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  • One of the biggest titans in industry for a reason

    Often regarded as childish or "lame", these and many other stereotypes get shattered the moment one gets into this anime.

    With compelling, complex, at times rather dark characters, these show explores deep issues like discrimination, hatred, revenge, bonding, acceptance etc.

    The main thing is to give it a chance (at least watch first 20 episodes) to get an understanding of the essence of this show.

    Whilst it digs deep in itself, it hardly forgets to be funny, it is a masterful piece by famous mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, who proves his almost incomprehensible creativity by creating Naruto - which is one of the most popular shows, and I don't think my statement will be far-fetched, in the WORLD.

    Show also provides numerous references to Japanese culture and history, and is, by me, highly recommended to be watched in original Japanese with English Subtitles, because dubbed version by Disney isn't half as good :)

    P.S: sorry for poor English
  • I never thought I would like this show

    But I watched one day and realized that it rocks. Seriously, I just took for some stupid anime about kid ninja's, but that was retarted of me. I only took one episode for me too realize this is one of the best anime's ever. The chararcters are plentiful and extremely interesting. Even the characters that are not that important have a very interesting back-story. The other great things about the show are the action (i.e. great ninja battles and very cool justu), great music (whether it be dramatic or action). So, watch this show and love this show. You will be glad you did.
  • Naruto is a hyper active boy with a dream to become Hokage.

    Naruto is a show that got got alot of potential when the writers want to, but when they don't want to they slap in some filler, although some of them are amusing.

    Narutos limited capabilities has always made him the weakest ninja in team 7. Determined to become a recommend he trains day after day after day. That is Determent a short variation of the plot. Well at least before Naruto Shippuuden.

    Naruto Shippuuden is better than the "original" story. Well it is the same story but it's been a time leap for 3 years and lots of interesting stuff has happen, like Naruto being the only low rank ninja left in he's age.

    I would recommend Naruto to people who likes a different type of humor, but still with a decent plot to follow it up.
  • This show started out with potential, but now its sadly gone downhill ever since the end of the chuunin exams.

    First of all, I don't have time for a long-ass review right now, so I'm just going to get strait to the point. Naruto, is an average shounen, that gets treated like its one of the best series ever. Now, before any of you fans reading this go ballistic saying I don't know anything about the show, I've seen a lot of it (subbed and uncut) and I've read up to chapter 352 of the manga. The rating I gave Naruto, doesn't even count its horrible fillers (I'm being leniant here). Originally, Naruto started out with potential, and for awhile, it seemed to be going in a good direction. But that all changed in just a short while. Naruto really just drags its story on, and every time you read a chapter of the manga, or watch a single episode of the anime, it doesn't feel like you've gotten anywhere in the story at all. Another thing, is that the fights aren't as great as everyone makes them out to be. The action is good, but the overall strategy and wits used in the fight, are just average. If anyone wants to see truly spectacular and engaging fights, then you're better off with anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho, which brilliantly construct their fights. Another thing that I can't stand about this show, are many of the characters. Naruto has only a handful of decent character, whereas the rest are selfish little brats (and trust me on this one, I've seen plenty of anime, and I've read over 350 chapters of Naruto, so I know what I'm talking about). The only reason I've kept up with this series, is because I've always been encouraged that it gets better, and maybe for those who have seen very little anime, it does, but for me, who has seen plenty more anime, its not so great. Now, don't get me wrong, while Naruto isn't a great series to me, its definitely not nearly the worst either. It has its moments, but to be a great series, you need to have a truly engaging story, and great characters. Naruto's story is just average: A kid who isn't accepted at first, and wants to become top dog in his neighborhood (would be the univeral way to word it; anyways, Naruto's wanting to become Hokage, is not different than Luffy's wanting to become king of the pirates); also, we'll have some evil guys who show up, such as Orochimaru, and the Akatsuki organization, and then the "good guys" have to use mystical powers (in this case jutsus) to stop them (which is basically what almost any shounen has, so its nothing special). Also, as mentioned before, the characters aren't anything special. What's more, its that there is almost no character development. Take the main character, Naruto, who starts out as a selfish little brat, and guess what, as of Naruto Part II, he's still that same selfish little brat, only with a new uniform (and he's a little bit taller). We also have overrated characters like Uchiha Sasuke, who people praise as being great, but is also just a selfish little punk, who thinks far to highly of himself, and just feels plain sorry for himself. Trust me, with all the other anime that I've seen, Sasuke is perhaps one of the most emo characters I've had the annoyance of watching in a series. Once again, Naruto isn't a terrible anime, yet, its heavily overrated. To be a truly great anime, the show needs to entertain you every single minute, and you must never feel bored at a single point of the series. Plenty of series can hold my attention like that, but Naruto is not one of them. It has good times, but a lot of moments in the show are boring (especially these long-winded pauses in animation that it does; I'm aware that many anime do that, but not nearly as much as Naruto). Overall, Naruto is far from being the best, and there are better shounen out there.
  • Naruto is amazing!!!

    Ok. Im not gonna say i loved shippuden but naruto in general is amazing! Just allow me to list the reasons why.

    First - Naruto has the most amazing storyline ever. A rejected boy with no family just wanting to have caring and acknoledgement from his peers. Hes chasing after the only person he ever considered family.

    Next - The animation is amazing on this show. So much effort is put into this show and all anime shows. So many people love naruto and work hard to make the show.

    Finally - There is the most awesome fight scenes on this show. There is so much violence and great backstories to every major battle.The techniques are amazing and well thought out to make an incredible battle.

    These are my opinions abot how amazing naruto is.
  • Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Naruto is one of my favorite anime. It has deep character development. You can bond with a lot of the characters on this show, it is very hard to stop watching it. You can easily get mad when they start going to filler episodes. You watch how Naruto friend develop has ninjas and friends, you watch how Naruto gets friends and how they will back him up in the name of friendship. This is a great anime and you have to see it for yourself.
  • Naruto manga deserved better than this.

    Before I begin the review, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Naruto manga. And I don't want some Naruto fans to start flaming on me just because I "apparently hate Naruto." Because I don't. But I feel that it is unfair for Naruto to have such a mediocre animation. If you don't believe me, however, here are a few reasons why the anime stinks.

    For one, the episode get too repetitive. The first few episodes were plenty interesting, but eventually it gets to the point where you feel that each episode is just pointless filler. The story-lines also get confusing fast. It jumps from an exam to a mission to a tournament and so on...Even though everything is loosely connected in some way, you'll scratch your head a lot when watching this show and mutter, "What the heck? Where did this come from?"

    Since this is a show about ninjas, you'd assume that the action sequences are epic. Of course, there has to ACTUALLY be action sequences in the first place. It's rare that you actually get to witness one, and so you'd think that the fights are even better, making the show all worth it. But no. There is usually a tragic flashback from the past, covering up most of the fight, and then just a few jutsus or shuriken.

    Also, the humor. Although there are a few funny jokes, ie.inner Sakura.... and gags, they are usually immature. A lot of people laughed when Naruto used a jitsu that turned himself into a naked woman to seduce the sensei into allowing him to pass. I guess I could understand why the joke might have seemed funny, but I just found it really perverted.

    Finally, the characters. Now, the characters are the only reasons why this show gets a 5.5 rather than a 1. There is plenty of character development and emotional parts. Of course, the characters are sometimes unrealistic and cheesy. The show also tends to center around Naruto for the most part during the later episodes. I guess, since it's called Naruto, that this would make sense, but it would be cool to see some of the other characters, like Gaara or Shikamaru, my favorite characters.

    Ultimately, Naruto is a mediocre manga, with confusing storylines, perverted humor, repetitive episodes, and a general lack of focus on the variety of characters when it comes to the later parts of the show.
  • It's one of the best animation shows in the world for a reason

    Like I said in the title,there's a reason why Naruto's One of the best.

    Pros: Kick-ass story.Good developing characters.Enough Comedy.Superbly Designed Fight sequences.Awesome techniques.and very very entertaining.

    Cons: Story lags in some places.Too much talk in between fights if more than 2 people are present.animation sucky at times.

    Other than that it is pretty darn fun.
  • i don't like this show at all

    This is the "clean" version of my orignial review which was taken off the site due to excessive usage of profanity.TT
    Anyways let's start the review. I want to discuss the storyline first. Keep in mind that I've only read the first 12 volumes and no more than five random episodes on TV. The only reason I managed to reach this far is that I kept telling myself that it's going to get better and a popular manga like this shouldn't be this crappy. But I was wrong. Does Naruto even have a storyline? The answer is no. The whole idea of Naruto is about a bunch of 14-year-olds trying to save the world. Again a typical shonen manga storyline that's been done so many so many times, which is OK because even though this type of storyline sure is boring it is able to sometimes produce decent works like Bleach. Also I don't have enough credentials to judge originality right now because I only finished about 15 anime series. Originality is hardly a major issue compared to other problems, however. The major issue is that the story doesn't have a focus. The story starts off with Naruto finally graduated from some ninja junior high. Then his group did a mission which I don't see any connections to either character development or the main storyline. Then Bang!!! Junin exam, or should I just spell it out-another DBZ tournament? Don't we have enough of this already? DBZ has it, Yo Yo Hakushu has it. Shaman King has it. What is so good about having a tournament except the mangaka can just drag the story on and on and on? (In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, I'll explain it now. Say only 20 people are in the tournament. Then they are going to have at least 10 fights. Even if each fight takes up only 5 chapters, he still gonna have 50 chapters to draw. Do these fights even have any connections to the main storyline. Hardly. I don't see any logics in how fights in a tournament can defeat evil when the villain is not even competing. Nowadays whenever I see something like this I just drop the book and leave) Moreover, in Naruto it's not even like the ones in DBZ (I'm talking about the manga here which is 100 times superior than the anime. DBZ is basically ruined by its anime) where they have crispy action scenes. No, each fight where you are supposed to get some actions is replaced by bringing up a tragic past of the character. I'll say more about this when I talk about the characters, but the whole thing just seems so fake and pathetic. Is it really that hard for you, dear mangaka, to develop characters in the main storyline instead of throwing in all these emotional scenes that begs for tears and let readers feel sorry for your characters? 1
    But back to the point where I say the storyline doesn't have a focus. Before the tournament the story is about Naruto becoming a good ninja, and I was expecting a magic-school type of thing. Then all of a sudden, in the second stage of the ninja exam, a guy called ochimaru (did I spell this guy's name right) appeared out of nowhere. What the mangaka did is almost like puting a "This is our villain!!!!" sign right beside this guy and said: "Hey all the fans listen up. I now give you to the villain of Naruto". And people actually buy this crap??!!! I mean seriously, you just introduce a villain like this? When I was reading that chapter I was like who is this guy? There ain't any signs of even having a villain in this manga before and you want me to just accept him? OK, fine, let's have a villain, at least let us know him a little bit. But "no", says the mangaka, "we still have the DBZ tournament to finish off. So I say drop this guy for now and let's get back to these stuff first." Then we are taken back to the tournament or the ninja test wutever, still thinking somewhat about this ochimaru dude and knowing he is in the village yet the mangaka has decided to not say anything about him for like 30 chapters. All I want to know is this: what is the point of including this 70 chapter-long Middle-level ninja exam? Cuz I know from the random TV episodes I watched that Ochimaru is trying to take over the village. Therefore is this about him taking over the village? Apparently not, because we don't even know his true motives until the very last second (I think it's around the Naruto Vs White-Eye-Dude). Then it must be there for the character development, which just makes this show even worse because if that's the case then the mangaka is using more than 70 chapters to develop his characters in a most cliché way of all time-DBZ tournament-which has nothing to do with the main storyline. Sadly he failed to even having a natural, not to mention good character portrait. That's all I'm going to say about storyline. It doesn't have a point. It felt almost as if the mangaka himself didn't know where this story was going. It's like one day this guy was like hey I wanna draw a ninja manga. I'll have this guy Naruto as my main character, and he is going to become a great ninja. And then several days later he learned by having a cool guy who seeked revenge he might be able to sell more books, thus we have Sasuke. A loli might also work, says the mangaka, and we have sakura. Finally one month later when he doesn't have any story to go on he was like I need a villain to continue the story. Then Bang, we have the snake guy Ochimaru and the story is changed to saving the world. By writing story based on spontaneous ideas and without making plans ahead, the whole thing feels like fragments that don't fit. In other words, the story itself doesn't flow. What's happening in one chapter has almost nothing to do with say 30 chapters before. And to keep the story fresh new characters keep popping up when we don't even have the chance to get to know the main ones. Without feeling connected to the characters, how are we gonna ride the story? This is jokes.
    Enough with the storylines. Let's move on to the characters. The story is bad enough, but you haven't seen how bad the characters are yet. The biggest downfall in Naruto is that everyone is supposed to be a hero, and the readers are expected, or forced to like them. Everyone in Naruto is created to have a tragic past to overcome, which was excessively done in the Junin exam. The first consequence of this approach is for the manga to lose its focus. Even if the portrait were well done which is definitely not the case for Naruto, by having too many of these heroes, the entire work loses its focus and leaves readers such as me wondering which one is the protagonist. Humans are only able to have a certain amount of feelings toward others and we are not allowed to 100% commit our feelings to more than 20 characters. Thus the connection between the readers and the characters are somewhat lost. Now what I said above is based on the assumption that the mangaka actually did a great job on making everyone a hero. But he didn't. A good character portrait or development is usually done by letting the characters shine in the story by themselves. Ways in which they "shine" include using dialogues, emotions, thoughts, the actions they take, the decisions they make, etc. An advantage of this approach is that you let the readers decide what kind of personality a particular character has, and the story would flow perfectly because it always focuses on the present. A good story is necessary for this kind of approach. What happened in Naruto is the total opposite. The mangaka, for some reasons only known to himself, decided to make everyone a hero. But he lacked the ability to create beautiful stories. So he cheated. Every time he tried to show the heroic side of the character, he created a tragic past for that character, and expected us readers to feel sorry and sympathy toward that character. The problem is that, all these flashbacks he created has nothing to do with the main storyline. Everytime we get these flashbacks, the main storyline is thrown to the garbage can for like three chapters. And then back to the main storyline for several chapters. Then off again when another character needs to be treated in the same way. Because these flashbacks are totally irrelevant to the present, the heroes that are supposed to come out of short memories do not support the characters' behaviours and the decisions they make in the present time. I'll give you an example right now. During one of the junin-exam fights, the mangaka revealed to us through the flashback that Sakura and another girl were good friends back when they were young but they gradually grew apart because both of them like Sasuke. Then the mangaka probably thought this is too shallow so he revealed a supposedly-deeper reason that Sakura really respected this girl that's why Sakura wanted to surpass her. This is perhaps the most unrealistic thing I have ever read. I challenge anyone here to find a person who fights for this reason. I'll have more to say on realistic characters later on. But let's leave it for now. So how does this flashback help to develop Sakura? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! The Sakura that's supposed to come out of the flashback is a girl who is strong and determined, who has a goal in her life at least. But the Sakura in the main storyline is completely not like that. Before this fight, Sakura's trademark was her weakness and her lack of self-confidence. Even though we do see some changes in her like how she risked her life to save Sasuke when he and Naruto are both down in the forest, a lot of times she WAS the weakest of the trio, and she thought so too. The drastic difference between this Sakura and the one that's in the flashback is what makes me disoriented when reading the manga. What's worse is that this flashback doesn't do anything for developing Sakura even after the fight. No matter how cliché it is, at least most anime/manga character changes after things like this happened. But not for Naruto. That's why I said before that the mangaka doesn't have plan, either for the storyline or the characters. After the fight, the mangaka somehow decided to shift the focus of Sakura to her feelings toward Sasuke. Then why do you include this flashback there? It's like seeing three complete different Sakura: the wimp that's before the fight, the hero that's during the fight, and a tortured lover that's after the fight, all of them have absolutely no connection with each other, yet they were supposed to be the same person.
    The second downfall is how unrealistic the characters are. I can probably tell why. It's the same reason as before that everyone needs to be a hero. Yet for everyone to make these heroic decisions the characters just seems fake to the extreme. For example, during the trio's first mission, Sasuke and Naruto were trapped in a cage of mirrors and were fighting against Bai. Except for the last part, Sasuke was doing all the fight, and almost succeeded until Bai shot off some needles toward Naruto who really really sucked at that time. So the pure and good Sasuke, who didn't want to bear the pain of losing such a dear friend of his, rushed in front of Naruto and took all the damage. Oh man, such a little angel!!!!! I bet people around the world cried for this scene. I'm just confused about one thing though, why would Sasuke, who despised Naruto all that long, and more importantly, who only got to know Naruto for less than a month, would sacrifice himself in order to save Naruto? I challenge anyone here again to find such a person. When I was reading this I was like man I've see lots of cheesy scenes before but this one owns them all. I'll say this again, no one would risk his or her life for someone they only knew for less than a month. Period. Perhaps the mangaka realized how fake this is too so when Naruto was holding his boyfriend Sasuke's body in his arms, Naruto started to think back on how he always liked Sasuke when he first saw Sasuke beside a river because he felt that both of them were outcast. What the mangaka is trying to show here is that these two lovebirds actually noticed each other long before the trio was formed and they really really liked and respected each other. What a touching love story this is. But just hold a second here, if he really liked Sasuke and felt the resemblence to himself and we sure know how desperately he wanted a friend, why he treated Sasuke as his rival? I mean, normal people would at least try to talk to him if put in Naruto's shoes. Why then? Because Naruto and Sasuke were supposed to be rivals and they were supposed to not know each other. This flashback is here only because the mangaka is trying to cover up the chessiness on Sasuke saving Naruto's life, which just makes the whole experience even more fake. I'll give you another example. This one is not just cheesy and fake but ridiculous too. Remember the final show down between Naruto and Sasuke on the lake near the end of the first arc? They both used their ultimate skills in the end, and Sasuke was the last man standing. He decided not to kill Naruto, because he doesn't want to become stronger by killing his friend. Then he ran away, which was ok, except just 5min ago he was trying to blow Naruto's lung off!!!! Read this carefully all the fans. This was what he said to Naruto when he pierced through Naruto's body and held Naruto by his throat: "you moved at the last moment, otherwise half of you lungs would be gone." That means he was aiming for Naruto's lung, that he was trying to kill Naruto! So does he want to kill Naruto or not? The contradiction again comes from the fact that everyone needs to be a hero. To show this "tender" side of Sasuke even if he did try to Naruto, another cheesy and fake scene was created.
    The third downfall is the change in the character. People usually change with what happened to them GRADUALLY. But in Naruto, characters either change right away after a fight or don't change at all. The first type includes the White-Eyed-Dude, who changed right after he fought with Naruto during the Junin exam. Naruto the protagonist belongs to the second type, who remained as one of the biggest something of anime history throughout the story. To express my feelings toward him the next paragraph is dedicated entirely to him.

    There are only two anime characters that I dislike this much. The first one is Seya from Saint Seya. The second one is Naruto. I dislike Seya only because he is the weakest yet he is the protagonist and he never dies (well he died in the end). I dislike Naruto because he is shameless. I will die a happy man if Naruto gets tortured to death in the end. What's so funny about all this is that I don't usually judge a work based on whether I like the characters or not. As long as they are real, I accept them. But since all characters in this work are so unrealistic that I can't connect to them, it leaves me no choice. Besides, Naruto is shameless. I am not even going to comment on his ridiculous costume, his immature yet not funny pranks, and the annoying smile of his. I'll just focus on this guys' personality. A recurring theme is that Naruto wanted to become the best ninja. Yet unlike Sasuke who practiced like crazy everyday even after school, what Naruto did was slacking off and goofing around from the start for the sake of getting attention. How does he defeat people during a fight then you may wonder? 90% of time he just shamelessly borrowed strength from the fox. This is what he meant by getting stronger. That's not even his own strength. When all other people is trying to get a little better by working their ass off, this guy just sits here and doing nothing. "Hey I am Naruto, I don't need to practice because I have the fox." What sickens me even more is that in Chapter 3 or 4 he even dared to tell a little kid that the only way to become the best is to work hard. Give me one scene where this guy actually practices his ninja skills. What kind of message does the mangaka try to send to all these kids who read/watch Naruto? That you don't need to work hard, that you can always ask help from other? What a shameless guy. 1
    I only watched five anime episodes so I don't really want to talk about the music. But "GO" was one of the OP sung by FLOW. Now "GO" is not one of the band's best songs but it's from my favourite band FLOW so at least I'll give this much credit to the anime. And even though I only watched five anime episodes I'm already annoyed by Naruto the character's voice. American dubbing is horrible, I know that, look what they did to Renton in E7. American voice actors/actresses are not involved at all with the characters, they just read off the script (but still better than Chinese dubbings). Yet Naruto's dubbing is perhaps the worst one to date. I am not going to blame the voice actor because he only did what he is asked to do. But what hell is the producer thinking? Does he really believe that that voice would attract more fans? To all the fans out there, if you still want to watch this, go watch the subbed ones. At least it doesn't do damage to your eardrums.
    The last thing I want to comment on is the artstyle and the graphics of the anime. Artstyle is the last thing I worried about when reading a manga or watching an anime. Yet I am amazed that Shonen Jump actually decided to publish this. Bad drawing is tolerable as long as it has some uniqueness. I even like Noein's artstyle because it's so unique. Not for Naruto. The artstyle in Naruto is clearly the worst imitation on traditional anime style (big eyes, small nose, like Clamp) of all time with no originality at all. Funny thing is that among all the fans I talked to, 90% of them actually agreed with me on this. I'll quote a what a hardcore anime fan said one time: "no matter how good Naruto is, it's still drawn by amateurs." The graphics of the anime is decent, but nowhere to be "amazing" as claimed by some people. Tell me one scene where the graphics is "amazing". Amazing graphics is reserved for the first season of E7, Noein, Basilisk, etc.
    O btw I can't stand the humour in Naruto. All the jokes and gags are so immature even worse than the ones in Shaman King. A lot of times I was like am I supposed to laugh at this? But perhaps the worst one is when Naruto transformed himself into a naked chick, and people are actually telling me this is funny!!!! He is a guy and he transformed himself into a naked girl to seduce his sensai and you telling me this is funny????? Are you still going to tell me this is funny if his senpai starts to grope his/her breasts and have ….I'm just gonna stop right here, this is perverted.
    Some final words. BlahBlahBlah and This is my first anime review so any comments would be appreciated. In fact, I would be more than happy if someone convinces me that this is a good show. Thank you for reading it.
  • Ok but skip most of shipuden...

    I was once an ok Naruto fan, the show was good at first... but then i was introduced to filler. Ive seen shows with filler before and one or two episodes are fine by me. but giving an entire season to a guy doing a race the wrong way just to make it hard on himself makes no sense. when I heard about Shippuden and an older Naruto I thought "Sweet Naruto will be stronger and have some common sense" turns out... That didn't happen. All naruto got was a growth spurt and one new move that probably only took a monthe at most to learn. He didn't even start toad jutsu shown by his surprise by gamakichi's and gamatatsu's size. What had really made my feelings for naruto plummet, is teh sharingon. ok it can copy every move in the nation, fine by me, it can tear holes in fabric of time and space. over rated but still fine. flame thats unstopable. ok starting to get oped. can turn into an eye that gives you the ability to make the moon. WAYYYYY to oped. i was fine with the rinnegan (when i thought it was its own doujutsu) but having the main character (former?(i cant tell with naruto anymore)) friend get that ability is just stupid. then kishimoto starts ripping off other anime. the four tailed giant monkey is names SON GOKU (from dbz) and it seems like kishimoto likes giving naruto major jumps in power only for it to have a major drawback. I.E. sage mode, have to have 3 clones get for him instead of toads. full kurama mode, have to have cooperation. and several other things. frankly skip after Gaara dies to the Jiraiya's sage mode reveal arc. and you wont miss much of anything. (thats what i did and all you miss is naruto taking out some enimies that are of no importance, one good guy dieing and thats it.) frankly i give it a 5 of 10. not really bad but not good either.
  • Terribly overrated...

    Wow, does this show suck. It actually has the lowest rating that I've given any TV show. Now, don't get me wrong. I found Naruto cool to begin with. I was actually quite a big fan at one point. I still own manga volumes 1-5 and have given episodes 1 and 2 positive reviews. However it was just a phase and after five or six months Naruto began to bore me. Now I think that it's more or less the worst thing in the world. First off the main character is so annoying. When in a fight you may often find yourself cheering for the other person. This isn't even a good show in terms of anime. Shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka 7 and Wolf's Rain blow this show out of the water. To conclude my review all I have to say is that this is just my opinion and is no one elses. Thank you for reading!
  • One word. Overrated.


    I suppose many people do like the show. It has many characters, and many episodes. But, if you ask me, the show itself really isn't that good.

    Sure, I enjoyed it at first. It was something different. I hadn't really seen any anime about ninjas and these ninjas were unlike the clad in black, nunchaku-carrying ninjas we are all used to seeing. It was interesting to watch this show play out.

    The characters were very well-developed and were continuously undergoing character development. Each one had an interesting background, and of course, well-developed characters always make a show worthwile.

    However, everything soon became boring, and repetitive. And just really long. There were around 3-4 seasons filled with nothing but filler episodes. The character focus suddenly became all about just Naruto, which I suppose should have been expected, seeing as the show is called "Naruto", but that did not make it any less annoying.

    If anyone had a problem, Naruto can help! Naruto is the only character who continued to get stronger and stronger. Even when the other characters became stronger, Naruto would still be 10 times more stronger than them. And watching a show about a boring, invincible hero is just that. Boring.

    I gave up watching the anime. I was tired of people doing nothing but relying on Naruto on everything. I was tired of the show being about nothing but Naruto chasing after Sasuke. I was tired of the endless amounts of fillers. I was just tired.

    If you can sit through hundreds and hundreds of episodes of one show about one character or two, I suppose you might like Naruto, but really, it isn't as original as many people think, and it certainly isn't something I'll get back into.

  • An Awesome Anime Series!


    I just started watching this Anime but I can tell it's going to have a lot of potential & amazing battles. Naruto is an anime that has inspired many people including me, even though I used to hate it. Naruto is the ultimate ninja series. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, they are all Badass in there own way & many other characters aswell. Naruto is a show that is not as good as DBZ or YYH but it is promising. To much Filler though at times, They should of started this anime in 2005 it would have saved them the trouble for making so much filler episodes. Many amazing Techniques, Characters, Strategies, Battles, Storylines & Adventures. Naruto also has amazing VA's in English & Japanese but I would prefer Japanese over the English Dub. The Background music in this show is very promising, amazing and has alot of potential. The animation in this show is very good aswell. Naruto is not the perfect anime / manga series but it does have promise and it's Outstanding. 9/10

  • Not that good of an anime.

    This show is about a boy named Naruto who wants to become a great ninja but in the beginning, he didn't make much friends nor was he good at trying to become a great ninja. What I don't like about this show is that the fights between characters take long meaning you will have to see like 6 or probably more episodes to see a fight end which can be a waste sometime. Plus this anime is getting overrated and in my opinion, there isn't that much to like about the show.

    Overall, this anime isn't much of anyone's time, if you are a hardcore anime fan and like ninjas then this is the anime for you but if you are just a regular anime fan and don't really like ninjas like me then don't waste your time watching this show.
  • Really good but not as good as Dragonball or Dragonball Z


    I used to hate Naruto and refuse to watch it because I thought it was just a rip off of Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Then one day I decided i'll watch it then over a month I had watched 150-200 episodes of it in order and loved the show for a while. I still thought that Dragonball and Dragonball Z where better shows due to the fact that Sasgai and Naruto are two over rated save the day characters which is the thing that annoys me about this show. I prefer Kiba and characters like that just like in DB and DBZ I prefered characters such as Tien and Yamcha. But anyway I think Naruto is an interesting gripping good story anime that I would recommen to any anime fan.

  • Perfect 17 on a scale of 1 to 10 :)

    Damn straight this shows good! Best show i have seen in a long time! Every character is different which makes it interesting and so fun to watch. I give it a perfect 10. Its just great in general from the characters to the plot line. The story is both sad and funny, which is pretty hard to do but Masashi Kishimoto seems to have been able to pull it off. I love Naruto not just because its his show but because how he is, his child hood was messed up, people think of him as a demon but he still finds the time to laugh and have fun
  • This is one of my top kool anime my show.

    At first i thought this show was'nt that good when i seen the previews of it, but until i ran out of show to watch i decicded to watch this since i went on this other web site that said it was great, and now i know what they mean its one of the top anime shows i watch. i give it a 9.5/10.
  • Naruto is about many ninjas who live in different nation and fued with each other but the 3 main ninjas are naruto,sasuke,sakura,and their sensai kakashi they go on missions and help those who are in need and are accompanied by many ninjas on their way...

    i love this show this was the first show where all the stuff i wanna watch was in it comedy for naruto action for sasuke and romance for sakura all that stuff was in one show and i loved it no ther show beats this one cause naruto is number one!
  • The Story is about Naruto Uzumaki, a boy who contains the spirit of the nine tailed fox which attacked Konoha 12 years ago. Naruto Uzumaki dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage. A title that very few ninja have been able to achieve.

    This show is amazing, it's different from the anime I usually watch, this one is by far my favourite anime. It's a Story about a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki, who contains the spirit of nine tailed fox. This show actually teaches people a valuable lesson. In some way it actually resembles the real world. This show has good action, comedy, and a little bit of romance. The creators have done well following the manga, and staying true to the story, almost every episode I watch is just amazing, it never gets old, I watch this show every time I get the chance to watch it. I'd recommend this show to children from age 12 and up. And I'm looking forward to Naruto Shippuden.
  • Just like DBZ, I fell in love with this action show.

    Naruto is the definition of a awesome fighting show. I don't any action show can compete with Naruto. Naruto is just too good. Unlike other action shows like Dragonball Z, Bleach, and Inuyasha, Naruto just straight up goes to the fighting. Yeah, you'll see some talking and stuff. But when the talking is all said and done, the fighting doesn't stop! Don't get me wrong, I do like DBZ, Bleach, and Inuyasha, but they just can't compete with Naruto. Naruto is just more amazing in drawings. I just sometimes can't believe people can actually draw like that. It's just awesome. Naruto is a cool show and I hope it never ends.
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  • Canon: 9.5 Fillers: 2.0 Normally the fillers shouldn't have this much of an influence over the score of a show, but it does when half the show is literally filled with fillers.

    If only the anime waited at least another year or two before picking up the manga. If only there weren't any fillers, Naruto would be hands down one of the best animes ever. It's unfortunately not the case because literally half the series is encompassed by fillers. Really bad fillers too. No exaggeration on either point. Some other review states that "Oh just skip the last 100 episodes because they're fillers..." 100 episodes is A LOT! Not many animes even see past 26 or even 51. A lot of American cartoons end before they reach the century mark. Just a magnitude of how ridiculous how much fillers there are.

    But anyways, for the half of Naruto that does do things right, it had you right from the get go. Animes are often known for their slow starts, but Naruto? The pilot episode still stands to be one of the best pilots ever with one of the most shocking plot twists...and we're talking about the very first episode here. The first arc was well executed and did a great job of helping you grasp the overall world of Naruto, and then it takes off from there delving straight into the story with plenty of action to go around.

    Although the characters tend to feel a bit too sophisticated and artificial for their own good, a lot of them are too well done with deep and tragic pasts that you can't help but feel for them. Though sometimes Naruto likes to emphasize the "tragic" part that it starts shading into emo status, especially with two of its biggest characters Sasuke and Gaara who in their respective flashbacks, seem to be crying every second. All is forgiven though because of excellent story execution and even better fight scenes. You go on any anime forum and ask people to name their favourite fights, it's close to a guarantee that any one fight from Naruto is going to appear on all the lists, more than once too. Rock Lee vs. Gaara, Naruto vs. Sasuke, these fights are littered on youtube as poor AMVs accompanied by crappy rock music in the background.

    Now, for the fillers...what can be said about them, they're plain terrible straight up. If the Naruto fillers were a show of its own, it would be the worst show in the world. Just about every single arc does everything wrong. Not only are the stories so poorly executed, they REPEAT these same atrocious stories every single damn arc with a different theme and setting, but nothing will hide how terrible they are. And most of all, the filler characters are even more poorly developed, you could give two craps about them. And the action? Felt like I was watching a 60's anime with how choppy the movements in the fights were. The only good thing that can be said about the fillers is that those "comic relief" fillers--a filler episode within a gigantic filler arc--were the only things worth watching in the fillers. And what's sad is that they only came once in every like seven episodes.

    I have nothing nice to say about the fillers at all, and it's not hard to see how the fillers were able to drag down such a great anime into borderline mediocrity. Though at the same time it's a testament to how great the canon is that it's able to withstand the dreadful fillers and still be above mediocrity--yes it's a mere half empty half full analogy, but it's looking at things more positively since I'd like to try to remember Naruto for its canon rather than its fillers. A story that keeps your blood rushing and wanting more, action scenes that test the limits to your adrenaline, and some memorable characters...all being poisoned by the fillers. As another review recommended, skip the last 100 or so episodes, and try not to be a hero and trudge through them all like I tried'll regret it.
  • Slow to start but makes up for lost time later on.

    Naruto is an extreamly popular show recommended to me by friends, the first twenty episodes are a bit slow the characters just stand around a lot saying each others names and really the only reason I kept watching is because I hoped some action would happen in the next episode, and when it did...boy was I blown away! The concept of nija is explored in many different ways from just sword fights and back flips to nija powers of awesomeness. The show has really turned ninja into a whole new thing with the characters fighting at unthinkable speed and performing hand signs to call upon the elements. The protagonist (if you can call him that) is Naruto Uzamaki a trainee ninja who really isn't that good at the style of ninjitsu and looked down upon for his arrogance and punch first ask questions later attitude, his character is very comical and laid back but when angry can become a lethal fighter. Many charcters are introduced in the first season or saga and the list keeps on growing as we progress through the show, each character has a distinct personality that makes then unique the writers have been really sucessful at this aspect. On the whole Naruto has is fair share of action and emotion, and a whole load of dramatic pauses which I think could be reduced personally, but it still manages to keep you watching until you have to sleep and even then you don't.
  • naruto is in my opion the best anime on tv now. one piece is pretty good but that hiatus was really unnessary.

    i really like watching and i try never to miss an episode. my favorite character is gaara because he's so cool with his sand power and the way he talks is chilling. i love when he does sand coffin and how he killed those three rain ninja. he was even cooler when he broke lee's arm and leg. i also really plot line. it's a ninja story and it has good plot twist and evil villians. the first major eniemies were zabuza and haku. i was one of the saddest episodes when haku died and how zabuza cried. zabuza wasn't all that evil. next was oriochimaru, the big boss of the series. he can summon snakes and has his followers along with the sand village to attack the leaf. i was so mad when he killed the third hokage and was glad that his power to do jutsu was taken away. to bad he wasn't killed. naruto is the hand's down best anime out there. although one piece and bleach could run for second and third place.
  • One of my favorite animes from my early teenage years.

    There is no doubt that Naruto is one of my personal favorite anime and manga series. I used to watch the anime all of the time. I used to play naruto video games, and read the manga, and collect the playing cards. Heck, I have even seen just about every episode in both the English dub version and the original Japanese version. I was a huge fan of Naruto. The action was really intense, there are alot of characters, and there is alot of heart and emotion within the series. I really recommend this series if you have not seen it. The American dub is not too bad, but I do recommend that you see the series in it's original form (the Japanese uncut version with English subtitles).
  • A blond ninja with a orange jumpsuit wants to be hokage.

    Theres alot of reasons why I don't like this show. For one thing, Naruto keeps on repeating the moves. He fights somebody, they hate eachother, literally over 1-2 hours of boring flashbacks (it goes on for episodes) then Naruto does his Resengan, the battle ends. THAT'S IT FOLKS!

    How can anybody like this show? Repeative moves, Flashbacks, animation is poor compared to other animes, corny horrid writing, and how can I forget? The fillers. Literally, after the Sasuke retrivel ark, theres 80 FILLER EPISODES. All not interesting.

    Then comes Shippuden. EVEN WORSE. I have to admit, I liked the manga a bit at first,

    SPOILERS next to me: After sasuke kills itachi, the manga became boring, and introduced more moves that are confusing. What ever happen to "Naruto wants to be Hokage?" Theirs even more fillers in Shippuden, plus the introduction of the Akasuki, which are worthless Wannabe villians that repeat the same moves every 2 seconds. Masashi Kishimoto wanted to make an anime like Dragonball Z, and even Ripped off alot of moves from the series, (Goku had orange, so did naruto, the resegan and Spirit bomb look alike, etc...) but it turned out to be a MAJOR FAIL. This series makes anime look bad, seriously.
  • An Amazing Anime! *what a tounge twister.*

    Ok. So Naruto is an amazing anime loved by anime fans across the world! The story is basically a boy named Naruto, who someday, wishes to become Hokage. But its not that easy, with many challenges in his way, Naruto fights his path to victory in every *edge of your chair* exciting episode!
    With many movies and more tocome, this anime has ranked itself up to one of the most viewed in the world!Overall I would have to say my favorite character is Kakashi, The man naruto looks up to to teach him every new step. I would have to say my second favorite is Naruto, an energetic, amazing character that knows what to look up to in even the worst of situations.
    I have to give it a 9/10!
  • Overrated?----Believe it!!!!!!

    Wow. People at collge are obsessed with this...of course all of em are huge shut-in types, but I digress. Both my wife and I watch alot of anime, but neither of us can stand this show. When it 1st appeared on Cartoon Network, I was excited for another good anime, as everyone at collge was hyping it, after watching the first 8-10 episodes, I was greatly disappointed. Hearing "Believe it"like evry two seconds was annoying enough to turn me away, but yet I still gave it a chance...just couldn't get into it. I suppose like alot of animes, the story (hopefully) got better as time went on....I just can't understand 20-something college students going around wearing Naruto headbands that they've had to adjust as it was made for a 10 yr. old. To each thier own I suppose, but in my eyes, this show is greatly overrated.
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  • Naruto the best anime I have ever watched!!!!Please cartoon network bring it back!!!!!!!!!

    When I first watched Naruto my jaw dropped and I fell in love with this amazing show!Every thing about it rocks,most of the people in Naruto rock (except Shikamaru and Choji I hate you two!!!!!)Naruto is so cool and kinda lovable,Kakashi is so badass,Sasuke is also badass and moody,and all of the others are cool to.Another thing I like about Naruto is the fights the can be very fast paced and bloody,also the plot in it impressed me like how deep it is.The animation is quite good and one of the best looking anime around.The only thing that bugged me is THE 92 EFING FILLERS I mean come on I could understand maybe 20 fillers but 92 that is so lame,cartoon network could have skipped all of the fillers and got to the ending but NOOOOOOO they had to end it when it was so close so ending and going to the Shippuden.Any way I think Naruto is so amazing and I wish Naruto would come back to cartoon network.(This is my first review)
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