Season 8 Episode 10

Mystery of the Targeted Merchants

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

It seems that the pursuers are after the caravan after all. Shune (actually Princess Haruna in disguise) suggests that they split into two groups. Naruto, Choji, and Hinata agree and Hinata takes the group of younger people on ahead while Naruto and Choji stay behind with the slower group of older people and children. Naruto takes off after they have split up in order to scout behind them and find out what the pursuers are doing. He comes across a field that is covered with water and finds Kikujou dead. He heads back to warn Choji. As Choji's group is traveling along, it suddenly starts to rain. then the water takes the form of a type of wall that starts to surround them. Naruto jumps in and uses his clones to throw kunai with paper bombs to blow away the water wall. They decide they need to catch up to Hinata since someone in their group is who the pursuer is after. They find out that Shune is actually Lady Haruna, the princess from the Land of Greens. She wants to use the merchants as bait to help her get away and Naruto refuses. The merchants head for the next village with Choji escorting them while Naruto, Hinata, Lady Haruna and Yurinojou go and find a campsite for the night. Naruto and Yurinojou sense danger and sure enough Ruiga shows up to find Lady Haruna. He jumps past them to her tent to find it empty. Naruto and Yurinojou lead Ruiga away and begin their battle with him. He uses a water style attack and knock both of them down. He then uses a water style trap on Naruto.
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