Season 2 Episode 3

Narrowing the Field: Sudden Death Elimination!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 17, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • There are too many genin. Now the genin must face each other in battle to reduce the amount of candidates.

    Seven teams, twenty one genin, have made it through the second exam. The third Hokage feels that it is necessary to have a preliminary round of fights in order to reduce the amount of genin candidates. The proctor asks if there is any genin that is not physically able to handle the round of fights to please step out. Sakura wants Sasuke to bow out, but he refuses. Kabuto, however, does drop out much to the surprise of Naruto. Sasuke is to fight one of Kabuta's teammates in the first match. Before the match starts, Kakashi tells Sasuke that if the curse mark starts to become a problem, he will stop the fight....
  • A Good fight here.

    The preliminary round begins with Kabuto dropping out and Sakura getting into Sasuke's business about the cursed seal that Orochimaru had given to him. I know Sakura just wants to help but she is really annoying. She needs to know that it is Sasuke's business only, not hers. I would have probably given told him my concern but she just had to get even more deep then she ever was. She was going to tell them about the curse mark. I agree with Sasuke, she is annoying. At the end of this episode Sasuke has to fight Yoroi who is one of Orochimaru's subordinates just like Kabuto. I wanted to see what will happen but that was the end of the episode. This episode is still awesome.
  • Curse that Yoroi!!!!! He was mean to Sasuke!!!!!

    The 3rd Round Preliminaries end up being hand to hand combat. Hayate tells the Genin if any of them want to back now, they better do it or forever hold their pee. (That didn't really happen. Just some of my humor. :P) Kabuto backs out instantly. Naruto freaks out and gets mad, but Kabuto tells him he had an injury earlier in the test. As Kabuto walks away, he thinks to himself that if he had gone through with it, "The Old Kabuto" might have come out. The Sound Trio's Jonin is also revealed to be Orochimaru in disguise. Hayate activates a board that will decide who battle who and when. 1st up is Sasuke Uchiha vs. Yoroi Akado. Yoroi is on Kabuto's team.
  • Sasuke's new move!!

    With so many participants still left, the groups are told that they will be pitted against each other in preliminary matches. Kabuto leaves, claiming he is too injured to go on. In truth he's reporting back to Orochimaru. His history is discussed among the Jounins. Then Sasuke is told he has to fight. They know that Sasuke was given the cursed seal and if it takes over they will stop him. He cannot use his sharingan. But Sasuke just uses his ninja fighting skills to fight. He uses the Lion Barrage to beat the shinobi, but was very weak after that.
  • Ten more fights to be fought...A review from an Artist.

    Naruto, Sauske, Sakura, Lee, Neji, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kin, Dosu, Zaku, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Hinata, Kiba (and Akamaru), Shino, Kabuto, Mizuki, and Akado. Everyone must be pit against each other but Kabuto leaves. The first match is Sauske VS. Akado. Kakashi warns Sauske to not use his sharingan because him and all of the other Joinin know about his curse mark. Especial Anko she has one in the exact same place as Sauske\'s mark. Will Sauske pervaile in a win or will he be smuthered with defeat? Watch the next episode to find out what happens. This is my masterpiece.
  • We get to see how much effect that the Curse Mark can have ... while Sasuke is in the middle of a battle.

    I think that, if it wasn't for the Curse Mark, Sasuke could have totally won that guy.

    Anyway, starting at the beginning. This was the second EP I ever watched, and at first, I was annoyied at how they went through everyone's thoughts. Now, I think it's sorta cool We get to see whate everyone thinks about the preliminary exams. The proctor says that anyone that wishes to quit can. I wanted to yell at Sakura for almost getting Sasuke out, but I wanted to yell at him, too, for not leaving on his own.

    But in the end, I was glad he stayed. I think the beginning of the preliminaries was slow going at first, but then I found myself wishing I could see more of them. (I only get one a week). I think that they matched everyone up in a good a way as they could have. No one got off too easy, but no one had to fight someone too hard. Except in a few cases.

    All in all, I liked what they showed of the fight in this EP, and I wanted to see the next so badly. Won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it. ;D

  • Naruto lately has been disaplying flashes of Dragonball Z.

    After the Hokage explains what the chuunin exam is about, Hayate, the unhealthy examiner, explains the rules for the preliminary match. After hearing them, Kabuto quits, and Sakura insists that Sasuke do the same because of his cursed seal, and threatens to even tell the examiners and jounins about the matter. Sasuke however, threatened Sakura back. It seems like the Hokage, Anko, and even Kakashi, are aware of Sasuke's cursed seal, but decide to observe to see what ends up happening. The first match pits Sasuke against Orochimaru's subordinate. Sasuke, with his cursed seal, is unable to use any ninjitsu techniques, let alone his sharingan, and relies on his taijetsu. However, his opponent has the ability to forcefully extract chakra out of his body, and Sasuke is already low on that.

    It's been two full episodes, and in much of that time, all of the genins were just standing there, listening to lectures from the Hokage or Hayate, or just chatting among themselves. The episode was pretty entertaining to an extent, and the ever annoying Sakura is starting to not get as annoying if she keeps on displaying incredibly emotional scenes like the one in this episode, but it felt way too dragged out. Even after 3/4's through the episode, when the actual fight was announced, all of the examinees took their time climbing the stairs, mixed in with some more talking. The last two, maybe even three episodes, are displaying flashes of Dragonball Z.
  • In this episode Sasuke cannot fight because of the mark Orochimaru gave him. sakura tries to convince him but he won't listen because he wants to fight the best including Naruto.Sasuke and this one guy have to fight.

    Good episode.I don't think sasuke will be able to withstand the mark on his neck.I can't wait to see the next episdoe which airs today Sasuke is so going to win.Orochimaru is that guy from the sound village an I cant believe hokage hasn't noticed it yet.I loved this episdoe and can't wait for the next one.
  • In this episode Sasuke cannot... An Anime King review.

    In this episode Sasuke cannot really use his abilities . It is sad that he cannot use his Sharingan in battle, or at all. Because of the seal Orochimaru gave to him. Now he can't use a lot of chakra or the seal might over come him. It almost did in this episode while he was about to use his Lion Combo attack. Thats kind of like a remixed version of Rock Lee's Leaf Dance attack. Now Sasuke has to be smart. This has been an Anime King review.