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  • The Naruto Anime series centers itself around The Hidden Leaf Villages number one abnoxious ninja, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto has high goals in life, his dream is to become the Villages Hokage, which is the number one Ninja in the village. However, this will

    The Naruto series has one of the most captivating storylines you will ever see in a manga series, in fact, most people are addicted after just a few chapters. The series creator Masashi Kishimoto added a modern flavor to the traditional ancient world of Japanese Ninja which has really made this story one of the most interesting.
  • this show is awsome it has everything anybody would want action, drama, kung fu fighting, and cool nija action. its the best show ever created and this is not an opinion its a fact.

    This show revolves around Naruto Uzamaki a child that is hated for reasons unkown to him he grew up with no friends or family. He decides to do something about it and not just mope around so he trains to become a ninja so people will finally respect him but he isn't very good at first, but his will to be the best and be respected will push him to become the best ninja ever and possibly optain the level of hokage which is his ultimate goal.
  • No other Anime comes close!!

    this is one of the best... scratch that... IS the best anime out now. ive watched the first 16 on tv and finished up to 124 on dvd, and all i can say is that if you liked what you saw on tv, then let me tell you, youre in for a treat in the upcoming episodes! Perfect and thats the only word that describes it. i wont spoil it for you if you havent watched it, but dont take my word for it, watch it yourself! 9/9:30 on cartoon network on saturday.
  • AWESOME WATCH ALL 165 I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you seee all 164 tues the dec 20 2005 comes 165 its a kik *** show !! !! ! ! !! ! ! !! ! !! way better than dbz dbz got old fast and took forever to come out with new eps and gt sucked @#$ !!!! !!! !!!!! !! you should watch it in jap english subs or english un cut japan eng subs is really funnny !!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show! The Mangas, the merchandise! :) The animation, the techniques, the seals, the characters, the enemies, the settings, also the missions! But we can't forget 1 more thing... THE RAMEN! :)

    I really like this show, don't know why but I do... Never knew i liked this show... hmmm... but i like reading mangas so... yah i like this show cuz of that or it's because it's animation is very good and well... yah... i like it... but i have one thing to say... EAT RAMEN!
  • This show is incredible. Now I'm really interested in ninja stuff, as long as Naruto is involved.

    Oh my gosh, this show is amazing. Everything about it is. From the fights, to the--- hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself.

    The fight scenes are great. The bad guys are actual assassins and those types, not like the crappy villains on some shows *cough*X's*cough*. And, they show blood- something that Cartoon Network wouldn't usually show. Even though they edited out some of it, I'm glad CN doesn't dub it like 4Kids; if this show were on that channel I'd die.

    Plus, the fact that Naruto has a demon side is pretty cool. And, unlike some shows, they don't overuse it. That is great. Everything about this show rocks.
  • ?

    this show is kinda of wierd because every week i watch this show on ytv the show is pretty good but it gets kinda boring because theres barely fighting in it if this show comes once a week it should have some fighting in it

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  • greatest ever

    this show is the greatest, it just makes me want to become a ninja so much.....i wish our school taught us cool techniques and stuff..although i guess the learn mth and stuf like that because they have to know how to throw weapons but that would be cool too....also it would be cool cause youde accually be using the things you learn
  • Bottom line is this show brings tons of creativety. When you get far into the show, like ep 67+ its amazing. I mean everything is well organized like jutsus, sensei,charaters personality!!!! This show is #1 on my list. I use to think Yu-gi oh was cool, no

    If you were to see this show and like shows like Yu-yu-hakusho you'll like this one. It is a unique show with many interesting aspects. Its a must see show. My favorite episode was 50 when Lee vs. Garra. Amazing battle!!Every anime fan must see this show. Go to cartoon network to check it out or go on the internet to find info on it like :
  • Excellent show. The action scenes are amazing, the pacing is bearable, and the story is actually very creative and well presented. Wait, then why did I give it a 6.5?

    If I were to review the Japanese version of this show, I would probably go with something more like 9.9, but unfortunately the dubbing absolutely killed this show. I watched the Japanese version religiously (up until it stopped following the manga) and it was quite possibly the best Anime I had seen in a long time.

    Once I heard it was going to be translated into English my heart stopped. Not out of excitement, but terror. I knew they were going to screw it up, I knew it. Sure, it's relatively uncut, they didn't change much in the way of content, but the dubbing was just...well, awful. I can't even watch a full episode of this garbage. Naruto's voiced by a woman, Sasuke is entirely too whiney, Sakura has no emotion whatsoever, and Kakashi sounds like he should be the general manager of your local KB Toys.

    Do yourself a favor watch this in Japanese, subtitled FIRST, then watch it in English. You'll see what I'm talking about, and if you can't, then I feel great pity for you.
  • Naruto is an anime masterpiece. Besides, it's actually dubbed faithfully in America.

    I started becoming intersted in Naruto after reading the manga in Shonen Jump magazine. My interest increased after watching a few uncut episodes. I became excited that finally Naruto anime would be dubbed in America, this time by the same company who publishes the manga uncut. When I watched the first episode, I actually ENJOYED it; it was dubbed accurately and faithfully by Viz Media, compared to the garbage jobs that 4Kids did to Yugioh, Shaman King, and One Piece, and Funimation to Dragon Ball Z and GT. So if you'd like to discover a TRUE anime dub, you should watch Cartoon Network's version of Naruto. But a warning to kids: it's rated TV-PG/V, compared to Y7 for the other shows, so get your parents okay before watching the show on Cartoon Network.
  • although not the first ninja anime, this one is great!

    the basic plot really does make it amazing. i think that it is such a great idea, and the sexy jutsu will go down in history! i swear he will save the world by using it. trust me, in order to be the next great hokage, he will need it!
  • To put it simple, Naruto is great, just, great. A twelve year old ninja, who carries within him the Kyubi (a nine-tailed fox), and who\'s dream is to became Hokage (the greates ninja of the village). An excelent graphic art, a very good soun

    To put it simple, Naruto is great, just, great.
    A twelve year old ninja, who carries within him the Kyubi (a nine-tailed fox), and who\'s dream is to became Hokage (the greates ninja of the village).
    An excelent graphic art, a very good soundtrack, a lot of fighting, unique fighting styles for each character, and hard-not-to-follow storyline, that draws us near to the screen. This series as more potential than many others of this style.
    Though I must say, the american version\'s voices suck. Who hires these people? We\'ve got computer a console games, coming out with better voice acting.
    I must confess I never did like the voice acting in many of the cartoons I\'ve watched from america. And if I didn\'t saw the original version I probably wouldn\'t have like it so much , since the terrible voice acting of the american version truly fails in certain aspects. Overall its just great like I said in the begining, but I don\'t advise neither the american version of the anime, nor the manga, for god\'s sake you Viz guys should start hiring people from the internet scanlations teams, they\'re way more qualified than anyone you currently have, EVEN if they DON\'T HAVE great credencials, yet I believe some of them would have them.
  • Naruto is only the most kick awesome show to exist!

    What can one say about Naruto other than the fact that it's awesome! I only wish people would stop comparing it DBZ, they're not the same. Sure there are some simularities, but it's impossible to make a show now-a-days that isn't remotely similar to another. The only downside to the show is it later gets stuffed a with a season of annoying fillers. However, when they don't stray from the main story, only one word can describe!
  • OMG what a show

    This show is great to watch. I cant wait to the next ep. Hopefully these fullers that are on get done soon(tho they are pretty good)

    The manga is a great fix and defintly is a great compainion to the anime(or vice versa)

    NARUTO for HOKAGE. hell SUPREME KAGE heh heh
  • Better viewed Subtitled than Dubbed!

    If your just tunning into naruto I would highly recommend the Subtittled than the dub. Right now ths subtittled epsiodes are only fillers (nothing to do with the storyline). The show won't continue on with the story until march. Again the subbtittled is way better. The dubbed voices are horrible
  • A manga turned into a tv show!

    Naruto wants to be the most respected nija in his village! To bad he is currently the least respected ninja in his village... He , Sasuke, and Sakura are training to be advance nijas, and not doing a bad job at all. Sakura, the only girl in the group, seems to be the most focused. Sasuke is by far the most advanced, and Naruto, well, Naruto is the weird one of the group, but the most detrimed to become the greatest Ninja of all time. The show is funny, action packed, and features some wonderful anime. I havnt read the manga, but I have heard that the voices arnt what they would seem to be in the manga, so beware of this if you are a reader.

  • One of my Favorite shows of all time!

    Story is about boy named Naruto who got a fox deamon sealed in his body when he was a baby.But now he wants to become a great niga but sadly he never seems to pass and he doesnt go to his classes very much at all.But later he finnaly passes from saveing his teacher and learning shadow clone.Later he has be in a team of 3.And his partners names are Sasuke and Sakura.Naruto really hates Sasuke while he has crush on Sakura.They have to face challages and missions and stuff like that.Later Naruto does get stronger and stronger so he doesnt be weak very long.Show is very good and there is lots and lots of fighting but theres some comedy XD.Of course if you hate nigas and hate lot fighting you wont like this show very much. But to me Naruto is best show around.
  • A Great show but fillers are killing me

    Well I love this show personally the whole concept is good. I have the problem with the american version because the voices does not really give the characters justice. I hope in the american they do the hour long episodes. As far as where the show is now, i do not like the fillers the episode before last was alright but last weeks one was dumb if i may say.
  • This show is good, but would be better if it would have the same voices as the Original.

    This show is a very good show, but needs some fine tuning... Like the Voices, are way off... I watch the Original Show, which is in Japanese with English sub titles; Which if you like this show, i am pretty sure you will like the Original better. If you are interested in watching the Original show, you can download it free off the internet at ... but you need bit torrent to download this show... Other then the fact that US messed up the voices in the show it follows the Original Show exactly, so far... I would recommend this show to anyone who likes to watch Japanese anime.
  • In the Ninja Academy, Naruto, a twelve-year old boy, dreams of being the greatest Ninja ever. The problem? He's always in trouble. Yet he has one advantage, a sealed inner-Fox-demon with a real attitude problem. Can he fulfill his dream? Or will his thick

    Naruto is your common trouble maker and class clown. He does it to get attention. You might think that it’s a lame excuse, but you would too if every adult in the village hated you. Twelve years ago, a giant fox demon attacked the small Ninja village, killing many Ninjas. The leader of the village sacrificed himself to seal the demon inside the body of baby Naruto…creepy. So you can see, every adult looks at him as the demon himself. Thus sparks the dream of Naruto, to become the greatest Ninja ever, and then everyone will respect him. Not as easy as he thought.

    After flunking the test many, many times Naruto has finally passed and teams up with Sakura and Saske. Sakura is your average girl, she stares at Saske more than lessons and hates Naruto with a passion; and Saske, the most talented Ninja in the Academy, is only focused on one thing, revenge. Oh, he hates Naruto too. So how can Naruto fulfill his dream?

    This is a hills and valley series. Some episodes are great, some are funny, and some are just down right bad. Naruto, even though he's the main hero, is so immature sometimes I just turn off the TV. There is some awesome action in this series, but most of the time the fighters just stand there, staring each other down and talk. Naruto also gets his but kicked all the time!

    Yet this is a really good series in that the characters are great, the story line is good, and you can feel a brighter sunrise over the horizon. If you are an Anime fan, a Toonami Fan, or an action fan you must see this series.

    Overall: 9
    Story Line: 9.5
    Characters: 8.5
    Status: Watch if you can
  • I love it! as always. Naruto brings out the excitment in everyone, even adults! My favourite characters ar Naruto (main and of cource), Sakura (She's the only girl in cell 7 so I like how she copes with it, and still crushes!)and of cource Sasuke (hot!)

    Naruto is the best. This series is always getting better with every minute! Since Naruto like to try and show off to Sakura. Sasuke is still sadly a poor orphan *sniff* And Sakura doesn't know when to quit obsessing over Sasuke! That get's annoying at times! Poor Hintina! Naruto dosn't notice her! That get's me pissed, but then again, Hintina could be a little more social.
  • This anime is mre serious than it lets on at first glance.

    I was waiting to review this show until I had seen more episodes. I am 35 into it and can officially say that this is my favorite anime.

    It was deceptive in its beginning few episodes, but by the time the real battles begin and stories come out (Sadness and Sorrow kills me everytime) you see that there is more to everybody here than what they orignally let on.

    Granted I have been mainly watching the Japanese version of the show, I have caught the Toonami version as it has progressed and it is close enough to the original that I have no trouble recommending it.

    The whole battle with Haku and Zabuzu towards the end of the first season was surprisingly emotional, and they somehow turn people that you highly dislike... even hate, into someone that you can't help feel sorry for. Or even better, they can cause you to hate someone more and more as time progresses. Actually caring about what happens to friends and foes is a big part of getting engrossed in the show, and Naruto does this extremely well.

    Naruto may seem like a light hearted slightly comedic show about little ninjas... and at times it can be. But don't be fooled. There are some serious issues going on all over in this show and for all the times I am laughing (usually at the reactions to Naruto's hijinks) I often find my self holding back tears because of the emotional battle I just experienced. I was more than pleasantly surprised.
  • A great anime

    This is a pretty cool anime, along the fighting and stuff :P Although I haven't seen the subbed version, I'd pretty much say the dubbed version is awesome. The action is wonderful with the whole ninja twist in it and a kid who wants to be the best ninja there is. I can understand why this show is popular.
  • best ever.

    This show is about a boy called Naruto that has a monster sealed inside of him. Nine tailed demon fox. He is alone in the early years of his life so knows the pain of others like himself as he as no parents and been outcast. As this amazing boy grows he just gets stronger and stronger as more time passes a great show for anime fans and is brilliant
  • Awsome Anime...

    Naruto is one of the best Anime shows i have ever seen. It covers two topics that i enjoy in an anime, ninja's, and awsome fighting. The story line is okay, but i am a game player, so i've heard it before many times. Either way, i love this show, and i like the fact that it is not one of those over the top anime shows where all they to is extreme violence that just seems out of place. Anyway, the animation in this show is superb, the caracters all play there parts the way they should be played, the only thing i don't like is naruto's annoying saying "belive it". He says it every five seconds and it just the way he says it just annoys the heck out of me. Well anyway, this show is awsome and i think that anybody who likes anime, or ninja's should watch this show.
  • I love this show.

    Naruto is a show about Naruto Uzumaki, a twelve year old ninja just out of the academy, whose dream is to one day become the Hokage of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. During the show Naruto and his team and teacher will go on to many missions.

    I love this show and I would recommend everyone to keep watching it. I have watched all the episodes up to 158 and I just love every single one of them. I really like the show and if your into this kind of anime then you should keep watching. Right now it may not seem exciting, but you will get to the main plot of the story when they are taking the second part of the chunnin exams. That is when the fun really begins and the thrid part of the exam is really great as well, because you finally meet the bad guy.

    The only thing that I hate about the English version are the voices which don't match the characters and it gets on my nerves because the japanese voices are much better, but I guess that might be only me. Some ot the translation is also screwed up, the Japanese dubbed version is much funnier.

    Anyways hope this review will help some people out.
  • Very cool!

    Naruto gets put in a group with 2 other ninjas, Saske and Sakura, and they do missions assigned to them at their rank. Saske, a cool and powerful boy, and sakura, a pretty girl, but i dont see her doing anything in the episodes.Then their is Kakashi their leader aka jonie. hes got this cool hairstyle goin onand hes got this power to copy other oponnents moves with his eye he keeps hidden most of the time. Together, they kick butt. The show is one of my favorites.

    Show is very good and there is lots and lots of fighting but theres some comedy.
  • Great show.

    The only thing I don't like about this show is that its a sorta copy of Avatar:the last air bender.Then again it aired in Japan about four to five years ago.Anyways this show is awsome with the action,chakara,and it has ninjas yay ninja fighting.I highly recomend this show to everybody!
  • Naruto Usamake, ninja legend to-be. Hes kiddish sometimes, and others a great fighter. A hokake locked up a demon, the nine tailed fox, in Naruto when he was a baby.

    This is a great show, packed with action and a good story, voice acting, and script.Naruto gets put in a group with 2 other ninjas, Saske and Sakura, and they do missions assigned to them at their rank. Saske, a cool and powerful boy, and sakura, a pretty girl, but i dont see her doing anything in the episodes.Then their is Kakashi their leader aka jonie. hes got this cool hairstyle goin onand hes got this power to copy other oponnents moves with his eye he keeps hidden most of the time. Together, they kick butt. The show is one of my favorites.
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