Season 6 Episode 27

Naruto the Movie 2: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The 2nd Naruto Movie.

    This was a great movie. The action starts when a mysterious foe attacks the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara shows up and they are able to beat back the invaders, until they see a large ship out in the ocean. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are trying to catch a ferret for a client. They eventually catch it, although Naruto almost goofs it up, and take it to the village they are supposed to deliver it to. As they near the village, Shikamaru senses that there is something wrong and they proceed with extreme caution. When they find where the village should be...
  • Excellent!!!

    soooooooo... NAruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru are on a mission to return a lost ferret to a village. They get the ferret, but it attacks Naruto XD. Then they get attacked by mysterious ninja. SAkura and Shikamaru fend of 2 of them while Naruto fights a dude in knight like armor(AKA Temujin).Then Naruto and Temukin fall of a clif or something and get rescued by a nomading village. Later, it revels that Temujim works for a peace thingy to create a utopia by this dude named Haido. And htey need a stone called the Gelel to do it(I think..). Later(again), it turns out that the Haido dude wants to use the stone to gain power(the evil way). He gets the stone and turns into this evil demon dude. Naruto uses double rasengan to defeat the evil dude. In the end the Gelel caves collaspe and Naruto saves Temujin. After Naruto saves Temujin and they're lying on the ground(with Naruto passed out)they're holding hands!!!!!!!! Me and my brother were like: aw GAY XD. But it was a joke. We loved this movie!!!! :) ^_^
  • This movie is better then the first one.

    I really loved this movie and was better then the first. It had great action and adventure. The end was the best how Naruto did 2 rasengan's at the same time and defeated the lord with the help of Temujin and the stone of Gelel it was so amazing. Shikamaru and Sakura had there own things on there hand like battling his evil friends and they kicked there butts which was really cool and amazing. Master Haido was a total jerk to Temujin and he realizes it him self and turns into a good guy. This was really similar to the first movie when the princess doesn't listen or do anything well and it is similar to this also. I will give this movie a 10 out of 10.
  • The first one was better.

    One of the only reasons why I watched this is because I love Anime not necessarily Naruto, the story was okay, the art design was a bit off compared to the series but that always happens, the only real problem I had was Where in the world was Temari?!? When I saw Gaara in the opening I thought okay at least I'll have some one to look forward to, still looking. In action movies I always look out for the girl power, I can't really depend on Sakura for that and all the other girls were evil, next time I hear the words Sand shinobi and Temari's not around I'm changing the channel.
  • What's up with the no Temari? That's just what killed it for me. I've also seen this plotline about a hundred times before. But seriously. NO Temari? At all? Losers.

    What's the matter, TVT? Need more fillers? It's not like you don't already have like seventy wasted episodes, let's throw in a couple movies too. Really, I'd expect better, but I guess this is what we get from the people who brought us "Curry of Life". Also, drug-trip Kankurou could have been so much better. And Gaara says what, three sentences? Why even bother putting those two sibs in at all? You could have at least put in Temari in there for some Shika/Tema action, give this thing at least ONE redeeming quality. Nope, you decided to just waste a whole bunch of animation money that would have been better spent on Shippuden, on this. Not cool dudes. Not cool.
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  • What does jump the shark mean?

    I was on the cp one day and i wanted to watch naruto 2. so i searched it in and i found an awesome sit with one video that was all the movie. So i watched it until gaara and kankuro and temari come and beat the living snot out of the guys warriors i guess but then my cp xd out of the page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i barely go to see it if you can give me a link to a site where i can watch it FOR FREE!!!!! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah NARUTO ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!
  • this was just the greatest. i didn't think that i would be able to love naruto any more than i did but i was wrong. the only thing that i would have liked is that timujin would have stayed with everyone else. he was such a great character. i love him=)

    it was all about a guy who wanted power and told lies to innocent people and they helped. Timujin being one of them started wrong with Naruto. It was so exilerating. Naruto. Sakura, and shikamaru didn't know what they weregetting themselves into.(also i wonder why shikamaru substituted for sasuske) they were on a simple mission but it turned out to be so much more. they fought these really weird characters. one was like a vampire and the other was like a werewolf. Anyways all in all the good guys won. at the end i thought timujin was gonna die but he didn't and i was so happy.
  • Definite Contender for best Naruto film/filler. Great animation, exciting battles, and filler characters with no depth make for the Naruto film with the most potential.

    Upon first view I felt this was by far the best Naruto film. of course that was in the middle of horrible fillers that stretched on endlessly. But now I can review the film with a much more discerning eye, after rewatching the first film as well.

    As opposed to the first films winter wonderland with team 7, this one is set in a fall/ spring setting, Naruto and Sakura work under the recently promoted to chuunin Nara Shikamaru or a ferret retrieval mission that turns into a battle to save the continent.

    The first 15 minutes of this film are probably the most exciting quarter hour you'll get in a Naruto film. The decision to add Gaara and Kankurou gets a definite thumbs up. Though with Shikamaru's chemistry with their sister (not to mention the ferret and her ferret summon) you'd think she'd appear here too (though I hear she appears in the 4th film/shipuuden the movie). And Naruto's first battle with Temujin is top notch, though I guess to make it more special later they removed the Kyuubi Naruto/red rasengan clash that was shown in the previews in favor of the traditional blue one.

    While Temujin has some depth and is slihtly tragic, he isnt given much personality and you don't really feel for him like you would the cold princess from the 1st film. Then again he is a soldier. The 3 girls working for Haido make for some great battles, but despite their curvaceous appearance have got to be the flattest villains personality wise in any film. And while the story and flashbacks are great, more character depth would've made this by far the best Naruto film, but I guess you can't have it all.

    The fights in this are all excellent, though a couple of minor quips are Sakura got way too lucky in her battle to be given such surroundings (then again Shika had Kankuro's help and the movie was long enough as it is for them not to drag her fight out), and Naruto's red rasengan at the end shouldve required him to look more like Kyuubi. Then again in the anime when he uses it, it has a purple aura (but he was way more kyuubified than usual there) so maybe he is using Kyuubi's chakra but not enough to change his eyes or appearance.

    The ending song for this movie is also great. As far as placing the movie in the anime timeline, if you have enough nerve to watch the fillers, watch this one after ep 151. It fits perfectly with Tsunade's deal with Naruto for the Bikochuu arc to be his last allowed chance to chase Sasuke, and also works with the first movie fitting 51 eps before and the 3rd fitting 51 after.
  • Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru are on a mission to retrieve a lost ferret and return it ot it's original owner, but soon they are attacked by one named Temujin. He says his plan is to rid the world of war but just how do he and his group intend to do that.

    First off I'd like to say that this movie was definitly better than the first in my opinion, with a lot more action and with characters most wouldn't expect to see in a movie, plus it didn't seem to conflict with the story line for the show at all. Although i loved it, there are a few things that I didn't understand, such as, what exactly were they planning to do to rid the world of war, or at least what did Temujin think he was doing? But I did love seeing all the characters in fighting action, some of my favorite scenes include: Shikamaru in all his brilliance setting up another one of his surprising and misleading traps for the enemy with the help of Kankuro and his puppet. Sakura, surprisingly, held her own with combat as well in this movie, it was impressive when she defeated the wolf-girl in that crystal place, but she still doesn't have as much strength as anyone else in the series yet. Gaara fought amazingly as usual, cleverly using his sand to defend himself and go on the attack without losing his cool in the metal ship. And finally, Naruto, along with Temujin, in the final battle against the big bad, the combined attack of the Rasengan and energy ball from the crystal was amazing with major ponage. As for the ending, it was a little corney, but then again what ending to movie isn't? It was sweet to a point though and the scenes during the credits were alright as well with Naruto standing with the classic hero pose on a rock as he watches the ship sail into the sunset. Though it's also kind of a let down because there's really no scene after the credits as is usually shown in an anime movie so that's one bad thing about it. All in all though it's definitly a must-see for any Naruto fan, whether they love the action, the mystery, or just love seeing thier favorite characters in all their glory, anyone will love it.