Season 2 Episode 43

Naruto's Ninja Handbook

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Reason for Gaara's distorted personality? Insomnia.

    A pretty interesting episode in that Naruto actually came up with a pretty good strategy in a fight. It was pretty impressive how he pulled it off too not only making shadow replications before he initiated his attack, but also during his attack to adjust his movements in mid-air. Though this episode is really a reflection to what separates One Piece and Naruto. This episode contains humour that has been absent for a long time feeling almost obligatory because nothing funny has happened for a while. One Piece has the perfect balance between both. Anyways the fight between the one tailed raccoon and the big boss frog could have been better but all it consists of is exchanging of air and water bullets. Nothing compared to the high level battle of Orochimaru and Sarutobi. Speaking of those two, their tug of war battle has STILL yet to end.
  • Gaara's demon is unleashed.

    Naruto has just been knocked against a tree by Gaara's attack. Sakura is still trapped in the giant sand claw that is slowly crushing her. Naruto uses his shadow clone jutsu and attacks Gaara in his half demon form. He gets behind Gaara and stick a kunai under Gaara's tail before Gaara knocks him away. The kunai had a paper bomb on it and it explodes. Gaara is weakened by the explosion. Sasuke tells Naruto to rescue Sakura and get out of there. Naruto refuses to leave and starts to channel all his chakra to Sasuke's amazement. Naruto then uses his multi shadow clone jutsu and begins his attack....
  • Cool episode

    First of all new theme song is great also it starts with Gaara insulting Naruto then Naruto putting the thing that blows up on that knive thing then a Shadow Clone Jutsu and make Gaara attack them over and over while he is trying to get Naruto Naruto then sticks the knive thing up a place where you really would not like a kive then it blows up and Gaara says that place was his weakness (ewwww) later Naruto gets so many Shadow Clones even Sasuke and Gaara could not belive it then he sends a million shurriken to Gaara and attacked Gaara felt pain Gaara I mean seriously but then Gaara transforms into a 2000 feet giant sand thing and then Gaara traps Naruto in sand but Naruto summons the chief toad but he will not help Naruto but then remember the 2 inch toad is really the chief's son and convinces him to fight later Gaara does this sleeping Jutsu thing to let out the real sand spirit know the only thing they can do to beat him is if the chief jumps on the sand thing so Naruto can give the human Gaara a hit so Naruto needs to transform the chief into something with claws so he transforms him into The Nine Tailed Fox
  • GO!!!

    I am so glad they kept go, and the original artwork with subtitles. Anyway, the fight between Naruto and Gaara continue and the fight is so very exciting. Gamabunta is finally summoned again and also Gamakichi, albeit an accident. Also, Shukaku's true form is revealed and it is hilarios when he says that he is back into his true demon form.Anyway, the invasion of Konoha begins to turn it's tables, Konoha starting to about to gain a victory and gets to beat Otokagure later on in the next few episodes. Also, naruto and Gamabunta turn into a kyuubi form.
  • It was one of the best episodes to air.

    I loved this episode. One of the best to air. My favorite part was when Naruto explodes the kunai in Gaara's butt. That was awsome. We also get to see most of Naruto's techniques (Naruto Barrage wasn't shown). Including 3 new ones. His moves we saw were: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, Summoning Jutsu, Naruto 2K Barrage, Shuriken from all directions, and Naruto Bodyslam.
  • Desperate for a comeback against Gaara, Naruto pulls out every jutsu in his arsenal, but will it be enough to stop Gaara and his inner demon?

    From the start, this episode was action packed. The Naruto vs. Gaara fight is one of the best fights of the series, hands down. This is an episode a person could get hooked on Naruto from watching. It's a really good episode, and the characters are not just fighting to be fighting, they actually have reasons and motives behind their actions. This was really a good episode, and a nice little cliffhanger at the end to get you to watch the next episode. It's a fine example to prove that Naruto really is a good, creative, show. I would surely recommend you watch this episode, believe it!!
  • I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

    This episode has to be one of best installments of Naruto. I love this show and this episode really showed why I love this show. Naruto didn't ask Saskue about his marks though? He fought so well, Naruto did. Everyone was like Oh My Gosh Look at those clones! That was awesome. And the hundred years of pain was a nice touch. If I were Garra I would not be expecting that. Timari gets scared and flees. She knows what’s coming. When Naruto almost dies at the hands of Garra-I mean the Shikaku-that was OMG. Well the whole episode was. Then he summoned Gamabunta at the last second. BAM! The sand dispersed. Even I was not expecting that! Then Gamabunta tell Naruto to wake up Garra to put stop the opossum thing. Well that should not be hard for Naruto to wake someone up! Then he has to change Gamabunta into a creature with fangs and claws. The Nine Tailed Fox! Wow. What a way to end an episode!
  • This episode had me at the edge of my seat!!!

    This episode was so amazing that I lost track of time! When I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes in the show. Next time........ Holy Crap it over!!! I got so into this episode that I hardly blinked the entire episode! My favorite part is when Sasuke is utterly speakless when Naruto is flat serious about killing Gaara! Oh, yeah and the part when Naruto "becomes" the Nine-Tailed Fox! I was in aw when tht happen, then I was swearing the next ten minutes because it was over! This is one of the best episodes that show Naruto's pride and protectiveness of his friends!
  • Naruto continues his fight with Gaara. Season 4 premiere. Awesome new theme song- GO!! ("Fighting Dreamers")

    This episode was one of the best out there. It had lots of action, a new theme song, and lots of jutsus!! Naruto and Gaara continue their fight, and Naruto takes the upper hand. He uses a variation of A Thousand Years of Pain- A kunai with an exploding tag. He puts it right below Gaara's tail, which happens to be his weakest point (imagine that...) Gaara's not injured but the sand is used as a shield and his form is disrupted. Naruto is inspired by Sasuke and in a burst of chakra, does The multi shadow clone jutsu. He does many jutsus on Gaara, and this uses up all of Narutos chakra. Gaara transforms into the full shukkaku form, and begins to use the Sand coffin/burial on Naruto, but Naruto uses the Summoning Jutsu to summon the Chief Toad, Gamabunta. Gamabunta doesn't want to help Naruto, but Gamakichi (the accidental summon from an earlier episode) convinces Gamabunta, his father, that Naruto is good and strong.

    Gaara uses the Playing Opposum jutsu (dub of feigning sleep jutsu...haha) to let Shukkaku take control. Gamabunta and Shukaku do battle, and Gama realizes that he needs claws to hold onto Shukaku, so naruto can punch Gaara to wake him up, so Naruto and Gamabunta do a combined transformation into Kyubi- the nine tailed fox spirt.

    Next episode is the end of the Gaara vs. Naruto fight. Don't miss it!!
  • My new fav! Love the new theme song!

    The new theme song rocked!!!!! I like the part where the little animals of the show, the puppies, Kiba's Akamaru and Kakashi's Pakkun, Tsunade's pig, Tonton, and Naruto's toad, Gamakichi, were spinning in circles. And then Shikamaru, and I think maybe Shino ran past a picture of Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten all dressed up with their hair fancy, and then after that was a similar picture of Kurenai. Shikamaru and Shino are followed by Jiriya, Naruto, and Sasuke. Jiriya stops at the pic of Kurenai and starts drooling, and then Naruto comes up behind him and kicks him. ^_^ Anywayz, the episode itself was kinda funny. Gaara transformed himself into the full Shakaku Sand Spirit, and Naruto summoned Gamabunta to help save Sakura. So far, Sakura's still knocked out by Gaara's sand barrier, and Sasuke's still trying to get up and fight. I was ticked because they didn't show how Shino was holding up, or Lord Hokage, even though I know Lord Hokage dies anyway.
  • In this episode, Naruto continues to fight an ever evolving Gaara/Shukaku despite his lack of chakra. With Sakura still in danger and Sasuke unable to fight, Naruto summons Gamabunta. They both transform into Kyubi to help defeat the monster Shukaku.

    Being the first episode I have seen in a month, I was really overjoyed to see it. Its one of those classic moments, where Naruto can't seem to step it up and vanquish his foe. But at the last minute, he pulls out his massive amount of shadow clones and BAM is able to land at least one blow on Gaara, however strange that blow he landed was. I was extremely disappointed yet again with the voicing of the character Gaara. Liam O'Brian does a very poor job of making Gaara sound believable. He is 12 for goodness' sake, not 20! make him sound that age please! The animation on Temari's legs looked strange, I know it was seen from a certain angle, but they still looked wierd. But I really liked the animation of the element bullets and the detail on Shukaku was good. I was impressed with the voicing choice for Shukaku, it was almost exactly like the original! A wonderful episode!
  • Season 4 starts with the best episode EVER!!!!

    Naruto and Gaara's fight continues with neither side giving up on winning. Naruto had used almost all of his best moves to save himself and it was AMAZING what he could do even with the lowest amount of chakra left! How awesome could it get? The episode is AWESOME!!! Sure, the new theme music kind of sucked but the first episode is AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF!! I wonder what WILL happen when Naruto/Gamabunta and Gaara/Shukaku's battle end? Well, guess I'll have to see the next episode and find out. A ten out of ten for "Naruto's Ninja Handbook". It is still Awesome!
  • This is probably one of my favorite episodes. They have never kept an opening with the original footage from the Japanese version, plus it was an awesome episode in itself.

    Naruto has sworn to Sasuke and Sakura that he will protect them with his life. But when things turn quite ugly, Naruto might just be in over his head. That's when he brings in the Chief Toad, Gamabunta, to help him because he knows he can't go it alone against Gaara. But when Gaara uses the Play Possum Jutsu and puts himself to sleep, his inner demon, Shukaku comes out and it's time for an awesome showdown between the sand spirit Shukaku and the Chief Toad Gamabunta! It was an awesome episode, and one any Naruto fan would love and watch over and over again.
  • Naruto vs. Gaara continues.

    This is an excellent episode. The action is fast and intense. Sauske quickly learns that he is now out matched by Naruto as he watches in awe at Naruto, the class idiot, holding his own and surpassing Gaara, who had given Sauske a hard time. Then the action ramps up when Gaara fully releases Shukaku his inner demon sand spirit. Naruto summons Gammabunta and it becomes a clash of the titans as the battle rages between toad and sand spirit. This is by far one of the greatest action arcs of the entire series. Another great episode in an entire season of great episodes.
  • The battle continues

    The battle between Gaara and Naruto continues.Sasuke decided that he was going to help Naruto.Because he had lost family before.He didn't intend to lose his friends.We see an little flashback of when Naruto and Haku had an little chat about protecting their preicous someone.Naruto used his shadow clone to defeat Gaara.Gaara begin to questioned Naruto strength.So he used completeely form into the most destructive demon form.Seeing how strong he is.Naruto had used his chakara up.Naruto is able to summon the toad jutsu.I forgot what it was called.So now its the big toad vs the sand demon.It learned that Gaara is control by the sand demon.The Giant Toad tells Naruto,to try and wake up the nine tail fox.Which finally happened.

    Yay! Naruto transform to the nine tail fox! It was funny when the toad mention that Sakura was Naruto's girlfriend not really.But I am glad that they changed the opening and at least keeping the japanase opening.
  • Here the battle between naruto and garra heat up garra turns into the full sized racoon and naruto summons gamabunta the frog boss but when all things seem hopeless the Nine Tail Fox apperars. But can naruto control his power?

    The battle between naruto and garra are heating up big time. Garras whole body is covered in sand and naruto is having a hard time fighting back. In an attempt to summon gamabunta the frog boss he summons gamakachi, gamabuntas son, and after asking for a snack he jumps off to watch the battle. Naruto then gets an idea he uses his Shadow Clone jutsu and goes after garra and after jumping around him for a bit he takes a kuni knife with an exploding tag and sticks it in to to the base of the tail on garra, using the same jutsu kakashi used on him in espiode 3 " A thousand years of death" Garra knocks naruto flying back into the forest but naruto smiles and to himself says "boom" the exploding tag "Explodes" and Garra gets injured, the base of the tail being the weak spot of his armor. Naruto jumps in to the trees and falls in to sasuke who is still to weak to fight back after his last encounter with garra. Sasuke tells naruto that he had better protect sakura who is still trapped by the sand. Naruto gets really mad and starts building up an enormus amount of charka and the he uses Mass Shodow Clone Jutsu and creates over 2000 clones. He then jumps into the air and dives down with all 2000 clones on the still hurt garra and uses "2000 uziamiki combo" and beats the crap out of garra. But garra becomes enraged and grows to a size rivaling gamabunta. Naruto tries to do it again but he traps naruto in a "sand coffin" and right befor he kills naruto naruto summons gambunta and breaks out of the "sand coffin". Gambunta stands there and looks at garra in his large form then looks up at naruto and ask him why he summoned him. naruto tells ask him to help him fight and he replys that he dosen't want to fight and that him and naruto havent even had a drink yet naruto replys that he isn't even 21 yet and therefore can't drink. naruto gets really upset and starts pounding on gamabuntas head begging him to help. Then gamakahci climbs up and tells his dad that garra was picking on him. Gamabunta gets mad like any dad would and tells him fine he'll help him fight. Gamabunta jumps at garra and pulls out his knife he runs into him and cuts his arm off. He lands off a bit then jumps back at him. Garra shoots a windball at him but gamabunta dodges it. Gamabunta then jumps into the air and garra shoots four more windballs at him gamabunta then shots three waterballs to block them but he missed one and it hit him dead on. he fell on the ground and told naruto to punch garra to stop the jutsu gamabunta then tries to hold on the garra but since he has no claws or fangs so he tells naruto to think of somthing that has fangs and claws Gamabunta jumps at garra and "transforms" in to the NINE TAIL FOX!!!!!!!!!
  • Shukaku vs Nine tails

    Great episode. One of the biggest battles so far in the whole series happened in this episode. Gaara finally reached his "true form", which made Temari get so frightened that she ran away from the battlefield. And to combat this move Naruto summoned the frog king Gamba. At first Gamba didnt want to fight for Naruto. But then the little frog (turned out to be his son) that Naruto had summoned earlier convinced his dad to fight. Gamba was great, he used his sword and took off the Shukaku's arm in the first attack. But then the Shikaku did a secret move and Naruto and Gamba gad to transform into a creature with fangs and claws to wake Gaara up to disable the Shakaku's special move. So they picked the Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • Gamabunta kicks some Shukaku face

    Probably the only character who can kick as much face as Rock Lee, Gamabunta takes it upon himself to fight the Shukaku and destroy the entire forest. Good riddance, I say. Gamabunta is damn cool. Oh, was that ball of air supposed to hurt me? How about I cut you up with my knife you coniferous frustrum of a desert raccoon!!! Anyway, Gamabunta turns into the nine-tails and looks very svelte. I was hoping that Hinata would beat Gaara up but Gamabunta is probably better. And I'm not sure what Hinata could do against a giant demon sand raccoon anyway.
  • Naruto continues his fight with Gaara. Gaara transforms fully into the racoon and Naruto summons the frog boss, who can't grab on to the racoon since his hands are slippery, so he asks Naruto to help him transform into something with fangs and claws. Na

    I love this episode because Naruto and the frog boss transform into Kyuubi (the monster fox)! I always get so excited when main protagonists show how powerful they are, and when they transformed into Kyuubi I shouted, "AWESOMLY SWEET!!" Woo, I think that Kyuubi is really cool. I also thought it was neat that Sasuke was in awe of how powerful Naruto was. However, this incident may make Sasuke want to seek out more power since he will see that he was weaker than Naruto. At least he'll think twice before he insults and belittles Naruto. Anyways, I love this episode since they turned into Kyuubi and looked absolutely awesome. ^.^ go Naruto!