Season 7 Episode 16

Remembrance: The Lost Page

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 24, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Please be a better arc than the Mizuki, Raiga, and Ghost arc, please!

    So far this arc has started out pretty decently. For once the leader of the group isn't a genin and it's a character that we don't know much about yet in Anko. Her ties with Orochimaru are even kicking in, it'll be interesting to see if he's somehow involved in this whole debacle. The biggest thing this episode needs to fix though is the mysterious cursed character who saved Naruto at the end. We know that Naruto is all about having emo characters, but there really isn't much creativity in each of them. They're all the same; depressed and lonely. And it tried making the character too emotional too early. We hardly know anything about her and it already busted out the depressing piano. Hopefully this arc will actually turn out good unlike most of the other filler arcs in this long dreaded filler hell.
  • Finally we find out about anko's past.

    In this episode the truth behind Anko's past is finally revealed. I'd been wondering since the chunnin exams what had happened to her. So Anko takes Naruto, Shino and Ino (an odd team) and goes to the sea country to destroy a sea monster. Although this episode was a filler, it revealed a lot about Orochimaru and Anko so I'm glad I tuned in to watch. The episode is centered around Anko and Naruto and Shino and Ino are basically just in the background the whole time. I would have liked to see more from them for once but overall a good episode.
  • Laura Bailey is taking over Naruto!!! (Details in the middle of review)

    I always used to poke fun at Shino and Ino because they're names rhymed, so I had a blast when I found out they were on a mission with Naruto!!! I just sat around all day and muttered, "Shino, Ino, and Naruto!!!" Kinda freaky, I know. Anyway, Tsunade, who is getting to be VERY bossy by the way, orders Anko to take Naruto and Shino and Ino and go kill a squid or something. So they go off, and Anko's curse seal begins to act up, so sh leaves, leaving the three Genin to fend for themselves. Anko would make a terrbile mother!!! And then we see some flashbacks, and baby Anko sounds EXACTLY like Sana from Kodocha!!! Why? Because Laura Bailey is taking over Naruto!!! Laura, and Jerry Jewel, and John Burgmeier all belong in Shojo anime, and Jerry and John occasionally in Shonen! Laura does NOT belong in Shonen! She makes all the characters she voices sound either like Tohru, a whiny teenager girl, or Sana, a hyperactive little kid who talks too much. Nothing against Laura Bailey herself, I just think she needs to get out of Naruto and back to Fruits Basket and Kodocha where she belongs. Anyway, Anko returns and they head off to Mother Island, where they are attacked by a giant squid and Ino is knocked out. Big surprise. Then Naruto almst drowns, again, what is this, like the 5th or 6th time he's nearly drowned? This little stunt dates back to when they were fighting against Kakashi sensei in episode 4. And the Fisy Girl saves him and gives him a kiss!!!
  • Anko leads the team of Naruto, Shino, and Ino on a dangerous mission.

    Anko is still having pain with the curse mark that Orochimaru gave her when she was younger. She has a nightmare during a storm and wakes up in a cold sweat. The next day Naruto is ready to go on the next mission and complaining that all the latest missions have been lame. He sees Sakura and Ino and goes down to talk to them. After a short and funny conversation, Shino appears behind Naruto and startles him. It seems that Tsunade wants to see Naruto, Shino, and Ino. Once they get to her office they find out that Anko will lead them on a dangerous mission to defeat some monster in the sea....
  • Narutos first kiss

    OMG it was Naruto\'s forst kiss in this episode not the one with Sasuke coz hes a boy and that would catagorize under male kissing but this was Naruto\'s fist proper kiss even though he was unconcious and underwater and it was probably most likely the kiss of life but it was a kiss isnt any one else happy with me come on we have to do the boodie and sing along with loud rock music or depressing music because you\'re not happy because you wanted to be the forst to kiss Naruto im going with anybody here im just so happy for him even though he is a fictional character maybe ive gon a little over the top here but hey!
  • Good start.

    People have been telling me that this filler saga was the best, and it had a very good beggining, still to see if it was really that good. And lyke oh my gosh Naruto gets his first girl kiss ( on the lips ). Surprising no? That it was from a stranger and not... Hinata!!! Darn. Oh well. It's nice to see more about Anko, and her relationship with Orochimaru. Anko using that fire ball jutsu in the water was also cool. So very nice episode to start off a filler saga, I hope that it lives up to all the hype everyone has been saying around here.
  • Anko has Flashbacks and Naruto gets kissed. It may be filler but it's pretty cool filler.

    This is the first time any of the filler arcs have had anything to do with Orochimaru-for real I mean. Anko is the closest Naruto's gotten because she actually has the cursed seal and has been his student.
    This is a really interesting episode because we know Anko has a past with Orochimaru but we haven't seen any of it yet. It's really worth seeing as so far we don't know much about the pasts of any of the senseis except for maybe Iruka. I'm really definately glad I chose to watch this filler arc because of all of that.
  • To the Ocean Country!

    Its fun seeing Naruto keep traveling. I think it was a mistake to bring Ino, because she is just as worthless as Sakura, but Anko is leading. Well she was once Orochimaru's student and she has the same cursed seal like Sasuke. As she enters the Ocean Country the seal starts to hurt, and she begins to remember the times with Orochimaru. I think this arc is beginning to get my interest.
  • This was actually the start of a good filler saga.

    I would say that this filler saga was a good one. Possibly one of the best filler sagas in Naruto so far. Too bad it wasn\'t in the Manga, but certain elements of it could be considered a canon in the series. These elements are things, such as Naruto starting to improve his relations with Ino and Shino, learning some information about Anko\'s origins, and some of Orochimaru\'s experiments. This filler does seem to reflect the fact that Naruto has become better friends with Shino and Ino because they both seem to have more respect for him at the end of Naruto Part I and when they appear in Naruto Part II.

    Anyways, this arc has a very interesting story line because it goes much deeper than a sea monster attacking some merchant ships. There is more detail, and there it becomes somewhat emotional. Also several other parts of Naruto\'s character are emphasized greatly in this story. This episode is pretty good at building us up into this story arc because you are introduced into some of the villians in this arc. It has a pretty decent battle at the end of the episode, and there is quite a bit of humor in it.