Season 2 Episode 46

Return of the Morning Mist

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 31, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Orochimaru out, Itachi in

    After withstanding a mighty raid from the sand and sound village, two extremely powerful ninjas show up in Kisame and Itachi. I have a problem when certain anime characters try way too hard to be badass, and for a second Itachi might have fell a victim to this definition, but there is just something so odd about Itachi's character. He seems like a lifeless soul walking around not giving a care in the world and that he is just so powerful that he flirts with danger in order to see if whatever is attacking him could entertain him. I've never been a fan of Kisame, but he has an interesting weapon; an unorthodox sword that serves to shave instead of slice.
  • Two mysterious characters enter the village.

    Two mysterious characters enter the village. They put the guard to sleep. They are in search of something or someone. Meanwhile Naruto runs into Konohamaru on his way to the ramen shop for breakfast. At first he thinks that Konohamaru is sad about his grandfather, the 3rd Hokage, passing away. Konohamaru is actually to busy to be sad. He wants to do all he can to get the village rebuilt. The village elders go to talk to Jiraiya and tell him that he has been chosen as the Fifth Hokage. Jiraiya doesn't want the title and says that he will find Tsunade to fill the role....
  • Awesome! If I could give it a higher rating, I would!

    This is definately an awesome episode. Itachi returns with a criminal and they fight with Kurenai and Asuma, as well as Kakashi who joins in later. I can't believe this! Itachi is soo....ehhh..idk. I don't like him. He seems so content after everything he did. I hope they take him down. I bet they won't, though. He seems very skilled. And Jiraiya was chosen as the new He didn't want it though and offered them a new person, but he has to go find her. And I think he is bringing Naruto along with him since he went to find him. AWESOME EPISODE!
  • Amazing.

    They did a great job in picking someone to do Itachi's dub voice. Absolutly amazing. Crispin Freeman, right? Anyway, this episode was great. I I waited and waiting for it to be in English, and I was not disappointed. Considering what they've done to some of the episodes when they dub them, they did a good job. I like this episode, because it really shows how awesome Itachi really is. Itachi takes down Kurenai and Asuma, 2 Jounin, with no effort at all. Kisame is really strong too. Well, they are in the Akatsuki, so they have to be strong! Great episode.
  • I summon this episode to watch!

    The episode was awesome and it was the first appearance by my favorite character Itachi Uhichi. This episode was amazing and truly love any episode of the Return of Itachi Story Arc. Itachi is amazing and his partner, Kisame is just awesome. In this episode, the two of them come to the Leaf Village in search of Naruto. They are searching for Naruto because they want the Nine-Tailed Fox locked within him. They do not find him yet, but they do get locked in a battle with Kakashi and some others. Great start for the Return of Itachi Story Arc and can't wait for the next episode of Naruto to appear.
  • the first apperence of two members of Akutsuki

    finnaly this is the first episode of the apperence of Akutsuki. itachi is one of my favorite charcters! i love the fight between itachi and kakashi it was realy well done
    and i like itachi sharigan i love the episode, this episode had alot of good fights! itachi vs kakashi kurenai vs itachi
    and asuma vs itachi before i saw this episode i thought it was going 2 be good cause i saw a commerical and i saw itchi in the commerical and i said to myself "yay sasukes brother is going to be in it!" so ya i love the episode i give it a 9.5/10
  • The Weasel and Shark Boy vs. Smokey, Lips, and Eyes!

    '^^ Sorry, I have these little nicknames I call the characters. I think it should be obvious who is who, but in case it isn't, Asuma is Smokey, Kurenai is Lips, Kakashi is Eyes, Kisame is Shark Boy, and Itachi is The Weasel. Anyway, the Invasion of Konoha has been won by the people of Konoha, and the final battle between Naruto and Gaara has been won, Naruto being the victor. Lord Hokage is dead, and Konoha is in need of a new leader. The village elders ask Jiraiya to do it, but he declines. Geez, can you imagine the Pervy Sage being a Hokage????? The elders tell him it's his duty to the village, being the only Sannin left in Konoha. Jiraiya tells them that Lady Tsunade, another Sannin, would be a better candidate for the job. The elders aren't sure, because Tsunade is a alcloholic (sp?) gambler who left the village years ago. He decides to go find her, and take Naruto with him. Meanwhile, two members of the Akatsuki, the cult (LOL, that's what I call them) who wants power and to posses the power of tailed demon beasts, like the Kyuubi that resides in Naruto. One is Kisame Hoshigaki, a ninja with blue skin and hair, and looks like he has gills. The other is his partner, Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother. The two are met by lovers, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi, the Jonins of Teams 10 and 8 respectivley. The Jonin are no match for The Weasel and Shark Boy, and are about to be murdered, when Kakashi comes to the rescue!!!!! YAY KAKASHI!!!!!
  • first appearence of Akutsuki

    The onl reason why i likes this episode is because it had the first appearence of Akutsuki they are the greatest organization known to mankind and has nine members each are S class criminals and where the same uniform do not underestimate these guys since Diedra single handidly killed Gaara and stole the Shukaku from him then Sasori killed the third Kazekage but these gus wont show up till later. and the Leader is Yondame if u want to know I read Manga.
  • The fight between Kurenai, Asuma, Itachi, and Kisame begins!

    So basically the reason I really wanted to see this episode is because Itachi was finally revealed. His english voice is just as I imagined it to be. The fighting between Asuma and Kisame was pretty awesome, but quickly you could almost tell that Asuma was no match for him. The part I really liked though was when Kurenai and Itachi fought. Even though it was just a little fight. When Kurenai was about to stab Itachi, I could almost sense that she would fail. Then when Itachi was about to stab Kurenai back, she un did the genjutsu just in time to escape the blow and ducked, getting some of her hair cut off. But again she was too slow as Itachi kicked her with suprising force and sending her into the water. But then Kakashi finally showed up. So I really liked this episode because of the action.
  • Itachi Uchiha returns to the leaf viliage but for what reason?

    It all started with two strangers approaching the gate of the leaf viliage.One of them somehow put the guard asleep.Sasuke begin to remembered his past an flashback of everyone that died.Jiraiya is offered of being hokage however he turns it down saying that he is not suited for the job and that Tsunade is perfect for the job.However nobody knows where she is.So he decided to go on his searched looking for her.Kakashi and Sasuke has an meeting.Getting this feeling I forgot the two instructor name went to investigate the two strangers when one reveals to be Itachi.The 4 begin to fight with each other.

    Awsome! You know what I noticed that Kurani has the same techinque as Sakura has in the playstation 2 game "Naruto Ultemate Ninga"
  • Now we finally see Itachi Uchiha in this episode!

    Itachi and asuma come to town and put one of the guards to sleep which tells that they also know the same jitsu that kabuto knows. Soske seems to remember when the uchiha clan died. We now know that kabuto killed the kazekage and he also killed the hokage. These two leaf ninga are walking until they see Kikashi in a store, the other one tells him that he is waiting form soske. But than these two mysteries ninja show up and start fighting the leaf ninja and eventually Itachi Uchiha wins. So now it turns out that Itachi and his reind Asuma are now in the leaf village.
  • Kurenai and Asuma vs Itachi and Kisame

    Great episode with alot of action. You start by seing these twon ninja walking around the town. Until they get to some guards. then you can see that they are itachi and Kisame. Iteachi then immobilizis the gaurd and they walk through. Then after a while Asuma and Kurenai are walking through the shops and they meet Kakashi, who is waiting for Sasuke. Then once Sasuke comes Kakashi sends Kurenai and Asuma out to see who the two people he saw were. They were Itachi and Kisame and they have a fight. At first only Kisame attacks, but soon Itcahi does too and its war. Then Kakashi comes to help. I wonder what will happen next?
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