruto answers no, but the Hokage still tells him to retake it, Naruto disagrees yet again.

    After an awkward silence, Naruto uses his Sexy Technique to turn in to a beautiful woman again, and tries to use that as a matter of persuasion. This just gives the Hokage a bloody nose and makes him fall flat on his back. He lies there on the ground looking slightly weird, while Naruto stands there, back to normal, looking a bit shocked at what he did. Meanwhile, a little boy is walking around nearby, and the Hokage is busy calling the Sexy Technique absurd, while Naruto grins yet again.

    The Hokage asks why Naruto is not wearing his forehead protector, and Naruto says he doesn't want it to get scratched before the meeting. The Hokage explains that the Ninja Forms will be kept secret in the village and it is an important document, even for Naruto, so what's with the face?

    Naruto just says he doesn't understand these complex things, and just then, the little boy we saw earlier comes rushing in to the room with a shuriken in his hand saying his name is Konohamaru, that was wants to fight the Hokage, and that the title as next Hokage belongs to him. He then proceeds to trip on his scarf and falls flat on the floor, while Naruto stares and the Hokage thinks to himself that problems keep showing up.

    A man runs into the room to find the boy on the floor asking the Hokage if he placed a trap. The man calls him young master, asks if he's okay, and reassures him that there are no traps. Naruto's still staring, wondering about the kid, when the man notices Naruto and comments to himself that he is the Nine Tails and how he really hates him.

    Konohamaru walks over to Naruto and accuses him of setting a trap. Naruto gets annoyed and lifts up the kid by his scarf saying he tripped on his own. The man then tells Naruto to let go of him, because he is the Third Hokage's grandson. Naruto stares again as Konohamaru begins to think of how Naruto must be like everyone else, refusing to touch him because of his status.

    Konohamaru dares Naruto to hit him, saying he's no match for a grandson of the Third Hokage, but Naruto exclaims that he doesn't care who he is and smacks him across the head calling him an idiot. The man stares ahead in shock, like the world has just come to an end, but the Hokage doesn't care. The man starts explaining to Konohamaru that he should not get involved with Naruto, because nothing good will come of it.

    He states that he is Ebisu, Konohamaru's elite teacher, and is never wrong, and that the easiest way to become Hokage is to learn through him. But Konohamaru is gone before he's done speaking. While he looks around, the Hokage says that he must have went off with Naruto and Ebisu rushes off to find him, leaving the Hokage to think about Konohamaru and worry that he is with Naruto.

    Out in the streets of Konoha, Naruto is being followed by Konohamaru who's trying to use various camouflage covers, but Naruto notices every one of them and points out that it's really obvious where he's hiding. Konohamaru comes out telling Naruto he wants to be his follower and in return Naruto has to teach him the Sexy Technique which he used to 'sort of kind of defeat the Hokage, but not really'.

    Naruto refuses, but Konohamaru starts calling him boss, and Naruto seems to be tempted by the opportunity so he agrees. The two start walking the streets and Naruto explains that to use ninja techniques you need to make good use of your chatora (brown tiger) so Konohamaru imagines a brown tiger and tries to remind Naruto that it's really Chakra.

    Naruto realizes his mistake and comes back with a lie about how all good ninjas say it as chatora, and Konohamaru believes him, so Naruto is glad the kid is stupid. Naruto begins to explain what Chakra is, but Konohamaru continues for him saying that it's the energy you use to execute a technique. Ninja techniques use both types of Chakra, the body energy existent in every cell of the body, and spirit energy, which accumulates through training and experience; after those two are mixed and a seal is formed, the jutsu is executed. After diagrams explaining Chakra, and the explanation finishes, Naruto yells at Konohamaru for acting like he knows everything when he's just reading from a scroll.

    Naruto begins to explain that this could go and on but it really takes two things; hard work and guts. He says he'll train Konohamaru hard, and asks him to transform in to the beautiful woman he saw buying something from a stand to see how good his techniques are. Konohamaru tries, but manages to transform in to a fat and lumpy woman with a distorted face. Naruto says at least the clothes look fine, but the woman comes behind him and gets angry at his attempt. She whacks Naruto, and tells Konohamaru to transform in to something cuter when doing her and leaves. Konohamaru calls her scary, and Naruto wonders why he was the one to get hit.

    Later on in front of a shop, Naruto exclaims that they're going to do some research of pheromones! They enter the store silently, because the owner is snoozing on the counter as they head to the back and pull out a soft-core porn magazine with women in bathing suits. While going through it wide-eyed, they don't notice the owner come up behind them. They turn and see him standing right above them ready to thwack them with a mop.

    He reminds Naruto that there's no browsing allowed in the store, and a second later there is a whipping sound. Now they're in front of a woman's bath house as Naruto proclaims that this is the last spot. He turns his head to reveal that he is sporting a new bruised eye from the evil owner of the shop. Both Naruto and Konohamaru transform in to women and enter the bath house only to be beaten out seconds later by hordes of screaming women.

    Now, out in the forest, Naruto is pretty badly beaten up, and he wonders why he's the only one being pounded since Konohamaru doesn't have a scratch on him, Konohamaru apologizes because he's the Hokage's grandson and all but Naruto tells him not to worry about it, and that the preparations for the Sexy Technique are complete. The basics to the technique are big breasts, thin waist, and big bottoms. Konohamaru tries but it's the same as before, so he keeps practicing with Naruto's coaching.

    Meanwhile Ebisu is sitting on top of the Hokage monument wondering where Naruto took Konohamaru while commenting that he's taught many Hokage candidate students, and anyone who gets in the way will be eliminated.

    Back in the forest, Naruto and Konohamaru, sit on a log drinking something from a vending machine. Naruto asks Konohamaru why he's so obsessed with Old Man Hokage, and he answers because he gave him the name Konohamaru after the village, but no one ever calls him that, they just see the Hokage's grandson, and no one recognizes him as an individual, so he wants to be Hokage to be recognized. Naruto says he an idiot and no one will ever recognize him, because it's not a title a kid can carry easily, and if he wants to be Hokage, he has to beat Naruto first.

    Elsewhere, the Hokage is looking up at the Hokage monument when Iruka appears asking about Naruto and if he properly turned in his registration form. Iruka explains that he lectured him at the ramen stand a couple of days ago and now Naruto is happy that he's a ninja so that the village can recognize him. The Hokage then starts on a long speech about how the Fourth Hokage sealed the Nine Tails inside of Naruto in the hopes of him becoming a hero to everyone in the village. He goes on saying that no one saw it that way, and some even consider Naruto as the Nine Tails himself.

    The parent's hatred and disgust was passed down to the children, however the children do not know about the Nine Tails being inside of Naruto and that is the only hope he has.

    Meanwhile, Ebisu leaps through the trees looking for Naruto and Konohamaru, and finally finds them. Ebisu gives a cold stare at Naruto and calls him a damn monster fox, and Naruto sees the look in his eyes and recalls it as the look everyone in the village has when they look at him. Ebisu starts to ask Konohamaru to come back with him, but Konohamaru refuses saying he'll become the Hokage right away. Ebisu starts to explain the principles of becoming Hokage, however, Konohamaru has other plans and he uses the Sexy Jutsu on him.

    Konohamaru manages to transform into a beautiful woman but the jutsu does not seem to affect Ebisu. Instead he becomes angry and calls the jutsu an indecent technique. He adds that a gentlemen like him with never fall to such a low technique, and starts to say that the more time Konohamaru spends with Naruto, the dumber and dumber he'll become. The fastest way to become Hokage is to train with him.

    Konohamaru still refuses to go, and Naruto uses the Shadow Clone Jutsu which impresses Konohamaru beyond belief. Ebisu starts to laugh saying that he is an elite teacher and different from Mizuki. The Third Hokage watches through his crystal ball as Ebisu takes a fighting stance. Naruto's shadow clones smiles and then they all transform using the Sexy Jutsu! The naked women swarm Ebisu and he succumbs to the jutsu as a major nosebleed erupts and he goes flying several feet away to land on the ground stunned. Naruto says that is his "Harem* Jutsu."

    Back in his office, The Third Hokage comments that Naruto created another useless technique by combining the Sexy Technique, and the Shadow Clone Technique, but he would probably fall for it too.

    Back in the forest, the sun is setting, and Konohamaru is frustrated that he didn't beat the glass eyed teacher of his, and he wants the Hokage title. Naruto goes in to a speech about how becoming Hokage isn't easy, and there will be a lot of tough challenges and hard work, but it's important to get through it all. Then the leaves start to rustle as he finishes with the statement that there is no shortcut. Konohamaru kind of stares for a bit, then reminds himself of the fact that he has to beat Naruto still.

    He stands and quits being Naruto's follower and announces that they are now rivals. Naruto apologizes and says that he'll be a ninja starting tomorrow, and they'll fight one day for the title of Hokage, he then walks away waving while Konohamaru salutes him.moreless
  • Above Average

    Naruto had on really weird make-up, or face paint, WHATEVER!

    But his picture was still a little funny. Like I said in my review, Sexy Jutsu is not absurd. Naruto and Konohomaru are such little twirps (ok, I'm pretty sure I spelled Konohomaru wrong, but who cares?). If Konohamaru dared me to punch him, I would. Konohamaru is so horrible at disguises! I laughed when all the girls beat up Naruto. I can't believe Sexy Jutsu used twice wouldn't affect Ebisu. It took about 100 clones to affect him. I have nothing else to say in this review except: This episode is almost as bad as One Piece, Inuyasha, and Blue Dragon combined!moreless

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  • QUOTES (20)

    • Photographer: (The man is leaning on his camera) Listen kid, you sure you want me to take your picture like that?
      Naruto: (Naruto waves his arms) Just do it, come on already, come on, come on!
      Photographer: (Sighs) Don't blame me later. Say 'cheese'. (Takes picture of Naruto)

    • Naruto: If you want the title so badly, you need to take it from me first!

      ~Japanese version

    • Konohamaru: My name is Konohamaru. But no one calls me that. Whenever anyone sees or calls me, they only see the grandson of the Hokage. Nobody recognizes me as an individual. I hate that. So... So I want the title of Hokage right now!

    • Naruto: (Thinking) Who is this kid?
      Ebisu: (Thinking) That kid is...the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox! It's the dropout I really hate.

      ~Japanese Version

    • Naruto: I prepared you, so now you're ready to learn the sexy jutsu. Believe it! You're just gonna need to practice.
      Konohamaru: Practice! All right, boss!
      Naruto: Now the trick is to get all the curves in the right places. You ready?
      Konohamaru: I'm ready, boss. Transform!

    • Photographer: Listen kid, you sure you want me take your picture like that?
      Naruto: Just do it! Come on already! Come on! Come on!
      Photographer: Don't blame me later.

    • Naruto: I couldn't make a nice face, so it took three hours to make it look like that. But, isn't it artistic, or like, cool.
      Hokage: Take it over.

      ~Japanese version

    • Guy taking Naruto's picture: Hey, are you really going to have your picture taken with that face?
      Naruto: Don't worry about it. Just take it.

      ~Japanese version

    • Hokage: He's combined Shadow Cloning with his own invention, the Sexy Jutsu. What a foolish ninja technique...and he could probably get me with it, too.

    • (Konohamaru trips while attempting to attack the Hokage)
      Konohamaru: Ahh! Something tripped me!
      Ebisu: Are you alright, Honorable Grandson? And, by the way, there's nothing for you to trip on. It's pretty flat.

    • Konohamaru: Old man! I challenge you! I'm going to defeat you and become the Fifth Hokage!

    • Ebisu: Listen to me. You are the Honorable Grandson of the Honorable Third Hokage. You mustn't let rifraff like this draw you into a fight, even though he deserves it. You see, he's far beneath you; you mustn't stoop to his level. As your elite ninja trainer, I am never wrong, which means I'm always right. I'm far above the other trainers, so heed my every word. Your goal is to be the next Hokage and I can put you on the best track to get there. So, you must stick close to me and always do as I say. You understand me, right, Honorable Grandson?
      (Konohamaru is long gone)
      Ebisu: WHERE'D HE GO NOW?!
      Hokage: I think he followed Naruto, but I have no idea where they're going.
      Ebisu: He's with Naruto?! That's a disaster! HONORABLE GRANDSON!!!
      Hokage: My grandson certainly is determined. That was the fifth sneak attack this morning, and if he starts hanging around Naruto, things are bound to get even worse. Naruto wouldn't teach him anything really bad...would he?

    • (Naruto is observing Konohamaru's awkward transformation.)
      Naruto: Uh. The clothes kind of look like her.
      Woman: That looks like me?!
      (Loud slap sound.)
      Woman: Now, now, Honorable Grandson. Next time you transform into me, try to make me a little cuter.
      Konohamaru: (Shaken) She's scary.
      Naruto: (Lying on the ground) You're the one who did it. Why am I the one that gets whacked around?

    • Naruto: Who is this shrimp?

    • Konohamaru: What's wrong? I thought you were gonna hit me, tough guy? Afraid because the Third Hokage is my grandfather?
      Naruto: I don't care if he's your grandmother! (Punches Konohamaru) So believe it!

    • Naruto: That's so obvious it's pathetic!

    • Naruto: Why do they only whack me?

    • Hokage: Oh no, he's created ANOTHER stupid jutsu... I'd be defeated by it too... probably.

    • Naruto: There are no shortcuts if you want to become Hokage.

    • Konohamaru: What's the matter? Why don't you hit me if you can! You're no match for a grandson of a Hokage!
      Naruto: Like I care about that! You idiot! (Bangs him on the head)

      ~Japanese version

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