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  • I love this show!

    naruto is a ninja who doesn't have a family. because of that he acts like a annoying brat to get negative attention from everyone. then he meets kakashi hatake, sakura haruno, and sasuke uchiha. he's rivals with sasuke and doesn't like him, but at the same is his best friend. naruto's dream is to become hokage a gain he villager's respect. i like this show because it makes me laugh and it teaches me stuff about different cultures. it also makes me realize that very few things in life come easy and sometimes the road to getting them can be long and hard.
  • The first season was their best season.

    Ok so this show is about a boy named Naruto who is trying to become a Hokage. I think the firsy season was the best they ever made. Then it got to repeitive to me. They fight, talk, rest, fight again, then rstart the cycle again. One minute their fighting, then the next second their talking about "when I was a little kid I couldn't do this and that" story. If this show came around in 1999 then it was proably able to compete with Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many more show during that time period. But it didn't and I think that is why Naruto could have been more popular if it showed a little bit sooner.
  • Naruto believe it.

    The story of Naruto is more about perservearance and not giving up than most shows of it's type. I didn't really like Naruto that much at first I thought he was so annoying but as the show went on I became a bigger and bigger fan of his.The series begins with a bang and it somehow keeps it interested enough for you keep watching I personally like how the Naruto overcame all of that Bull and became liked by all of the villagers despite having some very annoying people (sasuke orochimaru) but it has some great action and it is easy to like so do yourself a favor and check it out believe it.

    Naruto is a very good show, & I have nothing against it. The plot is mainly about ninjas-in-training who must fight to keep their freinds, family, & themselves safe. It begins when Naruto Uzumaki graduates from ninja academy and finally gets a forehead protecter. Later on, he gets assigned work with his master: Kakashi Hatake, & his teamates: Sakura Haruno & Sasuke Uchiha. From then on the team has many adventures together. The first one they were supposed to be protecting an old man. Too bad he made the wrong enemies. They ended up fighting the assassin and won. That's only the first season of Naruto, so start watching & find out more!!!!!
  • An original Japanese anime series with alot of interesting and unique characters and storylines, almost completely wasted in plots stretched so thin that it takes sometimes up to 10-20 episodes to finish one part of a story.

    An original Japanese anime series with alot of interesting and unique characters and storylines, almost completely wasted in plots stretched so thin that it takes sometimes up to 10-20 episodes to finish one part of a story, which is completely unacceptable given the vast amount of material available to derive plot from. Additionally, this show has a tendency to create big gaps in relevant story with episodes having nothing to do with the main plot and affecting nothing in the general series lore. Of special note is the last 70 episodes of the first series, which have no relevance to the main plot and only served to drag out the series while they waited for the book series to write newer plots for them to use. Then, once the books "caught up", the series went back to dragging out each plot element even further. Don't get me started on the frequent long commercial breaks during the television airings.

    An excellent show at its core, but the only reasonable way to watch it is much like its predecessors Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho, in big chunks of 20-30 episodes in close sittings. Could have been much better if properly paced, but in the end, they chose to milk the franchise for all of the merchandise and dvd sales they could get as with many popular shows.
  • best show on tv. i started to whatct this when i got avatar withdrawl syndrome.

    this show is great it is the best show ever i like the idea of ninjutsu like a special power the ninjas use against there opponant. naruto is just hallarious, how can someone so stupid hold such a great power like the nine-tailed fox inside of them. go i wish that was me.

    i think that sakura is great and i do hope that naruto wins her heart in the end, but i think sasuke is a bit full of himsell naruto is way better and i do hope naruto will beet him in the end. come on naruto, you rock!!!!
  • my favourite show of all time man!! just look on my youtube channel, you can see i have a passion for naruto. lol okay not a passion, but i like the show.

    this show rocks! even if its full of filler arcs, i love it still! it has brought much joy to my life! definitely entertaining! and good because with younger brothers who watch what you do, they wont tattle on you if its bad. it also has awesome humor that keeps me laughing on end! masashi kishimoto has made one of the most successful animanga's ever in the history of animanga! this show will be remembered for a very long time. it sure has made a mark in our world today. look anywhere on the web and youll be sure to find even the smallest hints of naruto!! fan sites, youtube, etc... You rock, masashi kishimoto! keep on making naruto for generations to come!!
  • i llllllluuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvv it!

    a boy finds out he has the most poworful beast sealed inside him.the show follows naruto a hyper knuckled ninja in the hidden leaf village.his teamates saukura haruno, sauske uchia,and sensai kashi hatekae go on many dangerous missons that r ranked from D to S.during a battle between naruto and haku a tracker ninja the 9 tailed fox's chakra is released which is the demon in naruto.also during that battle kakashi and zabuza a robe ninja from the hidden mist village kakshi shows both the sharinggan and his oringinal justu lighting blade.later in season 3 the jonin exsames r test.during this many new characters that will appear now and through out the searies
  • Great for any action lover of any age.

    This show goes into the most charatcer background than any other show I have ever watched. Each charatcer tugs at your heart with their childhood and way of the ninja and makes you wanting more. The fact that the show us about ninjas makes it even better. At times the art work is some of the best graphic art I have ever seen but at other times it is the worst. With each episode comes a lesson that can help with real world problems; one of the reasons I love this show. At times it drags on but is worth the watch.
  • good show

    Naruto is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi who wants to obtain the title of Hokage. However, an incident occured 12 years ago, when a demon fox attacked the village; many shinobi fell, until the 4th sealed the demon within a baby. As a result, the adults see Naruto as the demon. Now a Genin, Naruto is part of a three-man team - the members are Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their instructor, Kakashi. Together, they will face many challenges, make friends, face deadly enemies, and try to survive each other.

    Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles (aka: Naruto: Shippuden) takes place 2 1/2 years after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. Upon his return, Naruto finds out that everyone has surpassed him in rank, and he's fallen behind. However, with only 6 months left to rescue Sasuke, Naruto must face even more dangerous enemies. As Akatsuki's plan unfolds, and Naruto slowly loses himself to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, it becomes clear that more dangers await Naruto than ever before!
    toba" by No Regret Life (Episodes 129-141)

    #19: "Mezamero! Yasei" by MATCHY with QUESTION? (Episodes 262-273)

    #20: "Sunao na Niji" by surface (Episodes 274-???)
  • I haven't seen much of this but it looks to be a good Show!

    Hmmm, yeah this I think is a good Show with good Plots, the Episodes Storylines (at least the ones I've seen) looked really good with a lot of action going on! The Main Character looks to be Naruto of course! Eventually I oughta see more of this to see more Episodes and catch what conflicts and Events happen in Episodes that I'll see! And how they add on to the Storyline and what's in store for all of these Characters so...if I see more Episodes then I can learn more about this Show and what happens in each of these Epsisodes, so Overall a Good Show that I should try to see more! The last thing I'd like to say is the Pink-Haired girl is Hot! (Sorry I don't know her Name...) Which adds on another Reason that I gotta see more of this Show!
  • naruto is a japanese anime show about ninja who can use speceal abillities 12 years ago a demon fox tried to destroy konoha and many people died but the 4th hokage was able to seal it inside of a baby sadly the 4th dies the baby was naruto naruto is hated

    personally i think naruto is one of the best shows on tv it has a gripping plotline a great story awsome characters and lots of other things. naruto is also a funny show i give it a 10 out of 10 a perfect score because of its gripping plotline a great story awsome characters i also reccomend it to any bleach or dragon ball z fans they will like naruto because it has lots of action but it also has the love factor the love factor is something authors of series give to characters to make them more determined. An example of this in naruto is naruto and sakura. naruto is in love with sakura but sakura does not really like naruto but later on sakura starts to like naruto a lot more. but naruto always saves sakura. so in conclusion i think naruto is just a great so and i recommend it to all action fans i hope you guys like this series as much as i do ! bye! ! ! ! thanks for reading this review of the series naruto ! !
  • it's a rally lovable show, known world wide, tlaked about by every teen

    My friends were always telling me to watch it and when I finally did I didn't understand a thing. Take my advice if you're about to watch Naruto watch it from the very first episode or you'll be as lost as I was. When there was the anniversary and they were showing every episode, I watched it and got totally hooked! It's a really addictive show, once you've seen it, you can't not watch it.
    It really great filled with everything. Action,adventure,horror and yes there's some romance and comedy all the way through. It's a really fantastic show and I'm lucky to have seen it from the first episode. The writers are very creative and as well the artists. The graphics on the show are unbelievable. You should see how incredibly cool it looks when Naruto turns into the fox and when he and Saskye fight well technically Itashi more or less. I swear to you once you see the action, you'll be hooked.
    It's totally incredible. It must takes years and years just to make one episode.
    If you haven't seen Naruto as yet better get to stepping. Because it'll be hard to keep up with all the new episodes.
    You will love it as much a the world does! :)
  • NARUTO talks about twelve-year-old boy, Uzumaki Naruto, who is hated by everyone in his village, Konoha. Day after day more people start to see him and like him. But one day everything changes...

    Naruto is also called to be for boys (like Bleach), but girls like it, too. I think it's because of characters, who are wished to be real (is there any sense in this sentence??). I need to agree, because figures like Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Itachi, Gaara, Hatake Kakashi etc. are SO AWESOME!!! xD I wish I lived in Konoha ;P Music in first part wasn't so great (but still was cool), but in Shippuuden music is just awesome!! Even if the TV series aren't exactly as manga and some people can say that it takes too long for one action (which is true, to be honest), it's still really cool anime. I recommend it to everyone, who like action and a little bit of humor ;)
  • Naruto pretty much goes from awesome episodes to some shaddy ones. Apart from that, it is pretty much a classic, and anyone who has followed it from the beginning won't just stop watching it.

    Naruto has had its awesome moments. They're not that much, but they make the series count as one of the greatest since like.. Dragon Ball? Kishimoto actually seeks many ideas from the Dragon Ball series, as he actually already mentioned. But, as the most awesome moments come, there is also a lot of dull and uninteresting episodes, that makes you wonder why Naruto is such a famous series. Most people who worship it has been watching it since the beginning, and the story is pretty enjoyable if you do so. Some of characters are imersive and have a lot of background stories, but some of them are also dull to the story and seem like they are only there to fill a spot. Apart from that, the animation itself goes from the worst you see nowadays to some of the finest animation that can compare to the recent TV anime shows that have been made.

    So, I do recommend it, but watch it slowly, and from the beginning. And skip episodes from 136 to 219 if you wanna catch up fast.
  • Great action/comedy.

    In my opinion the best show on tv today its full of action and comedy and it always keeps u guessing what will happen next. All anime lovers should watch this show the story plot is amazing and i can not wait for the hurricane chronicles (where i live were still on part 1). so far i have not missed a single episode yet and i am trying not to as well. The characters are amazing and you can tell from there personalitys one of them likes another ex. hinata likes naruto but he is to thick headed to see that. well that is my review see ya. P.S. review my profile please.
  • can't wait til shipuudden(or how you ever spell it)still an awesome show though.

    after sasuke leaves team s e v e n , the show goes kinda off task , because everything they do leads up to orochimaru or where his hideouts are at . Another reason is because naruto thinks sasuke can get at any time , but it'll take orochimaru t h r e e years before he can take his body . BUT it's still one of the best shows in the U . S . I watch the show every saturday and I can't stop watching the show no matter what ! ! ! I give the show a 9 . 2 ! ! !
  • Naruto is the best show ever - BELEIVE IT!!!

    In the world of Naruto there are ninjas, clans, jutsu's and Demons. There are 9 demons, the strongest/nine tailed fox is sealed within a character named Naruto Uzumaki who is seen as a demon himself, eventually becoming an outcast, his dream is to become the most respected person in his village named the hokage/fire shadow. He must work his way up the ninja chain by becoming stronger from the rank of acadamy-genin-chuunin-jounin-and eventually to kage. The story ends up with an organization called akatsuki with the worst villans of the Naruto world. The beggining starts out rough, but unfolds with cool powers and abilities from different clans and characters. Each is special and important to the storyline. Beware of fillars, they change your liking of naruto.
  • My favorite anime on my list.

    Naruto is just the otaku I love.I never miss one episode,because it's so exciting.The storyline is spectucular,the characters are neatly designed too.I just love how the plot goes,the characters pasts,and the action that goes through the whole series.It's a really good comedy on some parts,such as Sakura beating the cow out of Naruto with her inhumane strength.Usually I love the filler arcs,I just don't know how to put it,some people hate them but I love them.As the story begins,a boy named Naruto Uzamaki,who was shunned by the village people due to the terrifying Nine tailed fox stored inside of him by the long ago deceased Fourth Hokage.He now stands up,and looks toward his greatest ambition to become Hokage,a powerful village chief.But later on in the series,Naruto gets in a serious pickle,dangerous mission,and most of all the Akatsuki.A criminal organization told to hunt down all the Jinchuuriki.I love the Akatsuki.Tobi,Sasori,Kisame,Itachi,Pein,Konan,Kakuzu,Hidan
    Deidara,and Zetsu.Even they made games into the series.Even though there are 220 episodes in Part 1.Part 2 just started last year,but I like the second part more than the first.It's thrilling and fun to watch.But the filler is even worse.I just don't like the filler.Even the animation and the plot to the other episodes are awful.The show has been easily ruined by the fillers so that it couln't catch up to the manga.But hey,at least Naruto is a good show to watch.
  • No wonder it's the NUMBER 1 MOST POPULAR SHOW!

    Naruto is the definition of a awesome fighting show. I don't any action show can compete with Naruto. Naruto is just too good. Unlike other action shows like Dragonball Z, Bleach, and Inuyasha, Naruto just straight up goes to the fighting. Yeah, you'll see some talking and stuff. But when the talking is all said and done, the fighting doesn't stop! Don't get me wrong, I do like DBZ, Bleach, and Inuyasha, but they just can't compete with Naruto. Naruto is just more amazing in drawings. I just sometimes can't believe people can actually draw like that. It's just awesome. Naruto is a cool show and I hope it never ends.

  • A very funny show.

    Although I haven't seen the first few episodes of Naruto, I find that I caught on very well with what is going on with the show anyways. Naruto is a very funny boy that is trying to fit into a village that thinks he is a monster. He keeps on trying to prove that he is a great ninja, but he doesn't have to prove it because he already is a great ninja. This show has a lot of action and many twists and turns. Personally, my favorite characters are Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Lady Tsunadai. They seem to be very important characters, and the show would collapse without them, especially Naruto. Naruto is a great show!!!!!
  • Naruto is a budding young ninja who must compete for the attention and adoration of his ninja village and his rivals in a bid to become the greatest ninja the world has ever seen.

    Naruto is a very easy anime to get into from episode 1, you could probably join it later but have to take extra time learning characters, ethics, fight moves and such but even if you did it would still be enjoyable.

    However it depends on how long your waiting for the enjoyable bit to happen, it has a fairly slow build up to the characters and the story but to top it off the story moves very slowly.
    Each action scene has an uncountable flashbacks shown every few minutes, this stops the action from continuing while you sit and watch half an episode youve already seen.

    If thats not bad enough, to further slow it down, its filled with pointless chatter about things we already know most of the time its due to revelations being repeated to force them into the story.

    As every anime does, Naruto has its fair share of fillers.. well actually it has the most fillers of all the other anime, which is confusing as the manga is far ahead enough to run canon story but the dont seem to want to. Ive not got anything against fillers but Naruto's are always the same thing, a small village needs his help and on the way he finds another kid, the same age as him who's also been disgarded by his village, thus giving him a boost of power to defeat the bad guy. In short they get monotomous.

    Like i said, it is an enjoyable anime for younger kids, theres a lot of humour added and it still makes for a fairly serious anime, although it takes a while to get to and through the action scenes, they are worth the watch and even the story between them can easily hook you for another 10 or so episodes.

    In short, its worth a watch if you like anime rich in story with a twist of humour and can handle plenty of flashbacks and fillers.
  • This Anime Is a Classic full of morals,Interesting Plot and Very Unique Characters. The main characters all have there own diffrent story and goals.

    when i first watched episode one of naruto i personally turned away because it simply did not appeal to me at all. But After a while i turned back and couldn't help but notice what a brilliant anime this was. it Starts Very Slow and Season 1 was lackluster in my opinion but after the chunin exams took place things become very interesting and we were introduced to a variety of new characters with unique jutsu's and fighting styles. My only complaint was that the first few episodes were a turn off on this anime for me but after a while things get very interesting.and this has become a favorite anime of mine.It's Full Of characters who have all had there share of difficulties take Naruto Sealed within him Is the 9-tailed fox which causes him to grow up hated and alone. Sasuke has his own story The Powerful Uchiha Clan of which Sasuke is heir to were all killed in a massacre by Itachi Uchiha leading sasuke to also grow up set on revenge and isolated. But each and every character has something special about them.What was really deep to me in this anime was Rock Lee a genin incapable of using Ninjutsu or Genjutsu wants to prove he can be just as good as the rest while only using Taijutsu which in reality is the parallel to some one with a handicap struggling to prove there just as good as eveyone else.which is very deep when you think about it.
  • Great Anime, One of the best in a long time. Will be one of the Greats like DBZ. And the naruto Story can keep going on, also the Managa is Great also

    Great Anime, One of the best in a long time. Will be one of the Greats like DBZ. And the naruto Story can keep going on, also the Managa is Great also. If you want to read the managa go to The story is soo interesting it keeps you on your toes. The Powers that each person has is all different. Unlike Dragon Ball they can do more then throw fire balls and move super fast. I would not mind my kids to watch Naruto. So to all those out there it is a must to watch. But dont forget to watch it from the beginning. If you try to watch the Hurricane chronicles it may be confusing.
  • This show shows the power of true determination from a boy named Naruto. He pushes himself to the limit and beyond to get a postion in the village as Hokage. At first he has no friends and everyone is a scared of him. But in the end he achieves friends.

    This is the best show one the face of the earth. I watched every episode in japanese with english subs and english dubbed. The shows based on the manga which is really good too. The kid Naruto makes so many friends and is pretty stupid. I can't believe he passed a test without even doing anything. This makes me want to go on adventures like his. And his sexy no jutsu is amazing. I would give this show 4 thumbs up but unfortunatly I only have 2. O well, Naruto shall get the 2 thumbs. Naruto is the BEST show ever!!!
  • A great show but has some bad attributes

    Naruto is a good show (just good), i used to like this show a lot because of it's cool techniques, cool characters, unique fighting styles of the characters, and interesting story arcs. But then while I was watching naruto, I was thinking that there are other shows just like "Naruto" but I still didn't know that there were better than "Naruto", so when i thought to watch different to watch different anime, I was actually dissapointed in "Naruto", I mean when watched anime there was something really disturbing while watching "Naruto" (not the story), I saw that "Naruto has too much ridicously irritating flashbacks, plus, Naruto has to much fighting there's no more room for the story for the arcs. You can disagree with me but look at it, everything i said was right.
  • This episode is about the meeting of Naruto and Sasuke after a long period of time.

    Hooray!!! I have finally seen Sasuke in this episode. But that's an unlucky thing because Naruto and his teammate have failed their mission that is to bring Sasuke back to Konaha. After a long time of Sasuke's disappearance, he becomes a very powerful ninja and prepares to kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha. One thing has confused me – is Sai a good guy or a bad guy. But his secret mission is to assassinate Sasuke, and luckily Sasuke isn't kill by Sai. They are shocked when they see Sasuke standing on the top of the rock. Naruto is shocked too when he hears Sasuke's voice and he quickly runs out from the base. When Sasuke wants to kill Naruto with his sword, Sai has come to stop him. It's very cool that Sasuke has a new full body Chidori, which is Chidori Nagashi. One thing I really hope Naruto to do is, to remove the seal of the gate, then the story will be more interesting. I like this episode very much. It has been one of the best. I hope the story will be more fascinating.
  • This show/manga (for those who read it) is about a boy, Naruto, who has this huge, nine-tailed fox demon-ish thing inside him.

    I actually like this show/manga (the manga rocks). Okay, so it might be intended for younger teens.... maybe tweens (?), but I personally think it has a well-written storyline with all the ninja goodness that anybody would want, who doesn't want to be a ninja? It's actually a kind of addicting show, and manga, and totally throws one into a whirlpool of imagination after watching or even reading one episode/chapter. There might be some moments where I might have been like, "Okay, well this is gay but hey, I'm talking about in GENERAL. Sure, there is Naruto, who is abnormally hyper and obnoxiously dumb... also having a crush on Sakura- a girl with pink hair (supposedly not dyed... psh, lies) who is overly smart, she has a crush on Sasuke- an emo little boy, well not-so-little anymore, whose brother, Itachi, killed his whole clan... which sucks, because then Sasuke si all like, "Must get revenge," and all. Looking at these three are complex, but then when there are all these OTHER little teams to remember and then the Hokage (who is kinda like the president...) and then the bad guys, who always die... then come back to life somehow, it all kind of gets old and annoying after some time. Good thing Masashi Kishimoto changed it up a little, by making Sasuke go all bad-ass and revenge-driven, because that just makes life so much more interesting. Now, I can't wait for a new chapter to come out every week in the manga, and the anime is getting better very quickly. I'm very impressed and I hope to see a lot more become from 'Naruto' soon!
  • A Show ment for a Emmy, even though it doen't even qualify.

    Naruto. A really great show. Even thought it's anime, and I don't watch much of it, I beleive this is the one to watch. Naruto delivers quality, suspence, and humor at the same. Then I realized only an animated show could bring this. I have been familiar with Naruto ever since it came out a while back. Me and my best friend Haotain were into it first, but by the 3rd season it started getting boring, so we ocupied ourselves by playing Brawl till' the next season had started. But now Naruto is back more serious than ever, and seems to just get better and better. Naruto gets a 9.3 from me.
  • Too off topic, get back to the storyline already and stop wasting time on random side stories.

    The show is too random and off topic. One day it's a crazy battle between the bad guys and the heros, but then the story cuts off into something not even remotely related to the shows story.

    The main storyline is great and worth watching, but it's side story issues happens all the time. It's like a cold you can't get rid of. It's not present, then you all of a sudden get it. It goes away, and a few days latter it comes back. That's how this show is. The action is awsome, and the deep storyline between the characters and their stories is awsome. The comedy is sometimes not funny and is just plain stupid at times, but that's Naruto for you. It's an overall great show, even if the meaninglis sidestories are a pain to get through to see the main action continue on once more.
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