Season 7 Episode 16

Remembrance: The Lost Page

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 24, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Gamakichi: Are you out of your gourd?! You can't summon pops out here, it would be a disaster!
      Naruto: How come?
      Gamakichi: We're freshwater creature, genius. Saltwater and frogs don't mix.
      Gamatatsu: Actually, I don't like anything salty.
      Naruto: Gah! Then what good are you, for cryin' out loud?!

    • Anko: Careful you two, we're being targeted from underwater.
      Naruto: Oh boy. (Thinking) Well, whatever this thing is, an underwater battle calls for an underwater expert. (Aloud) Summoning Jutsu! (Thinking) I'm counting on you Chief Toad. (Sees Gamakichi and shouts) You again?!
      Gamakichi: Jeez Louise, what're you callin' me here for kid?!
      Naruto: Hey look, I'm not happy to see you either!

    • Ino: It's getting dark.
      Anko: We'll be at the island pretty soon. Just a bit further.
      Naruto: (Rowing the boat) Sounds good to me! Mother Island full steam ahead everybody!
      Ino: Sun's down you know. Seriously, where do you get all your energy from?
      Naruto: Yeah, well, at times like this your state of mind is key.
      Ino: (Sighs) Sakura's got her hands full. I feel so bad for her.

    • Ino: (Thinking about Anko) This lady is one loose cannon!

    • Naruto: Okay! Let's set sail for the Land of the Sea!
      Ino: (Thinking) Why does he always have to be so gung-ho? I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Ino: (Reading a book) Demon of the Ocean has physical traits both human and fish-like. What is this?
      Naruto: These people need to have their eyes examined. Something like that doesn't exist.
      Shino: Not necessarily. This could be ninja resorting to piracy with genjutsu at their disposal.

    • Naruto: Somethin' here doesn't smell right.
      Anko: Okay, you got your marching orders. Zip it! (Grabs Naruto's ear)
      Naruto: Ow-ow-ow-ow! All right!
      Anko: Now then, let's get this show on the road. Go pack your gear and meet me at the front gate.
      Ino & Shino: Roger!
      Naruto: Man, that really hurt.

    • Shino: (Appears behind Naruto) Naruto.
      Naruto: Gah! Shino, don't sneak up on me like that!
      Shino: Ino... Naruto... The Hokage wishes to see you now.
      Ino: Huh? Both of us?
      Shino: I was told to come fetch you. She wants to see all three of us.
      Sakura & Ino: Huh?
      Naruto: You, Shino, and me?

    • Sakura: Ino was down with a cold for a while and the guys were sent out on a mission without her.
      Ino: And I'm like totally recovered now. If I don't blow off some steam, I'll just go crazy!
      Naruto: Hey, nothing a little training won't cure.
      Ino: Not at my house! If my family ever finds out I don't have someone to spar with, I get roped into helping out at the shop.
      Naruto: Whatever. They know you'd just skip the training if you were on your own.
      Ino: W-W-Wait a minute, take that back! I train by myself all the time.

    • Ino: Jeez, I can't believe it. This is so unfair.
      Sakura: It's not so bad. I'm training so hard these days, I can hardly keep my eyes open.
      Naruto: Hey, Sakura!
      Ino: Speaking of being lazy.
      Naruto: Oh yeah? The last I checked, you're just sitting around a flower shop all day.

    • Gamatatsu: Hey there! Evening dude.
      Naruto: What's going on around here? I called for the chief, not a tadpole.

    • Ino: Boy, you and our squad leader are two of a kind, you know that? You both just vanish at the drop of a hat. No getting around it, we've got a bumpy road ahead of us.
      Naruto: Say what? You can't lump me into the same category as that screwball! She's certifiably insane.
      Anko: (Holding a knife to Naruto.) Who're we talking about?

    • Shizune: (Thinking) Hand-picked? These were the only Genin available! She's too much.

    • Naruto: What the?! You're that psycho proctor from the Chunin Exam!
      Anko: Hmm... Yeah, good times. Feels like it was only yesterday, doesn't it?

    • Naurto: Look out world, I'm going to hit the ground running today, so stand back!

    • Ino: You are so like sensei! Both of you just go off and disappear! Both of you seem to bring bad luck.
      Naruto: What did you just say?! How rude of you! How dare you compare me with that aggressive teacher! What a great inconvenience...
      (Anko appears and holds a kunai to Naruto's neck)
      Anko: Who?
      Naruto: I'm sorry.
      Ino: She's definitely dangerous.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shizune: About Mitarashi Anko, did something happen before?
      Tsunade: Sort of.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shino: Naruto.
      Naruto: (Surprised) Hey, Shino! Don't scare me like that!

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: Listen up. I believe that this combination is the best one for the mission. Use your individual talents to the fullest, and complete the mission!
      All: Yes!
      Shizune: All you did was call genin who were available. She's really...

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: January 24, 2009

    • Julianne Buescher does not reprise her role of Anko Mitarashi during this arc. Instead, Laura Bailey voices her here. This could be because Julianne Buescher wasn't available at the time.

    • Shizune is dressed up like Kankuro during the scene where she explains the mission using puppets.

    • This marks the first time a team has been formed with everyone from different squads: Naruto (Kakashi's squad), Shino (Kurenai's squad), and Ino (Asuma's squad), with Anko (leader/part of no known squad) as the leader.

    • This is the first time Anko leads a mission with the Leaf Village Genin.

    • Yoroi Akado and Misumi Tsurugi reappear unmasked for the first time since the preliminary rounds of the Chunin exam.

    • Original Episode Title: Memory, The Lost Page
      Romaji Episode Title: Kioku, Ushinawareta Peeji
      Kanji Episode Title: 記憶 失われた頁

    • Original Airdate: January 25, 2006

    • Anko has been to the island as a child with Orochimaru.

    • In the beginning of the episode we see Naruto's necklace. Although it wasn't mentioned, this is the first time we've been able to see him wearing it since episode 133.

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