Season 7 Episode 24

Please, Mr. Postman!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Naruto and Jiraiya battle the Nazis

    Dude, didn't those freaking mail ninja look like the Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Arc?!? They sure did to me!!! Well where the heck was the Fuhrer then? You know censores his name. *eye roll* Well anyway, this was another of what I like to call, "one night stand arcs" which in my book means that it was one episode. :P Anyway, Naruto is marching around when he sees Pervy Sage getting it on with some ladies in a window. He is mad, of course, because Pervy Sage is supposed to help him with his training so he can kill Orochimaru and rescue Sasuke. But of course, Pervy Sage can't 'cause he has to write his novel, or so he says. Well Naruto gets tired of waiting and writes it for him, amd mails it. Unforunately, it gets mixed up with some important documents, and Pervy Sage and Naruto have to go retrieve it. After being chased by Nazis, it ends up in the hands of some feudal lord and he likes the book and decides to keep it. Sorry if it's not that clear, I've still got a lot on my mind.