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  • 12 years ago, a kyubi attacked the village; many ninjas died, but the 4th Hokage sealed the demon within a baby. As a result, the adults see the kid Naruto Uzumaki as a demon. Naruto is part of a team of three: Sasuke, Sakura and their instructer kakashi.

    The dub is freaking awesome as heck. they kept the original names and hardly edited anything out. the fights are cool and the jutsu are classic. the voices are pretty good and they fit their characters well. when i first saw this show my jaw literally dropped at the fight scenes and I laughed whenever naruto did something stupid or funny... This show is really good
  • Words can not begin to decribe Naruto....................................................

    Naruto one of the best anime shows I have seen yet. I haven't seen any other anime thats caught my eye since Inuyasha and Dragonball Z. It might be even better in my eyes. It started as a manga story.......
    Uzumaki Naruto a young orphan boy with a fox demon inside of him..........
    WHO knew it would be so awsome I must a very good plot to it.
  • Seriously funny...thats what life was ment to be

    If you don't like it u need more help now then ever. Fighting, Magic and reality have been mixed into a perfect picture. If you disagree leave a message i have a issue to take up with you. If you haven't seen it take a look. And be ready because tou'll be hooked.
  • did you know naruto was never supposed to be on in the U.S. , really it's true it was in a anime magizine and the next thing you know it it in the U.S.!

    I heard about Naruto in a anime magazine, and it said that naruto wasn't going to appear in the U.S on tv well i have just one word for that! wroooong it is now on in america.
    Anyway Naruto is about a boy named naruto that is very mischeiveous but it's becuase he wants some attention ! he is goes to school but it's a ninja training school for ninja's and if you fail, it could be your last in living! one day naruto was asked by a teacher to steal a big huge scroll that has every ninja skill ever imagined when naruto takes the scroll his sensei comes and tells naruto to put the scroll back but naruto doesn't want to becuase he's learning some of the skills in the scroll so he won't fail miserably in his class, then the one of the teacher tells him that naruto actually is the nine tailed fox demon, naruto was shocked by it and ran away later on he is back at his class naruto was able to do the skill , naruto is very funny and very much like one piece.
  • Oh man, when my friend told me this show was coming I thought it would be bad, but it's funny as hell!

    Even though only two episdoes have been released it's still an awesome show. Naruto, the character, is funny as hell. The show has good plots, amazing character backgrounds, and comedy, action, and romance mixed into one, much like all good animes.Even tohugh it only comes on every saturday, I seriously suggest watching it.
  • A story about a boy striving to be hokage of his village but dealing with having a demon inside him.

    A great show. The story line is great and its very interesting and easy to understand. Its a great show that i would reccomend to all people who love anime or just love action. This show is filled with things that every person would like no matter what kind of thing you are interested in even comedy. Because this is just as funny as it is "actiony".
  • Hey Naruto, (every anime ever) wants their ideas back. I've seen more entertaiment in my toilet than this show. Seriously why do they rush the story so fast, there's no room for explanations.

    Like I said, there's no room for explanations in the beginning as it pertains to how easy or difficult it is to transform, just poof I'm somebody else. Stop cloning already and get back to the story. Yu Yu hakusho had a spirit gun but did he use that in EVERY episode, NO! The animation is obviously great for an anime, and that's the only positive you'll get. A diarreah episode? Come ON! Another thing, if they pull that hero saves somebody at the last second garbage again---I'll, I'll. Ninetailed fox? Hey Pokemon, someones watching you and they're giving you free publicity with that pokeball on the back of Naruto's rival's jersey, that they turned into a ping pong paddle! I give all anime a chance but this one if filled with far too much inane nonsense that most people shold not care less about. I know I don't care about ramen and scrolls unless there's something interesting invovled. Naruto-you're lucky you come on at a "dead" timeslot like Saturday nights, other wise the fans wouldn't give a crap and do something more meaningful like reading a phone book-it's just as original and almost as repetitive.
  • This show is great! A lot of cool characters and other stuff... Go Cavs Go Blue

    This show is great! It's already a personal favorite after only two superb episodes. It has a great diversity of characters. And pretty good plots. Their tecniques and spells are really cool. I feel this show will become a Cartoon-Network fan favorite. If you haven't watched this show yet, then watch it, you'll like it...

    Go Cavs
    Go Blue
  • this show is consantly about a kid that want to become hokagebut it wasn't easy as he continue with perservance and never giving up and so determine that they actually create a good main charcter anyway he get these 2 teannateO(you can call them friends l

    absoutely the best show I ever seen this is the most fantastic over 300000 plus jpan have seen this show and were amazed of it this is got to be the best show ever seen i mean what other anime coulf ocmpete this show i lol i love tihs show it w
  • If you haven't seen Naruto, you haven't seen the best Japan has to offer.

    Uzumaki Naruto is a human vessel of a nine tailed demon fox (or Kyuubi) that pillaged villages and destroyed mountains. The Fourth Hokage, the 4th top ninja, sealed the fox in Naruto. The plot is genius, and the action beats DBZ by a long shot. But after the praising comes the flaws. The main flaws are in the dub. The dub is actually half decent, but Naruto's voice is not done well. At least it's uncut. So, if you're looking for amazing ninja action, watch Naruto. Or better yet, watch the japanese version. The VA for the Japanese version is flawless as well.
  • I am in no way at all a manga fan I prefer American comics. So I never read Naruto before, although I love anime with such a great passion. This has to be my new favorite.

    Well as I said before I am a big anime fan and so when I watch a little of adult swim, a cartoon network commercial sometimes comes on. It was for Naruto I was skeptical thinking it would be a 4Kids Slaughter, even though it isn't even made by 4Kids thank god. So when it came on that Saturday night I was blown away. This anime was amazing, not dumb down for the kiddies and not over the top adult more like in the middle. The story is new and fresh for an anime like this, and the V.O isn't so bad that you will gouge your eyes out (It's a little sketchy though, but not anything that bad).

    Plus this reminded me of a Nintendo game, why well this might sound ridiculous but maybe it was because, of the interesting characters and colorful new world. I can't say anything negative about this except the dialogue will get a little repetitive, then again this looks like a loooooooong anime. So maybe their first few episodes are going to get you to remember things.

    If you’re an anime fan.. WATCH THIS NOW!

    Plus I do think this will become a huge franchise, that will finnally get it's place in the U.S.
  • One of those rare shows which gives you that rare feeling in your stomach

    Funny, exciting, innovative, what more could you want in a tv show.This is my personal favorite show and i reccommend this to anyone who wants to watch a good show. It has lots of humour, innovative and exciting action, and a few sad scenes that can really make you have "something" in your eye.
  • uhh hmm maby

    i think this show is great but its not on in many places so i cant wait to watch it on tv ^_^ i think its gonna be one of the best shows on tv!!!! theres lots of great shows but this one is one of the best!! yeah!! yeah!!
  • uzumaki naruto is on his quest of trying to become the next hokage so everyone will acknowledge his existence this is one of the greatest animes i realllly love it

    well i liked naruto because some really good action in it and also the storyline is really good i think alot of people will really enjoy it if you like anime definitely should see naruto!!1 it has alots of good elements in it its got some nudity when naruto does "orioke no jutsu" but i wouldnt worry since hes covered by smoke well what dont know what to tell ya but just watch it and i promise by the first 10 or 20 youll definitely want some more!!!! :)
  • Nice, Very nice

    A friend of mine introduced me to the Naruto series, and I have liked it from the first moment I saw Gaara of the Sand walk across the screen! I am now engaged with trying to watch all of the episodes starting with the very first one, and I am impressed beyond measure by it's storyline, which manages to combine action, adventure, humor, science fiction/fantasy, and coming-of-age elements all in one. I wouldn't recommend it for young children due to some very dark elements which surface and, of course, violence. However, the very dark elements succeed in intensifying the storyline, and in character building. All the characters are very unique, no cookie-cutter fill-ins here!, and the bad guys are especially well developed. This is a far cry from Skeletor and Cobra which were the villains of my youth (and oops, I've just dated myself). The only drawback I can think of are the excessively long battle scenes, which can take up several episodes. The number of episodes in proportion to the importance of the battle.
  • this is a awsome anime everyone should watch it!

    it is about ninja boy naruto who has the legendary 9 tail in him everyone rejects him and thinks him as an monster that should be destroyed he finds teammates in the two sasuke and sakura after learning to be a ninja they have many hard ships together like there very first a class mission!
  • best show ive ever seen.

    you will like it to . dont miss the premeir.
    i encorage you to watch this show on cartoon network/toonami on september tenth(10th) at 9.00-10.00.

    this show is better than any show ive ever seen.better than south ;park,futrama,and dragonballz .and if you miss it you can watch it again at 9.30.

    starts september 10th 9.00
    2nd episodeseptember 10th 9.30
  • 1 000 000/10

    This is the best animation I have ever seen. It's wonderful drama and superb storylines give it a 1 000 000 out of 10. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto who had a demon sealed within him at birth, the sadness and anger of the horrid things the demon caused is channeled directly to him, some even deny him the right to exist. Naruto, being innocent and oblivious of the demon sealed within him is sad and lonely and once he finds out about the demon, instead of abusing it's powers he vows to becom Hokage(Village Champion) whom everyone has the most respect for. As the story progresses you may even become a Narutard(Naruto Fanantic) and claim this is the best story in the world. The real only flaw was made by the villans at the animation studio by tampering with Kishimoto's flawless story, as a result some ignorant people even hate the characters.
  • Follows the story of a young boy, Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha villages number one loud mouth and clumsy ninja, sealed within him is a "Demon Fox", one that almost destroyed the village 12 years ago and his journey to become "Hokage" the title given to the vill

    Easily one of the best animes to come out of Japan in a long time and with an extremely large fanbase, its easy to see why Naruto has become as popular as it is and is set to become more popular when it airs in the US very shortly.
    It has it all, comedy, action and drama all rolled into one with a very well written storyline, its hard not to be hooked.
    The characters are the key to the show, each one special and lovable in their own way, yet all with their own story to tell.

  • Naruto was a boy possessed by the Legendary Nine-Tails fox after it attacked his village in his early youth. Experiencing cruelty and a hard childhood, he grew up nonetheless care-free, optimistic, caring, energetic, and determined -aspiring to be a Hokag

    Naruto is one of the longest Anime Series to come out in the last few years. Based on an original manga by Masashi Kishimoto, it has been dubbed the most popular Anime in Japan for quite a time, and has caught a lot of foreign fans even before it's debut in Cartoon Network on September 10, 2005.

    With very innovative ninja techniques called jutsus, the action is often fast paced, and the plot is engaging.

    Themed around a world of ninja villages, this anime has a lot interesting character development, a lot believable emotional material, as well as plenty of comedic scenes.

    The animation quality is very good, and the music is highly praised.

    It is worth checking out, and it is very easy to like.
  • One of my favorite anime of all time...

    ... if it weren't for the filler arcs! ARGH!

    It's currently the only anime I download every single week. What started as a casual reading (of the manga) turned into an addictive "When's the next episode gonna be released" roller coaster.

    Unfortunately, the constant filler arcs prevent me from giving the show a 10.

    It's the classic tale of friendship, growing up, hardships only not sugarcoated. There's violence, there's blood, even death of the good guys.

    Everybody cried when Haku and Zabuza died. You know you did!

    A new and refreshing take of human bondage, growing up, the hardships of life. It's like growing up all over again!
  • Naruto is just one anime for many people, but for me, it's the best and only anime that made me re-view (so far) 14x all the episodes released so far.

    Naruto is a kid who fights with all his guts to achieve his goal of being Hokage, and complete his missions. The anime itself is suited for those who used to love or loves Dragon Ball. If you watch the 5 first episodes, you will ask for more, and I am not teasing.

    The philosophy and the story of Naruto is just the best I have ever seen in an anime / movie.

    The way they talk about the meaning of life, the reason why does anyone live, other feelings that some might have experienced, it's all showed in Naruto.

    Words can't describe how good Naruto is, Naruto can only be seen in it's trully good and amazing anime with Naruto's episodes and Naruto's story!

    Hail the anime Naruto!
  • Struggling to become acknowledged by the people of his village, Uzumaki Naruto embarks on his own way of the ninja. With his teammates Sakura and Sasuke, his group teacher, Kakashi, and the rest of the rookie genins, we watch as he grows as a skilled nin

    I love this show because not only is it a crucially action packed show, it also holds humour that never goes dry. It definitely possesses all of the quirks i look for in a television show. Although at times, some of the characters appear to be a tad overpowered, they always reveal a flaw in their techniques that make them vulnerable. The ones who appear to be lacking in physical or mental strengths can even come out shining as one of the best.

    Over all, this show is one that i can see continuing for a few years yet.
  • The time of DBZ is over, here comes Uzumaki Naruto. One of the best shows that is out and hopefully will become a franchise like the DragonBall series.

    Naruto is one show that no person should miss. The show's in depth characters and mystery makes it worth watching. Japan's creator only halfway through the series and already the anime has made it over to the United States has to tell you that the show will be a smash hit.

    I give the show a 9.8 because the animation seems to start lacking after episode 20, but the story keeps you on your toes. I recommend reading the manga before watching because our television will have censored parts.
  • Geat, Awesome

    9.9 because it's addicting, and I hope that the dub will not suck. I am already lucky that 4KIDS the Anime killer did not pick this up. If 4kids did... No more Sexy-No-Jutsu, Ero-Sennin is screwed, etc.

    The Japanese version is just awesome.. Nothing else.. just awesome.

    I rated -0.1 because this show uses one thing that annoys me the most. FLASHBACKS. HOLY, GEEZ Flashbacks are like frikkin 1 minute long and annoying because it's killing my viewing pleasure. But most aren't that long just annoying but I can live with it.
  • The compelling chracters and gripping storylines make Naruto a must watch.

    Naruto has to be one of my absolute favorite animes. All of the characters are incredibly well developed, and likable. The storylines span large amounts of episodes but very rarely feel too long or monotonous. Naruto finds a perfect blend between action, drama, and comedy. This is truly one anime not to miss.
  • Awsome show. One of THE best Anime.

    Naruto has become one of my favourite shows for many reasons. The characters are classic and the interaction between them are really classic. There is plenty of comedy in it with awsome action and storyline. I was hooked after seeing the first episode, and it just kept getting better and better as the series moves along. I hope they keep the awsome and original music when it comes to north america. I think it will be a great success.
  • Young Uzimaki Naruto has been outcasted from his village and shuned by his peers. For inside him lurks the nine tails fox demon that once threatend to destroy the village. But against all odds Naruto will become Hokage!!!

    Okay this anime will be known as the dragonball z killer. pretty soon you will be seeing kids with naruto t-shirts and other accessories. Video games will be plentyful and you will have no clue about what kids are talking about. Naruto is that addictive and it will be the next big thing out of Japan. The tale is about a young boy named Naruto who dreams of becoming the strongest ninja in his village. But he is not what you would call a stealthy genious ninja. He actully has the reputation of being the number one loudest ninga in the village. He also grew up very alone. He was given the power of the nine tales fox demon by the 4th hokage. People dispise Naruto thinking that he is actually the fox demon reincarnated. So Naruto's dream is to become the Hokage ( head village ninja ) and have everybody recognize him.
  • Naruto is definitely a personal favorite for me.

    Hmmm.... the use of ninjas in an anime is a pretty old concept isn't it? DEFINITELY!!! So what do you do to try to turn this old concept into a new anime that a majority of people will like? MODERNIZE IT!!! What do you get if you do this? NARUTO!!!

    Hehehe... Naruto has truly been a trendsetter in anime for these past few years. A couple years ago, people would've been like "Naruto? What are you talking about?", but now, saying Naruto in the general anime-watching public will give you remarks such as "OMG, did you see the latest episode!?!?!?". Personally, I enjoy Naruto too. This was definitely another anime that I got hooked into after the first episode.

    The question is though, why do I like Naruto? For me, it isn't because I want to follow the trend, but because of it's originality. Over the past 10 years of anime that I've seen, I've only seen one other anime where the main character is a total idiot, and when I mean that, I mean that they're not pretending, but truly have rocks for brains. One Piece and Naruto definitely have the main character as a total buffoon. Sure you can say that the underlying theme of this show isn't that great in which "If you try hard enough, you can be whatever you want to be", but still this show definitely sticks out. Along with the action/comedy mixture that seems to grown to be very successful, this show perfectly creates an entire world that makes you wonder if Naruto may have some strand of truth in it.

    Anyways, what also makes Naruto pretty good is that although this show tends to revolve around Naruto, it also successfully creates stories and hidden motives present around the people who constantly interact with Naruto. Besides all the symbolism present in like almost every episode (yes I sound like some kind of English geek), this show also presents some of the best animated fight scenes that I've seen in a while. Also, although the characters continue to perform moves that seem too fanastic to believe possible, they continue to follow along with the basic physics present in the real world. Finally, it is just fun to see how ninjas would interact flawlessly with the modern world that we know of without the spontaneous "huh, that doesn't seem right" kind of feel that people can get when watching a show like Samurai Champloo. In other words, in Naruto, there is a constant that helps you realize exactly what kind of time period the show is in while Samurai Champloo seems to bombard the viewer with stuff from the past that should've already been solved if the other stuff present in the show exist.

    Naruto is definitely one of the milestones in the long road of anime that has been created since around the 80s. Unfortunately, the only problem that I can see with this show is that the creators are trying to draw out too much excitement from a scene that occurs in the show. As a result, people are starting to lose interest because of its refusal to keep it "short, but sweet". Indeed this isn't the fault of the the creator of Naruto, but instead it is the fault of the creators of the show because of its attempt of trying to keep the show as short as possible while coinciding with the manga. The only problem right now is that the anime is catching up to the manga too rapidly even as it is now so they have to create fillers to slow down the show which is unintentionally discouraging people from watching the show. The creators of the show should've waited about another year or so to create the anime so that the show can continue its storyline at a faster pace with hope that the manga might end sometime soon.
  • Great, seemingly endless ninja series. Not quite perfect...

    Before the start of the year 2003, I had heard very little of the adventures of Uzumaki Naruto. However, that which I had heard was all very very positive. So, I took the liberty of ordering the first 126 episodes over eBay, and I have not regretted it since. Naruto is silly, impressive and above all highly addictive, partly because almost every episode ends on a cliff-hanger. It was interesting to track the development of the visuals over time, and by the time the Chuunin Selection Exam came up, the various effects were almost film quality. It was a joy to watch.

    However, yes there is indeed a however, I did find that many of the various story arcs took far, far too long to conclude. The one with Zabuza, for example, had me yawning every time they had the nerve to show us a flashback of what happened just five minutes previously. I can also imagine that, for someone tuning in to a randomly selected episode, figuring out what the blazes is going on would be an ordeal and a half without somebody explaining to them what had happened in the previous hundred-odd episodes. It is not very new-user friendly, a disturbing likeness to the Dragonball series.

    On the other hand, from watching it all the way from the beginning I can safely say I have very much enjoyed Naruto thus far. It is funny, emotional and looks spectacular, even if it does draw out longer than is necissary ('draw out' hahaha).