Season 6 Episode 18

Orochimaru's Shadow

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto, Iruka, and Pakkun meet up with Mizuki's fiancé, Tsubaki, whom has come to offer help to the three. As Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji try to stall the two idiot brothers, Tsunade discovers some startling information involving Mizuki and Orochimaru and decides it's time she took actions of her own. When Naruto, Iruka, and Pakkun finally catch up to Mizuki, they witness him undergo a monstrous transformation. Can they defeat Mizuki?moreless

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  • A slight step up from the previous episode.

    This story is going nowhere, fast. It's already been like how many episodes in this arc and the story couldn't have moved any slower. It doesn't help that any good battles are being fought to compensate for this either. Mizuki has a hard on for Orochimaru and we get a bunch of flashbacks of where his admiration for him has come from. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji, are still in a stalemate with Fuujin and Raijin, and Naruto and Iruka, along with their new companion Tsukabi, did nothing but chase after Mizuki. In short, nothing significant happened at all. I actually felt sleeping through it all. What makes this episode better than the previous one is that it didn't feel as slow.moreless
  • Mizuki creates a potion that was given to him by Orochimaru.

    Naruto becomes frantic when he sees that the building that Iruka has been blown up. Iruka is safe, but has been injured. Once Naruto and Pakkun find Iruka another person shows up. It's Tsubaki, Mizuki's fiance. She wants to help Iruka find Mizuki because she believes that she can convince him to change his ways. Mizuki goes to a Nara Clan outpost and steals some items for a potion that Orochimaru had told him about. It is reported to Tsunade and she begins to wonder what type of potion he is going to create. Meanwhile, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji are at their limits trying to hold Fuujin and Raijin...moreless
  • Only one more episode...

    OMG, I am so freaking sick of this filler arc! Not the whole thing, just the "Mizuki Strikes Back" part. And why do I keep giving these episodes ten ratings? To help promote Naruto of course! I wasn't really paying much attention, so here's what it says on wikipedia.

    Naruto, Iruka, and Pakkun meet up with Mizuki's fiancée Tsubaki, and she has come to offer help to the three, feeling responsible for not having stopped him earlier. Meanwhile, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji are having trouble holding the two brothers off, and they know that they can't defeat them, so they are stalling for time. Meanwhile, Tsunade discovers a startling secret about Mizuki and Orochimaru, and leaves to intervene. Naruto, Iruka, Pakkun, and Tsubaki finally reach Mizuki, but it's too late, he's already completed the formula he was making. Now that he's drank it, he turns into a new monstrous form. And, Naruto has recognized Mizuki's transformation as one nearly identical to that of Orochimaru's cursed seal.moreless
  • Didn't like it as much as the last one.

    This episode was rather dull. Ino-Shika-Cho didn't do much this time, liked it better last episode cuz they fought and showed off there new techniques. What can you do? Tsunade got like three seconds of screen time, which didn't really matter. Naruto, Tsubaki, and Iruka didn't do much either, just found Mizuki and talked a lot. Mizuki revealed more of his past. So, it wasn't as good as last episode, and I'm hoping that the next one is worth more than this one. This kind of deserved the title of filler though, but it was still ok. That's my review.moreless
  • Wow Mizuki goes hulk. :P It actually wasnt a filler episode.

    I was surprised to see Iruka survive that blast. But MIzuki's girlfriend came. Maybe she is Iruka's signifigent other. I think orochimaru enjoys doing this to people. He is one evil dude. Looks like the Ino, Chou and Shika are at there limit. Those brothers are monsters. Never thought i'd see the day that Shika's plan is going to fail.

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    • Pakkun: That guy is up to no good in there. The smell on the wind around here gives me the creeps.

    • (Orochimaru gives Mizuki a curse mark)
      Mizuki: What have you done?! What's happening?
      Orochimaru: (Chuckles) Consider this my gift to you. (Mizuki writhes in pain) You'll seek it out when you are ready.

    • Ino: The stamina these guys posses is monstrous!
      Shikamaru: And, even though they look like fifty tons of blubber, it's all muscle, which means they're probably faster than they appear to be too.
      Ino: In other words, all we can do now is keep these guys tied up.
      Choji: Then we'll just have to keep at it, huh?
      Shikamaru: Afraid so.

    • Ino: We can't keep this up forever! If we can't think of something...ugh...we're going to be in trouble!
      Shikamaru: We're already in trouble.
      Ino: Shikamaru, I'll be out of chakra in a second here!
      Shikamaru: Yeah, I know. I've gone over every angle trying to work out a decent strategy, but if I let go of these ogres, we're gonna find ourselves in a lot of hot water.

    • Tsunade: (Thinking) So, Orochimaru, this is the web you're weaving.

    • Tsubaki: The whole reason he wanted to steal the Scroll of Sealing back then was to give it to Orochimaru as an offering.
      Iruka: Tsubaki, you knew of this?!
      Tsubaki: I never told the village. Just removing the Scroll of Sealing was a serious crime, and I was terrified if his real objective came to light. I was sure that he would abandon the idea and mend his ways.
      Pakkun: Then you yourself are not free from blame.
      Tsubaki: I'm prepared to be judged.

    • Iruka: Tsubaki, you said before we would be too late if we didn't catch Mizuki. Does that mean you know what his objective is?
      Tsubaki: Probably. Not everything, but he...
      Naruto: You have to tell us anything you can, Tsubaki.
      Tsubaki: He only talks about one thing now, he wishes to seek out Orochimaru and get his hands on the Sannin's power.

    • Naruto: Things got a little heavy all of a sudden, huh?
      Pakkun: Hmm, definitely something going on between those two. I'm guessing they're, uh... (Holds up paw)
      Naruto: Huh? Why are you holding up your paw?
      Pakkun: You dummy, look at my pinkie, look at my pinkie!
      Naruto: Your pinkie? Huh? Are you serious?! She's his...
      Pakkun: I'm a dog, I pick up on these things, you know.
      Iruka: Naruto, what are you two talking about?
      Naruto: Oh... Uh... Nothing!
      Iruka: Anyway, let me introduce you. I'd like you to meet Tsubaki. She's Mizuki's fiance.
      Naruto: She's Mizuki's...Wha? Wait...fiance?
      Pakkun: My radar must be off.
      Naruto: Oh yeah, ya think!

    • Mizuki: You know, you pathetic ingrates should consider it an honor to be my first prey.

    • Tsubaki: His sins... His sins are far too many now. I can't allow it to go on any longer.

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