Season 7 Episode 24

Please, Mr. Postman!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Funny stuff and his teacher re-apears agian FINIALLY!

    I loved this episode! It had good humor but it could have more of an intresting plot line. However, I guess seeing Naruto's teacher again was good enough. I like how they still have him being obsessed with girls and how he asked Naruto to do it for him lol! Also, I liked seeing Naruto using his new move. There where a lot of funny parts that I enjoyed as well. This episode was well written but it wasn't my favorte story line or plot. Hopefully we will se Naruto's teacher again. I think that this episode was alright. It could have been better though...
  • Naruto meets up with Jeraiya and demands him to train him. Jeraiya refuses because he is busy with his \\\"research for Akatsuki\\\" Trouble happens when Naruto gave the postman the wrong letter to be sent to the Moon Feudal Lord

    I thought that this episode is actually a very well thought-out episode. This is probably one of my favorite filler episodes.

    Since this is not an arc, people can keep watching it at their convenience. I truly recomend this filler episode to everyone who has a sense of humor :)
  • This is one of the weirdest episodes of Naruto I have ever seen!!! I would have never guessed, a postman ninja?!? An Anime King review!!

    Now in the world of Naruto there are many kinds of ninja. But now they are just gettin weird!! A courior ninja is a postman that would actually die to get a message to their destination, how weird is that?? In this episode Ero-Sennin finally shows again, but obviosly he is found with some women. This episode is really what i like to call a "laid back episode of Naruto". But there was an important part though. Thanks to Naruto and his sensei, a war was about to break out between two countries, but thankfully there was a wrong letter so the war didnt happen after all. Anime King out!!
  • First cooking ninja now postman ninja? Finally Jiraiya is back

    This episode was funny. I never knew that Icha-Icha Paradise was that famous. Even feudal lords read it. Not only that but Naruto can write them also. Postman ninja is the dumbest idea i ever heard, but there are cooking ninja. But this was a filler episode. They used rasengan to power there boat.
  • Wasn't cooking ninja enough?

    Just when you thought there couldn't be any more weird, strange and/or random ninja groups, they come up with Messenger Ninjas. I have to say that I can see the point of cooking ninjas (barely). But messenger ninjas? Isn't that why real ninjas exist? There have been plenty of missions that involve the ninja carrying messages from country to country. Why are messenger ninja needed? It's silly and it make no sense, nor is it entertaining.

    That said, I hope I'm not the only one who thought that Jiraiya was a fat out of shape guy. But did you see him when he was in the hot bath? ;)
  • Ooh Courier Ninja...

    This episode was quite lame. I mean seirously, Courier Ninja? Why aren't they just regular postmen? And the numbers, wow. I don't understand if there postmen with ninja skills, or ninja that deliver mail. Or is that the same thing? Gah. Jiraiya is seen again, but not in a fabulous appearance. I wonder if Tsunade and the rest of them are waiting for Naruto to come back. I also wonder if Jiraiya was really searching for Akatsui or was he just faking to get more "research" done? Oh well. So, this was pretty lame also to "Cooking Ninja". ( I also thought that they used like birds or something to carry messages, oh well).
  • Very Lame in my opinion

    ok so basically we meet a new kind of ninja. The courier ninja aka a postal dude. Naruto finds Jiraiya in a city and demands that he trains him, Jiraiya has other plans and makes excuses to Naruto that he needs to finish his volume of the flirting series of his book. Naruto angered by the situation writes it for him. Naruto gives it to Courier Ninja. Jiraiya finds out and he is scared that his reputation is on the line. Anyways they go after the messenger ninja who refuses to give it back so they have to take it by force. Not a very good episode all in all.
  • Oh no, another silly filler!! :P

    Naruto has just finished up with his last assignment and is tired when he sees a strange looking ninja. The ninja is a Postal Ninja. They carry important documents that must reach their location no matter what and the Postal Ninjas deliver them even if it might cost them their lives. Naruto runs into Jiraiya in the town where he is doing more "research". Naruto insists that Jiraiya continue his training. Jiraiya agrees to train Naruto some more if Naruto will help him finish his next book. Naruto gets tired of all the menial tasks and when Jiraiya is asleep, Naruto...
  • Another silly episode.

    This episode was really funny especially with Jiraiya. I am glad Jiraiya returns back and the best part was when Naruto was doing his special nin-jutsu to get Jiraiya's attention. The end was the best when Naruto gave away the make out paradise and switched it with the documents and the leader really liked it. Before that Naruto did his special jutsu which atracted all the delivery ninja except one with the document that he was swiching. This episode was the best and it was another great instalment to Cartoon Network and the anime series. This episode deserves a 10/10 and it was the best.
  • Naruto and Jiraiya battle the Nazis

    Dude, didn't those freaking mail ninja look like the Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Arc?!? They sure did to me!!! Well where the heck was the Fuhrer then? You know censores his name. *eye roll* Well anyway, this was another of what I like to call, "one night stand arcs" which in my book means that it was one episode. :P Anyway, Naruto is marching around when he sees Pervy Sage getting it on with some ladies in a window. He is mad, of course, because Pervy Sage is supposed to help him with his training so he can kill Orochimaru and rescue Sasuke. But of course, Pervy Sage can't 'cause he has to write his novel, or so he says. Well Naruto gets tired of waiting and writes it for him, amd mails it. Unforunately, it gets mixed up with some important documents, and Pervy Sage and Naruto have to go retrieve it. After being chased by Nazis, it ends up in the hands of some feudal lord and he likes the book and decides to keep it. Sorry if it's not that clear, I've still got a lot on my mind.
  • lulz wut?

    Wow, this episode is just, something else. Although it is incredibly stupid, it is so stupid that it manages to be amusing. Every minute of this episode is just flat out bizarre. The concept of the delivery ninja and their uptight rules is one; I have no idea why that is funny but it is. Then there is Jaraiya and his always questionable methods for research. Although this sequence isn't really laugh out loud funny, it is still amusing. And then to top it off, there is the whole mix up of packages. Everything that preceded that is just stuff that is so stupid that it is amusing; the way that the delivery ninja communicate using funky smoke colours, and then Naruto's method of stopping the delivery ninja on its tracks. Like already said, this episode is just incredibly stupid and random, that it is just amusing. This episode is probably a 9.5 when you're high though.