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  • Naruto Is a legend of an anime! I love it! It hilights the pain of lonelyness, and what makes mankind truly strong. Yet throuhout the whole thing it still keeps it's sense of humer that balences out the sadness.

    Naruto is about an on orphined 12 year old boy born with the spirit of a demon nine-tailed fox, or kyubi, sealed inside him inside him by his father the forth Hokage, or head ninja, at the cost of his life. In a way Naruto had practicly saved the village he was treated as scum. No one other then a man named Jeryia knew that the Hokage was Naruto's father, and he vowed never to tell anyone, even Naruto. So Naruto has to go through his life being disciminated against, and treated as if he were a monster. Yet he always kept a smile on his face. Playing pranks and telling jokes to get attention. In Naruto's world, ninja power is military power. Being born in a ninja village he hopes to be the Hokage himself. When someone finally beleives in him he relizes that to protect others is straghth. On his journy to becomeing the greatest ninja ever. He makes frinds with the younger of the village ninja first because they do not know of the fox inside him. There's no possable way to summerize all the things I love about this show. I know what it's like to feel alown. It's a dark empty place...There are very few shows that hilight what lonelyness does to people. It can make you into an atention craving prankster, "Exibit A:Naruto" Or a mass muderer.
    "Exibit B:Gaara" (Gaara's another charicter who, like Naruto, has a spirit of a demon racoon-dog inside him. But he let his demon take him over.) ether way it's not good...But Naruto has the strangth to pull himself out of the darkness, and his straigth inspires others to do their best too. I hope it inspires you too, as it did me.
  • This show is very outstanding. In short Masashi Kishimoto is a genius.

    Naruto is an awesome show that people of all ages can watch, even adults can enjoy this anime. The main story-line is is very simple and is not that confusing.......though the fillers are not as great as the main story but they are still great. The characters are all outstanding in one way or has the unbelievably powerful villains, the stupid but strong main character who is always willing to help everyone, the role-model who teaches the starring new things and the evil best-friend and the girl who catches the main character's eye, don't forget the weird stalker. All in all the show is my book I'd give it a clean 10/10 and I'd advice all anime lovers to watch it.
  • The story follows Naruto who has always been shunned in his life for having the nine-tailed fox sealed inside of him. He wants to become Hokage [highest ranking ninja in Konha] to gain some respect. It shows his journeys to doing so with his ninja squad 7

    This show is great! It has it all! Action, romance, suspence, tear-jerkers, and its HILARIOUS! Not to mention some pretty good looking people to go alone with it. I like it because they'res tons of episodes so you always have something to watch! Plus it's still going. Every single character has a strong personality you'll fall head of heels in love with. Theres sassy hot Sakura, HOTT cool talented Sasuke, and of course the strong willed and independent Naruto. The story line is perfect in that the show always has a balence between people to hate, to miss, and to love. It also never gets you bored. It always has something happening in it and tons of little special episodes to laugh your butt off at. I would recommend it to anyone looking for those things.
  • Awesome anime with all the excitement needed

    Just love Naruto! This really is one of the most enjoyable shows to watch. The story is perfect, the episodes are full of emotion and excitement.
    The carachters are awesome. Naruto is a great kid, with a demon sealed inside him. Sasuke is a little bit like Vegeta in drafon ball. He has a really great power and he's more intelligent and careful than Naruto. His power is beyond imagination. Last but not least we have Sakura, the smart girl, less stronger than the other two. She loves Sasuke and she's loved by Naruto. It's the perfect story for this show that I'm loving and I can't never wait for the next episodes.
  • The Best Cartoon Ever

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  • Don't get me wrong; it's a great anime, but it's WAY overrated.

    Like I said: This show is a very good anime. However, EVERYBODY loves it! There's really nothing that stands out exceptionally about it. It's got good characters, a decent-ish plot, and a fair amount of suspense, but think about it. Tell me what's AMAZING about Naruto. Sure, the characters are cool, but there is hardly any background for most of them. The plot's decent, but aren't ninjas WAY overused in Japan?? And the suspense, while it's not TOTALLY predictable, isn't like that of higher quality anime. Plus, the focus of some of the earlier episodes is completely immature. For an anime to be amazing, I believe that the earliest episodes should be some of the best, so it's gripping and hooking. The show is, however, funny. A lot of humor is packed into the show. And that includes when it wasn't meant to be. I much prefer the manga. Basically, the anime's good, but it's not my first recommendation.
  • possibly dragonball succsesser

    naruto is the story that if you don't know, get out of that cave, go to a bookstore, and start reading [or watching at home] my friend, you are about to crossover into a world the number-one knunkle-head ninja a.k.a naruto uzamaki the hokage wannabe with a nine tailed problem in him age 12 , sauske uchiha the ninja with a dark past and family problems age 12, sakura haron the kunoci [female ninja] whose bite is way worse than her bark age 12, and kakashi hatake team leader and ninja extrodinar and he wears a cool mask age 27. follow them in their adventers as they figure out about teamwork, power,jealousy,love, and bonds that can never be broken
  • Naruto is a show about a kid growing up without a family wanting to become Hokage (a very powerful ninja) when he gets older. But before he becomes that he has to go through other types of rigorous training.

    I love this show. I love the intensity, the emotions and the characters. I think my favorites would have to be Naruto, Kakashi Sensei, Sasuke, and Shikamaru. To me, they are the greatest. With Naurto you have this kid who's had it so hard becasue his father sealed the nine-tailed fox inside of him and even though people thought little of him, he still shuts them up by succeeding in his missions. Then you have Kakashi Sensei, the teacher that comes when he feels like it and reads romance novels. If that isn't funny, then what is? Then there is Sasuke, the cool, suave kid that has one goal and that's to kill his brother. Because he killed his whole family. I just love him becasue even though he's leading down the wrong path he still hasn't forgotten the good memeories he's had with Naruto and the others. He's bad, but you understand why he is the way that he is. Another great character is Shikamaru, and it's not becasue he's the toughest or strongest. I think I really Shikamaru becasue he's so lazy. And then on top of that he was the only one that became Chonin out of all his other comrades. So that's gotta mean something, right? And his ever so present "This is such a drag" comments are just so funny. So yeah, this show is awesome and people don't know what they're missing. Naruto totally rocks!!!!!
  • Naruto, one of the best anime series

    I only started watching Naruto on October this year. I'm still watching Part I (im on episode 169). But I can say this, I'm completly addicted to this show! It's a great anime series, and being a fan of anime myself, I can say that Naruto is one of the best anime series ever being created. It has a great plot, it's funny, and it's really catchy. I don't know anyone who doesnt impersonate Naruto's Kage Bushin no jutsu, after watching a few episodes xD! I find myself sometimes impersonating the Third Hokage's Katon karyu endan :P Well, maybe a bit stupid, but I guess Im devoted to this show.
    I still haven't watched Naruto Shippuden, but according to some reviews I read, it must be real great, and I can't wait to watch it.
    For those who are undecided about watching Naruto or not, think again and watch it, I highly recommend it!
  • Naruto adapted from the manga of the same name is a story that revolves around Uzumaki Naruto, as he and his friends try to save their village Konoha from the wrath of Akatsuki.

    Naruto, a show chronicling the life of Uzumaki Naruto and his friends as they protect their village Konoha and pass on the Will of Fire, is the best show out there. I started watching it after my friend convinced me it is one of the finest show and sure he was right. This show has everything; Action,drama,romance,emotions; coupled with a great story line and great character development this show has grown well and adapted the manga to its true spirit. This show has revolutionised the anime industry and I am sure it is right up there with shows like Dragonball Z as the best animated show ever.
  • Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy who has the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him. Naruto finds two friends Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, who are assigned with him to form a three-person team under an experienced sensei named Kakashi Hatake.

    The main story follows Naruto and his friends' personal growth and development as ninja, and emphasizes their interactions with each other and the influence of their backgrounds on their personalities. Naruto finds two friends and comrades in Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, two fellow young ninja who are assigned with him to form a three-person team under an experienced sensei named Kakashi Hatake. Naruto also confides in other characters that he meets throughout the series as well. They learn new abilities, get to know each other and other villagers better, and experience a coming-of-age journey as Naruto dreams of becoming the Hokage of Konohagakure. Throughout all of the Naruto plot, strong emphasis on character development changes the plot, with very few things happening because of chance. At first, emphasis is placed on Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, who are the members of Team 7. Later, Orochimaru, a criminal at the top of Konoha's most wanted list, attacks Konoha killing the Third Hokage as an act of revenge. He also desires to acquire Sasuke Uchiha due to his powerful genetic heritage. Believing Orochimaru will be able to give him the strength needed to kill his brother Itachi, who destroyed all his clan, he goes to him. Naruto does not give up on Sasuke, leaving Konoha for two-and-a-half years of training to prepare himself for the next time he meets Sasuke. After the training period, a mysterious organization called Akatsuki attempts to capture the nine powerful tailed beasts including the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that is sealed inside of Naruto. Several ninjas from Konoha, including Team 7, fight against the Akatsuki members as well as Team 7 search for their teammate Sasuke.
  • Best show ever and better than bleach

    Naruto is a manga/anime by Masashi Kishimoto with an anime TV series adaptation. Its main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village. Naruto can mean "maelstrom", and is also the name for a sliced stick of Kamaboko with a pink whirlpool design in the middle that is used as a topping for Ramen which is also Naruto's favorite food.The surname Uzumaki is a pun on "spiral", while Uzumaki refers to a three-dimensional spiral, like a whirlpool or vortex.
  • Twelve yrs ago the fearsome NineTailed Fox terrorized the village it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy. That boy, Naruto Uzumaki has grown up to become a ninja who wants to be the greatest ninja ever!

    one of the best shows i've ever seen. very actiony. funny. 10 stars!!!! the only flaws i've ever seen is maybe the art has been a little weird. but thats it. Naruto was originally a manga series (which i read ^^) it will have you hook line and sinker!!it might seem a little slow at first but trust me it'll speed up and then you'll be obessed like the rest of us! lol It has a lot of action. the storyline is set up great everything makes plenty of sense. the fillers are hilarious. what more could you want? watch naruto my friends!
  • A Good anime But not one of my favorites. (Just my opinion)

    When i first Heard of Naruto, I thought that it would be about A Shady, Masked Stealthy Character who is Dark and is A Loner on his Quest to become the Greatest Ninja but it turned out to be a Yellow Spiky Haired Guy with an Orange Jumpsuit, i mean what kind of a ninja or a shinobi Wears such clothes anyway?.. i was disappointed with that and it kinda set the tone for the Rest of the anime. read furher.

    The Characters of This anime are Nothing new, we've seen guys like this in all Shows, Naruto is a great Protagonist, he might be irritating and Annoying at first but you start liking him soon, He has had a Bad Childhood, and he was always lonely, Many people feel That they can relate to that, Naruto Uzumaki is easily the Best Part of The whole show. We have Sakura, The most Annoying and Irritating Girl in Anime history who likes To scream and Whine all the time. And Sasuke, your typical 'anti-hero' Good guy, who gets his butt kicked by Naruto all the time (Similiar to Vegeta and Goku). And you have a Goof of a Ninja known as Kakashi, Who is pretty much Characterless and Unoriginal. But he thinks that he's Ninja Gaiden or something.. As the anime progresses we meet a lot more interesting Characters, And The Show really gets going then, with Some Great episodes.

    The Combat is something i don't think is particularly great, The Ninja's Draw out all kinds of Sharp and Pointy Objects, you'd think that someone's gonna get Badly hurt but somehow they Miss almost everyime, All we're left with are Weird Hand signs and signals, Which are just Funny. This is more about Ranged fighting than Close up fist fights, The combat scenes do have their Bright moments but Most are unremarkable. or just tedious.

    The Characters are all very Well animated, There is Incredible Depth of Detail in the background, This is a good looking show, And is very much one of the Best parts of Naruto, The Eng dub is Very good. And The Intro and ending themes are excellent if you ask me, The Sounds made during combat and the Noises the spells make are interesting.. Overall Sound is OK. Except Sakura's voice which annoys the hell outta me.

    Naruto is a Very good anime, most people Will love it, I'd recommend everyone to watch this. But i just Felt that it was Unoriginal and Uninspiring, The Starting of Naruto feels much like Flame of Recca (Unintentionally). I've seen my fair share of Good anime, and this is one of them.. Don't get me wrong, There are millions of Fans Of Naruto and i can understand why.. This is a good anime for the family and Specially for the younger audience who've never watched other fighting anime except DBZ. I'd recommend everyone to give it a try. As for me, This is nothing special nor original and That's just my opinion.
  • Naruto is a young man that wants to become the Hokage or leader of his village Konoha. But he possess the nine-tail demon that hit the village when he was born, twelve to fourteen years ago. Now, Naruto and his friends must protect the village from harm.

    My cousin got me addicted to this show. He told me about it and let me watch the shows on his computer. Now I'm plain and painfully addicted to it. My favorite couples are SasuSaku *not that much* and NaruHina *I'm crazy about this two*. I can't wait for the Shippuden Season to come. I loooove the action that goes on during the battles. People tell me that Asuma, Jiraiya, and Kakashi die and that makes me sad because I like them. I really hope that Hinata tells Naruto that she likes him more than a teammate and friend. It's driving me nuts. But when she is in battle or training with him around, she doesn't freeze up or stutter.
  • it's like the best show ever i have ever seen. like i hae seen a lot of shows and after watching my favorite show inuyasha end i found this one it was so funny and then became more actiony. I hope it just gets better and better as i watch it.

    it's like the best show ever i have ever seen. like i hae seen a lot of shows and after watching my favorite show inuyasha end i found this one it was so funny and then became more actiony. I hope it just gets better and better as i watch it. I used to think it was just gonna be a show like pokemon or like dnangels but it way more better than that. i do watch a lot of tv shows and if someone asked if wanted to see some naruto with them i would say h##l yeah. I also read the manga so i know that diedra dies also i know that jiraya dies and kakashi 2 and choji's fater but besides diedra i'm really sad for them b/c i really liked kakshi and jiraya and i'll miss them forever.
  • even though this show is overrated i like it alot minus the fillers

    this is the story about a boy named naruto uzumaki who was hated until he was 12 because of an incident that took place when he was a baby. his father, the 4th hokage/yellow flash, sealed a nine tailed fox demon inside of him that was attacking the village known as the kyuubi. nauto was always getting into misceif for attention and everyone always saw him as a failure. his fater figure iruka, took a liking to him because naruto shared the same fate as himself who also lost someone to the the kyuubi. naruto dreams to e the hokage of his village which is basically like the president and this is the story of all is craxzy adventures along the way
  • Get's better each time

    Naruto is a fun action adventure anime about a young ninja training to become to be Hokage one day.

    Naruto comprises lots of fantastics ninja battles all following a large story plot. The Ever widening cast are all great characters and always lead to Naruto having to be even stronger to battle then on his long quest. The series takes a switch around the time it was puti on prime time in Japan and becomes more epic. It is a great series to get into. Now that it is into the Shippuden (part 2) the characters are more grown up and the series have become darker. I was hooked since I first started watching it!
  • Best serie ever!!!!!!

    Naruto rocks!!!!
    It has one of the best stories I ever seen.
    It starts with a boy named naruto that wants to become hokage and along the way he meets new friends especially is team, sakura and sasuke.
    Sakura loves sasuke but sasuke doesn't like her and naruto love sakura but sakura doesn't like him.
    Later in the serie sasuke meets his brother itachi, the one that killed is entire clan, sasuke fights him but loses easily.
    Mad with is defeat sasuke goes on a quest to get more power and joins naruto's worst enemy orochimaru. Now naruto try to get him back by training hard!
    And so the story continues on naruto Shippuuden!
  • a perfect series episode WOW.

    The Bottom Line: "Superb"

    the anbu put naruto under to get the info while i could have done without all the ramen talk i think this helped greatly improve the fillers. Plus this led into one of the most WONDERFUL episode of the fillers. Finding out about the old man naruto spent sooo much time with was VERY interesting. finding out about one minor characters is also great. Of course it is great seeing my favorites work together shikamaru shino most of all the shy hinata and the meshing in the episode of all the element is WONDERFUL that is why it gets a 9.0 in my eyes. I realize that naruto eats alot of ramen and him and genno spent lots of time together there but I consider the one flaw that they focused too much on that time especially in such detail even though it was only a few minutes but still they could have gleaned the info they wanted without the bunch of ramen stories but hey that is part of being naruto.
  • Naruto, a boy who was raised alone. Dream to be the next hokage, his life is training growing stronger and making friends along the way.

    Naruto, is a very creative show. so many different things happening. A boy who lives alone with a beast trapped inside him. It must be nice knowing that he has a beast that is inside him, but atleast it helps when he has run out of charka. For example the fight with Neji in the chunin exams. Anyway, at the beginning he says he is alone and has no one. If you think about it the Hokage and Iruka-sensei are kinda of his friends, but again thinking it, its not counted as having a friend who can be your dad. anyway this is a great show and recomment to watch. ALso, after finishing watching Naruto, watch the sequel Naruto Shippuuden(which I think is awesome)
  • Naruto

    Naruto is a really good show and i have been watching it ever seens it stated and it is getting better i am not going to give it a perfect but it is still amazing show i just dont like how slow the episodes are and how long it tacks them to find somthing they need to start butting more figthing in it like every 100 eposodes there are and that sucks it needs to be like every 15 our 20 to keep the show really good and show more evil people faster i have only seen three members of the akatsuki itachi, kasami and Zetsu for like only a minute that is stuped but they will show up after a wial i hope and i like that sasuke is doing his own thing to try and kill his brother crazy good for him and naruto is learning some new things but very slowly and sakura can bring back a died fish lol it is a good show just dont stop for a long time.
  • It's about a boy named Uzumaki Naruto, who has been looked down upon by his entire village. This show is about his growing up and finally making friends, getting stronger, and protecting those whome he loves.

    I love this show, I've been watching it since it first aired in Japan, and it is amazing to see how far it has come. You really feel for the character of Naruto, and it is great to see all of the friends that he finally makes along the way and all of them have amazing stories too. That is what makes this show great is the characters, they all have so much depth to them. And now in the Shippuuden series, he has grown up and gotten stronger, it is really cool to see him fighting the Akatsuki members, and he loses friends along the way, like Asuma and Jiraiya, but this show is amazing in that sense that it is so real and it really makes you feel something for all of the characters and Naruto, I really hope he rescues Sasuke and saves Konoha.
  • The story of a young, yellow-haired, outkast ninja with a dream of one day becoming Hokage- the leader of the land. However, Naruto contains an evil spirit of the nine-tailed fox that ravaged the village many years ago.

    I have only recently began watching Naruto in the english dub and I have to say it is nothing but legend! I have already began buying the boxsets and I can watch them over and over again. The animation is fantastic, the music is beautiful and for a japanese show the english dub is very good aswell. With a vary large range of characters, each with their own personality, makes for very interessting story twists. Speaking of the stroy, the story of Naruto is told in 'arcs', with each arc containing a new story. These arcs can range from one episode to 20 episodes long. Each episode has something different then what the last one had. This is a fantastically written series, highly recommended!
  • An alright show, but sometimes can get really boring...

    Naruto is based off of a boy who grew up alone, but possesed a spirit deep inside of him. He meets freinds as he grows up, i mean Naruto is ok and all that. But i mean it is so full of flash backs and filler episodes. I think that is what basically makes over half of the show, i mean when it is on plot line its pretty good. But half the time it is either filler arcs or flash backs of something, that happened like an episode ok. I think people can remember to back then, but i mean the main plot if really awesome. But what stops me from watching this, is the amount of filler and flash back episodes it really does annoy me. But the main plot is awesome, but to many filler episodes does my nut! XD
  • Love this show lots ^.^

    Oh my gosh I love this show! The fights are AWESOME and the characters are amazing! Love Naruto, Gaara, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Lee, Kankuro, and Neji. Hate Sasuke, Kabuto, Temari, and Deidara (they all suck >.< ) I'm a fan of dub and sub both (cause I'm not a subtitles snob :P ) I think the show is just all around fantastic. The creator (whose name I ALWAYS forget (sorry, Mr. Naruto Creator, I really do like you!)) is absolutely brilliant to create a show this good. Shippuuden (which I just started watching semi-recently) tends to be a little more dragged out than part 1 was, but when it finally gets down to business, I love everything they do (and Sai is adorable :3 ) Can't wait to see how the show ends!
  • Naruto is a boy who lost both of his parents and had a Demon fox sealed into his body at birth. In episode one he becomes a Ninja nd learns why everyone hates him and works to get friends as well as become hokage.

    Naruto, this show is one of the most popular anime's in America. It contains many jokes, a lot of intense fighting scenes, decent character development, and of course Justsu that everyone has tried at least once (Don't lie you have tried the Rasengan) or at least you will.

    However the entire impact of the emotional scenes sorta lack giving the viewer the feelings the mood is projecting such as when the 3rd Hokage died or at his Funeral, those scenes are a total waste of time and quite dull.

    Watch this anime if you hate it, stop watching it, It really depends if you like this type of anime.
  • Naruto, una excelente serie del genero anime. Que narra las aventuras del joven Naruto Uzumaki, que desea convertirse en Hokage de su aldea.

    Naruto es originalmente una historieta "manga" creada por Masashi Kishimoto, que más adelante sería transferida a una serie animada para televisión.

    Sobre la historia podemos decir que es la misma que en el "manga", solo con algunos cambios y cosas que se aumentaron, como por ejemplo, algunas situaciones que solo se mencionan o eran ocasionales, pero, en general es muy fiel a la original. La única diferencia notable es la violencia, que en la animación está "suavizada" con respecto a la del manga, es decir, en algunos casos los personajes sufren heridas menos graves que en la versión original, supongo que esto es para hacer la serie un poco más comercial a públicos menores de 15 años.

    La animación es oscilante entre varios estilos, por ejemplo es muy fácil notar que Naruto cambie de cara en cada episodio, pero en general se mantiene estable y es muy buena. La música se deja oír, pero la verdad no es el punto fuerte de Naruto, aunque cumple muy bien con su propósito. Lo mejor son las canciones de "apertura" y "cierre", que van cambiando cada temporada, lástima que en la versión americana estas se suprimieron totalmente.

    Desde mi punto de vista lo mejor de la serie es la comedia, que está muy bien balanceada entre situaciones tristes o muy estresantes, por ejemplo, casi siempre después de una situación grave, la serie lo compensa con algo de humor, casi siempre de parte de Naruto, Gai, Sakura o Kakashi.

    Para finalizar, los personajes están muy bien diseñados aunque en ocasiones padecen de inconsistencias que se van aclarando ya muy avanzada la serie. En conclusión Naruto es una excelente serie anime que no puedes dejar pasar , además no es una serie corta ya que consta de más de 200 episodios y lo que es mejor aun continua.
  • Naruto is about a 12 year old boy with a demon fox sealed within him.

    This is my favorite show ever, and it's been my favorite show ever since it started. I've been keeping up to date with both the English and Japanese television show, and frankly, I find both amazing. I have continually on and on tried to get out of the habit of obsessing over Naruto, but I find it so addictive and such a great show I can't get it out of my head. I'm not really fond of all the filler and I know Naruto has its own faults, but I'm almost positive I will continue to watch Naruto until it ends.
  • Asuma dies

    This was the best shipuuden episode i ever watched.
    The story telling did not go slowly and they showed alot.
    Ino, Chouchi and shikamaru lost their teacher,Hidan and kakuza preparres to meet up whit the other Akatsuki
    members. for me it was a sad episode that asuma died.
    When watching this episode i thougt to myself: he Asuma
    is a pretty cool charachter that he ficht for konoha in order to stopped Akatsuki and he died whit proud just like Sandaime. In the other review i said if Shipuuden is going slow and had unninteressting stuff im gonna read the manga. i take my words back after watching the episode
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