Season 7 Episode 24

Please, Mr. Postman!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto accidentally meets up with Jiraiya while in another area, and demands that he trains him. Jiraiya refuses though, as he has to finish the script for his next volume of his series. Anxiously wanting to train, Naruto writes it for him and mails it off. Knowing his reputation is at stake, Jiraiya makes Naruto accompany him on a mission to get it back. However, the Courier Ninja, a type of ninja postman, won't let their missions be stopped so easily. Even worse, turns out Naruto mixed up his delivery with an important message to the Fang Country, and if they don't fix this mess, war will break out!moreless

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  • lulz wut?

    Wow, this episode is just, something else. Although it is incredibly stupid, it is so stupid that it manages to be amusing. Every minute of this episode is just flat out bizarre. The concept of the delivery ninja and their uptight rules is one; I have no idea why that is funny but it is. Then there is Jaraiya and his always questionable methods for research. Although this sequence isn't really laugh out loud funny, it is still amusing. And then to top it off, there is the whole mix up of packages. Everything that preceded that is just stuff that is so stupid that it is amusing; the way that the delivery ninja communicate using funky smoke colours, and then Naruto's method of stopping the delivery ninja on its tracks. Like already said, this episode is just incredibly stupid and random, that it is just amusing. This episode is probably a 9.5 when you're high though.moreless
  • Naruto and Jiraiya battle the Nazis

    Dude, didn't those freaking mail ninja look like the Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Arc?!? They sure did to me!!! Well where the heck was the Fuhrer then? You know censores his name. *eye roll* Well anyway, this was another of what I like to call, "one night stand arcs" which in my book means that it was one episode. :P Anyway, Naruto is marching around when he sees Pervy Sage getting it on with some ladies in a window. He is mad, of course, because Pervy Sage is supposed to help him with his training so he can kill Orochimaru and rescue Sasuke. But of course, Pervy Sage can't 'cause he has to write his novel, or so he says. Well Naruto gets tired of waiting and writes it for him, amd mails it. Unforunately, it gets mixed up with some important documents, and Pervy Sage and Naruto have to go retrieve it. After being chased by Nazis, it ends up in the hands of some feudal lord and he likes the book and decides to keep it. Sorry if it's not that clear, I've still got a lot on my mind.moreless
  • Another silly episode.

    This episode was really funny especially with Jiraiya. I am glad Jiraiya returns back and the best part was when Naruto was doing his special nin-jutsu to get Jiraiya's attention. The end was the best when Naruto gave away the make out paradise and switched it with the documents and the leader really liked it. Before that Naruto did his special jutsu which atracted all the delivery ninja except one with the document that he was swiching. This episode was the best and it was another great instalment to Cartoon Network and the anime series. This episode deserves a 10/10 and it was the best.moreless
  • Oh no, another silly filler!! :P

    Naruto has just finished up with his last assignment and is tired when he sees a strange looking ninja. The ninja is a Postal Ninja. They carry important documents that must reach their location no matter what and the Postal Ninjas deliver them even if it might cost them their lives. Naruto runs into Jiraiya in the town where he is doing more "research". Naruto insists that Jiraiya continue his training. Jiraiya agrees to train Naruto some more if Naruto will help him finish his next book. Naruto gets tired of all the menial tasks and when Jiraiya is asleep, Naruto...moreless
  • Very Lame in my opinion

    ok so basically we meet a new kind of ninja. The courier ninja aka a postal dude. Naruto finds Jiraiya in a city and demands that he trains him, Jiraiya has other plans and makes excuses to Naruto that he needs to finish his volume of the flirting series of his book. Naruto angered by the situation writes it for him. Naruto gives it to Courier Ninja. Jiraiya finds out and he is scared that his reputation is on the line. Anyways they go after the messenger ninja who refuses to give it back so they have to take it by force. Not a very good episode all in all.moreless
Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Delivery Ninja 463-72

Guest Star

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver

Delivery Ninja 596-03

Guest Star

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    • Naruto: I'm not sure what just happened, but at least there won't be a war.
      Jiraiya: Yeah, that's the good news. What about my reputation? That's my manuscript, but with your gibberish in it.

    • 596-03: In the name of the Delivery Ninja, I order you to stand aside and allow me to perform my duty.
      Naruto: Not that same old song. Well then, in the name of the Leaf Village Ninja, I'm going to take that package off you no matter what.

    • Naruto: Unbelievable, this guy must be made out of stone.

    • Naruto: Listen, if you deliver that package to the Land of Fangs, it could start a war!
      596-03: Sorry to hear it. Nevertheless, rules are rules, I have my duty.
      Naruto: Oh man, you're too much.

    • Jiraiya: This is an offer of peace. The lord of the Land of Claw wants to sign a peace treaty with the Fang.
      Naruto: Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? Peace is a lot better than war.
      Jiraiya: You bloody fool! The fact that the peace offer is here with us means that the manuscript of my book is on the way to the Lord of the Fangs! He'll think it was sent by the Land of the Claws as some kind of insult.
      Naruto: You're right, and that'll mean war for sure.

    • Jiraiya: Wait! Stop, please!
      463-72: If you thieves think I'm falling for that, you're fools.
      Jiraiya: Hold on, there's been a terrible mistake! This boy gave you the wrong package this morning and we need it back!
      Naruto: We're not thieves, honest.
      463-72: I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. Once a package has been entrusted to our care, we must deliver it to its proper destination, even at the risk of our lives.
      Jiraiya: But if I don't get it back, my career is ruined!
      463-72: You have my sympathies.

    • Naruto: Rise and shine, Pervy Sage!
      Jiraiya: Huh! You let me fall asleep?
      Naruto: So are you ready to start my training?
      Jiraiya: What are you talking about? I've got to finish that manuscript first.
      Naruto: Oh no, you don't have to worry about that. I finished the thing myself. It's on the way to your publisher right now. From now on, you can devote all your attention to my training. Isn't that great?
      Jiraiya: Are you insane?!
      Naruto: What?
      Jiraiya: If they read that gibberish of yours, they'll never let me write another book!
      Naruto: You think so? Really? It's that bad? Sorry.

    • Naruto: Will you take this for me?
      596-03: I'm sorry, I'm going in a different direction.
      Naruto: Come on, please! It's super important.
      596-03: Well, well, if this isn't perfect timing?
      Naruto: Huh? What's he, a shadow clone?
      596-03: Why no, this is four six three dash seven two. Here, I believe this address is in your district, isn't it?
      463-72: It certainly is.
      Naruto: Good, then I'll leave it to you...uh...well, whatever your name is.
      463-72: I'm four six three dash seven two.
      Naruto: That's great, just deliver it.

    • Naruto: Hey there, can you deliver this for me sir?
      596-03: Well, if it isn't Naruto. Thanks again for your help yesterday.
      Naruto: Hey, it's you mister... Uh... Wait a minute, it'll come to me.
      596-03: Five nine six dash zero three. See. (Points to number on his hat)
      Naruto: What kind of name is that?!

    • Jiraiya: Hey, is that tea ready yet? (Naruto pours him some tea and he turns red after drinking it and spits it out) Great, thanks. Now I've forgotten what I was going to write. I need a long hot soak.
      Naruto: Of all the sensei I had to get stuck with...

    • Jiraiya: Instead of waiting around, I thought I'd use the time productively.
      Naruto: Exactly! What a great idea! We can squeeze in two days of training.
      Jiraiya: Uh, yeah. Actually that's not really what I had in mind. You see, it's this book... I promised my publisher that I'd get it off to them today or tomorrow and they're breathing down my neck.
      Naruto: Oh come on! I've been waiting forever to get in some training.
      Jiraiya: Tell ya what, you help me while I finish it and we might have time to squeeze in a little training.

    • Naruto: Okay, what's this mission about?
      Jiraiya: Well, believe it or not, my sources tell me that someone from the Akatsuki organization will arrive in this town sometime the day after tomorrow.
      Naruto: The Akatsuki! Do you think it could be Itachi?
      Jiraiya: I have no idea, nor do I have a clue what would bring them here.

    • Naruto: Well, Pervy Sage, you want to explain yourself? You're supposed to be away from the village on some kind of important mission, and, meanwhile, I'm just sitting there waiting for you to get back. Well if you've got this much free time on your hands, we can start my training now.
      Jiraiya: Hold on, Naruto, there's a reason I'm here.
      Naruto: Save it, you'll just come up with some phony story.
      Jiraiya: It's not like that, it's research for my book. You see I've almost finished writing the very last volume of "Makeout Violence".
      Naruto: That's your big important mission?!

    • Naruto: Any place will do as long as it has a hot bath. (Hears a commotion from an upstairs room) Maybe not that one, it sounds a little crazy. Wait a minute, that voice...(Sees Jiraiya with a couple of ladies)
      Lady: I bet you say that to every girl you meet.
      Jiraiya: Only the pretty ones.
      Naruto: Gah! Pervy Sage!
      Jiraiya: Huh? Who the devil's calling me a... (Sees an angry Naruto) Ah!

    • Naruto: Hey wait, what's your name?
      596-03: Five nine six dash zero three.
      Naruto: That sounds more like a zip code.

    • Naruto: What are Delivery Ninja anyway?
      596-03: A special service entrusted with the most important documents and parcels. We risk our lives to deliver them safely.
      Naruto: So you're like a mailman.
      596-03: No, there's a big difference. Mailmen don't have to risk their lives, but we do.
      Naruto: I get it, you're a mailman that risks his life.
      596-03: Nevermind.

    • Naruto: I'm about to fall apart if I don't get some serious R&R. (Sees a town ahead) A hot springs! Great, I can't wait to soak my bones... Listen to me, I sound like an old man.

    • Naruto: Somehow, it seems a waste to use an awesome justu to power a rowboat.

    • Jiraiya: How the heck am I suppose to get inspired by that?
      Naruto: Use your imagination. Isn't that what a writer does?
      Jiraiya: Yeah, for fairy tales. But I deal in realization, the real thing.

    • Jiraiya: Are you complaining again? I told you before, just think of this as part of your training.
      Naruto: Ugh, not that again!

    • 596-03: We are just doing our job.
      Naruto: If that's the case, we'll get it back by force!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: Think of this as training and keep on navigating!
      Naruto: Not that again!

      ~Japanese version

    • Courier Ninja: Mail robbers, how dare you steal our customer's precious parcel!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: My pride as a writer is on the line!
      Courier Ninja: Like I care!
      Jiraiya: That's too bad.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: I guess it can't be helped, he hasn't written a single word yet!

      ~Japanese version

    • Courier Ninja: Regular postmen don't risk there lives.
      Naruto: Oh, so you're an amazing postman?
      Courier Ninja: That's right...

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: So you're a postman?
      Courier Ninja: It's courier ninja!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraiya: Does that mean my work is the same as Naruto's doodles?

      ~Japanese version

    • 596-03: (With 3 Naruto's in Harem Jutsu form hanging on to him) Mail delivery... I'm delivering the mail... Mail... Mail... Mail for you... (Faints)

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Seems like Rasengan is becoming some kind of a cheap technique.

      ~Japanese version

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