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  • I love this show! The story line is very interesting, and they do a pretty good job with the anime. Unfortunately, the Japanese jersion is better, but what can you do?

    In the first few episodes, I have to admit, Naruto is really annoying, and part of me wants to just hit him a few times to see if that makes him smarter. But, luckily for us, he gets better as the show goes on, and saves everyone, and gains remarkable power (very cool ^_^). Personally, I like the Japanese verison better:
    1. They don't edit as much stuff out (especially when watching on cartoon network - toonami, they tend to edit a lot, even if unedited versions do come out occationally)
    and 2. The voices are just better, for the most part. In the English version, Naruto's voice is really annoying (I think), but most of the others are pretty good!
    Okay, I know it seems like I'm just ragging on this, but it is a really great show! So I recomend people watch it, even if the Japanese version is better, the English one is pretty good too!! ^_^
  • i now love this show it's good and could be better

    nartou is a show with many Genin and many secrets. starting with things hidden from the village and from nartuo him self. like his abilty to qucikly self heal. or him being the nine tial fox. or even who saskue wants to kill/destroy. the truth is always hidden in this village not saying any thing about village rivalry. there is also the truth about Hatake Kakashi past. or who killed his parents and his brother but beside the point it still could be better for starters it could use alittle more action and for a ninja village they fall for a lot of dumb crap. but thats all i'm telling you better read good
  • fun action and some interesting plots, however...

    ...i don't like the main character, Naruto. He's too brash and annoying. He's thinks only for himself and doesn't care about anyone else around him.
    Naruto is not a great hero like Spiderman, Aang, Luffy, Sonic, or Jack Bauer. He sucks.
    He needs to be fixed or else screw this show.
  • You think its good now, just wait till the good stuff.

    This is the greatest animation series ever made. its much better in Japanese but the point is that it touches on issues that really capture your attention. I have teared up in many episodes. if you don't think that can happen with a cartoon just give it a try. The emotional appeal is strong and somehow not corny. I say its better than 24 or Lost, and I love those shows
  • Better in Japanese

    This show is the best it is ten times better in japenese tho oh well i will just have to suck it up and watch it like it is. I first came to no the show cause of my friend he showed me it now i think i have like 143 epiosde on my computer any ways. it a good show :-D
  • Kinda annoying but funny...

    God,this show is annoying!Very annoying yet I like it!Hearing Naruto saying believe it is annoying as Ash Ketchum learning a freakin lesson at the end of every episode!But it's funny but it doesn't have the same humor as the manga does which keeps me wanting to reread it.I prefer the manga and although this show was good at the first episode with the cool fight scene I just wish it would become more adult with the same swearing the manga has.But overall considering this is a 10 to 14 audience this show may be shooting for it keeps up with the intended audience.I liked it its just after a few monthes maybe we can see a version for adults oriented watchers.
  • One of the best adaptations that I've seen from Toonami. A couple flaws but much better than most of the other stuff they come up with. Probably the second-best show on the kids' Cartoon Network.

    For a while before it came out, I kept hearing about Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. How cool it is, how awesome it is, how everyone wants to be Naruto. So I borrowed an issue of the comic from one of my friends and since then I've been hooked. Not very long ago I came across the first few episodes in Japanese. It did not let the manga down; the English version also has yet to disappoint me. One thing that annoyed me was that they kept the background music the same. I did not think that the bizarre shouting that is supposed to be a score was suited to the show. Other than the shouting, the score is pretty good, though.

    Also, I'm very disappointed in the theme song for the English version, as it seems to follow the "uncomprehensible shouting" school of music. Also, the ending credits music is just the guitar solo from the beginning. Couldn't they at least compose two different songs...? The Japanese version had some excellent music in the beginning/ending of episodes; this was not mirrored in Toonami's adaptation.

    The voice acting is on par, but not exceptional. Still, it's not as bad as the acting on most of the other shows of this genre. One particular thing that peeved me was the way they accented the first syllable of almost all of the names. For example "NAruto" instead of "NaRUto" like most people say. Also, "SAkura" versus "SaKUra" and "SAS-kay" versus "SaSUke". Only a minor annoyance, but I'm sure it bothered many people.

    Still, other than that, the show is really good! I love the animation, the art, the action, the twists, the turns, the characters, and of course ninjas are awesome...Naruto is a great show, despite a couple flaws.
  • very awsome show!

    I agree with metalkon91 they got the voices all wrong. BUt other than that i think that the show is totaly awsome. Also there sould be more blood, and if there is cussing then they should just go ahead and show it on adult swim. Who's with me?I should write a blog on that, i will.
  • Awsome show, worth anyones time

    This show is the best, youll be waiting every week for a new episode. Worthwile to watch and what could make it better if it was on adult swim instead. The voices could be a little bit better, but otherwise it is very good and worth it to watch. 2 thumbs up.
  • this is the best show ever

    this is one of the best shows ever i have never been so glued to the tv ever since i first discovered teenage mutant ninja turtles and teen titans. the fact that i already was obssed with ninjas played a big part too. it has action, romance, suspense, and comedy. they have hand signs that gather their chakra(physical and menatl energy) and use it to perform jutsus(powers that aid the ninja in battle). Each hand sign represents a zodiac animal. There's too much awesomness to explain it all you'll have to see it for your self. if you live in the us then you better start watching it now, before you get too behind
  • Very interesting. I kind of like the idea of the show.

    It's fun to watch, but sometimes the show just kind of goes on and on. I like the whole idea of it though, but I can't figure out what time period the show is in. Perhaps modern, but then again... maybe not. I think now that the show is out of it's opening, the show might pick up a bit and get going.
  • This isn't that great. I do not like how they dubbed Naruto. They got the voices wrong, especially Naruto. This should have all the blood and cussing it is supposed to have. I think it would have been better had it been on Adultswim instead of Toonami.

    I'm disgusted with the voices of Naruto. Naruto, Kakashi, and Shikamaru's voices i think are just bad. I hope the next characters that come up have better suited dubbed voices. This really should have been on Adultswim. It has violence and cussing. Toonami had to get it, not Adultswim. The Japanese episodes are a crap load better. I'm only watching to see how the voices are, like how I watched Fullmetal Alchemist or Inuyasha. The dubbed voices are suitable for those two animes. I wouldn't be so critical of Naruto had it been on Adultswim, because it would be uncensored.
  • In the Hidden Leaf village, a Nine-Tails fox demon attacks the village. The Fourth Hokage defeats and seals the Nine-Tails Fox demon inside a newborn male child. This child is Naruto. Naruto is looked down upon all of the adults. Twelve years later, Narut

    The manga of this show is phenomenal. The dubbed verision of Naruto is quite good. The voice actors of this show are faily talented and have good voices. The story follows the manga pretty closely as well. The dubbing company did well in their editings. Over all, great show indeed.
  • interesting

    Norootoe soska and sockerra are wasting for the jonin a eleste ninga tranoaar or senceai. He's late said Soskaddthen narootoe wants to play a trick on him. And ammazzly he falls for it. Soska says this can not be a jonenn. Then soccra says I told him not to do it sir. What I have gathered so f> is that you also are idiots. Now why don't not tell us all a little bit about eachother. Why not tell us about you first. fine my name is I forgot sinsi
  • This show is amazing i have never known a childrens TV show to make grown people cry. The essence of being loyal and leading an honest life is something missing from many programme sthese days

    This Programme really gets me excited. So much so that its always in my play list on both my PC's. I can waatch these episodes over and over again. Especially the battle episodes. The 134 episodes are amazing the story is different for every character yet the same. the messages sent out are hard hitting and tear jerking, they tug on the heart strings and form a connection between character and viewer.

    This programme is loved by many of my friends who are interested in managa. However, for those of people who like lots of story with all direction but no actual stimulation this isn't for you. The story is general as stated by somone else. But it is not your usual manga. It is rather like cowbow beebeop where spike is looking for julia. The essence is that they are on a inner journey all the rest is just what life throws at them.

    I do not agree with the statement - "they are being attacked for no reason" as the programme shows you all the history behind each scenaro and why it has resulted in a battle.

    well for all you hardcore manga/anime lovers this is deffinatly the one- not recently but i have no doubts that it will be as good as the 1st 135 episodes.

    Nuff respect to all the naruto fans out there. to those of you who do not like it. Its a shame.

  • New fave. This show so far is the best new show on Toonami. I love the way they keep going back to what is trapped inside him. I will never miss an episode!!

    New fave. This show so far is the best new show on Toonami. I love the way they keep going back to what is trapped inside him. I will never miss an episode!! I as the weeks go on I find myself antsy to see the next episode. So far the plot is riveting and overall great.
  • Wow. The US Adaptation is "WOW". I just saw one episode for 5 minutes & BAM, my new best friend!

    Other then Zatch Bell, Naruto is like the best anime on US adaptation. I like Naruto for many reasons. His voice is so silly, he's a pervert, he has no experience, anything will get you to like this character! Don't feel sorry for him, though. You can't stop laughing at that scornful kid. Poor Sakura though, her forehead is NO fivehead.
  • Naruto is a very good anime, but it could be a lot better. Naruto is about a 12 year kid that wants to prove himself to his ninja village. The only things stoping it from be one of the greats is way too many flashbacks and sometimes long, boring arcs.

    Naruto is a very good anime, but it could be a lot better. Naruto is about a 12 year kid that wants to prove himself to his ninja village. The only things stoping it from be one of the great classics is way too many flashbacks and sometimes long, boring arcs.

    The first thing I mention I hated was the amount of flashbacks. I mean this series sometimes flashback to the episode before it or does a flashback to earlier in the same episode. Our attention spands are getting shorter nowadays, but come on.

    I won't go into details over some of the long, boring arcs. I just will describe what I mean so as not to spoil it for some. The ones where Naruto group are just doing missions to waste time or not going after any of the main enemies.
  • This show is just so amazing it keeps a person intrested and just hooks them in. There are so many characters and plot development... it just incredeable.

    This is truley my peronal favorite. The plot just keep getting thicker and thicker. There are so many twists and turns... It's not like other shows where you know who is going to win a bout... when you think someone is going to win because of their strength the opposition comes out with some thing that makes them seem like their going to win... Then you start hoping they will win then you don't know... and you just keep on watching... The characters are also very deep it's not like you just see them and they have no purpose almost everyone has a purpose and has intresting personalities that just capativates the watcher... I myself got lost in the greatness of this show so much emotion, action, and adventure a must see for an action anime the best I have seen so far.
  • Naruto is about the Ninja Academy failure who becomes a shinobi and aspires to become hokage.

    Naruto is a great anime with a variety of characters. The animation is simple, clean, and easy on the eyes while the action is perfectly balanced with humor and drama. I was introduced to the show a few years ago and download the most recent episodes off the internet every week. The American dub is not as good as the original Japanese but rarely is it ever.

    My favorite aspect of Naruto are the characters and the different abilities that are special to each shinobi whether they be just a genin or a hokage.

    The show gets better and better as the anime progresses and the best characters are yet to come, my favorites being Rock Lee and Gaara of the Sand.

    I recommend everyone watch the japanese episodes if they don\'t feel like waiting for the American dubs every saturday on Toonami (cartoonnetwork) and read the manga.
  • Toonami makes a perfect move.

    Naruto is a troublemaking student who wants to become the next hokage. But everyone calls him the nine-tailed fox, a monster that attacked a village twelve years ago, killing many shonibis. Naruto has been grouped up with two classmates named Susuke and Sakura. One problem, though -- they both hate him.

    Naruto loves girls. He'll do anything to grab a porno or sneak into the girls' locker rooms. He has invented a jutsu himself called the Sexy Jutsu, in which he can transform himself into a nude, sexy woman, censored by the clouds that were created from the transformation. This little technique was very funny to me, because in one episode, Naruto combined the Shadow Clone jutsu and his Sexy jutsu to win a fight between an instructor for the hokage's grandson.

    The first few episodes cover the basics of becoming a ninja so the show won't lose its viewers in a forest of confusion. Although it is fantasy, the show's lessons on becoming a "ninja" is very detailed.

    The show has already become hugely popular in Japan, and I already know the series before it got translated and transferred to America. Toonami was losing viewers ever since Zatch Bell and a few other ridiculous animes started to air on it. Seeing that it already had over 500 ratings on, I'm guessing Toonami will recover most of their lost viewers.

    Naruto brings humor and action into play, often both at once.
  • This is a great show with some wackingly funny moments, great animation,some cool action, and great VO's!

    Let me start off with the facts. A Naruto anime developed in Japan. It was a very popular anime soon leading to Naruto games.
    (sadly haven't debuted in the U.S but it will)
    This is a great show with some pretty cool animation since FLCL! If you're someone who loves anime, then please look at this show on
    Cartoon Network Saturday at 9:00 p.m! You'll love this anime!
  • naruto

    naruto is a animated japanees manga cartoon. it is about an evil nine tailed fox who wans trapped by a hokage. it was then trapped into a new born baby; that new born babies name was naruto. naruto is a strange kid because believ it or not, he has no parents. later on in life naruto wants to become a ninja, so he joins a ninja school.


    naruto is a 12 year old boy who wants to becom a ninja.

    saske is also a 12 year old boy who wants pay back on someone, (his brother)

    sakura is a very inteligant girl in the same group (see episode 3 for more) as saske and naruto.

    kakashi is the teacher of group 7 (group 7:naruto, saske and sakura)

    ino is an enimy of sakura; they use to be best friends.

    hinita is the shiest character in the show, she also has a crush on naruto.
  • Best show

    love this show i start it and I am going to watch every episode and I hope they make movies out of this show I hope they show every single episode and I want a poper ending for this show I also read Manga books of this show and I like it.
  • now a days , there are numerous of great anime series being released . Though , only a few can be named as the best . With many positive reasons , Naruto can classify as one in that catergory .

    now a days , there are numerous of great anime series being released . Though , only a few can be named as the best . With many positive reasons , Naruto can classify as one in that catergory . . . it has great detail , also fine plot ! ! characters have awesome personailtys ! ! plus it is actioned packed so far as i can c ! !
  • This is the first time that I've ever rated something other than Teen Titans with a 10!

    Blood,demons,fighting ninjas,a whole lot of crazy things happening,and an ignored/amusing kid?Sounds like something I'll sit and wait for to be on every day. This is the first show that I've rated 10 other than Teen Titans! What does that mean you ask? That means,I think it's awesome.I've only seen three episodes,and I already think it's great! There's a whole lot of fighting,some drama,and some rivalry,so it got me hooked after I saw the first episode,though I don't think my parents would approve of me watching it what with all the times Naruto turns into a nearly seen naked girl. Oh well,I still watch it anyway,just like I watch Inuyasha and FullMetal Alchemist(Though I don't think they show anything that bad,other than blood,but that's not too bad,is it?) Final words:I think there should be a lot of people that will find this show pretty awesome.
  • naruto is i guess a pretty good show it will take time to get better but non the less its on its way to the top

    naruto is okay but it needs more of a storyline but it is funny there also only been 2 episodes so it should get better. also naruto reminds me of flame of recca because there both ninja but also different to ways of ninja so fans of naruto shold love flame of recca.
  • Young orphaned boy trying to make it in the world of ninja set out to be his villages next leader!

    I\'ve been into anime since I was a kid and have never stopped. I\'ve seen some of this series subbed and loved it, but I was a little concerned how well the dubbed and censored version would be. But I am happy to say it is still excellent! Watch it!
  • Who would have thought voice actors could truly affect the outcome of a show when you have previously watched it, in its original airing?

    Basically, I sat there waiting patiently for the premiere of Naruto, excited and nervous all togther. Why? Well After watching the series in Japanese I was worried that when it would air on cartoon network I may not like it but I would still give it a chance. When I first watched the intro to the series where they speak of the nine tails it was alright, nothing to complain about however when I heard Naruto's voice, I twitched. I mean it was similar but very high-pitched to me so I let it slide. Than came the opening song....why did they even bother?
    Back to the episode as I watched and heard the voices I laughed, not because I was enjoying the episode it was more like I couldn't believe the actors they picked for it! And how many ways have they tried to say Naruto's name? It's pathetic! I tolerated it, and I'll watch it because I haven't heard Sasuke's voice or Kakashi's so if there voice actors do a swell job I'll watch as much as my ears can tolerate but if great show down the drain for me.
  • Badum

    I have actually never watched an epsisode of Naruot but I have read the mangas. I love Naruto epsecially and their teacher Oh Kami I can't remember what his name was. He's the dude with the eye. Oh that sounded lame but yeah he's awesome I like all his teachings. But as soon as this airs on NZ Tv I am so watching it no matter what time. Well maybe not at One in the morning.