Season 8 Episode 9

Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Pretty good start!

    Here we go, the start of a new mission and a new Arc. This time off to the Vegetable Country to what seems to be an easy mission at the start. Protect merchants from thugs and brutes. Easy right? WRONG! It seems there's something fishy going on at boy Shun seems to have a secret as do the two others. We get a foreshadow of Renga's ability, and a pretty good starting conflict with Ruiga and Kikujou. To make flowers weapons eh? Exploding flowers, flaming flowers, mind-bending flowers, shuriken flowers, where have we seen this?

    So for an exposition episode for this Arc, it's not bad at all. Animation was pretty good in the battle. I like how they give it to their good artists/animators for the beginning and then give it to the other type mid-way of the Arc, trying to save their good high-paid ones for when it really counts. I get how everyone needs that moment or Arc to try to self-improve, but, yeah...
  • I think this was a great episode.

    Well so first off Naruto Hinata and Neji are off for an important mission to protect some merchants. Well there are some bad guys and Naruto almost kicked there butt but they ran off. When the little girl said to Choji that he is fat he got all angry and poor Choji for being treated like that then she says that he is strong and that was a great way to cheer Choji up which was great. Naruto had some amazing jutsu's up his sleeve which was awesome and I loved it. I will give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • That girl has the same name as bunny boy from Fruits Basket

    Yeah, I'm not really sure what was going on in the episode because I was still trying to get past the fact that the little girl in the caravan had the same name as bunny boy from Fruits Basket. Only they pronounced it differently. The Momiji's (the girl) name was like Momah-ji, and Momiji's (bunny boy) name is like Momeejee. But it's still the same name. And that one cousin guy was so obviously not a guy! I wasn't fooled by it from the minute I heard his voice. And his face was too skinny, too. And then I heard them call the guy Lady Haruka or something like that. Well I GTG, because I'm very angry!!!!! A stupid bolt of lightening hit a Witness Tree in Gettysburg and killed it!!!!! But it wasn't the one Abe Lincoln touched (which I also touched), but I'm still pretty mad!
  • Naruto is teamed up with Choji and Hinata for escort duty.

    Naruto, Choji, and Naruto are given a mission to escort some merchants to a nearby land. They lend a hand moving the carts along the road. As they get closer to their destination, Choji and the little girl see smoke off in the distance. Choji tells Naruto and Naruto decides to scout ahead. Choji and the girl tell everyone that everything is fine and don't let on that they suspect trouble. Naruto is ambushed by a couple of ninja and he is able to take care of them and get away. Choji, Naruto, and Hinata decide to take a different route thinking that...
  • Review

    This episode left a long unknnown. Escpecially about the people. Escpecially Shuu. Is he a boy or a girl? Cuz he/she is a princess right? Seems like a boy at first. Like that other filler arc that I don't remember the name of. At least Hinata is in this filler arc, that's awesome. And I thougth that Choji wouldn't be useful at all, but it actually turns out he's not completely hopeless after all. Naruto is still Naruto then. Err, nothing else much too say. I hope the next episode clears some of this mystery up. End of my review. .
  • Just by looking at the commercial of this episode I know it's another filler nonsense

    Another filler episode! Could they just stop it?? Naruto use to be one of my favorite anime, but I stop watching becuase it is starting to get annoying, and I know, it is not only me, there is a lot of fans are annoyed, due to too much filler episode.

    They should stop this, anotherwise the rating is goig down and down, and I am tired of looking at naruto and the ninjas never grows up, and as if the filler series is going forever. so give yourself a favor and stop watching filler episodes anymore, and go read mangga instead !! The producer thought it is funny that they annoy their fans.!! yeah right!