Season 2 Episode 43

Naruto's Ninja Handbook

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto fights the transformed Gaara as Gaara taunts Naruto and squeezes harder on Sakura. Naruto worried about Sakura, puts a exploding tag on his kunai knife. Naruto used Shadow Clone Jutsu and attacks Gaara using a special attack. When he was able to get close enough, he used his kunai knife and stuck it in Gaara's tail, using the attack Kakashi "taught him", A Thousand Years of Pain. Gaara hits Naruto and Naruto goes flying back, Naruto smiles and says to himself "boom' The tag that he put on the kunai explodes and Sasuke, trying to rejoin the battle, stops Naruto from crashing into a tree. Sasuke tells Naruto he had better free Sakura and then run, and that he doesn't want to see an important friend die in battle. He will buy them some time and he will fight Gaara but after trying to stand up he finds out his body will not allow it. Naruto, amazed that Sasuke called him an important friend, gives a speech that having friends makes you strong as well and that he won't run away. Naruto gathers a huge amount of chakra and used Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu. With the huge number of clones, Naruto attacks telling Gaara that now the Uzumaki chronicles have began. Chapter one Naruto Two Thousand Combo. Naruto using all 2000 of his clones bash into Gaara. The attack angered Gaara greatly and as Naruto was about to use his hands and feet to make it a two thousand hit combo Gaara transformed into his final form. Gaara used his new form and captures Naruto in his sand coffin. As Naruto is being engulfed by the sand we see him take his thumb and wipe it across his mouth taking the blood off. We then here him whisper hand signs and -Summoning Jutsu- Gamabunta the frog boss has appeared, freeing Naruto of the sand coffin. Now that he has summoned Gamabunta, Naruto thinks that he can win but Gamabunta refuses to fight with him claiming that he hasn't become one of his subordinates and that they haven't had a drink together. Naruto claims that he isn't old enough to drink yet so he wasn't able to. But in the end, with the help of Gamakichi telling his dad that Gaara was picking on him, Gamabunta finally agreed to fight. Gamabunta took out his dagger and jumped after Gaara he struck him under the arm and sliced it off. The arm landing away from the demon then returned to sand. Gamabunta lands on one side of the forest and his dagger on the other. Later During the fight, Gaara appeared on the Shukaku's head. Gamabunta explains that if the medium of Shukaku falls asleep then the true power of Shukaku will be revealed. So Gaara used Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu(Forced Sleep Technique) to force himself to sleep. After Gaara fell asleep the Shukaku was finally out. Shukaku and Gamabunta resumed their fight and Shukaku was able to hit Gamabunta. Gamabunta tells Naruto that he won't be able to continue if he gets hit again so to defeat Shukaku they need to wake up Gaara. Gamabunta caught Shukaku but couldn't hold on because he doesn't have any claws so he tells Naruto to transform them into something that does. Naruto transforms into an image of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

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