Season 8 Episode 9

Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Ruiga: If this were a garden party, your flower jutsu would take first prize. But against me, it's useless.

    • Kikujou: So who are you?
      Ruiga: I'm Ruiga. How very bold of you to come face us. That clinches it, she's in that caravan, isn't she?
      Kikujou: I don't know where your friends are, but one rogue ninja I can handle.
      Ruiga: Are you sure about that?

    • Naruto: He can't do that, just leave the caravan anytime he wants to... Oh. (Snickers) I get it, something he had to do. (Snickers)
      Hinata: What is it?
      Naruto: Let's just say he had to take a little break to go water a tree.
      Hinata: (Embarrassed) Oh, Naruto.

    • Hinata: It's all right, I've set traps for anyone who could be following us.
      Naruto: You're always such a worry wart, Hinata. I'm sure we won't need them.

    • Renga: Isn't it funny how some people are gullible and easy to deceive?
      Minister: (Picking up coins) You can say that again, oh wise one. Our lord was such a fool that he trusted us to the very end.
      Renga: Don't stuff too much in your pockets or you might sink the ferry carrying you across the river of oblivion. You're quite right, only a fool would trust the likes of you. A fat greedy weasel who has already betrayed one master.

    • Ninja #1: (Laughs) Only two of them left so one of them must be the real one.
      (He and the other ninja throw shuriken at the Narutos only to pass through them, they were both clones)
      Ninja #2: What?
      (They hit each other with their shuriken)
      Naruto: Too bad! You came so close; you were only off by one!

    • Naruto: Who's there? What's the big idea?
      Ninja: From the looks of your head band, you must be one of the Hidden Leaf.
      Naruto: So what? It's a head band not a target. What are you attacking me for anyway? Far as I know, I don't have a gripe against you, whoever you are.

    • Hinata: Choji, where's Naruto?
      Choji: Um... The bathroom.

    • Momiji: Look, Choji, what's that?
      (They see smoke in the distance)
      Choji: Naruto!
      Naruto: (Runs up) What's going on?
      Choji: Look at that.
      Naruto: Whoa, smoke!
      Choji: That's right where the Land of Greens is, isn't it?
      Naruto: I don't like the look of that. I'm going to get on over there and find out what's up, you guys go ahead.
      (Naruto heads toward the smoke)
      Choji: Hey, we don't want everyone else in the caravan getting worried so let's just keep this to ourselves for now, okay?
      Momiji: Right, our secret.

    • Naruto: He didn't even listen to the old lady. That guy's got a serious attitude problem.

    • Shune: Oh, don't worry, cousins, nothing he says could ever offend me. Good for nothing weaklings like that boy are always finding excuses.
      Naruto: Good for nothing weakling, huh? Well, eat my dust, mister! (Pushes cart really fast up the hill)

    • Momiji: You eat a lot, don't you? I guess that explains why you're so f...
      Choji: Huh?!
      Momiji: Fearlessly strong.
      Choji: Hmph, want some? (Tosses her a bag of chips)
      Momiji: I admire people who are really strong.
      Choji: Aw, this is nothin' kid, I've hardly even broken a sweat. Hang on! (Pushes the cart really fast)
      Naruto: Look at that show off, he's gonna be sorry.

    • Momiji: We need more pushers. I'm glad you've come.
      Naruto: More what?

    • Momiji It's true. They must be who they say they are, look at what this says, "Leaf Village Moving Service". (Pulls out shirt with the sign on the back)
      Choji: What the heck is that?
      Naruto: That Grandma, she's full of surprises.

    • Naruto: All this time I've been stuck doing stupid chores around the village, while everybody else gets to go on missions. I'm so sick of having to listen to other people's adventures.
      Choji: Well, I wouldn't get to excited; it's only basic escort duty for some traveling merchants.
      Naruto: It's okay, we'll just make up something like we ran into a thousand bandits. Don't worry, we'll have a story to tell when we get back.
      Choji: So he can brag about it.

    • Tsunade: I remember a charming little princess with two handsome young ninja bodyguards looking after her. Foolish boys, always fighting over me. Both of them were dying to marry me. I wonder if they still feel the same.
      Shizune: I wouldn't hold your breath.

    • Tsunade: No matter what combination I try, the problem still remains. Of all the ninja I have available, there's no one to take the lead.
      Shizune: Well, it's only escort duty for a band of merchants. I'm sure they'll be able to handle it no matter who you end up sending.
      Tsunade: It's not the difficulty of the mission I'm worried about, it's impressing the client. The Land of Greens hired us for this one and you see the lord of that land was very good to me once.
      Shizune: I remember. He paid off that gigantic gambling debt of yours. I'm not really sure he was doing you a favor.

    • Naruto: Acting alone like that is a huge pain in the-!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Naruto-kun, I set up some traps for the meantime.
      Naruto: Really! You sure are a worrywart.

      ~Japanese version

    • Renga: You see, I don't trust humans.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I'm going to back off now.

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Where's Naruto-Kun?
      Choji: Uh, the bathroom.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: If it's such a great place then why did you leave?
      Shu: We're being chased because we dreamed of peace.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shu: I had no intention of listening to what this useless person says.
      Naruto: Who's useless?!

      ~Japanese version

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