Season 2 Episode 46

Return of the Morning Mist

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 31, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Two mysterious people have arrived in Konoha's domain. One of them used genjutsu to make the guard fall asleep.
Sasuke is seeing himself when he was a kid and he was crying because he wasn't strong enough to save his family. Meanwhile, Naruto is finished with his training and he is going to eat some breakfast. He sees Konohamaru looking at his grandfather's face. Naruto gives Konohamaru a coupon for free food at the Ichiraku ramen shop.
The Sand village nins saw their dead Kazekage's body. One of them figured out that Orochimaru was behind it all.
In his hiding spot, Orochimaru is in pain because of the curse that Sarutobi gave him. Kabuto patronized him and says that he killed the strongest of the Kages and he was able to kill two Kages. Then Orochimaru says that if he had Itachi then he would have no problem killing the Hokage.
Jiraiya is being himself and is looking at women. Two old people show up and they want Jiraiya to be the new Hokage. He declined and tells them that he will get someone better: One of the other Sannin, Tsunade. He says that he will look for her and he will take one person.
Kakashi sees Asuma and Kurenai walking with each other. Kurenai says that she is just getting dumplings for Anko. Asuma asked why Kakashi is here and he says that he is waiting for Sasuke. Two guys that are eating in the shop suddenly disappeared. Kurenai and Asuma go over and confront them. One of the mysterious people shows himself and it is Itachi. The other guy introduced himself as well and he says that he is Kisame.
Kisame attacked Asuma while Kurenai does her genjutsu spell. She captures both Kisame and Itachi. Suddenly, Kurenai is the one that is captured by her spell. Itachi tells her that the level of her genjutsu will not work on him.
Kisame continues to fight Asuma. He used water shark missile jutsu. Suddenly, the same attack was used on him. Kakashi finally revealed himself.
Naruto was finally able to find his coupon. He eats and the owner gives him the second one free. Then Jiraiya arrives.

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