Season 8 Episode 10

Mystery of the Targeted Merchants

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Clear Ups and Epiphanies

    Here we get to find out the hidden secrets of the merchants, especially Shun or should I saw Haruna. This episode we find out some of the story behind this and why they're being targeted. We learn why Haruna is acting like she is. Naruto using his smarts to defend the caravan from an initial attack with explosive tags. Not bad! Ruiga returns and that's when things get started up again and it looks like Naruto and Chouji will find out just what happened to Shikujou! And, where Hinata and Haruna ran off to meet the next small-big bad.
  • This was a really adventouraous episode.

    I think this episode was more revealing because Haruna is really a girl and not just an ordinary girl she is a princess and Naruto was really shocked when he heard that and it really made me laugh and all along they thought it was a boy how strange and it really was funny. The princess doesn't have a trust for people anymore how sad is that. I will give this episode a 10 out of 10 because it was a really good episode and it deserves a really good score. I think this was a really good episode and I liked it.
  • The Land of Greens series continues...

    Naruto, Choji, and Hinata discover that the caravan is the intended target for whoever is pursuing them after all. A plan is devised and they split into two groups. A faster moving group escorted by Hinata will head out first and the second group that is slower will be protected by Naruto and Choji. After they have split up, Naruto scouts behind to find out the situation. He finds Kikojou dead in a field and runs back to warn Choji. Momiji notices tht the rain they are passing through is kind of strange. Just at that moment it starts to form a trap...
  • I was right. Again.

    There was no way that Shuun was a dude. The way his face was shaped plus his voice definitely gave away that he was female. Does Masashi Kishimoto write these fillers? If he does, I am very disappointed in his work. Usually he gives us some mind benders and makes it hard to guess. If he doesn't write these fillers, they need to fire the idiot who does and get Kishimoto-sensei!!! Well anyway, I'm not saying that the filler is bad, I'm saying that they need to put some stuff in that totally blows your mind. Like The Sixth Sense. Anyway, Shuun turns out to be Lady Haruna of the Land of Greens. SHOCKER!!! Apparently, she doesn't give a crap about the other peddlers as long as she lives. Naruto goes on one of his infamous rants and well... does Naruto stuff. But you know what will happen to Lady Haruna. Towards the end of the arc, she will see the error of her ways, reinherit the Land of Greens, and turn in into a prosperous nation. Just like Naruto: Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow. Only then the princess was a drunk movie star and her name was Yukie and she was princess of Yukigakure.
  • Clears stuff up.

    Turns out that Naruto's team right now was given an A rank mission. Isn't that cool? Naruto, Choji, and Hinata doing an A rank mission. Awesome. Also, Shuu is actually Haruna, the Nano country princess. Who knew a girl could disguise her voice so well and act like a cold emo boy? I didn't. Too bad the other guy died. I hope Naruto doesn't die, cuz he doesn't. Nothing much happened in this episode, although it was great, nothing much happened. Hope the next episode is better, this filler arc needs some more exciting action, drama, and Hinata ness. End of review.
  • Filler. The story clears up.

    Wow Naruto just realized that Haruna was in fact a girl. A very spoiled princess who makes peddlers put there lifes out for her. Flower ninja are weak. They remind me of the Star viillage. Were you just attack withone certain method. This one being flowers. But the three brothers have unusaul techniques. One has the ability to get water out from the ground.
  • Its a fine episode

    I watched that episode. Its really good but fillerish episode.
    Haruna-sama wasnt a boy after all. I thought shes a boy. But shes a girl, a princess. It was a interesting episode. I cant wait to find out what happen next! Next episode might be about fighting. I guess it wont be fillerish in next episode.