Season 6 Episode 27

Naruto the Movie 2: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto the Movie 2: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel
Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are on a mission to deliver a lost pet to a certain village. However, right in the middle of everything, troops led by the mysterious knight, Temujin, attack them. When the three become separated, Naruto and Temujin fight, only to end up falling off a cliff. When Shikamaru discovers a strange moving fortress, he decides to investigate on his own. Just what lies inside the mysterious fortress? What happened to Naruto and Temujin? And how is the Hidden Sand Village involved in all of this?moreless

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  • The 2nd Naruto Movie.

    This was a great movie. The action starts when a mysterious foe attacks the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara shows up and they are able to beat back the invaders, until they see a large ship out in the ocean. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are trying to catch a ferret for a client. They eventually catch it, although Naruto almost goofs it up, and take it to the village they are supposed to deliver it to. As they near the village, Shikamaru senses that there is something wrong and they proceed with extreme caution. When they find where the village should be...moreless
  • Excellent!!!

    soooooooo... NAruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru are on a mission to return a lost ferret to a village. They get the ferret, but it attacks Naruto XD. Then they get attacked by mysterious ninja. SAkura and Shikamaru fend of 2 of them while Naruto fights a dude in knight like armor(AKA Temujin).Then Naruto and Temukin fall of a clif or something and get rescued by a nomading village. Later, it revels that Temujim works for a peace thingy to create a utopia by this dude named Haido. And htey need a stone called the Gelel to do it(I think..). Later(again), it turns out that the Haido dude wants to use the stone to gain power(the evil way). He gets the stone and turns into this evil demon dude. Naruto uses double rasengan to defeat the evil dude. In the end the Gelel caves collaspe and Naruto saves Temujin. After Naruto saves Temujin and they're lying on the ground(with Naruto passed out)they're holding hands!!!!!!!! Me and my brother were like: aw GAY XD. But it was a joke. We loved this movie!!!! :) ^_^moreless
  • This movie is better then the first one.

    I really loved this movie and was better then the first. It had great action and adventure. The end was the best how Naruto did 2 rasengan's at the same time and defeated the lord with the help of Temujin and the stone of Gelel it was so amazing. Shikamaru and Sakura had there own things on there hand like battling his evil friends and they kicked there butts which was really cool and amazing. Master Haido was a total jerk to Temujin and he realizes it him self and turns into a good guy. This was really similar to the first movie when the princess doesn't listen or do anything well and it is similar to this also. I will give this movie a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • The first one was better.

    One of the only reasons why I watched this is because I love Anime not necessarily Naruto, the story was okay, the art design was a bit off compared to the series but that always happens, the only real problem I had was Where in the world was Temari?!? When I saw Gaara in the opening I thought okay at least I'll have some one to look forward to, still looking. In action movies I always look out for the girl power, I can't really depend on Sakura for that and all the other girls were evil, next time I hear the words Sand shinobi and Temari's not around I'm changing the channel.moreless
  • What's up with the no Temari? That's just what killed it for me. I've also seen this plotline about a hundred times before. But seriously. NO Temari? At all? Losers.

    What's the matter, TVT? Need more fillers? It's not like you don't already have like seventy wasted episodes, let's throw in a couple movies too. Really, I'd expect better, but I guess this is what we get from the people who brought us "Curry of Life". Also, drug-trip Kankurou could have been so much better. And Gaara says what, three sentences? Why even bother putting those two sibs in at all? You could have at least put in Temari in there for some Shika/Tema action, give this thing at least ONE redeeming quality. Nope, you decided to just waste a whole bunch of animation money that would have been better spent on Shippuden, on this. Not cool dudes. Not cool.moreless

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    • Haido: Would you just die already?!
      Naruto: Go to Hell!

    • Temujin: Naruto, it's just as you said. What good is a dream...if it sacrifices your friend!

    • Shikamaru: Just as I planned...more or less.

    • Naruto: Friends are something that matter. They should be the most important thing in the world to you!

    • Naruto: Hey, old man! People gave their lives for your dreams. Do you even care?

    • Temujin: Power is power! That's all there is to it. All that matters is who's wielding it.

    • (Temujin is inspecting the ruins of the caravan when he is caught by Shikamaru's jutsu)
      Temujin: What the...?
      Shikamaru: We've been waiting for you. What's up?

    • Shikamaru: We've got a friend around here to look for. Come on, Sakura!
      Sakura: Yeah, but... (She gets up and they start to walk off)
      Kahiko: Just a moment! Is this friend you speak of Naruto?
      Sakura: Wait a minute, are you telling us you've seen him?
      Kahiko: Please help me! I've no one else to turn to. If we don't hurry, something terrible is going to happen!
      Sakura: What are you talking about?
      (Shikamaru sighs)

    • Shikamaru: Hey, grandpa, what is the Stone of Gelel?
      Sakura: Gelel?
      Shikamaru: Look, I know this has got nothing to do with us, I'm just a little curious is all. They were talking about it back in their stronghold.
      Sakura: So you think they need it to achieve their goal somehow?
      Shikamaru: The stone could very well be their goal.

    • (Temujin makes use of the smoke screen to get away)
      Naruto: (Jumps and grabs someone) Not a chance! You're not going anywhere!
      Kankuro: Let go of me, you idiot.
      Naruto: Ha! Forget it! (Sees it's Kankuro) Huh? What the...?
      Kankuro: Losin'!
      Naruto: What the heck are you even doing up here?!

    • Naruto: This is crazy! What on earth were you thinking?!
      Temujin: I already told you, didn't I? If one hopes to achieve a higher goal, certain sacrifices must be made.
      Naruto: What the...? Look around you! Aren't these your friends lying here?!
      Temujin: They are. And like me, they were willing to give anything to bring about our dream of utopia.
      Naruto: Spare me, will ya! If they are your friends, you sure don't act like it.

    • Temujin: Those who stand in our way will be eliminated!
      Kankuro: Yeah, whatever.

    • Kankuro: Naruto! What are you doing here?!
      Naruto: Kankuro?
      Kankuro: You got it. (Talking to Temujin) Thought you could sneak up on us, huh? You shouldn't underestimate the Shinobi of the Hidden Sand.
      Naruto: I don't get it? What happened out here?
      Kankuro: Oh man, you didn't know about this? These people invaded the Land of Wind from outta nowhere.
      Naruto: Are you serious?!
      Kankuro: We've had quite a few casualties trying to stop their rampage. Whole villages were wiped out in the battle.
      Naruto: Tell me, is that true?
      Temujin: Noble sacrifices for the greater good.
      Naruto: Oh please, what you say and do are two different things!

    • Haido: Naruto, we've traveled far and wide trying to create a utopia.
      Naruto: What... What's a utopia?
      Haido: Well, to put it simply, a world where there are no longer any wars and the weak are never oppressed.
      Naruto: A world without any war?
      Haido: Yes. The land we've traveled here from is a far off continent ravaged by conflict. War is an ugly thing, a source of boundless sorrow. Bestowing not but misfortune on man. Temujin knows this all too well. He lost his homeland to strife.
      Naruto: So does that mean you're all alone then?
      Temujin: No, I have Master Haido.

    • Naruto: So who's this Marter Hido guy?
      Temujin: He's my lord and a man of great strength. You'll see when you meet him.
      (Naruto sees one of the large warriors.)
      Naruto: So, what's the deal with these big goons everywhere? Are you friends with them?
      Temujin: They're just soldiers who are dedicated to the cause. All of my comrades are... (Stops)

    • (Temujin saves a young child from a fall and hurts his arm again. Naruto offers to help him up, but he gets up on his own)
      Temujin: I'm through here. My debt to these people has been repaid. (Walks off)

    • Naruto: Hey, are you ready to talk yet or what? How come you attacked us out of nowhere like that, huh? (Temujin has a flashback of Naruto's Rasengan) Hey! I'm talkin' to you!
      Temujin: That power you were using, what is it?
      Naruto: Huh? What power? You mean my chakra?
      Temujin: Chakra (Thinking) It's true. I don't sense any Gelel from him.
      Naruto: Come on, let's go. I want answers here! Just who the heck are you, pal?
      Temujin: I'm here to build a utopia.
      Naruto: A utopia?

    • (The ferret jumps up on Kahiko's shoulder)
      Naruto: Careful old man, that critter is about as vicious as they come.

    • Kahiko: Now that you're finally up, try not to move around too much. I didn't think you'd wake up for another two or three days at least.
      Naruto: So, who are you, gramps?
      Kahiko: I'm the elder of this caravan. The name's Kahiko.

    • Shikamaru: I hope this doesn't turn out to be a drag.

    • (Naruto runs onto the bridge and nearly falls through)
      Sakura: What are you doing, you idiot? It says right over there that this bridge is dangerous! And I don't care about you, what do we do if something happens to the ferret!
      Naruto: Man, that's cold, Sakura.

    • Naruto: Man, I can't believe someone would pay us to find this little runt. It's like the meanest cat ever!
      Shikamaru: Quit your complaining, a mission's a mission. Besides, the hard part's over. Now all we have to do is deliver him to his owner.
      Sakura: And he's not a cat, Naruto. Haven't you ever seen a ferret before?

    • Naruto: I can't believe that furball fell for such a lame trap! (Laughs, making the ferret mad and start hissing and growling) Huh? What is it?
      Sakura: Naruto, stop antagonizing him.
      Naruto: What do you mean? What did I do? (The ferret lunges at Naruto's face and scratches him) Gah! (It takes off)
      Shikamaru: You knucklehead, don't let it get away!

    • Kankuro: About time, Gaara.
      Gaara: So, who are we dealing with?
      Sand Ninja: We're not sure! They just all came up out of the sea when we set up camp for the night.

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