Season 8 Episode 9

Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Three rogue ninja are planning a takeover of the Land of Greens with their army of conspirators and ninja. Meanwhile Tsunade sends Naruto, Choji, and Hinata to escort some traveling merchants from the Land of Greens. They reach the merchants and introduce themselves. Hinata gives them a package that assures them of their identities and the little girl opens it. It has three shirts that say "Leaf Village Moving Service" on the back. Naruto, Choji, and Hinata pitch in and help push the carts. Momiji and Choji strike up a conversation and he shows off how strong he is by pushing her cart really fast.

They stop to rest and they find that they are out of water. Momiji brings Naruto some water she found and her granmother explains a trick to finding water. Naruto has a short argument with one of the cousins and the others explain that he has had a hard time and to forgive his attitude. Momiji and Choji see smoke and Choji calls Naruto to point it out to him. Naruto decides to scout ahead and find out what is going on. Choji tells Momiji not to tell anyone what they have seen so they won't get worried. Naruto is attacked by a couple of ninja. He uses his shadow clones and defeats them. He returns to the caravan to tell Choji and Hinata what happened. They decide the best thing to do would be to take an alternate route to avoid conflict. Back in the Land of Greens, Renga has taken over the land and, with the help of Jiga and Ruiga, kills all of the conspirators who helped them. As Hinata is setting traps behind them, Kikujou decides that he will seek out the attackers and try to at least buy them some time. He runs into Ruiga and they begin their fight. Kikujou tries several attacks against Ruiga, but they all fail. Now Ruiga begins his attacks.
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