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  • sweet!

    action, action, action, action, action, action, action, action, action, and more, more action and a great story and funny, humurous parts r thrown in, which makes this show a must watch anime classic!

    P.S.- this show is one of those shows u can jump in 2 ne time and still know wut is goin on!
  • Although its creators have attempted to pack as little new content into each episode as possible, "Naruto" is an endearing cartoon that tackles themes high above the heads of many American cartoons.

    I did not like "Naruto" at first because I thought it was just another senseless anime. You see, while I believe anime is a great style of animation, anime shows are often infused with too much Japanese culture, appearing foreign and irrelevant. This is certainly true for Naruto: between jutsus, chakra, and all the characters' Japanese names, half the time I don't know what fans are talking about. No wonder Cartoon Network has a mini-tutorial in their Naruto section. However, after seeing the Naruto New Year's Eve Marathon I became hooked on the show. It's not my favorite show, and it's no artistic miracle, but it has a maturity that many American cartoons lack. It received praise in a New York Times article that commented on the show's themes of "childhood loneliness, longing and exuberance." It also has great action, of course, being a show about ninjas. However, as this is a commercial venture in the end, the creators seem intent on packing as little new content into each episode as possible. Episodes often have flashbacks and filler, reducing production costs. Still, Naruto is a good show, at least based on the 22 episodes that have aired so far. Watch an episode or two and give Naruto a try. You may be surprised.
  • English voice actors have proved once again that they are jokes. They need to actually watch the original show and see how the true Naruto voice actors sound.

    Ok the show isn't bad as in the anime portion, but just listen to the voice acting. It\'s terrible! I want to break my TV whenever I hear it come on. Please do the show justice and watch the subtitled version! The difference in voice quality is like night and day. Only other thing is that Cartoon Network likes to cut out bits because kids are watching which detracts a bit from the overall show. My final thoughts are that Naruto subtitled is the greatest anime out there but the english dubbed detracts so much that an anime that should get a 10 now gets 4.
  • Twisted... "One to be remembered through the ages"

    "One to be remembered through the ages"

    Yea! You better belive it! Naruto Uzamaki...
    is here to stay!-OPINION
    And Yet,
    You here alot of people say that a desent show needs quality and a clever plot to be on TV.
    Well,... this show just might be it,
    Drama and Comedy combied..
    brings alot of action to a new level for an anime-OPINION
    (The Teen Titans-Personal Favorite)

  • Cool

    Naruto is the one of the best shows I had ever watched and I still watch it, but one of the best episodes is when Naruto's squad become a chunin I wonder how good it would be, and what would be their next training in Jutsu and I wonder if it's going to be harder than climbing a tree without using your hands
  • Naruto is the greatest anime ever created.

    Anyone who hates this show either hasn't seen the Japanese version or is just plain stupid. I really dont understand how anyone whouldn't like this. Even if you don't like it, why would you rate it a 1/10? What did it do so wrong to deserve that? You people need to think smarter.
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  • it is one of the coolest show's I've seen. I also think the people are cool and how they fight.They should show this show on another day than just only saterday.It makes me want to wait even more. And that sucks.But the show is still cool.

    it is one of the coolest show's I've seen.
    I also think the people are cool and how they fight.They should show this show on another day than just only saterday.It makes me want to wait even more. And that sucks.But the show is still cool. i always have to wait until every saterday for the show and that annoys me because i want to see the next new episode and i have to wait a week. o well. its so cool
  • this show is one of my favorite.

    I like this show because i like shows that are about people who try to be the best at everything. He tries to find new powers and master them.Naturu is one of my favorites also beacuse he fights and never gives up always tries and tries his hardest to suceed.
  • A show about a boy who wants to be a ninja, not a very orginal idea i expect but it's ok i guess, but i hate the voicing of Naruto and Sakura's voice drawls on wayyyyy to much her voice is very stop and slow.

    I basically said all i had to say in my summary and im too overworked to type anymore that the letter A while capitalized is ever boring A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
  • Well.. the story is mostly about Naruto and his rivalry with Sasuke right?Im new to the show okay people!Even though I've only seen a few episodes(4^.^)I think its awesomeeeeee!!!Its fabulous i cant get enough!!!My question is why is Kakasi sensei reading

    NARUTO is so awesome!!!!!!(but my personal fav is Sasuke even if he is or goes over to the bad side^.^)Not much or a review i know but hey! im new here so cut me some slack!The show...well there is no words for me to express the way i feel about it.
  • One of the Most creative and most interesting Anime Every, unlike DBZ which just talk and talk. But perhaps slighty ruined by Uncle Sam

    THe Anime fighting style is very inventive and excellent. Story is strong and deep unlike we get any translationed licesned 4-kids. The fights are interesting and new rather because they have powers that make the fights unpredictable and so suspenseful. Naruto clever mind with clones and tricks, remind me of the creative tricks of Lupin the Third. The Humor is nice and approitate in the right time. People called this the new DBZ but its even better. Naruto almost revoltionized Shonen.

    But the voice actors of this translation are cheap. I'm glad that they have a PG rating but perhaps its not enough. The show have no Americanization in it, it have words like Hokage, Ramen, Nijutsu. Thus Making it one of the Best American Translation for Children Anime ever.
  • I always watch this

    I love this show its one of my favorites i don't miss it and when i can't watch it i tape it i've seen every epsiode so far (i follow it on cartoon network) i think it is one of the most intresting things on cartoon network as a show its above avrage
  • If this show was a small animal, I would hug it to death. But if it was a small animal, it might not be as entertaining.

    The best anime. Ever. In existence. Ever in existence. I swear, at first, I thought, "Gah, this is just going to be another weird anime show. Ninjas are cheesy." NO MORE. I've grown up on Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, and DragonBall, so I know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's because I can relate so well with almost all of the charcters (except maybe Kakashi, besides the fact that I'm almost always late for things.). Like Naruto, I was kind of picked on, and still am, but I don't care much, and like to shove things in the faces of the people who've taunted me. Like Sakura... *whispers* I do like someone... *talks normal* and I'm not proud of it! Like Sasuke, sometimes there are times when you just don't CARE... at those times, my friends and I do, what we call "Pulling a Sasuke," and do something he would. A lot of the charcters are a bit strange to me... Sakura almost never stops talking, Sasuke's a Goth chicken...


    Me: Why do they all like Sasuke?
    Friend: They think he's cute or something.
    Me: But he's got chicken hair.
    Friend: What?
    Me: His hair. It makes him look like a chicken.
    Friend: But it's black.
    Me: So he's a Goth chicken.

    *end flashback!*

    And Naruto's... well, I do loooooove his cute whislers, but... he's a little... thick-headed... anyway, this has become my favorite show. And yes, I admit to the craze of making forehead protectors (headbands) and eating ramen with milk in an homage to everyone's favorite fox kid.
  • Naruto shows a great storyline, with a few flaws in the beginning, but great.

    Originally an anime from Japan, Naruto is one of my personal favorites in my list of television shows. It is currently airing in Toonami, every Saturday night, with a new episode. Naruto, the knuckle-head annoying ninja, is our main character of the plot. He has a dream of becoming a Hokage one day, but he must learn to become one along the way. Overall, I recommend this show to anyone who loves anime, like Fullmetal Alchemist. It has good storylines in the series, good character personalities, and incredibly funny at times. The strong points of the series is that it may become emotional at times, which is a great thing right? We need to cry at some times. :)
  • Awesome, the best anime since DBZ

    I love anime, i love all kinds of anime and this is the best so far, seeing as im British i cant whatch it on TV so i must whatch the japanesse version of it on the Internet (Some do english).

    Its a great show, loving it, Sasuke is my fave char hes cool.

    I've only got into it and its one of the best anime since DBZ, great Humore, great action, great story, great art work, its just awesome.
  • This is one of the best shows I have seen.

    This show is based on a kid who has the evil spirit and attitude of a nine tailed fox sealed inside his body. This show is awesome, I mean come on who would not like this. Only nerds who live to play card games all thier life would hate this. The characters are classic. Sasuke Naruto's rival, who is better then all of them, always saving Naruto's butt. Sakura the smart one, with the her anger expressed through her inner thoughts, can't do her best in battle. The fights are awesome it really makes the show one of the best. Those who think this show have lost their minds. In some ways this show cannot be topped.
  • A great animated action show.

    This has got to be one of the greatest action shows next to Bleach.It has become a very famous show in as little as three years(in Japan).Many people say its going to be the next DragonBall Z which is incredible.Finally being released in the US shows that it will continue to go strong.
  • naruto is so cool my 2nd fav to code lyoko!

    this kid is super cool!!! hes super cool hes got attitude and wont take no for an answer.its a great show every1 should watch.sure it can be sad at times but the episode will turn up with a great ending. the show is a good 1 every episode is filled with excitement!! and i love watching new episodes!
  • One of the best anime shows I've seen.

    Naruto is an awesome show! It is about the adventures of Naturo, a young ninja who wants to be the Hokage. Every episode has some kind of twist that will have you sitting at the end of your seat! In all(or atleast most) of the battles they actually show blood. I know many people who don't live in America probably think that this is a dumb thing to say. A show on Cartoon Network really never shows any blood at all or ele the show would be canceled or banned. I'd say that Naruto is the one of best anime show there is!
  • This show is about a kid who has a demon inside him trying to become the best he can be. He has a bunch of friends like Sakura, Sasuke (sort of), Rock Lee, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, and his teacher, Kakashi

    Wow this show is good. The characters are AMAZING! Each character has their own difficulties, powers, backround, goals, and personalities. For example, the character Rock Lee is a ninja that can only use hand - to - hand combat but still tries hard to become a great ninja. His theme is hard work. He tries hard to beat the genius ninjas through hard work. Lee and his teacher Gai always think of youth when they fight. Rock Lee wears green, the symbol of youth. Another example, Naruto Uzumaki, the main character has no family. I really have no idea why. Anyway, he always tries to become noticed by people. So he wears orange. He wants to become the greatest ninja in his village, so people won't see him as a demon fox inside of him. The only bad thing about this show is that the story really sucks. I mean, at first you can see Naruto trying to become great, but now he wants to rescue Sasuke from being evil and I really think that it is not a great idea.
  • naruto is a ninga who wants to become hakuga of his village. he goes on missions to save all people.

    I never liked anmi before Naruto now i love the show and also anmi. I cant wait for the next espiod to come out it is the best show in the world. the last show was realy sad though when zazuba dies next to haku it seems like the end of the world but in the end naruto makes it happy!
  • "Naruto" is a coming-of-age story of a 12 year-old imprisoned wiht a "demon fox"(Kyuubi). The story mainly follows the ups and downs of Naruto,Sakura and Sasuke as they train to become great shinobi. Filled with plenty of humour,tears and drama Naruto is

    Naruto is one of the most wonderful anime's of recent time. It will definetely become a classic . The dubbed is not as great as the original but nonetheless acceptable. Naruto wants to be the Hokage(the most powerful shinobi of the village)and the main storyline is his jouney to reach that goal.The storyline and plot is very complex but somehow easy to follow. Naruto is a hyper-active,crazy loud-mouthed ninja who is assigned a three-man-team to Sakura(his crush) and Sasuke(his rival and her crush!). The main strength of 'Naruto'is its character. After only thirty episodes you are introduced to an array of character each complex and cleverly crafted. Each of their stories are poignant and moving. From Gaara to Lee this show offers many relatible characters. Two very powerful themes that are re-iterated throughout the series .The first being acknowledgement.The reason Naruto wants to be Hokage is to be acknowledged because everyone shunned him when he was younger because of Kyuubi. The second theme and one very important one is "to protect your special people". The embodient of this would be Haku who died to save his "important person". The world of "Naruto" is complex and vast and has something for everyone.
    It is one of the best anime's of recent time and is a MUST see!!
  • Great, but not that great.

    A very good show in my opinion. But sometimes there is too much talk, not enough action. That kinds of sucks. I wanted more action, than just talk. But when there is action, it's awesome! One of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network. Can't do much better than this show.
  • ummmmm dont really know what to say great show great music great animation? yeah that should just about do it.

    a fantasic anime for young and old alike (more younger generation) this is a fantastic long running series from shonen jump and the show is still going today. the music is top notch unlike any ive heard before.the story starts of in a city called konoha
    and follows the journeys of a young ninja in training this is a must watch for any shonen jump fan or anyone who wants to introduce themselves into the world of anime.the english or american version of the show is not very good as the voice acting is extremly poor if youre going to watch naruto do it the right way. get the japanese version with subs.
  • great show

    ok iv seen both the jap Ver. and american
    as far as im conserned both are great
    this is probibly the only show that i beleive is manditory to watch every week

    some sceptics are sceptical about the show but wait until the next couple of episodes they are awsome

    its off tha chain and thats all i really needed to say ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • japanese version is way better than english dub.

    a very good japanese anime. the ninja system makes it even more interesting. the graphics are pretty good. the fight scenes are also pretty nice. the only reason people say it sucks is the englsh dub. and i agree with them on that. so overall, it's a good anime, but not the best.
  • this show sucks

    who came up with this its about a guy named Naruto Uzamaki and hes a "shinobi" who wants to be a "hokage" who the hell came up with that crap? probably some guy with the last name Naruzashihoke and he said Ill make a show and the plot will contain parts of my last name! so yeah I dont know why people in the US watch this
  • I'm a huge fan, I just call it "The Dead Air Show"

    Great show...or at least it seems to be. I watch it every time it's on, but lately it has become a show of dead air, ranting, and obnoxious music occasionally interrrupted by fighting. It's a ninja show, for God's sake! Whay can't they do a little more stabbing and a little less yapping? Or perhaps more yapping might be good. Maybe sometime someone will actually say something relevent to the plot rather than trying to analyze the situation for a good half-hour. You can't think that much and fight at the same time.
  • It is good Japanese Anime

    I like the show naruto Because it is very funny and makes me laugh keep up the good work! I hope that there can be more shows like this in the future! I think that this will be a show that is not going anywhere soon! I see this being a 10-11 season series if not longer!