Season 7 Episode 24

Please, Mr. Postman!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Naruto walking, and he's very tired doing a solo mission, which was to help in a building site. As if that wasn't enough, he complains about it as he walks. Naruto sees a town with springs and quickly runs towards it but slows down again. He is surprised by a postman who run past him at high speed. Naruto then sees a landslide which makes the postman lose all his letters. Naruto jumps past him and uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to collect all the letters. After the drop to the bottom Naruto ask who the person was, and the person says he is a courier ninja. Then ninja thanks Naruto as all his letters are there. Naruto then asks the man what a courier ninja is. The courier ninja replies that they are professionals who delivers goods. Then Naruto calls him a postman, but after a small argument calls him a super postman. After that the courier ninja runs off. Naruto ask the ninja what was his name and the ninja answered 596-03.

Naruto finally arrives in town and is looking for a hot spring. He hears Jiraiya's voice as he's laughing around with two ladies. Naruto shouts perverted sennin and Jiraiya looks back and sees Naruto. Naruto is now in Jiraiya's room and he asks what he is doing as he thought Jiraiya was on an important mission. Naruto is angry and tells Jiraiya to train him. Jiraiya says he can't train him until he finishes his Icha Icha paradise novel. He says he is doing his mission as well. Naruto asks what the mission was; Jiraiya tells Naruto the truth and says a member of Akatsuki will be in town the day after tomorrow. Naruto then tells Jiraiya to train him and Jiraiya says he needs to write the script and send it to the publisher tomorrow (but he didn't even start it). Jiraiya also says that he will help train Naruto if he finishes his script early. After a while of Jiraiya doing nothing he says that it's bath time.

They are in the spring and Jiraiya is doing his usual peeping. Naruto then hears two people talking about how a secret message must reach Fang Country. Jiraiya says he needs some ladies to get some ideas so Naruto transforms into a girl for Jiraiya.

Jiraiya later goes to sleep and Naruto decides to write the script himself. It's morning and puts the script into an envelope and sees a courier ninja talking to the two people from the hot springs. Naruto trips down the stairs and the letters the two of them have drop on each other, and they ends up picking up the wrong envelopes. Naruto ask the courier ninja to take it for him but it's in the opposite direction, so he asks another courier ninja to take it and he agrees. The ninja's number was 463-72.

Jiraiya wakes up and Naruto tells Jiraiya what he did and how he wrote the script. Jiraiya says if the publisher sees Naruto's script he would be ruined. Naruto says he gave it to a courier ninja and Jiraiya says it will be hard to get it back since courier ninjas are very strong. The courier ninja is running through the forest and is being chased by Naruto and Jiraiya. They enter a town and the buildings are arranged like a maze. Jiraiya uses Rasengan and it blasts a hole though all the buildings in front. There's a lady bathing and Jiraiya goes a bit strange but then they see the courier ninja and follow him. They follow the courier ninja through the forest. When they reach him, Jiraiya knocks him out with one hit to the chest.

Jiraiya reads the letter he thought was Naruto's and says it's not Naruto's. Naruto then said that they must have gotten mixed up. Jiraiya says it's a form from the Claw Country to the Fang Country directed to the feudal lord. He says that if they don't give it back then war would break out. Jiraiya and Naruto then leave to give the right letter to the Fang Country before it's too late.

The courier ninja sends a message to other courier ninja to stop Jiraiya. Elsewhere, Naruto and Jiraiya are rowing a boat. When they realize that they are being followed, Jiraiya uses Rasengan to give his boat an extra push then he switches places with Naruto and he does the same continuously. They finally reach the boat with the courier ninja and tell the courier that if he delivered the letter then war would break out, but he doesn't care. When Naruto says that he will take it by force 6 more courier ninja appears and they try to stop Jiraiya and Naruto. Naruto remembers that the courier ninja they wanted was 596-03. Jiraiya fights three courier ninjas at the base of the stairs, while Naruto jumps in front of the other courier ninja and turns into many girls. It stops most of them, but but 596-03 wasn't really affected. He continued walking with Naruto (girl form) holding his leg. The courier ninja gives to the letter to a guard and he takes it away to the feudal lord. Later, Jiraiya and Naruto hide in a tree to watch the feudal lord open the letter. Then he says he's a fan of Jiraiya's books, and he takes the script to go read it in private.

Naruto wakes up and they're back at Jiraiya's house. Jiraiya is gone but he left a note to Naruto saying he left to get the after the Akatsuki member. The episode ends with Naruto sitting in the hot springs.