Season 7 Episode 16

Remembrance: The Lost Page

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 24, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Anko having a nightmare about Orochimaru and feeling the curse mark begin to cause her more pain. She wakes up in a cold sweat in the night.

The next day Naruto is up and about complaining that the past few missions have been lame and wants to go on a challenging mission. He spots Sakura and Ino. After a brief conversation, Shino appears behind Naruto and startles him. Shino was sent by Tsunade to fetch Naruto and Ino. Back in Tsunade's office, Tsunade is telling Anko about the current mission that she has for her. It seems that there is some monster that is terrorizing the Sea Country. It has been attacking their shipping and causing great strain on the people. Naruto, Shino, and Ino are assigned to go with Anko on this mission.

Once our heroes make it to the shoreline, Anko starts to have more pain and memories of a time when she was here with Orochimaru. Shino notices something wrong with her, but before anyone else does she sends them to the village to get a boat. She makes an excuse and disappears into the forest nearby. Once in the village they see a girl in bandages trying to sell some fish to a local merchant. Ino complains that the man isn't paying enough , but he explains that times are tough around the village right now. The girls runs off before Ino can say anything else. He also tells them about the girl. She was the only survivor of an attack. She comes from the main island. Naruto disappears while all this is happening. The girl runs into a couple of thugs and they punch her. Naruto shows up and the thugs run off. He helps the girl, but she quickly runs away.

Ino and Shino have procured a boat and Naruto and Anko find them and they head out for the main island. On the way a whirlpool appears and Ino is grabbed out of the boat. Anko takes off after her and gets her back. Everyone has to abandon ship. Naruto is grabbed from behind and his chakra is drained by a ninja. The ninja uses a water style attack and washes everyone away as Naruto falls to the bottom of the sea.