Season 6 Episode 18

Orochimaru's Shadow

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Pakkun: That guy is up to no good in there. The smell on the wind around here gives me the creeps.

    • (Orochimaru gives Mizuki a curse mark)
      Mizuki: What have you done?! What's happening?
      Orochimaru: (Chuckles) Consider this my gift to you. (Mizuki writhes in pain) You'll seek it out when you are ready.

    • Ino: The stamina these guys posses is monstrous!
      Shikamaru: And, even though they look like fifty tons of blubber, it's all muscle, which means they're probably faster than they appear to be too.
      Ino: In other words, all we can do now is keep these guys tied up.
      Choji: Then we'll just have to keep at it, huh?
      Shikamaru: Afraid so.

    • Ino: We can't keep this up forever! If we can't think of something...ugh...we're going to be in trouble!
      Shikamaru: We're already in trouble.
      Ino: Shikamaru, I'll be out of chakra in a second here!
      Shikamaru: Yeah, I know. I've gone over every angle trying to work out a decent strategy, but if I let go of these ogres, we're gonna find ourselves in a lot of hot water.

    • Tsunade: (Thinking) So, Orochimaru, this is the web you're weaving.

    • Tsubaki: The whole reason he wanted to steal the Scroll of Sealing back then was to give it to Orochimaru as an offering.
      Iruka: Tsubaki, you knew of this?!
      Tsubaki: I never told the village. Just removing the Scroll of Sealing was a serious crime, and I was terrified if his real objective came to light. I was sure that he would abandon the idea and mend his ways.
      Pakkun: Then you yourself are not free from blame.
      Tsubaki: I'm prepared to be judged.

    • Iruka: Tsubaki, you said before we would be too late if we didn't catch Mizuki. Does that mean you know what his objective is?
      Tsubaki: Probably. Not everything, but he...
      Naruto: You have to tell us anything you can, Tsubaki.
      Tsubaki: He only talks about one thing now, he wishes to seek out Orochimaru and get his hands on the Sannin's power.

    • Naruto: Things got a little heavy all of a sudden, huh?
      Pakkun: Hmm, definitely something going on between those two. I'm guessing they're, uh... (Holds up paw)
      Naruto: Huh? Why are you holding up your paw?
      Pakkun: You dummy, look at my pinkie, look at my pinkie!
      Naruto: Your pinkie? Huh? Are you serious?! She's his...
      Pakkun: I'm a dog, I pick up on these things, you know.
      Iruka: Naruto, what are you two talking about?
      Naruto: Oh... Uh... Nothing!
      Iruka: Anyway, let me introduce you. I'd like you to meet Tsubaki. She's Mizuki's fiance.
      Naruto: She's Mizuki's...Wha? Wait...fiance?
      Pakkun: My radar must be off.
      Naruto: Oh yeah, ya think!

    • Mizuki: You know, you pathetic ingrates should consider it an honor to be my first prey.

    • Tsubaki: His sins... His sins are far too many now. I can't allow it to go on any longer.

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