Season 7 Episode 3

Raiga's Counterattack

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Why does this arc blow so much?

    I still can't believe this horrible arc is still going on, and the worst part is is that not only is the length making every episode more and more boring, but this episode is just so bad in itself. The production values behind the fights were just horrendous. All of the movements were so stiff, it was like watching an action cartoon from the 70's. TenTen's fight was pretty all right, a lot more exciting than Naruto, Lee, and Neji getting destroyed by Raiga, but it also suffers from the same choppy movements. Plus Karashi is still a sucky character.
  • A ninja swordsman of the Hidden Mist Village can use Lightning Element Attacks!!

    His name is Raiga Kurosuki. He really loves to give out funerals to people. He loves to bury them alive, the way the WWE wrestler, The Undertaker sometimes does to his opponents. But it seems as though Raiga has a close friend. He is a young boy named Ranmaru. Ranmaru is the one person Raiga won't ever give a funeral to! Raiga used to be a member of ANBU Black Ops. They are like the Secret Service of the Naruto World. But then one day, as he and some other Mist ANBU were combing through a small village, Raiga found Ranmaru. Now, he owns a gold mining operation that Naruto, Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee were asked to put an end to, due to the funeral marches that Raiga gives to the miners. Will they be able to stop him?
  • Raiga throws a tantrum...

    Raiga throws a tantrum...

    Wow, I knew Raiga was childish, but I didn't think he was capable of actually thorwing a tantrum. OK, so Ranmaru, still being worried about Raiga, gets Karashi to take him to Raiga's corpse so Ranmaru can give him life. He succeeds, but passes out from the effort. Once Raiga awakens, he thinks Ranmaru is dead. So then he blows up at Karashi, and orders him to rally the Leaf ninja there. Tenten, who followed them, is quickly defeated by Raiga. Meanwhile, Karashi manages to convince Lee and Naruto that Tenten fell off a cliff, but Neji (who LOVES Tenten!!!) has a hard time believing his story, but he goes with them anyway. Karashi stays behind and tries to get his mommy to run away with him, 'cause he knows Raiga will kill them. Tenten regains conciousness and takes Ranmaru back to Grandma Sancho's so she can make him the curry of life. ... All I remember about the rest of this is that Tenten ends up being close with Ranmaru, and Lee, Naruto, and Neji get their butts kicked by Raiga and his magic bug zappers.
  • Raiga comes to life and now wants revenge.

    Ranmaru sacrifices his chakra to bring Raiga back to life. When Raiga breaks free from the rocks, he sees Ranmaru's body lying on the ground. He demands to know who killed Ranmaru and Karashi tells him that it was not him. Tenten then attacks. She is defeated and Raiga tells Karashi to tell him who killed Ranmaru or Raiga will kill him and his mother. Karashi lies and tells him that the Leaf Village Ninja's killed Ranmaru. Raiga then tell Karashi to trick the others into a trap. As they set off Tenten comes to and notices that Ranmaru is still alive, but just barely. She takes him to the Curry Shop. Our heroes fall for the trap, though they know it probably is one. Everyone is defeated by Raiga's lightning attacks.
  • Average

    To me, the dubbed voices in this episode seemed to have been lacking in emotion. There are nights that seem different here and there, but anyhow, I watched it all...and when Raiga was up against Naruto and such, did they actually bleep out a word? It was either that, or the satellie system I have messed up at that one moment, because it was the only word that was not said. XD

    The arc that I know everyone will like comes soon and it's about the village having paper bombs all over that are set to explode.

    Believe it!!!

    Keep watching!!! XD

    In a year, they'll probably be starting Shippuden. :D
  • Better than most of this filler arc.

    I liked this episode tons better than the other episodes in this filer arc so far. At the beggining Tenten fighting with Raigan was amazing Tenten was awesome even though she was defeated. I thought she was done for before she used the scroll to summon the wooden poll. Karashi is/was such a baby! Seriously, dude, stick to the curry of life. Yay. It healed that Ranma guy at least. Lee fighting Raigan was amazing, except Lee pretty much got lighting striked, and I think he will lose in the next episode. So it was a very good episode compared to the rest of this filler arc.
  • Raiga is back.

    Wow. I'm so shocked on how Karashi is not only an idiot but a stupid liar. He truly has nothin better to do then make curry. Raiga got Lee so pissed he took off his weights. But now that Raiga has an unlimited amout of chakra due to lighting, can Lee really handle him? To be honest I'd never expect Neji to be electricuted. It seemed so fast. And boy, Ranmaru sure enjoys curry. But after all that it still was a filler episode.
  • man crazy episode cracy episode. raiga is a **** dude. what the hell was he doing with the funerals. i didn\\\'t get that part. it was so random. i mean he kills people and then starts crying and then starts laughing and then starts killing again.

    wtf! why didnt lee just open the 5 chakra gates?? or why didnt naruto just use his freakin nine tails power? it doesnt make sense. still good episode. ten ten says it like it is. plus shes a major hottie. she was pretty crazy in this episode ;). hint hint. when neji and naruto tried to fight raiga, it was just sad. they think they are all good, but they go out just like that. they did not even get a punch on him. i mean even freakin ten ten did more damage than they did and shes one of the weakest of the secondary characters. in the end, all you need to know about this episode is that ten ten is pretty hott, even though she is just a cartoon.