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  • This anime is mre serious than it lets on at first glance.

    I was waiting to review this show until I had seen more episodes. I am 35 into it and can officially say that this is my favorite anime.

    It was deceptive in its beginning few episodes, but by the time the real battles begin and stories come out (Sadness and Sorrow kills me everytime) you see that there is more to everybody here than what they orignally let on.

    Granted I have been mainly watching the Japanese version of the show, I have caught the Toonami version as it has progressed and it is close enough to the original that I have no trouble recommending it.

    The whole battle with Haku and Zabuzu towards the end of the first season was surprisingly emotional, and they somehow turn people that you highly dislike... even hate, into someone that you can't help feel sorry for. Or even better, they can cause you to hate someone more and more as time progresses. Actually caring about what happens to friends and foes is a big part of getting engrossed in the show, and Naruto does this extremely well.

    Naruto may seem like a light hearted slightly comedic show about little ninjas... and at times it can be. But don't be fooled. There are some serious issues going on all over in this show and for all the times I am laughing (usually at the reactions to Naruto's hijinks) I often find my self holding back tears because of the emotional battle I just experienced. I was more than pleasantly surprised.
  • A great anime

    This is a pretty cool anime, along the fighting and stuff :P Although I haven't seen the subbed version, I'd pretty much say the dubbed version is awesome. The action is wonderful with the whole ninja twist in it and a kid who wants to be the best ninja there is. I can understand why this show is popular.
  • best ever.

    This show is about a boy called Naruto that has a monster sealed inside of him. Nine tailed demon fox. He is alone in the early years of his life so knows the pain of others like himself as he as no parents and been outcast. As this amazing boy grows he just gets stronger and stronger as more time passes a great show for anime fans and is brilliant
  • Awsome Anime...

    Naruto is one of the best Anime shows i have ever seen. It covers two topics that i enjoy in an anime, ninja's, and awsome fighting. The story line is okay, but i am a game player, so i've heard it before many times. Either way, i love this show, and i like the fact that it is not one of those over the top anime shows where all they to is extreme violence that just seems out of place. Anyway, the animation in this show is superb, the caracters all play there parts the way they should be played, the only thing i don't like is naruto's annoying saying "belive it". He says it every five seconds and it just the way he says it just annoys the heck out of me. Well anyway, this show is awsome and i think that anybody who likes anime, or ninja's should watch this show.
  • I love this show.

    Naruto is a show about Naruto Uzumaki, a twelve year old ninja just out of the academy, whose dream is to one day become the Hokage of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. During the show Naruto and his team and teacher will go on to many missions.

    I love this show and I would recommend everyone to keep watching it. I have watched all the episodes up to 158 and I just love every single one of them. I really like the show and if your into this kind of anime then you should keep watching. Right now it may not seem exciting, but you will get to the main plot of the story when they are taking the second part of the chunnin exams. That is when the fun really begins and the thrid part of the exam is really great as well, because you finally meet the bad guy.

    The only thing that I hate about the English version are the voices which don't match the characters and it gets on my nerves because the japanese voices are much better, but I guess that might be only me. Some ot the translation is also screwed up, the Japanese dubbed version is much funnier.

    Anyways hope this review will help some people out.
  • Very cool!

    Naruto gets put in a group with 2 other ninjas, Saske and Sakura, and they do missions assigned to them at their rank. Saske, a cool and powerful boy, and sakura, a pretty girl, but i dont see her doing anything in the episodes.Then their is Kakashi their leader aka jonie. hes got this cool hairstyle goin onand hes got this power to copy other oponnents moves with his eye he keeps hidden most of the time. Together, they kick butt. The show is one of my favorites.

    Show is very good and there is lots and lots of fighting but theres some comedy.
  • Great show.

    The only thing I don't like about this show is that its a sorta copy of Avatar:the last air bender.Then again it aired in Japan about four to five years ago.Anyways this show is awsome with the action,chakara,and it has ninjas yay ninja fighting.I highly recomend this show to everybody!
  • Naruto Usamake, ninja legend to-be. Hes kiddish sometimes, and others a great fighter. A hokake locked up a demon, the nine tailed fox, in Naruto when he was a baby.

    This is a great show, packed with action and a good story, voice acting, and script.Naruto gets put in a group with 2 other ninjas, Saske and Sakura, and they do missions assigned to them at their rank. Saske, a cool and powerful boy, and sakura, a pretty girl, but i dont see her doing anything in the episodes.Then their is Kakashi their leader aka jonie. hes got this cool hairstyle goin onand hes got this power to copy other oponnents moves with his eye he keeps hidden most of the time. Together, they kick butt. The show is one of my favorites.
  • Awesome show

    This show is so funny every time i watch it tears come from my eyes.Ive only watch 7 episodes and i like this show.The characters are Nartuto thats all i know i forgot the other character.the show rules its rules,rules,rules,rules,rules,rules,it rules its awesome it rocks its cool nartuto you rule.
  • show about's so cool

    Now this is a great show. i've seen a little pastb what they've shown on CN by seeing it online. But it's incredibly fast paced fights are extremly fun to watch, and it's plot gets more interesting by the episodes. And the fact the main characters are ninjas makes it even cooler.
  • A fine example of why ninjas are better than pirates. But seriously...

    Years ago, a fox spirit with nine tales ravaged the land and threatened the Village Hidden in the Leaves, which is a hidden village of ninjas. In order to stop it, one of the Hokagai sealed it inside the body of a baby, and prevented their destruction. The boy is Naruto Uzamaki, a ninja who wants to become the fifth Hokagai and surpass all the others, so that everyone will start treating him normally. He has friends that are in his squad named Sasuke and Sakura, and a teacher who truly owns all with his eye that has enormous chakra powers. He fights his way through missions to get to the top, and constantly competes with Sasuke to be better.

    Ever since I've seen this show, I couldn't believe my eyes. An example where ninjas own pirates! Amazing. The plotline so far is superb and makes sense, especially since there's only been a few episodes of it. I give it my highest honor 10/10
  • at least watch 20 episodes of naruto and you see why so many people are hook

    naruto is good because it has a good story,action,characters(well at least most of them)and always makes you want to see more, if you get a chance to see naruto then see it Naruto is a classic show but it has to much problems with it, like some episodes waste your time (exmp worst episode ever (one show was call that one and it was so garbage)) i don't like sakura she complains to much and what's with inner sakura, now that naruto is on it's 150th and more, they giving us more garbage episode to watch just get on with the story, insted they talk about this curry of life thing one more thing don't watch the english verson of naruto it's not good trust me
  • Isolated by others, Naruto becomes a ninja on his own term to be respected by others and not treated differently because of one problem, the nine tailed fox lies in his body.

    Naruto is a young boy who goes to ninja school but fails twice, and third time is a charm. Just when Naruto, sasuke, and sakura were about to fail their ninja test because of what their sensai said they couldn't do, they went and did it any way and passed. Others failed to realize the true meaning of a team but they found out that i meant the team was one. Now they're doing real ninja missions as a team, which their lives are on the line for each one!
  • Naruto Uzamaki, the boy who has the Demon Fox trapped inside him.

    Naruto is one of the bests. The action & fights bring it together. Naruto is about a boy named Naruto Uzamaki who wants to become a Hokage. He used to be a troublemaker but after being saved by Sasuke twice, he vowed that he'd never flee from battle. This show is really a good attention grabber. I recommend it to all anime lovers out there.
  • Naruto is pretty fun sometimes, but, lately, it's a complete waste of time...

    When they follow the original manga, the anime is pretty fun, but lately... The anime creators are trying to make money with the series, more money, I mean, and it's just ridiculous watching such episodes as the Curry of Life (omg) filler saga. I mean it, it sucks, really. Don't watch it.
  • this show rocks

    this show rocks and is way better than those stupid magical girl shows, but the girls in this show ruined it, they all suck, all that sakura does is scream when she see's something scary but i like the action parts this show was ment for me (just kidding ha)
  • Greatest anime show ever (maybe except Eva) But Please don't watch the English translation! I mean, English subs are all right. But English voices (shudders in disgust), it just creeps me. I watched the preview from cartoon network w

    Greatest anime show ever (maybe except Eva)

    But Please don't watch the English translation!
    I mean, English subs are all right. But English voices (shudders in disgust), it just creeps me. I watched the preview from cartoon network website and suffered.

    Only the Jap. audio is worth watching in my opinion.

    Other than that, what can I say, most story lines are interesting. Even the more depressing ones. There is a standalone movie that ain't too bad and also another on the way. An a yearly standalone special episode.

    The current status of the series - an entire season that will only be a filler arc (according to an interview with head of the studio that produces the show) is extremly disappointing. However, it may be for the best, like the small arc around chapter 100, which was very nice.

    Well, That's all for now.
  • The show about a ninja out cast trying to be noticed the show has heart, action, and drama...easily a 10 out of 10

    I personally love the show, shure its now on cartoon network and of course its edited but to what extent can you edit a show based of a manga?
    the manga is very good and has 7 volumes out now, the cartoon is a beutiful work of art. there are only a few things that were edited: The amount of blood in each episode, the amount of cussing, and....uh....Oh teh sexy jutsu has a tad more smoke taht the origional, but all and all it did not fall from the manga tree.
  • Naruto Rocks!

    Naruto is actually a favourite show of mines because I find that this show has a strong and deep storyline. I find that Naruto is a fantastic show because of the good lightings and also good sounds. It’s not just the effects of the show that makes it great it’s the story line. It’s based on ninjas and shinobis and Naruto the main character has a dream. His dream is to become Hokage also known as the strongest ninja of the village. If all you people out there find Dragon Ball Z a classic show then watch Naruto NOW! You won’t regret it.
  • Completely unenjoyable and inexplicably addictive. As a recovering "Naruto" addict, take my advice: just say no.

    Before you accuse me of bias, let me just say that I watched 120+ episodes via Bittorrent, prior to its licensing (they're now past 150 episodes, I think). I readily admit that I'm a recovering "Naruto" addict. I still get the urge to watch it, on occasion, some horrible part of me whispering that this time, it'll be better.

    It never does. The characters are almost painfully-typical for anime. Naruto can be interesting on occasion, and Kakashi is sometimes amusing, but the cast is otherwise stale. And as for female characters, I may have a Y chromosome, but I'm STILL offended by how women are portrayed in "Naruto." Not once in all those episodes do I remeber seeing a female character achieve success without the help of a man, pathetic whining, shameless pleading, or using herself as a human shield. I know Japan still suffers from a certain amount of cultural sexism, but come on!

    And as for the plot, there isn't much of it because the writers and animators are extraordinarily creative in prolonging the agony. It is not uncommon to see the same exact scene repeated as a flashback three or four times in as many episodes. And we're not talking ten second clips, either.

    To make matters worse, "action" sequences are anything but, and one fight can take four episodes to finish. It takes a long time to fit in all the posing, mid-air epiphanies ("He countered my Chidori attack! Impossible!"), embarrassingly bad banter, and innumerable and interminable panning shots. (And by the way, the menacing music gets VERY old after fifty episodes.) The fights are all based on the same formula, predictable down to the poses the character take. In later episodes, good guys die along with the bad guys they were fighting, but it's not enough to make up for the complete lack of originality.

    And finally: the moralizing. Every once in a while, the show stands on the brink of exploring an ethical conundrum more complex than the morality of torturing infants, only to draw back with a shudder and spout tired platitudes with such reverence that I have to purge my system by reexamining my stance on mass murder, totalitarianism, and slavery. ("Phew! They're still wrong!")

    And if you're into moralizing, keep the following in mind: Kakashi is a thinly-veiled porn-lover (it gets more explicit later); another mentor is a porn-writer, peeping tom, and womanizer; and a major (female) character is a gambling addict, with an episode dedicated to contemplation of her assets. I'd also point out to parents that Naruto is not a good role model, as he has an urgent need for near-lethal doses of Ritalin, an ego the size of Jupiter, and an overpowering urge to solve problems with physical violence.

    But for some reason, after every excruciating episode, you feel the inexplicable urge to watch the next. Learn from my painful experience and stay away. Save yourself the time and trauma.
  • one of the coolest shows ever

    an orphan boy who had a demon sealed inside of him 12 years ago. 12 years later some think he is the demon or the demon can take over him anytime and is neglected by most of the chounin except one, and just tries to get attention by getting in trouble.i give it two thumbs up
  • This is so far the best Anime I've ever watched.

    Naruto is a great show. I personnally like it better in Japanese(with Eng subs), but the English Dub is coming along nicely too.
    The only problem is the fillers, or so I heard that the current episodes and not in the Manga, I sure hope it aint, because it sure as heck doesent have the same feel to it. I can't wait till the fillers end and they get on with the real story.
    Anyway. Naruto is great.

    Naruto was the biggest piece of coolness in japan, wonder how it'll fair here.

    Now then, before we begin, who gets their Naruto by ADVANCED means? If you do, you can go on ahead. If, you don't, I must warn you, You might not know what I'm talking about.

    Naruto is more then Ninja fun. It's a way of life. Soon after your 80th episode you will have what seems like it's own Blue Ribbon book. Naruto is NINJA COOL!!!

    SIDE NOTE:I do Costco Sundays, which almost every Sunday I go to Costco, when Naruto hit the English tv's, I was thinking Ninja Saturday. I am not responsible for what happens to your brain after I finish this sentence.

    I was then thinking.....NINJA SHOPPING WEEKEND!!!!!

    My older brother: .......................................................I think I just lost a whole bunch of brain cells.


    The storyline has yet to begun, but now, Naruto stinks, let's face it. But when he's in his first dangerous situation where he could die, he pulled out something out of his butt, and got out alive, allies still breathing. Soon after, he's a ninja. With his ninja teacher, and ninja comrades, and ninja headband (It exists.)


    The characters have yet to be introduced and deepen to the nth degree, but now, we got Naruto, the noisy little brat, Sakura, the female ninja that DOESN'T kick butt. Sasuke, some dark guy with a dark past and a brother that 1-ups him about as much as my brother 1-ups me. (deja vu?) And Kakashi, an old man (Not really.) that is pretty decent at the fine arts of butt-kicking.

    Again, this show has yet to display it's best parts, it's best characters, and it's most awesome match-ups. But now, you can enjoy the sad story, of some guy with a giant sword, (Evil Cloud?) and some girl...wait...she's a he?...whatever, and some boy lost on the path of life, with only 1 protect Evil Cloud.


    Again, this is just one season. We've yet to seen the real butt-whooping that is Naruto. All I can say is way and hold on to what you have, it'll satisfy.

    An 8 out of 10


    My older brother:Quit spreading my lines! It won't become original if people are saying it all the time!
  • The story about a kid with a nine-tailed fox sealed in him. He wants to be the top ninja of the village (the Hokage) but he's loud and tends to be a troublemaker.

    I\'ve been keeping up with the Japanese version and I\'m hoping the dub doesn\'t ruin it. Either way, Naruto is still Naruto and I\'ll be trying to get people hooked on it like they should be, lol. It has its slow parts, but overall it\'s awesome. A lot of reoccuring themes and such you should look out for. I love how you get to see some background for pretty much each main character and why they act the way they do in the present time. You'll see what I mean if you keep up with the anime. Oh, and the fight scenes are just amazing.
  • This show is a about a boy named Naruto and his dream is to be a Hokage(the best ninja in the Villge).

    This show sucks there voices don’t fit the character and there is no blood like in the manga also if u hear Naruto's voice it sound like a girl but his a boy They also don’t say some stuff right like Kuni and Hokage. If u read the manga or watch this show in Japanese but with subtitles like me u might agree or disagree with me. But I think they killed Naruto the manga and show (that’s in Japanese with subtitles).
  • It's cool

    I just started watching Naruto and so far I like it. I like how the creators dived into the whole ninja shinobi thing. It's like it actually existed. I love how each character is completely different from each other. But still I find the characters kind of cliche most times.
  • love the show

    srry if this is a spoiler to some of u well i love the episode with rock lee and gaara man what a fight i love them but that r with out a doubt one of the best fighters out in naruto period damn this is another anime they should have never brought to the u.s.....
  • this show is about a boy name naruto. He is twelve years old and goes lives in the village of the leaves. There is a school there to become. Inside him is a nine tail fox that ravage the villiage 12 years ago. Nearly everyone treat him as an outcast.

    This is a great show. It has action and its funny. i just started watching this show and its great. to me it is way better than dragon ball z. it got a good story and it is fun to watch. and the moves they do in there are cool.
  • So. freakin'. Awesome. Need I say more? Oooh, and and and *GASP* CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT in ANIME?! Wow. o_O;

    At first, I thought it was just some other typical anime everyone was raving on and on about. Sooner or later, though, curiosity urged me to at least watch one episode. When the dubbed version came on cartoon network, I thought it wasn't bad. Decent, I suppose.

    And then...the unthinkable happened. My friend let me borrow his Naruto episode CDs containing 145 episodes, and as soon as I watched the beginning of the subbed version...I was hooked.

    It's a wonderful thing, really, character development. You have Uzumaki Naruto, brash, stubborn, short tempered, but beneath his laughing exterior he hides a painful loss - the loss which enables him to grow stronger. He is the container of the nine tailed fox sealed within him as an infant. It's a horrible feeling, really, rejected by all the villagers simply because he is labeled as a monster, and it was heart breaking to see how he reacted when he realized he had someone who finally acknowledged his existence.

    The growth of all the characters is amazing. Haruno Sakura grows up from a naive, lovesick little girl into someone who actually wishes to fend for herself, to get stronger and stop depending on her her team. Uchiha Sasuke seems like a cold, apathetic person, but like Naruto, he has experienced the loss of an entire clan and learns to protect.

    The plot is too complicated to describe here, so I'll let the viewers see for themselves. :D Seriously though - it's a show not regretting about. Some parts will make you laugh, some parts will make you glues to the screen, and some parts will leave you crying.

    Brilliant. Wonderful. Marvelous.

    Just plain excellent.
  • I absolutley love this show!! The theme song just blows me away, for starters. Naruto is the funniest guy i have ever seen, but he still hasa serious side, like being a Hokage.

    I absolutley love this show!! The theme song just blows me away, for starters. Naruto is the funniest guy i have ever seen, but he still hasa serious side, like being a Hokage. It isn\'t for fame and everything, he just wants to be treated like a human being. Sauke adds a lot of tension between the two, and i really love his attitude. Unfortunatly, i\'m not to fond of Sakura. She\'s all \'i want Sasuke to love me, blah blah blah\'. Kakashi, even though i have only seen him once, is another of my favourites. Coll, collected, and very mysterious, but still carefree. i don\'t know how the show was in japanese, but if it rocks this much in English, the japanese version must be twice as awesome!!