Season 8 Episode 25

Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 08, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The third Naruto movie.

    The movie begins with Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Rock Lee are meeting up with a caravan. It seems that their mission is to protect the prince of the Crecent Moon Kingdom and his son. Naruto tries to befriend the son of the prince, Hikaru, and the prince behaves stuck up and aloof of everyone. Naruto does not like his attitude and has to be restrained by Kakashi. As they travel along, they come across a circus. Hikaru demands that they stop and see the performance and his father agrees to do so. Hikaru is infatuated with the saber tooth tiger and demands that his father buy the circus....
  • An absolute must see for any and every Naruto fan!

    This movie was absolutely incredible. It was much better than the second Naruto movie, IMO, and I can't decide whether this or the first movie was the best in Part 1. The new summer cloths put on Naruto, Sakura, and Lee were a nice change of pace from the usual ones, and seeing the three work as a team heightened the enjoyment of the movie, as well!

    Starting off with Naruto, Sakura, Lee, and Kakashi being given a seemingly simple mission to see the Prince of the Moon Kingdom, Michiru, and his son, Hikaru, back home safely, it of course turns into a wild ride of action and danger, as after seeing a circus, with what Hikaru thinks is an amazing sabertooth tiger, Michiru decides to buy the whole shebang. The mission then becomes exceedingly difficult, as Kakashi and the others have to protect the entire circus, as well! Meanwhile, Naruto gets more and more annoyed at Hikaru, who along with his father, doesn't understand the most important things in life, and thinks that money can get him anywhere. He also has a snobbish attitude. Hikaru, however, just wants some friends, and attempts to make one with Chamu, the sabertooth he admired so much, even though it never truly got along with humans before, as well as Naruto, even though it's not in the best way.

    The movie goes on, and as it does, Hikaru gains more of an understanding of life's true meaning, and grows a bond with Naruto and Chamu, too. However, when the group finally reaches the Moon Kingdom, they find that the King's palace has been taken over by one of the nobles, Shabadaba. After a quick battle, they are forced to flee and come up with a plan to get rid of Shabadaba, who only cares about money, and the three ninja assassins he hired to kill Michiru and Hikaru. The current king, and Michiru's father, sadly dies from his chest being turned to stone by the head of the three assassins, making Michiru king of the Moon Kingdom himself.

    Time passes, as well as Michiru getting kidnapped by Shabadaba's minions, some intense battles, heart pounding action, and the stuff an action/anime movie needs to be awesome! The end draws nearer, and as Sakura and Lee defeat their opponent, Naruto and Hikaru, with the help of Chamu and his monkey friend, manage to save Michiru, band together despite their injuries, and defeat the man who killed the former king, bringing out with the power of the moon, Naruto's Crescent Moon Rasengan!!

    Peace is restored, Shabadaba is overthrown, Michiru finally gains understanding of life's value, and becomes King, and as everyone says their goodbyes, Naruto and Hikaru make a promise to each other, that when Naruto becomes Hokage, and Hikaru becomes King, they'll be there to help when they need it... and that they'll never forget each other.

    A wonderful Naruto movie, and the ending when Naruto used the Crescent Moon Rasengan, was just amazing. Just watching Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom has made me appreciate the show, Naruto, even more! One mega big BELIEVE IT!!!
  • This is a must watch for all Naruto fans this movie is the definiton of excellent.

    This movie was excellent the plot, artwork, and the animation. You have to see this movie its just so cool. This is by far the best Naruto movie ever and probably the best anime movie ever i dont care if anyone disagrees there just crazy. So id advise you to watch this movie if you dont know where to watch it. Go to or and or This movie deserves a 8.5 or above i mean you have to watch it to belive it. All i can say is excellent im astouned by everthing it had in it. Belive it!
  • Besides the first movie....

    after the first movie of this show this is one of the best episodes ever

    the movie has a great storyline
    alot of exciting parts

    and more

    i dont know which one i like better the first movie, or this one

    these movies had great parts and IT IS both worth buying especially this movie. alot of fans of this show will love this episode i know that

    i knew that sasuke wasent going to be in this episode cause he left a LOOONGG time ago. though i wonder how it would have been like if sasuke was in this movie.

    the fighting scenes of this movie were good. the best one was when Rock lee fought that guy close to the end of the movie and i also like the part when naruto goes kyuubi form. one of the greatest scenes in the movie. so this movie wasent bad at all and i wonder what would happen in the 4th Naruto movie.
  • fd d

    Ones agen Naruto get him self and the others into trouble. Bat hes red chakrs and skills save him allot bat this time it will be hard seens evry one now what he can do and he is fasing reallly strong oponents. Sasuke is strong bat he is no mach for some of those guys, so he gona need allot strenght and hellp from others to defeat those evil people. Sasuke still cant get naruto to shat hes malf and lisen and fallow his(Sasukes) plan so it gona take allot more from them all tyhen ever befor to become victorius.