Season 8 Episode 4

Reunion: The Remaining Time

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo



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    • Sumaru: Mother, hear me. I will make him pay for your life with his!

    • Natsuhi: That cursed star must be destroyed once and for all. I will end my village's suffering tonight, even if it costs me my life.

    • Naruto: Hey, Sumaru! Sumaru, wake up!
      Sumaru: Huh? What?
      Naruto: What's going on? Your mom's bed, it's empty! She's gone. Do you know where she went?
      Neji: On no!
      Sumaru: Mother, you didn't?!

    • Naruto: Just wait 'til I get my hands on that Akahoshi, I'll knock his block off!
      Neji: Naruto, we can do nothing.
      Lee: But he is a most heinous villain.
      Naruto: He's even worse than that!
      Neji: If we of the Leaf Village were ever to betray a client, then no other village would trust us again.
      Naruto: So you're saying we should just do nothing.
      Lee: Unfortunately, Neji has a point. Perhaps we should go home and ask the Hokage for advice.

    • Naruto: Well, how are they doing?
      Neji: They're both resting comfortably, but she's hurt badly. She was already weakened from the effects of the star training, fighting Akahoshi may have been too much. Her chakra network is failing. All I know is if she tries that jutsu one more time, she'll die.

    • Naruto: There it is! That star is called the Natsuhiboshi.
      Lee: I think most people know it as the planet Mars.
      Naruto: Whatever. That's what Sumaru called it. He told me that star watches over him like a guardian spirit.
      Hokuto: Natsuhiboshi... He gave it the same name as his mother.
      Lee: (Crying) How poignant. The ties of love between a mother and her child.

    • Hokuto: Sorry my lord, but I will not leave Sumaru.
      Akahoshi: Then you're a rogue ninja.
      Yotaka: You'll be sorry, Hokuto.
      Shisou: It's your funeral.
      (All three leave)
      Naruto: You jerks!

    • Hokuto: Could it be true it was Lord Akahoshi that knocked us out and took Sumaru away?
      Lee: Anyone who mistreats his students in such a way does not deserve the name sensei!
      Neji: What possible excuse could you have for doing it?
      Akahoshi: It was for the sake of the village. To get back the star this woman stole from us!
      Tenten: That doesn't explain why you're crushing the life out of Sumaru right now.
      Naruto: Now just hold on! That woman is Sumaru's mom!

    • Akahoshi: I've had to improvise my training. Who would have thought I would be more than a match for someone who had the benefit of the full and official star training? What's wrong with you, Lady Natsuhi? What happened to all that awesome power you showed me the last time we met? Ha! Are the after effects of the star training beginning to wear you down?
      Natsuhi: For what you have done, you will never be forgiven!

    • Natsuhi: Even if I die, I will never forgive you!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: That's Sumaru's mom!
      Sumaru: (Struggling to speak) M-My...mother...
      Akahoshi: That's right! But even if she's your mother, now she is your enemy!

      ~Japanese version

    • Lee: I am moved! The hearts of the parents and child were connected, weren't they?
      Naruto: Yeah.

      ~Japanese version

    • Natsuhiboshi Lyrics:

      Sung by: Natsuhi

      Summer Star, why are you red?
      Last night I had a sad dream.
      Crying as I talked. Oh, red eyes.

      Summer Star, why are you lost?
      You are searching for we who disappeared.
      That's why I have such sad dreams.

      ~Japanese version

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