Season 6 Episode 18

Orochimaru's Shadow

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

After the explosion, we see the old exam grounds in ruin. From the rubble, an injured Iruka emerges. His injuries are treated by Mizuki's fiancé. Naruto and Pakkun, not knowing the current situation, think that the woman is Iruka's significant other. This woman's name is Tsubaki and she thinks she can lead the others to Mizuki's position.
Mizuki has found a medical outpost. There he attacks the guards and takes a couple of ingredients. This was reported to Tsunade where she tries to figure out what Mizuki is trying to make.
Meanwhile, the pursuit group made up of Pakkun, Naruto, Iruka, and Tsubaki are conversing on what Mizuki is intending to do. Tsubaki answers that he is planning to seek out Orochimaru and obtain strength from him.
In Tsunade's office, a ninja reports about the current situation. He tells Tsunade that Fuujin, Raijin, and Mizuki were together during the escape. Tsunade was shocked when she heard the news and decides to leave all by herself because the party dispatched to capture them would not be enough.
Shikamaru's group are now having more problems with the brothers Fuujin and Raijin. The brothers decided to vibrate their bodies rapidly to try and escape the trio's jutsu.
Meanwhile, Mizuki has found the cave that he is searching for. Then a flashback occurs where Mizuki first meets up with Orochimaru. This was the time when Mizuki murdered his injured teammate. After their conversation, Orochimaru left a mark on Mizuki's arm. Back to the current time, Mizuki entered the cave and opened a secret door. Inside, the room a stone table appears with carvings on it. In this stone table, Mizuki poured the ingredients he stole from the lab. He pressed a button and all the ingredients combined and formed a reddish liquid substance. He comes out of the cave and was immediately confronted by Naruto and the group. He then drank the red liquid and suddenly his powers grew immensely. His transformation reminded Naruto of the curse seal of Sasuke.