Season 8 Episode 10

Mystery of the Targeted Merchants

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Ruiga: I believe I'll finish you off first, little man.

    • Yurinojou: Kikujou was a master of the Land of Greens special Flower Ninjutsu. We trained together when we were little kids, but I never managed to beat him, not even once. Now it seems that I'll never have the opportunity to best my friend.
      Naruto: Not quite. You've still got one more chance.
      Yurinojou: Huh?
      Naruto: If you can defeat the guy that took down your buddy. Then, in a way, you'll be winning against Kikojou too.
      Yurinojou: Thanks Naruto. Yes, that makes sense.

    • Naruto: It's our turn to be the decoys so we can make sure those guys stay safe and sound.
      Haruna: (Angry) Fine, do as you like.

    • Haruna: Why are you just getting rid of them like this? Without them as decoys, how do you expect to protect me?
      Naruto: Are you still goin' on about that? They gave up everything, all of their possessions, to save your sorry hide.

    • Haruna: Have you completely forgotten that you were hired to protect me from harm?
      Naruto: What are you, nuts?! You think I care about that?!
      Yurinojou: Naruto, please, just wait. Lady Haruna, that's indeed my mission. However, their assignment isn't the same at all. These ninja were hired to protect merchants from roving bandits, saving you isn't what they signed on for.

    • Haruna: If something terrible should happen to the Land of Greens, I would be the only person remaining in the royal bloodline. I have to survive! Even if our land is completely destroyed, I can go back someday and restore it.
      Naruto: That's all you care about and you would sacrifice innocent people's lives to do so?!

    • Naruto: Choji... Hinata... I don't know about you, but I'm really ticked off right now!

    • Haruna: My escape is top secret. If we said anything, word might have gotten out. Besides, if you knew, you'd probably run away.
      Naruto: You're not lookin' at somebody who runs from trouble.

    • Yurinojou: The person standing here is the only daughter of the Land of Greens' feudal lord. Her name is Lady Haruna.
      Grandma: Princess Haruna? Princess Haruna of the Land of Greens? Why, look how much you've grown.
      Naruto: No way! P-Princess?! You're saying that he's a she?!

    • Naruto: How's it going, guys? We finally caught up to ya!
      Hinata: You two aren't supposed to be here. What about the plan?
      Naruto: Just forget about the plan, the situation's much different now.
      Choji: It seems that one of the folks in your group is keeping something from us, something important.
      Hinata: Something important?
      Choji: And whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it's the reason those guys have been chasing after us.

    • Choji: Naruto, if you're going to use paper bombs, ya think you could give a guy a little more heads up?

    • Choji: Everybody under that cart as fast as you can!
      Momiji: We're already under here.
      Choji: That was pretty fast.

    • Choji: (Thinking) I can sense them. Whoever's out there is so cold-blooded, and their getting closer.

    • Choji: Naruto!
      Naruto: Just go, I can handle myself.
      (Naruto runs off to scout behind them)
      Choji: That's not what I meant. It defeats the whole point of the strategy if I have to guard five people alone.
      Momiji: The plan is ruined.

    • Naruto: Choji.
      Choji: Yeah?
      Naruto: You should take the gang and get going.
      Choji: What?!
      Naruto: I'm going to double back real quick and check things out where we set those traps.
      Choji: But if you turn around, you're going to run straight into the bad guys!
      Naruto: That's okay by me. After all, just sitting around waiting to be attacked isn't exactly my style.

    • Shune: Let's move on, if you don't mind? Three people have to protect ten bowls of ramen, so each person has to protect roughly 3 bowls. But remember, this ramen has legs and can run.
      Naruto: Hold on, you mean there's ramen that has legs?!
      Shune: Five of the bowls can run very quickly, but the other five bowls move slower...
      Naruto: Whoa, this whole ramen thing is gettin' kinda crazy.

    • Hinata: Please tell us your plan and we'll listen.
      Shune: Here's the idea, I'll demonstrate. (Draws ten X's in the dirt) Let's say there are ten persimmons here...
      Naruto: Hey, does it matter what kind of food it is?
      Shune: Uh... No.
      Naruto: Well okay, then I want it to be ramen.
      Hinata: But Naruto, it's hypothetical.
      Shune: All right then, we'll make it ramen.

    • Naruto: It's hard enough to protect one group around here, it would be idiotic to split ourselves into two.

    • Choji: Did they really come this way?
      Naruto: I don't get it. And why would they come through here? If it's like you said Choji, they should be headed in a completely different direction.
      Choji: Well, I only said that because I didn't think we were the one's who were being chased.
      Hinata: Maybe this isn't the best time to have an argument. We should come up with some kind of strategy.
      Naruto: Yeah, but you gotta be kiddin' me.

    • Naruto: It is our turn to protect those guys and be the decoy.
      Haruna: Do whatever you want!

      ~Japanese version

    • Haruna: Isn't your mission to protect me?
      Naruto: You! Are you still talking about that?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: We need to come up with some sort of plan.
      Naruto: Even so...

      ~Japanese version

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