Season 1 Episode 29

Naruto's Counterattack: Never Give In!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 15, 2006 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Before Naruto made a speech about how Sasuke became a coward there seemed to be a crack on Sasuke's forehead protector, but after the speech it was gone.

    • Unlike the first time Naruto unleashes Kyubi's chakra in the dub, Naruto's voice does not become gruff and demonic-sounding in this episode.

    • Two episodes ago, Sasuke said Naruto wasn't left-handed. Naruto had the kunai in his left hand when he attacked Orochimaru, right before he summoned the snake.

  • Quotes

    • Sasuke: Stop playing the damn hero!

    • Grass ninja: Extraordinary. So the Nine-Tailed brat lives. I see...when your anger is roused, some of the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra is released.

    • Sakura: Look at him...he's gone nuts! Woah, where did he get that kind of power all of a sudden?
      Grass ninja: That fire in his eyes, there is no mistaking it.
      Sasuke: Woah, is that Naruto?
      Grass ninja: (Thinking) Oh! Things have gotten very interesting...

    • Sentinel: Pardon ma'am, there's a problem!
      Anko: Hmm? What sort of problem?
      Sentinel: Corpses ma'am! Three of them!
      Anko: Come on. I'm trying to eat here.
      Sentinel: I think you'll want to see them. There is something strange about them.
      Anko: Besides being dead?

    • Naruto: Surrendering? Giving up the scroll? When did Sasuke become a coward? You keep saying I don't understand what's going on, but I do. You choked, that's what it is!

    • Sasuke: You can have it. The scroll, right? That's what you want? All right then...take it, and leave us in peace.
      Naruto: Sasuke, are you crazy or what? We're gonna just hand over the scroll to the enemy? No way! What's wrong with you?
      Sasuke: Shut up, and stay out of it!
      Naruto: What?

    • Naruto: Okay, Okay, I don't know what's going on here, but you've been picking on my friends and I don't like that. So you just better slither on back to your hole snake-lady, before I make a pair of shoes out of ya!

    • Naruto: Hey aren't hurt are scaredy cat!

    • Naruto: Standing there frozen like a frightened rabbit. No way, you're not the Sasuke I know!

    • Itachi: Foolish little brother. You can't kill me. Your hate's not strong enough. You're not strong enough. Your life is too precious to you. So run. That's right. Run away. Run...and live with the shame.
      Sasuke: NO!

    • Naruto: I may not know the password, but I know who I am. You're the one I'm not so sure about. How can we be sure you are who you say you are?

    • Naruto: (Yelling): Liar! The real Sasuke that I know is not a coward!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Are you okay...Mr. Scaredy Cat?

      ~Japanese version

    • Orochimaru: Looks like you successfully defeated that giant snake...Naruto.

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Anko is examining the bodies of the dead ninja with their faces missing, statues of the Buddha can be seen in he background.