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  • A shinobi who wants to be Hokage sets out on a journey blah blah blah. It's a typical ninja show with small people on steroids. The best part is the enemies that they make. **SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES**

    First of all, this show is not as great as it is shown to be. The manga is a lot better. The thing that sucks the most is all of the fillers. The show might as well be called 'Sasuke' now considering it's barely about Naruto, all about, 'finding Sasuke'. Well, at least in the manga they have some guy on guy action, in the show they only kiss. I mean, seriously, just make out with Sasuke already Naruto! You know you want to! Oh, and what's up with Sakura on steroids all of a sudden? She got her butt handed to her by Dosu and his pals. Oh, and what's up with Hinata all of a sudden? And Neji the 'genius'? Now, all of the Sanin who are oh so powerful are being flicked off? And what up with Kabuto eating Oro-chan? Also, Itachi dying, what's Sasuke's point anymore? Not Oro-chan's new host, not going after Itachi anymore. The real enemy is the leaf village considering they were the ones who made Itachi kill his clan in the first place. And the akatsuki? They are so powerful they are also being kicked off like flies. Seriously, this show is going to hell. I didn't like the whole whiney ninja thing either, and thought it would be cool to see them all grown up and the akatsuki and Oro-chan play roles at the same time, but now I regret it. Sasuke is all powerful, Oro-chan and Ita-chan are dead. Where's Kisame? And why is Kakashi so weak now, when before it was "OMG KAKASHI!" I just don't get it. Honestly, you all think it's the greatest show on earth, you have to get out of your box and find new anime. Go watch some yaoi, catch an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, or Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Naruto uzmaki is a class clown who wants to be the Hokage the most top ranked ninja. He was always hated by the older villagers since he has the nine tailed fox sealed within him!!! Which destroyed the village 12 years ago... What will happen as a ninja??

    Naruto is awesome with all its action pack thrills and surprises!!!! I love i strated watchin it for almost a year and a half and been hooked on it ever since!!! I even managed to be almost 100 episodes ahead from the english version of naruto!! Wicked.... I fell in love with it once i saw it!!! I will never stop watchin Naruto and i love Sasuke and Sakura!!! Hinata to she is Great is sweet that she has a crush on Naruto and Kakashi too that perve haha!!!! I wonder wat awaits for Naruto and sasuke the two rivals that thought they were brothers!!!
  • its good but it could be better

    A show all about Ninja and a boy named Naruto, the boy who has Kyuubi sealed inside him. Naruto the hyperactive knucklehead ninja has many adventures and missions while trying to become Hokage like the 4th Hokage who sealed Kyuubi inside of him. Adventures such as rescue missions, Sound four missions and the deadly rage of the Akatsuki missions, Naruto will have to face each and evreyone of these crises in order to become the top ninja he wants to be. Other ninja like Sakura the apple of his eye Kakashi his sensei and many others will be helping him in this action packed show.
  • Hurricane Chronicles isn't as good.

    This show is totally the best. First of all Naruto started off as a character that had no idea but was still funny. Second of all he has improved way much and is now the strongest Genin out there now he can kick Sasuke's butt and beat Orochimaru. Masashi Kishimoto is such a big genuise and is the manga artist writer out in Japan for this master piece. Now Sakura is starting to like Naruto herself and hating Sasuke and is getting respected all day Naruto himself rocks wow this show is just amzing with all the fighting and action in this show 10 out of 10 duhhhh.
  • Awsome show.

    I love this show, it is so good. It's got good action, and great battles, and the manga is awsome. I love the fights, they're so well thought out. I think this is my second favorited show. It has great action, and enought comedy to suport it. this show so totaly rocks. I like the dub better for this show, I wish it was on Adult Swim. The show has good ainmation, and has some of the best theme songs I've ever heard, except for the two dubbed theme songs they had at the begining. this show is so good, i own all part 1 of the manga, and I read the new chapters online.
  • OMG this show rocks!!!!

    This show is totally the best. First of all Naruto started off as a character that had no idea but was still funny. Second of all he has improved way much and is now the strongest Genin out there now he can kick Sasuke's butt and beat Orochimaru. Masashi Kishimoto is such a big genuise and is the manga artist writer out in Japan for this master piece. Now Sakura is starting to like Naruto herself and hating Sasuke and is getting respected all day Naruto himself rocks wow this show is just amzing with all the fighting and action in this show 10 out of 10 duhhhh.
  • It is about an orphan named Naruto,who wants to be hokage.

    Here's my Remake of my 7th review of Naruto.Let's start Naruto greaduates from ninja school and passes Kakashi test.Naruto tries to protect this bridge builder,from two ninjas.After Naruto saves the bridge builder's life,along with two teammates.The two teammates are Saukua and Sasuke.So they take a ninja exam,called Chunin Exam.The cruddy exam contains a written exam,a survivng exam,and a combat exam.They pass the first two exams.In the third exam the ninjas have to fight in tournanet like event.Naruto,and Sasuke passed,while Sakura's match ended in a draw.Sasuke lost a match a match against a Sand ninja named Garra.Naruto barley won against Garra,soon Naruto and Sasuke have two fights,the first was a tie.The second was Sasuke won the fight.It all goes dowhill from here.The fillers are very crappy.In one episode they was cooking.COOKING!!COOKING!!That's the best they can do for this show!!Also the dubs is horrendus,they make Naruto more annoying than the oringinal.Watch this show in Japansese with subtitles.This is LSUstinks11 telling you a good night.
  • A simply amazing anime

    Wow, all I can say is wow. The first time I saw Naruto I was shocked, not about the violence, but it was very, "odd",(Sexy jutsu, odd characters etc.) but after a few episodes I started to get somewhat involved in the plot. And look at me know, reading translated Japanese manga and watching subbed Shippudden, I went from a shocked viewer to an oh-so colorfully dubbed "Narutard". Now the actual review, in case you don't know or you are against all forms of multimedia(If that is the case, why are you here?)the story is about the adventures of NarutoWho would have guessed? who wants to become the leader of his village, Konaha or "Village Hidden in the Leaves" known as Hokage, only there's a slight problem, a demon known as Kyuubi or "Nine-tailed Fox" is sealed inside of him, which attacked his village when he was a baby, the Hokage barely managed to seal it inside of Naruto, sacrficing himself in the process, so everyone loathes him. While it all may sound a tad cliche the story unfolds and becomes a twisted tale of broken bonds and empty promises. While the ninja action is flashy and "cool". It is a mere side-note compared to the amazing story. I really cannot find much wrong with it.
  • classic japenese anima in english language

    i love this show. it has all the things that i look for in a t.v. show. it is my most definite favorite show i cant get enough of the action. it goes through in like sections of different missions. like orichimaro taking sauske and naruto wanting him back. theres going to be a total section on all that and with saukuras trainning on being a healing ninja. they will probably be tons and tons of episodes talking about trainning and trying to get orochimaro since hes doing most of the crimes now or encouriging it like the prison break. the end
  • Naruto is my favorite show of all times and it totally rulez TV.

    Naruto is about a show that a boy named Naruto has no parents and is disliked by the whole village. The reason everybody hates him is that he has the nine tailed fox in him and that it destroyed the whole village twelve years ago and they are afraid of him. Naruto wants to become hokage of the village and he has a crush on a girl named Sakura. Sakura has a crush on Sasuke and all the girls like him. Naruto hates Sasuke and he is jealous of him and he wants to compete against him in everything and challenge him to everything.
  • omfg naruto is the bestest show in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    naruto is the best show because it has it all:humore,adventure,fighting,and an awesome plot.unlike alot of shows nowadays this one has a plot to follow the story.The plot is that this kid named naruto uzumaki is shunned by the villagers because he has a demon inside him that almost destroyed the village 12 years ago.Naruto whants to be hokage(best ninja in the village) so everyone will respect him and acknoledge him.But now there is a twist in the story.His friend Sasuke Uchiha had left the village and now naruto wants to get him back at all cost becuase he also promised a friend.All in all its an awesome show with all the drama,humore,adventure,and suspense on a few epsiodes.If you watch the show it would be so much better than how i am describing it.Just watch the show to get a feel for it and if you dont like it then well ur such a smoof fo brains!!!!!!!!!Naruto is da best FOREVER and EVER so watch the show and you'll like it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In the world of ninja naruto is a loser but over time grows strong and and overcomes many obsticles his dream is to one day become hokage of the village hiddin in the leaves

    I think this is a great anime the best on cartoon newtwork by far the way the show is drawn is very cool and fast paced the characters are well put together my personel favorite would have to be naruto the show has a solid plot and very good fight scenes but one thing I have to point out is the amount of filler in this series especially after naruto and susuake fight it out I simply cant take any more filler episodes but other then that this is a very good show and new episodes should be played more often
  • Wow

    Naruto is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi who wants to obtain the title of Hokage. However, an incident occured 12 years ago, when a demon fox attacked the village; many shinobi fell, until the 4th sealed the demon within a baby. As a result, the adults see Naruto as the demon. Now a Genin, Naruto is part of a three-man team - the members are Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their instructor, Kakashi. Together, they will face many challenges, make friends, face deadly enemies, and try to survive each other.

    Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles (aka: Naruto: Shippuden) takes place 2 1/2 years after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. Upon his return, Naruto finds out that everyone has surpassed him in rank, and he's fallen behind. However, with only 6 months left to rescue Sasuke, Naruto must face even more dangerous enemies. As Akatsuki's plan unfolds, and Naruto slowly loses himself to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, it becomes clear that more dangers await Naruto than ever before! Thi is a good show at the end
  • its so freakiin awesom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • naruto - filled with japans

    i think that naruto, universally acclaimed action series, is fun. yeah, cool, and fun, oh, and also, really, really, interesting. i love the, japanese, theme. it, really, makes me feel, good to be a white.

    let me write you a poem:
    finally we're on the plane
    taking off is such a relief
    I look out the window thinking all teeny things look just the same
    How'd the plane get so high?
    It's beyond belief.
    we cut through the air
    a great feeling being up in the sky
    with only clouds flowing around
    i look out the window and wave goodbye
    we spent most of our time on the english land
    more time in fact than we had planned
    but as we travel through day and night
    ... ask for the final inspirational line. washman, tvnz
  • a show about a boy (named naruto) who wants to be the best but he is not the smartest or the strongest(in fact he was the worst in the ninja school). it mainly just shows his missions and a little bit of him trying to rescue his best friend.

    i think the show is great. the missions and seeing what naruto's friends can do really helps the show. the show has a good amount of humor and a lot of action and adventure. it is great how there are a lot of main characters so the show isn't mainly about naruto. also the nine tailed fox (demon trapped in naruto) makes the show much better. some times i wish the show would wrap up stuff instead of taking 4-10 episodes for a mission but the suspense is what makes the show good. even though it is a japanese show naruto is the best
  • Great action, great anime.

    Once I first saw first episode of Naruto, I thought it was a complete waste of time because you see Naruto with a bucket of paint running around drawing on the hokage's faces. But then a few episodes after that, it got better and better and now I enjoy the show. I am sure glad that they brought this to America. I think I might get the box sets for each season. I can't wait to watch future episodes of this show. My friends think this show is stupid but I tell them to back off. Greatest anime Ever! =) XD
  • naruto and his adventures may bring him to his biggest dream, becoming hokage.

    this show is pretty good in my opinion. the only things i dont like is too many flashbacks and too many fillers. the canon arcs are awesome like sasuke retrieval arc and crush konoha arc. i would give this 9.99/10. i also hate the fact that he never gives up trying to bring back sasuke. sasuke is superior to naruto in most ways so naruto cannot beat sasuke. he is too obsessed and that might be interfering with his training or it might make his training better. so i kinda hate and kinda like that he never gives up for what he dreams for.
  • Naruto is the best cartoon, anime ever. Masashi Kishimoto is a genius.

    This anime show is one of the best anime shows ever. Most of Naruto's story line is thrilling and exciting. From how Sasuke beats Naruto and goes to Orochimaru, to when the Third battles Orchimaru and he survives his sealing jutsu and kills him. If you've seen the manga you'll know how good it feels to find Sasuke kills Orochimaru and that Itachi was always trying to protect Sasuke. I will admit in Naruto Part 1 there are way too many missions and that they get a bit tiresome. But everything else is awesome. Watching Naruto overcome all his fights being the underdog is the best thing ever I love this show, its one of the best ever.
  • Naruto-what a awesome show. Anime. Naruto Uzumaki, the reject of the village is treated like garbage with what lays deep inside him.

    Naruto is one of the best animes out there. From the time when I knew nothing about this silly little show called "Naruto" I thought it was totally LAME! The first episode was a "so-so" and I didn't think I would like it. When Sakura and Sasuke love triangle (Ino Yamanaka) I was hooked! I love any anime with LOVE. It also was precious in my heart. The whole Leaf mistreats Uzumaki. He has a demon inside him, the Forth Hokage wanted to protect the village and treat the baby Uzumaki with respect. But they hated him and that got my heart right away. With Naruto, him going everywhere and seeing people are the same as him and teaching them its time to wipe the tears from your eyes and do something about it.
  • Naruto Is a OK show.

    I think Naruto should die in the show because he has the the nine tailed fox. If they let the nine tailed fox live in Naruto, that would give him a unfair advantage. If they let him live, Naruto could get out of control and destroy the village. I also think Gaara should die because he is not Human he is a demon. Sasuke is my favourite character, because he has shaningan eyes and he can do chidori. Sasuke is also cool, because he is like .... I don't remember he just is. Naruto is a good show and I enjoy watching it.
  • The main plot is with the number one hyper active nucle headed ninja Naruto. He trains to be hokage whilemaking friends along the way with the ninetailed fox demon with in him.

    I think this is an awsome show with great graphics, and episodes that have you clinging to the edge of your seat.
    It is truly an addicting show, you watch it ounce and soon you'll be a major fan. The plot around the show is braud if you think the show is going to end soon, the reason for the braudening of the plot of the story is to keep the story going. Naruto the character individually is awsome. Some people can relate to these characters, Naruto is one of the most relaitable charaters. Having relaitable characters keeps fans wanting to watch. Also having so many characters to relate to means a major amount of fans. Their is a lot of work put in to the Naruto show wich shows.
  • Eugh, this show is terrible and annoys me to no end.

    I really don't like this show because of the very horrible pacing issues. They had a really long fight between Naruto and Neji for a whole three episodes. All that for back story. Neji blabbering on about destiny and Naruto saying words about determination. The characters are so stale, boring, and the way they interact so lifelessly and with such little drama and emotion. It really irritates me. If they took out the 90% of the fight scenes that consist of the characters having dramatic camera angles filming their eyebrow spasms and their slow monologues, then I think it would probably be much better.
  • episode 101- gottta see gotta know kakashi senseis true face. this episode is about naruto sasuke and sakura trying to uncover kakashi senseis mask so they can see his real face. but kakashi finds them suspicious and counters everything they

    naruto sasuke and sakura have a plan to try and uncover kakashi senseis mask to see his true indentity. they try every thing they know but it all isnt good enough for kakashi sensei. kakashi dosnt know whats gong on but he finds them suspicious and counters there moves. they get followed by 3 missing ninjas that thinks of kakashi as an old rival but they arent even at naruto's level. they try getting revenge on kakashi but they keep failing no matter what they do. in the end of the episode it will shock you all but may not be true about kakashi.
  • This show is about a boy named Naruto. Naruto is a ninja from the village hidden in the leaves ,and goes on many missions with his team. His team is Kakashi, Sasuke, and sakura.

    This is a incredable show about Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is a great action show and Shoen. Even though it debuted some time after the manga, the anime quickly caught up, since one anime episode usually covers one or two manga chapters. To prevent overlapping, the anime's producers tend to organize content from the manga chapters into long, uneventful sections followed by short bursts of action, sometimes adding filler content in between. By the time the last canonical arc of the anime concluded, it was quickly gaining on the manga and consequently switched to anime-only filler episodes to allow the manga to broaden the gap once more. Most of the filler episodes are stand-alone stories, with a few being part of arcs that are several episodes long. The filler episodes lasted for 85 episodes, the duration of the first series. The anime generally remains true to the manga, usually changing only minor details (causes of death, loss of limbs, and other injuries have been lessened in the anime) or expanding on parts skipped by the manga.
  • all about a ninja called naruto who has the spirit of the nine tailed demon fox sealed within him n how he wants 2 become the greatest ninja (hokage) in the village...

    all about a ninja called naruto who has the spirit of the nine tailed demon fox sealed within him n how he wants 2 become the greatest ninja (hokage) in the village...

    one of the best animes.... itz got a bit of everythin: love, action, friendship, comedy...all in all itz worth watching. a series with twists n turns as it focuses around the main character n many other characters.... my favourite characters include: naruto, jiraya, kakashi, asuma, shikamaru, gaara, neji, shino. itz fillers rite now, so i just hope they end soon n get back to the main plot cuz the mangas far away....
  • This one of my number one shows.

    naruto is a ninja who doesn't have a family. because of that he acts like a annoying brat to get negative attention from everyone. then he meets kakashi hatake, sakura haruno, and sasuke uchiha. he's rivals with sasuke and doesn't like him, but at the same is his best friend. naruto's dream is to become hokage a gain he villager's respect. i like this show because it makes me laugh and it teaches me stuff about different cultures. it also makes me realize that very few things in life come easy and sometimes the road to getting them can be long and hard.
  • OK the reason why i think naruto is so great is because it gets so interesting! It makes me want to watch it every week, i look forward to it. That's why after shippuden, i want the author to make a new series where naruto is hokage, please!!!!!!!

    Oh goodness naruto, naruto, naruto! I love this show so much, its not even funny, it shows true ninja ability, and it gets very interesting. I love the personalities of these characters, and i love all of it period. My only problem is that after shippuden,it might be over. I just hope Masashi Kishimoto takes everything under consideration, i mean after all, he must make a lot of money, and he's only like 33. So all im saying is please add a new series after shippuden, then maybe once you have children, and they grow up, they continue the naruto series when you die. I know that all good shows come to an end, but i cant stand but to pray that you keep writing naruto manga and they keep making shows. Because this show was my favorite show as soon as i seen it. Please! I dont mind if the show is directed to kakashi (my fav character anyway ^^) As long as naruto keeps going on, i will keep watching it. There are so many naruto fans, what will we do if naruto is gone? I mean what are we going to do just make naruto fanfics? No! Please, I'm begging you, i might be 13, but i am falling for naruto, and i go through my life to watch naruto. Im actually a popular dude, and i think naruto rocks! All i want is naruto to still be here! Please, Please, Please
  • just a great cool show that i recently discovered.

    okay this show to me is a guilty pleasure, a show about Ninja's which i always love. pretty cool animation and i love my cartoons. just a great show that is about teenagers and ninjas which is cool and some some cool fighting scenes but i don't like the halk an hour shows i think they should be an hour shows but thats just me. but a great fun show about naruto which i like and i like his mentor he is cool because you can't see his face and the fighting moves are cool. a show for the fans of anime.
  • Naruto Uzumaki had a terrible time trying to grow up and within him lies The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, which terrorized his home, Konoha. Through all of this, he continues to live his life with adventure, friendship, and through his nindo, or his ninja way.

    The story that follows Naruto Uzumaki is incredible. The heartbreak that is described in his early days sends a shiver to your heart, and despite all of his loneliness, he finds a way to cope, through fool-hearted antics. No matter what he did, he had to find a way to earn the respect of his fellow villagers. Without any parental guidance, he relied on the Ninja Academy's trainer, Iruka Umino, to be his guardian through his tough time. Finally graduating after defending Konoha and Iruka, Naruto sets off on a journey from village to village, country to country, on ninja missions assigned by the Hokage. During his struggle you meet various characters that he often finds a way to befriend, including some of which started off as evil or bad, like Neji Hyuga and Gaara. Naruto's dream is to be the Hokage, and he attempts to reach his dream by completing missions and keeping the demon fox within him, controlled. He learns how to control some of the power the demon fox has, and as time progresses, Naruto gains knowledge and experience. This story continues for many seasons, making Naruto a widely popular and enjoyable series. Naruto can easily take the viewer on a ride of emotions, from being on the edge of your seat for an epic battle (Gaara/Naruto and Sasuke/Naruto), to having you laughing uncontrollably when Sakura nails Naruto into oblivion for being a nuisence. No matter what, Naruto continuously keeps the viewer entertained, meeting its' requirements as an action and adventure series. I highly recommend Naruto to anyone who enjoys anime or action that gets mixed with comedy and drama. Naruto is a personal favorite show, and it is a perfect fit in my generation. Hopefully Naruto can continue its' ways of keeping the viewer in tune to the story and keep the viewer entertained.
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