Season 6 Episode 11

Pure Terror! The House of Orochimaru

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Sasame leads Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura to Orochimaru's hideout. They send Sasame back to the village because of the danger level and Jiraiya summons Gamakichi to go in first and investigate. The four soon come to three tunnels. Jiraiya goes off to the right, Naruto and Sakura down the middle and Gamakichi down the left. What lies down each tunnel?moreless

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  • It was kind of funny.

    Jiraiya sees through the plan of Sasame to poison the group in order to redeem her clan's dignity, as well as to see her most beloved cousin. Moments like these where characters use their head to see through traps are always enjoyable, but this one came with quite a few holes.

    The infiltration part of Orochimaru's mansion mansion was pretty lackluster; ironically that Jiraiya avoids being poisoned, but in the mansion falls into a trap rather easily thanks to his taste for women. All the parts were boring, except for the times when Sakura and Naruto continually fell for traps one after another. That part was amusing to see.moreless
  • our heroes go into mr snakes creepy temple

    naruto sakura and jiraiaya and sasame are waiting outside by orochimarus temple. they decide to go inside to see if they can find orochimaru. jiraiya summons gamakichi and they all take different paths. in the room that jiraiya goes into he finds a a creepy lady and falls for her attack and ends up somewhere. (dont know where it is) naruto falls for traps and ends up stuck in a room with gamakichi that is rapidly filling up with water. sakura finds kabuto and has a short battle with hi. soon orichimaru shows up and thats when the real trouble begins!moreless
  • Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura enter the lair of Orochimaru.

    This has got to be one of the best filler series. Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura are led to Orochimaru's lair by Sasame. Jiraiya summons Gamakichi to go in and check for traps. Gamakichi finds none so they enter. They get to a point where the path splits into three paths. Jiraiya takes the right, Naruto and Sakura take the middle, and Gamakichi takes the left. They all face traps on their paths and Sakura is the only one to make it to the end and find that Kabuto is waiting for her along with Orochimaru. Sakura is paralyzed with fear when she sees Orochimaru.moreless
  • Well, this is entertaining...

    Well, I haven't reviewed any Naruto episodes yet, but, I kinda like this episode. A LOT . It was very interesting, and funny; I love when they were about to go inside Orochimaru's house/hideout/whatever and Jiriaya summons his frog person(I kinda forgot his name). Then Sakura is all like OMG, and all shocked and stuff. Besides funny, it was interesting how they seperated into different tunnels/hallways. Well, they split up, and well, they each get cornered by something different. Sakura's was a shock with how she got their. I wonder what's gonna happen. Then a "Orochimaru" shows up. OH NO ! LOL... This is interesting.moreless
  • this could be a filler but its funny one..

    It was when Sasame takes naruto, sakura, and jiraiya to Orochimaru's Lair finally and i think that was where the fun really Jiraiya pulling out his stick and determining which way he would go lol and so Sakura and Naruto takes the middle tunnel and Jiraiya's summoning goes the other in the middle tunnel lol naruto and sakura is coming in contact with a lot of traps which they do crazy moves just get out lol until sakura is about to fall into the pitfall, naruto saves her at the last minute..then falls in...which the trap door shuts behind him and another shuts behind sakura..which freaks out but then hears naruto..and he seemed to be fine but had to find a way out..while Jiraiya is in another room with one of Orochimaru's people which is an entertainer..but really is a demon..and then when she comes over and sits behind him, he immediately hits her back, before he get wounded..which he did..and then the place falls on him..while where naruto is the wall suddenly bursts and Jiraiya's summoning comes through the wall with the water and now he is in there..and while those two are in kinda trouble or i should say a goes through another door and then thats when she comes in contact with Kabuto and Orochimaru and she then has bad flashbacks of meeting Orochimaru first time..back in the forest with Sasuke and immediately drops her kunai...^-^ good episode..i loved it.moreless
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Michelle Ruff


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Kabuto Yakushi

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Sakura: I'm a different person now. I'm stronger!
      Kabuto: Let's see about that.
      (A familiar evil laugh comes from the dark)
      Sakura: (Looking around in a panic) It can't be!
      Orochimaru: I can tell when you're bluffing, my dear, and right now, you're already finished.

    • Kabuto: It's quite admirable you made it this far, Sakura.
      Sakura: I know that voice. Is it Kabuto?

    • Naruto: Sakura, careful where you step. There's no telling what sort of traps there might be.
      Sakura: Yeah. (Naruto steps on a trap trigger) Naruto, what...? Huh? (Shurikin come out of the ceiling at them) And you were the one who said to be careful where you step.
      Naruto: That trick floor was genius.! No one could have seen it!

    • Jiraiya: I'm being invited in. I suppose it'll be more exciting if I accept the invitation.

    • Jiraiya: Listen up! From this point on, let's assume it's going to get bad. A snake or a demon might attack you. Stay on alert and be prepared.
      Naruto: Right.
      Sakura: I understand.

    • (They come to a room with three passageways)
      Sakura: What should we do?
      Jiraiya: We have no choice. We'll have to split up into three.
      Naruto: Ha, my gut's telling me it's the middle door!
      Jiraiya: No, wait!
      Naruto: Gah, what the heck?!
      Jiraiya: In situations like this, you can't be too careful. (He pulls out a stick, twirls it around and lets it fall) All right, guess I'm going through this one.
      (Naruto and Sakura hit the ground dumbfounded)
      Sakura: What was that?!
      Naruto: Come on, how was that different than my gut instinct, Pervy Sage?
      Jiraiya: Well, it's all about technique.

    • Gamakichi: Just leave it to me. (He hops down to check the entrance)
      Sakura: (Acting scared) I can't help it, frogs just creep me out.

    • Naruto: Just leave it to me. You're going to be amazed at how daring my rescue plan is.
      Sakura: (Hits Naruto in the head) Can it! Would you quit yakkin' about how great you are, Naruto?!

    • Jiraiya: After you take us to Orochimaru's hideout, you'll immediately be sent back to the inn where Hanzaki is and wait there for us to return. That shall be the punishment for your actions.
      Sasame: Master Jiraiya?
      Naruto: I gotta give you more credit, Pervy Sage.
      Sakura: Thank you for this, Master Jiraiya.
      Jiraiya: Well, Hanzaki did treat me to a lot of expensive stuff at the Fuma Tavern, and to pay him back for it, he kinda asked me to look out for Sasame for him.
      Naruto: Huh?!
      Sakura: It figures you were only looking out for yourself!
      Naruto: That's the last time I give you any credit!
      Jiraiya: Hey, hey, hey! Cut me some slack. Adults are allowed take a break at a tavern every now and then.

    • Gamakichi: Hey kid, are you all right?
      Naruto: I'm drowning, what do you think?!

    • Sakura: You're alive? Then why did you scream in such a misleading way?
      Naruto: Just rescue me, will ya?

    • (Jiraiya summons Gamakichi. After he was summoned, Sakura backs away in fear)
      Gamakichi: (To Sakura) Yo.
      Sakura: Th-Tha-That frog spoke?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Jiraya: We need to use discretion at a time like this... (Takes out a stick, spins it, and lays it on the ground. It then points to the right path) All right, I'll go this way!
      (Both Naruto and Sakura collapse)
      Sakura: That's it?!
      Naruto: How is that different from my gut feeling, Ero-Sennin?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Gamakichi: Just leave it to me!
      Sakura: Frogs are just creepy...

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (4)


    • In this episode, Jiraiya spun a stick around before he settled it into the ground. By letting it fall, he decided which direction would be the best to take. In the Japanese anime known as Slayers, the priestesses, Filia and Sylphiel, use the very same technique, although Sylphiel uses her staff and Filia uses her mace.