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  • "Naruto" is a very good show that started bad but, grew up to become the great show it is today.

    "Naruto" is the popular anime that airs on Cartoon Network. "Naruto" tells the story of an adolescent boy named Naruto who wants to become a Hokage. Naruto has a dark past and the past usually makes him unpopular with the village people. To help him become a Hokage is Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke is a dark and mysterious and shy teen who is often annoyed by Naruto (but who wouldn't be annoyed). Sakura is a tomboy girl who is in love with Sasuke and is also annoyed by Naruto. That plot idea is similar to another anime "Dragon Ball". Another show about a young boy who wants to be a warrior. "Naruto" is one of those shows that starts out bad and then is very good at the end. "Naruto" begins badly because of its emphasis on toilet humor and not focusing on its characters. Later "Naruto" grows up and the characters mature and the show develop its character better. I recommended "Naruto" to anyone who wants to see a group of kids grow up. That's what I liked about this show, everybody grows up. Many shows missed that quality and "Naruto" does it very well.
  • Naruto is a wonderful show filled with action, ninja violence, and humor. Truly awesome.

    Naruto takes place in a world of ninja, and is a show about Naruto Uzumaki, who, by a creul twist of fate, has the spirit of a demon fox sealed inside him. This causing everyone in his home, the hidden leaf village, to hate him, and shun him as a monster. 12 years later, Naruto finds friends in Iruka Umino, His sensei from the ninja academy, Sakura Haruno, his childhood crush, and Sasuke Uchiha, of the legendary Uchiha clan. After finally graduating from the ninja academy (a school for training ninja), he is put with Sakura and Sasuke in cell number 7, under the lead of Kakashi Hatake, an experienced jonin (journey man ninja) known as Kakashi of the Sharingan. Naruto, being put with his childhood crush (Sakura) and HER childhood crush (Sasuke), is determined to become Hokage, or leader of the hidden leaf village, gain the respect of everyone, and prove he's no loser as everyone calls him. All in all, the humor and action in Naruto is well worth the wait every week.
  • This is a very good show. NONSTOP ACTION WOOOO! Just as good as Avatar.

    This show came out in 2005, but i didnt starting watching it unit late 2006. The reason, no clue.I first watched Naruto when the marathon Hando was on. I watched every episode i was amazed and sayed This is the coolest show ever. Now i never miss an episode its fun to watch, and see future episodes. This show i got to thank Japan for there alsome ideas. Thank You Japan. Anyways anyone that hasnt seen this show need to see it. Hmm what to say. I have nothing else to talk about. So have fun, and take care. Good bye all.
  • Naruto is awesome! This is the first anime that i liked the most. I can't wait for Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles AKA Naruto Shippuuden to come to the US! I bet that if Naruto Shippuuden comes to the states, it will be a big hit. I give this

    Naruto is awesome!

    This is the first anime that i liked the most. I can't wait for Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles AKA Naruto Shippuuden to come to the US! I bet that if Naruto Shippuuden comes to the states, it will be a big hit. I give this show a 10/10. I even have a site about naruto and anime. if you are curious, my site is at . Anyways, this show is very exciting. It would be cool if toonami comes on TV everyday like it used to. This way, it will show like 1 or more naruto episodes everyday, so Naruto Shippuuden could come faster.
  • The story of young Naruto Uzumaki as he grows to achieve his goal of becoming hokage.

    This is probably the most popular of the modern day animes and for good reason. Children enjoy it because of its fast paced fight scenes and vivid colors, yet the older crowd enjoys it because of its incredible storylines ( which in fact are very mature if understood properly). Personally, i find the japanese version to be better becauase of the flagrant use of bad language and the emotion of the voice cast. It is understandable that most of the manga readers find this show to be inaccurate, but to others, it just adds to the complexity of the anime.
  • Naruto rocks!!!!

    Every time I watch a recent episode of Naruto, I have small get togethers. I now have friends who are now into it. Of course we all have our favorite character and I would have to say Rock Lee is mine. He is a different kind of kewl! LOL! Its so fantastic to see Naruto grow and gets closer and closer to his dream. The show offers a little bit for everyone. True some episodes kind of drag but the suspense of putting it all together is worth the wait for something phenominal. So watch an episode or two, ya never know what suprise Naruto has instore! You Better Believe it!
  • my favorite anime

    Twelve years ago ago, a demon fox with nine tails appeared. His tail was powerful enough to cause mountains to crumble and tidal waves to form with only a swing. The Shinobis fought long and hard to contain the demon until one Shinobi, Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life to seal it.

    Onwards to the present: Naruto is the mischievous orphan of Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village) who dreams that one day the people of the village will acknowledge him and that he will become as well respected as village's 4 Hokage (leaders). Now, however, Naruto does whatever he can to drum up attention but mostly incurs their wrath rather than compassion. Only his teacher, Iruka, shows him kindness - which is somewhat ironic because Naruto is his worst student and in danger of failing his Academy graduation exam for the third (and final) time.

    On the day of Naruto's graduation, Mizuki contrives a plot to steal the Hokage's Scroll of Seals which includes several forbidden ninja techniques. That plot requires Naruto to break in and steal the Scroll and give it to him. When the villagers learn that Naruto has taken the scroll, Iruka goes after him and finds himself in the middle of the plot, where it looks as if Mizuki will take Iruka's life to get his hands on the Scroll. Luckily Naruto has mastered one of the forbidden techniques and can use it to not only defeat Mizuki but also graduate from the academy.

    Soon, Naruto is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged ninja. And because ninja work in teams, Naruto finds himself partnered with the girl he has a crush on, Sakura, and the boy she has a crush on, Sasuke. He and Sasuke soon become rivals and their sensei, Kakashi, must go to great lengths to teach his young Genin the value of teamwork.

    Naruto starts off with a lot of slapstick but quickly becomes more intense as these newly minted ninja must come to terms with the realities of the outside world. This is one anime where they aren't afraid to show blood or death. The fight scenes range from typical punch/kicks to special bloodline techniques specific to clans.

    For the most part, the anime is well paced, although sometimes the story arcs do move slowly. The story really starts to pick up in the mid-20s when Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are reunited with their fellow classmates for the prestigious Chuunin exam, which will drastically change the lives of the genin involved and the make up of Konoha.

    The world of Naruto is richly complex. It is a mixture of old and modern society with power lines and tvs within villages but where ninja techniques are substituted for mass weaponry and medicine. People tend to travel on foot and send messengers rather than traveling by car or plane or calling someone on the phone.

    The countries are set up similar to the politics of feudal Japan. Each operates as a separate political entity, presumably ruled by a monarch, though occasionally, countries will sign peace treaties with other countries. Hidden Villages are places within countries where citizens are trained to become ninja. Ninja are a valuable economic resource for countries because they complete missions for anyone who's willing to pay. Missions are ranked according to their difficulty and dangerousness and priced accordingly. They can include anything from gardening and housework to protecting a key person from assassination to fighting in war.

    Naruto, for instance, lives in Konoha which is the ninja village of Fire Country. Konoha has a reputation for first class ninjas and receives a number of jobs each year. However, it does have its enemies, including those who are jealous of Konoha's success and those who were once Konoha nin but left the village to pursue their own agendas.

    This anime has something for everyone. There are rivalries between clans, family turmoil, love triangles, friendly competition between rivals, and good hearted comradery between teammates. 150 episodes later, I'm amazed at how much the characters have grown and developed.
  • Naruto Usumaki is a 12 year old boy trying to become a ninja. he is ophaned and rejected by society because the nine tailed fox demon's spirit resides in him. the story is about his way to becoming hokage, the villages top ninja.

    this show is a combination of comedy, romance, action, tear-jerker moments and lovable characters! i recomend it to kids age range from 12-16 or so but adults can watch it to. I'd give this and rating of infinity if i could. it's my favorite anime ever! The creator Mashi Kishamoto is a genus and though i sometime's feel he could lay off some of the more obvious nuddidy at least in the English version there is smoke when Naruto does his 'you know what' jutus and there is much less nuddidy in this show and manga than in others. i also give this show bonus points for being a manga as well as an anime.
  • The story starts off with an orphan who wants to be the next Hokage.In the first episode Mizuki tells him that the nine tailed fox is inside him. Now Sasuke has left team 7 for Lord Orochimaru. Naruto has become restless and longs to get him back.

    Naruto is, to say the least in my opinion, one of the best anime shows out there. It keeps readers and viewers constantly entertained with action, drama, and romance (not exactly serious romance but still there is romance). Naruto is soemthing that a lot of people could relate to. Whether it be that you are fighting over a guy/girl with your best friend or simply the fact that you feel rejected by society. You can find someone in the show that is going through something similar to what you are going through. Not only is it relateable but the story line keeps you very involved. So if you don't like to follow shows then Naruto probably won't be for you. But if you do than join the club! ;)
  • half the frikkin series is flashbacks and fillers

    well actually the show is currently ok, but starting from today, this show will be nothing but fillers until naruto shippuden when they become teenagers (2 and a half years later). just watch, this show is gonna lose ALOT of fans. and when the show comes bak as naruto shippuden, people are gona have high expectations but are gonna be disappointed again. there's gonna be like filler episodes in between the series even though there will be action. theres gonna be alot of stare downs and alot of talkimg the new series will be good but it wont be as good as people think. so brace urselves naruto fans!! the only thing u have to look forward to now is one piece on toonami...
  • well how can i say it NARUTO IS AWSOME!!! i love this show it is so cool just to sit down and watch it anytime of the day first time i saw it i wz like dat was so cool i waz blowen away it was the 15th anime show i had seen it was cool.

    how can i explain naruto in only more than 100words i would need pages and pages its a great show so if u have never seen it u should sit down and watch it one day its a funny,action packed show even crushs and well its just good to watch "belive it!" its good to watch on a day ur sad it will make u laugh so hard and u could watch it 24 hours a day non stop datz how good it is now i am sure all anime fans or naruto fans will agree wif me when i say its great
  • the beggining seasons of naruto were in my opinion horrible but after the timeskip where it transfers into naruto shippuden it turns great

    naruto was a lasting show and a very poupular one at that but it could never hold its own ground compared to other influental animations until later when it started its season of naruto shippuden this action packed season was so super and flowing that i watch every episode that has come out for that season so far the ninja styles are very true until you get to the part with rasengan and whatnot the season has been very true to some karate styles but they could have done better with it also but nonetheless this anime was and still is a very promising one
  • Naruto is an interesting show that follows a young ninja named Naruto and his friends. The show starts out very good, but I find it to drag occasionally.

    Naruto is a good show overall, but I tend to hate shows when they get too long. Naruto is well over 100 episodes now, and that's a bit much for me. I tend to get bored with a show after 65 episodes. After that, I feel that shows are pretty much the same plot. Problem, fight solution, problem, fight, solution. Same thing after so many episodes.I would recommend that you watch it, and if you can take over 100 episodes, then go ahead. But don't write it off. If you're a shonen fan, then you'll probably like it. Just try it. Not my favorite show, but it is worthy of praise.
  • The ninja Version of DBZ is what Naruto is. Of course if i was basing my rating on the dubbed version it would be 6 at best. Sadly dubbing always seems to butcher an anime :D

    The ninja Version of DBZ is what Naruto is. Of course if i was basing my rating on the dubbed version it would be 6 at best.
    Sadly dubbing always seems to butcher an anime :(

    As the series rolls on it starts to get less interesting but it all leads up to the second Naruto series the Naruto Hurricane Chronicles. This series picks up where after the first 220ish episodes end. Like the begining of Naruto it is much more about missions. Unlike the end of Naruto's first series which is basically the EMO bonding in battles(etc) of the trainee ninjas in his peer group.
  • This is one of those classic stories of a great show that screwed up for no good reason and became a disappointing show.

    I am so sick of what Naruto has become. Now ive had my ups and downs with naruto. i didnt like it very much at first and i thot it wouldnt last. it grew on me and eventually i considered it to be "decent." by the time the chuunin exams reached its boiling point, i was hooked. the entire story intrigued me and i couldnt get enough. i remember it was summer when i was eager for new episodes that i searched the internet for subbed japanese episodes just so i could see what happened. then...shipuuden came out. it was great at first and i loved it. the action was great as always and the fight b/w sakura and sasori was awesome. then the show went back to sasuke and everything fell apart.

    i swear. every single episode for the past 10 weeks has been the same crap. flashbacks...nothing happens...flashback...nothing happens...flashback from the beginning of the episode...flashback of the middle...nothing happens.those of you who kno what i am talking about will understand. i am really banking on this new arc tho and i hope that the series goes back to what made it great. we dont want another family guy
  • Yep! It's totally classic! ^_^

    This show is one of my favorites even though I actually watched the show 2 times because I don't have lots of time to make see more episodes but honestly, it's really cool for me! YAY!! Action and adventure rocks too! lol, not only for musical movies .. ^,^ Ninja's are my favorites too!

    I know that lots of people loves this show and I think I'm one of them already.. Sakura is my favorite there weeeee..

    So, like what I said, this show really rocks and totally classic! I was hoping to watch more episodes for this show.. I was planning to buy a DVD for Naruto :) I hope I will soon.
  • Naruto is a a steadily improving show with great character. Naruto can be a bit immature at times but when he is serious he is a great person.

    Naruto is a a steadily improving show with great character. Naruto can be a bit immature at times but when he is serious he is a great person. Sakura's lack of ability to really fight can be a bit irritating at times as well as her blind love for Sasuke who she really doesn't even know or understand can also be bothersome. Sasuke really needs some time for self discovery and he needs to learn what it is he truly wants. I don't think he really wants revenge I think he truly just wants to be loved. Hinata is my personal favorite character her perseverance and personality are just too cute. Lee, Gaara, and Temari are some other character faves of mine. Anyway this shows chronicles their journey to become ninja and the personal and not so personal struggles o get there. For me the most annoying thing about the show would be the teen filler characters who are angsty and rude to Naruto who he repeatedly has to tell them that their lives are not so bad and then the teens end up being good people. Not to say that I don't like the filler there are lots of filler episodes that I like, such as the ramen making one. Anyways this is a great show that I at first just thought was ok but it gets better with every season.
  • One of the best shows out there, at least this hurricane season, it becomes fabulous when they treat the character as it must be, a grow up boy with serious attention of what really he is, a Shinobi. Please we want more of this show!

    One of the best shows out there, at least this hurricane season, it becomes fabulous when they treat the character as it must be, a grow up boy with serious attention of what really he is, a Shinobi. Naruto is the best show because the drawing, the argument, the action and all the panorama is about the best in anime issues. Of course we have another animes like bleach and kenichi, but this one is particularly more complex than meets the eye. All of you who don't know about this, give it a try, you will not regret to see this in action. I recommend the first episodes until the fight between Sasuke and Naruto in berserk mode, and of course this second season, hurricane chronicles.
  • Naruto is the BEST!!!!

    I love this anima. If u haven't seen it u have to. Naruto is so funny and i love how he has the nine tail fox inside him. It makes the show so cool and when sasuke leaves it is even better because it makes u want to watch the show even more. The charictors are sweet. I really want to know what happends in the 4th movie. Naruto can't die because there is episodes after the movie that means he is a still alive. He is the main charictoer so i don't think he will die. He might die BUT then he will be brought back to life somehow. Like how gaara was brought back to life. That was a good episode ^_^
  • This is probably the best anime show there is, besides Teen Titans.

    This is the 2nd best anime show I've ever seen. I really like it but I don't know why the creator chose the name "Naruto" I guess it's a Japanese name. I will be mad when the show ends. But until that happens, I'm happy. :D This show has A LOT of fans nd it seems like the forum is active every single day. I watched my first episode last year and I watched it because I was bored and there was really nothing I liked on.So i watched it and then after the episode, I got hooked on the show. That's my review of "Naruto"
  • I love this show.

    This show is the absolute best. Lots of interesting heroes, interesting villains, and interesting plots. It's really cool with all the Jutsu and stuff. My absolute favorite character is Naruto. I also like Sakura, Sasuke, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and Lee. I hate Orochimaru. He's a totally insane power hungry lunatic.

    I love the first five seasons. I wish they could have gone straight to the timeskip instead of having all of the stupid filler arcs. I mean, the filler arcs are decent, but unnecessary.

    Anyway, I think Naruto is the best show ever!! At least it is to me.
  • This show is the best!

    I started watching this show on ytv and the pilot episode made me and my brother laugh like alot, naruto keeps doing he's sexy jutsu which makes any male adult get a nosebleed. I have no idea why I stopped watching this show at episode 152. I usually stayed home and watched every episode on my laptop but now I got interested in other animes like, zatch bell, chobits, full metal alchemist, trigun and records of a lodoss. the show presents a love triangle.
    Naruto loves sakura and sakura loves sasuke which makes naruto hate sasuke since he shows off to everybody in the class. This show is great for everyone and everyone should like it.
  • A very origional story where the the bad guy wins some times but the main guy gets better and better. It builds too much.

    The plot of this show changes every season. First it's about Naruto becomeing a ninja. Then It's about him and sasuke. then it's the chunnin exams. Then it's Orochimaru attacking. Then it's Naruto learning the rasengan. Then they look for Tsunade. Then she becomes hokage. Then it's back t othe chunnin exams. Then it's the sasuke retrieval. Then It's the big Naruto Sasuke fight. Then it's pretty much getting Sasuke back for the rest. Very origional plot. Especially the twist about Naruto having the 9 tailed fox trapped in him. Different than any other show I have ever seen. It keeps your attention. Some filler episodes can be very funny like the one episode Gotta see Gotta know Kakashi's true face. Very entertaining.
  • The best anime ever!!! Naruto Uzamaki is a ninja from the village hidden in the leaves. He is the nine tailed fox and can transform into a mini kyuubi in Naruto Shipuuden. Naruto may lose all self control and awareness when the 4th tail forms.

    I actually hated Naruto too (just me misjudging again) but my older brother would always watch it on Saturday nights and he got me into it. I hate Saskue the most but I hate Itachi even more. They are both jerks. But I'm in love with Kiba Inuzuka. He and Akamaru are soo cute and have a killer jutsu. The battle between Saskue and Naruto was extremely amazing. I also love Naruto Shipuuden I watch the episodes on you tube all the time. Can't wait until fillers are over and they start showing Shipuuden. Naruto is the best anime out there!!!
  • It is the best show I will ever watch

    I nmy opinion it is the best show in the world, but the American version needs a little more maturity, in japan the show is created with the idea a large portion of the audience includes adults, but in the US the only network that airs it is run by what is most likly monkeys. Other than the show lacking in that, it is most likly the best show ever thought of.Before this I never would watch tv, I would sit and read or nothing, but this show has gotten me active. I ues this show as inspiration as I workout, and scence I began watching I was able to up my weights by over three times my original max.
  • naruto uzumaki is a kid who has a demon sealed i himself done by his father so know he wants to be hokage

    is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi who wants to obtain the title of Hokage. However, an incident occured 12 years ago, when a demon fox attacked the village; many shinobi fell, until the 4th sealed the demon within a baby. As a result, the adults see Naruto as the demon. Now a Genin, Naruto is part of a three-man team - the members are Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their instructor, Kakashi. Together, they will face many challenges, make friends, face deadly enemies, and try to survive each other.Naruto vs sasuke was an awesome battle sasuke didnt really win naruto was only unconcious after the battle
  • A boy sealed with a demon wanting to become hokage with intense battles awesome jutsus

    Naruto a boy sealed with a vicious nine tailed demon fox battles villains learns awesome jutsus such as the rasengan summoning jutsu with his ninja friends.the battles and jutsus are pretty cool.d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d dd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d
  • It's an anime made after the famous manga by Masashi Kishimoto...

    It starts off with Naruto who lives in the ninja village called Konohagakure who wants to become the village's number one ninja ergo Hokage.Having no talent graduating from the ninja academy proves extremely difficult , but eventually he does it and ends up in a team with Haruno Sakura,Uchiha Sasuke and his sensei Hatake Kakashi and they work as a ninja team to complete ninja missions.The first arc of the show is usually referred to as the Zabuza arc,where they are supposed to go on a C-Rank mission which is the second easiest of missions and protect a Tazuna the bridge builder,but then things go wrong and they find out the mission is actually worth to be classified as an A-Rank mission due to enemy ninja.Thanks to their sensei Hatake Kakashi and the talented shinobi Uchiha Sasuke the first two ninja were no problem ,but then they fight Zabuza who is able to trap Kakashi.Eventually Sasuke and Naruto save Kakashi while Sakura acts like her usual useless self and just does nothing.Unfourtunately Sakura is useless in the same way until Part 2 which is aka Shippuuden.This is just the first arc in a nut-shell and the series is extremely long and it would take easily over 600 words to describe it all so it's really smarter just to watch it for yourself to see if you like it.
  • This has to be my favourite show ever!!!!!

    This is such a great show, ill admit its not everyones type, but i personaly think its great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naruto is my favourtie topic to talk about and i highly reccomend this to any person who loves anime, action and comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favourite character is Naruto, because he is soooo super cool and i think he has a great personality. I also really like hinata!!!!!!!!!!!

    Naruto is the best show ever!!!!!! Narito is the best show ever!!!!!!!
    Naruto is the best show ever!!!!!
    Naruto is the best show ever!!!!!
    Naruto is the best show ever!!!!!
    so yeah u get the point... ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • The epidimy of amazing.

    The hidden leaf village was attacked by the nine tailed fox demon and the fourth Hokage saved the village by sealing the demon inside the body of a baby boy who turned out to be Naruto Uzumaki. He grew up parentless being neglected, shunned, and hated by all the villagers. They hated him because they feared that the demon who had once killed their loved ones and desroyed their village would take over him and attack the village again. Growing up not knowing the love of a parent or the respect of anyone in the village made him strive to work hard and become the hokage of the village when he grows up so that he could prove himself to the village and gain their respect. He became very strong willed and would never give up no matter how hard things got and would risk his life if that was what it would take to become hokage of the village. In ninja school he struggled and often messed up just to get attention but his sensei Iruka beleived in him when no one else would and encouraged him until he graduated. This show is very unique and has a deep meaningful plot and very relatable characters who develop and have interesting backgrounds. There is extremely impressive action and lots of cliffhangers that always keep you interested. This show can make you laugh and cry and even give you a new outlook on life. Once you watch this show it will probably become one of your favorites. I definitely do not know where I would be today without this show. It has changed me and uplifted me to be a much stronger person. Naruto is probably one of my favorite anime characters of any anime I've seen, he amazes me and inspires me and is just basically my hero. I absolutely love the show Naruto it is amazing in every way. I owe Naruto alot I dont know what kind of person I would be today without him.
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