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  • Could be very good, but has massive pacing problems.

    If you must be a Naruto fan, read the manga.

    The anime, though it lets you escape reading, is way too slow-paced. In other words, it has DBZ Syndrome: an entire episode is taken up for one attack, and/or the characters talk WAY too much when there should be more fighting. It gets very tiring, and what should be be a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, epic battle gets boring fast. I was thoroughly disappointed with the anime after reading the manga, because at least the manga does not have two seasons' worth of fillers or that horrid catchphrase, "Believe it!" Though the animation quality may be good, it does not in any way make up for moments like this:

    *Sasuke is about to do the chidori against Gaara, which is very special indeed, but....*

    "He's gonna do it!"
    "He's finally gonna do it! He's finally going do what no other ninja his age has ever done!"
    "No, it can' be...he's gonna do THAT?!"
    "He's gotten too strong! Why is he so strong?!"
    "Heheh, I bet Naruto's jealous now!"

    Imagine the above internal monologues for every spectator going on for 20 or so minutes, with some clips of Sasuke on the wall and Gaara standing, and then, FINALLY, Sasuke makes a move, Gaara is hurt slightly, end of episode. A waste of time and money! That could have been an action-packed episode. Though it is important to express the amazing-ness of Sasuke's chidori, taking twenty minutes to do it is too much. Five minutes, ok. Ten minutes, a bit too much there. The whole episode of pointless monologuing, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!
  • Best show on TV!

    This time last year, I would be watching Tv, and then Naruto would come on. I had never watched it, and thought it looked boring. But then one day, I decided to watch it. That day, everything I thought about Naruto had changed. I had started watching it when it was around its 50-80th episode. I had no idea who anyone was. I was soo desperate too learn about it, I read summaries on Wikipedia for hours about the characters. Soon, I watched every episode up this day. I still love it, and am hoping they dont deside to cancell it.
  • This is one my Top 5 Anime

    Naruto is the best show ever i believe people should watch this anime. well, naruto isa twelve year old orphan posses by the fox demon and because of that everybody hates him except a shy girl name hinata who has a huge crush on him but shes to shy to tell....later on you meet sasuke uchiha the number one rookie ninja and a total hottie.........his goal is to kill his big brother for the revenge of the uchiha clan. Then you meet sakura haruno who has a crush on Sasuke naruto has a crush on sakura.....then youll meet other cool characters like kakashi sensai, neiji,gaara etc... it's all cool cause you get to see the way of the ninja's and you learn a lot about chakra,nenjitsu,taigutse.stamina......well i really recommend naruto the number one hyperactive knucklehad ninja..........!!!!!! it's awesome
  • Two Words: Simply Amazing.

    The story of a young boy called Naruto, who desperately wants to be the greatest ninja ever. This anime/manga is really interesting, and i mean it. It's funny, it's cool, it's filled with action and new characters everywhere. An original storyline, which nowdays it's hard to find. The perfect amount of blood in my opinion. I love the music in it, because every lyrics has some message which helps us grow stronger. With thrilling villians and memorable fights. Every episode has something new and you just cant stop watching it, at least it happens to me. I recomend it everywhere. 100% cool.
  • Around A Year Ago I Was Introduced To The Show Naruto. As Time Past The Series Grew And I Got More Hooked And More Excited. The Show Consists Of Action, Adventure, and Even Comedy is Included From Time to Time. I Wouldnt Miss This Show For The World.

    Naruto is an all time favourite of mine. The best anime I've ever encountered. It's incredible, it honestly rocks! It's consists of adventure, action and ofcourse theres comedy. It's story line is fantastic, and the characters themselves are fantastic. The character design looks emense and the storyline/plot is even better.

    I wouldn't be writing a review now if it wasn't for a friend introducing me to it over a year ago.. I just cant get enough this show! When I first started watching I was like yah it's not bad but it wasn't from the start so i didnt understand what was happening. But now ive seen almost every episode as im now on Shippuuden. All the Episodes of Nartuo Rock ! ! ! and thats why I'm here to say the show is Legend and my All Time Favourite Show.

    best anime, i love freaken naruto (: i love how adhd naruto is that makes him so awesome, his determination is to become hokage is inspiring too me he just doesnt stop pushing. im a girl and i love tsunade i think shes the coolest :D sasuke is prettyy hott, and his brother itachi (though hes wrong for what he did and i hate him for it) Hinata that gurl is the bomb i feel so bad for her sometimes. Haha sometimes i call my boyfriend pervy sage because he reminds me of him, what a perv. :] Uzumaki Naruto is dfhdfg my lifeeeeeeeeeee
  • this story is about about a boy and his dream of becoming the hokage the most high classed ninja of his village and so a journey begins and throughout he is getting stronger and stronger to try and make his dream of becoming hokage come true.

    If you like manga or anime this is a show for you from the word go the story gets better and better as the main character naruto learns about his past and that a demon fox was sealed inside him by his father the 4th hokage which causes naruto a problem as he struggles to control this power within him while he tries to accomplish his dream of becoming hokage and alone the way he gains lots of friends and with him traveling out on missions for his village it slowly creates an amazing world full of people but as you soon realize in that world not everything is as good as it seems and its there that i leave it if your interested i recommend you watch it. As an Anime and Manga fan myself i would highly recommend this show and i give it my personal 10 out of 10.
  • This Show is one of my fav. out there. Every sat. i stay up just to watch it. IF you have not sean it you need to get up and watch it i no that you will like it to.

    Well its like this Naruto has a demon in side of him that killed a lot of people. when he was still little people did not like him and called him names and such. well when he becomes a ninja he end up being later in the show one of the best that many look up to. One thing that he is very good at is his Sexy clones that rock! lol. I think that with his sad past and things to come Naruto will become even better than it all ready is. If you have just got into it or just watch one or two shows. keep watching there are realy good one out there you just need to find them.
  • fantastic!

    naruto is my absolute favorite show! its about a boy who has a fox demon sealed inside him, and the older villagers hate him. he has a team of ninjas, sakura, kakashi, and sasuke, whom he goes on missions with. naruto ussualy screws up. recently, sasuke has joined the evil orochimaru, naruto has returned from a journey with jiraiy, sakura is training under tsunade, the fifth hokage, and gaara( my favorite character) has been captured by the atatsuki. my fav part of naruto is the chunin exams. this show is very adventourus and funny, also i think masashi kishimoto, the creator is a genuis. plz visit my profile, and watch naruto! bye!
  • The best anime ever!

    Naruto is the best anime I've ever watched. It's awsome, it totaly rocks! It's got action, adventure, and some times comedy. It's got great charecter desighn, and build up. Even the fillers are good, whats not to like about naruto.
    I'm always trying to convince this person to like it better. I love love love love love love love love this show! When I say I love naruto I'm not talking about the dub, I'm talking about the awsome sub. The sub is less uncut, and the voices don't sound terrible. The dub voices stink exept for gaara's his voice is cool. Naruto is the greatest anime ever.
  • That just says it all. Better every season. (Posible spoilers)

    Naruto realy is better every season.
    I never watched Naruto to start off with simply because I didnt like the title character. I always thought he was anoying and childish (Since hes suposed to be a murderous Ninja one day)But he definantly grew on me.
    Naruto has your standard Anime characters plus extra. The main charcter, destined for great things (Naruto). The main characters love interest (Either Sakura or Hinata). His Idol (Kakashi, Jirya, The Hokage etc). His friends (too many to name) and the enemy turned friends (The sand village ninja).
    The thing that makes the programe unique is Sasuke. At times hes just as important as Naruto himself. He gets his own arc in witch he goes to find his brother and the writers may have given him a deeper and more exlplained past than Naruto himself.
    It has many great story lines (except the one about kakashi's face, what was that about?) And a great range of characters. Even though it has technacally ended (after season 9) it gets great ratings and millions of fans.
    One of the greatest Anime ever made and just getting started.
  • The Anime we all know and love!

    Twelve years ago a demon raged through the hidden leaf village causing chaos and destroying evreything in its path. Soon after a shinobi confronted the beast and sealed it inside alittle boy named Naruto. This shinobi was known as the fourth Hokage. Naruto, the boy who posseses the nine-tailed fox spirit, journeys mission to mission to try and become Hokage of the hidden leaf village. Very tight struggles will come in his quest to become Hokage,loose many friends and as well as learn new abilitys. If he continues his quest without giving up he'll truely become Hokage. When he was first assigned as a ninja Genin his first squad team,squad 7, Sakura the apple of his eye, Sasuke the "jerk" and Kakashi his sensei they take daring missions such as escorting a villager with assasins, having to protect their village and confront the evil,cold-hearted Orochimaru as well as the deadly Akatsuki a organization out to capture the demons that set in Naruto and Gaara of the Desert. With all these troubles beyind their path Naruto is sure to gain experince and work his way up to Hokage.
  • NARUTO IS awsome!!!

    i love this show datte bayo ;3
    it's better every episode!i dont like it that sasuke left though...but anyway it's truly awsome=)
    hum i wonder what would of happend if sasuke wouldnt have left....uhh...hum anyway if i could rate it 10 out of ? i would rate it 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 sorry i had to make the thing go up^-^; sakura and naruto should go out!!!!!! XD sorry i want them to be togeter what else ...
    the funnist episode probly . . . epsiode . . . 101XD
  • This show is spectacular, but...

    I kind of wish that the storywriters would please get back on track with the story. The previous 10 or so episodes have drifted off-topic, and it seems like the show must have to take a break with the story probably because of the high number of episodes in this series. Some of those side quest episodes were really funny. My favorite was the one when Naruto, Shino, Kiba, and Hinata went to some forest to find a Bikochu Beetle to help find Sasuke. The really funny part was when Naruto farted, and the Bikochu Beetle memorized his scent from his rear. This resulted in a failure. I was really hilarious when Sakura would find Naruto to beat on him with assistance from the Bikochu Beetle. Overall, this show rocks! The combat is fun to watch, and the dialogue is top-notch.
  • I make sure i see every episode wether it's on the internet or on t.v. on saturdays at 9:00pm and 9:30pm

    This show has to be one of the most amazing anime shows i've ever seen. When I first saw it, it was only about 15 episodes into the series, but when they showed the marathon of naruto on t.v. I watched nearly all episodes and found each one more thrilling then the last. This is a show where I would not like to watch some of the previous episodes however I can't wait to see the new ones. My favorite epsiode is either episode 49 and 50 or epsiode 133. I loved the battle of gaara vs lee and I loved the episode of naruto vs saskue but I don't know which one is better.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So far this anime has become an epic journey of everyone's favorite ninja, Naruto. Naruto has captured the same humor that fueled the generations love of classics such as Dragonball and Dragonball Z. And while this humor is apparent, Naruto has also captured the creative story telling that keeps fans interested on a weekly basis. I can't wait until wed when I can download the next episode from Japan. Beautiful animation, thrilling storyline, and a character that you have to want to succeed. Naruto is a 10 on all fronts. And I hope it is on a lot more and always will.
  • I don't like it as much as I used to.

    This show has everything you could want in a show including action, adventure, comedy, drama, and cool ninja powers. This show is one of the best ever in my opinion. Everyone on the planet should watch this show every Saturday night at 9:oo p.m. like I do. It has bunch of awesome characters who can be both weird and cool like Naruto himself. My favorite character(s) would be Tobi, Itachi, Sasori, Pein, Deidara, Neji Hyuga and Temari. I specially love to watch Shippuuden. It's a pretty good anime and it is pretty popular among the watchers of anime. Tobi is a good boy!!!
  • This is another one of those great animes that should just not be missed... EVER!!

    This anime places alot of emphasis on emotional bonds and the influence of others in the life of one person and 'vice-versa'. But don't get me wrong, it is not a drama/soap-opera. It is all out Ninja but whoupin'!!

    It is about a kid that is made the vessel to contain an evil spirit caled the kubikki (demon fox) that attacked the 'Leaf' village, the kid was to be considered the hero of the village but insted the villagers feared him because of the the demon locked in him. [That is all I am willing to give away, you'll have to watch for the rest;)]

    Is it worth your time? Definetly yes. It does have some anoying "filler" eppisodes that just drive me nuts, but you can actualy just skip those without missing any of the story. Beware, it is addictive, he he he

    My personal recommendation is to watch these animes in the original language and read the subtittles, the english translations just cut the emotion and have some of the worst voice acting I have ever hear.

    Enjoy :)
  • Naruto is trully addiction show.

    Naruto is a thrilling show that is filled with suspense, humor, and many other things. I imediatly got hooked on Naruto. All of the characters name got confusing at first but then later on they started to clear up a little. I faithfully watched it (alone) every saturday night. When it got to about when the preliminaries for the Chunin exams began I quickly told my friend about the show. At first she was unsure of the show and didn't like it. But when we started to gradually talk about it more, it became my firends and I addiction. Since then we have been folowing the Naruto magna, anime, and news faithfully. Naruto is a great show and I'll garuntee that you'll get addicted to it.
  • its about naruto

    Naruto is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi who wants to obtain the title of Hokage. However, an incident occured 12 years ago, when a demon fox attacked the village; many shinobi fell, until the 4th sealed the demon within a baby. As a result, the adults see Naruto as the demon. Now a Genin, Naruto is part of a three-man team - the members are Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their instructor, Kakashi. Together, they will face many challenges, make friends, face deadly enemies, and try to survive each other.

    Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles (aka: Naruto: Shippuden) takes place 2 1/2 years after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. Upon his return, Naruto finds out that everyone has surpassed him in rank, and he's fallen behind. However, with only 6 months left to rescue Sasuke, Naruto must face even more dangerous enemies. As Akatsuki's plan unfolds, and Naruto slowly loses himself to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, it becomes clear that more dangers await Naruto than ever before!
  • Naruto, a young boy rejected by everyone in his childhood, seeks out Sasuke, his friend, on an exciting adventure through villages and battles with rogue ninjas.

    Extreamly awesome! I would buy all the episodes on DVD if I could find them. It just keeps getting better and better. The fillers, however, I could do without. But the main storyline is just spectacular! Reccomended to any fan of any other anime and to others who need to find a good show to watch. Move over prime time, cause Naruto is what i'd rather watch any day of the week. Honestly, I cant say this enough. Very good show! Intense plotline along with some humor. Keeps you watching even at some of the "duller" moments. Keep it up! Good, spectacular, awesome, great! Can get much better than this!
  • A fair enough show, but it's way too overhyped.

    To be honest, Naruto is the most overhyped show in existence. Everyone goes on and on and on about how great it is; and my expectations for this show was equally high. However, I was really, really let down. Really. This wasn't the best show ever, as I had thought. Don't get me wrong, the show is enjoyable, but it's definitely not among the best shows out there. I hope Shippuden will better than this... much better.

    The story... don't get me started on it. Sure, a lot of the characters has some nice background stories, won't complain about that, but they manage to drag out everything so much. It really annoys me. Some fights take several episodes when they could've been done them just as good in one or two. There's also way too much fighting. The story goes like fight, fight, background story, fight, fight, even more fight, half an episode's worth of resting or journeying, fight, fight, and so on. I mean, it's cool to watch fights, but there are just way too many fights, and they drag most of them out to unnecessary lengths. The only really enjoyable fight was the one between Sasuke and Naruto right before the fillers began. Which brings up another thing...

    Fillers! Agh, I normally don't mind fillers, but Naruto had some really, really stupid ones. Sure, there was the occasional diamond among the charcoal, but that doesn't excuse the high amount of bad fillers. I mean, just because they are fillers doesn't mean that they have to make them bad. Several shows have actually made decent and at the same time long fillers (especially Bleach, with its 40-episode long Bount arc), but Naruto failed horribly here.

    Also, I feel that Naruto is very silly at times. Silly is usually good, but not when it's immature silly. Naruto is silly in an immature way. It's so dreadfully stupid at times that I had to close my eyes, take a deep breath and wait until it got serious again. Now, it did have some good comical moments, but those were far and wide between.

    Another thing I feel like releasing my rage on is the animation. It barely manages to get the description "average" to me. At its best, it's slightly above average. However, a lot of time it's slipshod galore with the animation. I still have many very bad memories from having to watch lots of errors in the animation, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get rid of those memories. While the amount of errors decreased as the episodes passed by, at least every second episode before the 100s had one or more moments of slipshod animation. Wonder if they ever considered firing the animators.

    As a side mention, they should do something about Rock Lee - even though I've slightly gotten used to his horrible looks, I still feel a burn in the back of my eye every time I see him.

    The music isn't very good either. The first few OPs and EDs were all great, but the quality of them decreased gradually as new seasons came and went. The background music in the episodes isn't very great either; only one or two good themes, and many bad. I'm just happy to have it over with now.

    The characters are, well, uh... fairly okay, I guess. Some of them are really annoying, like Naruto, because he's so stupid. Agh, he annoys me to no end! Gai annoys me too, because of both his looks and his personality. Jiraiya is pretty annoying to, because he's so damn perverted. I can't stand people like that, be it in a show or in real life. Yeah, it might be for comical purposes, but I've never laughed of him. And then there are some stereotypes. For example, Naruto is a perfect example of your average shonen hero: He's determined, and he has a steep power growth curve (due to some hidden power inside of him). Well, at least he's not powerful enough to kick everyone's butt… yet. Sakura, she's the female character who believes she is just in the way of everyone and too weak.Sasuke is the revenge-bent good guy who turns to evil for the sake of his revenge.

    Yeah, stereotypes, but I don't mind that much, as stereotypes is way too normal these days to actually bother (hey, that's why they are stereotypes, right?)

    The characters have some nice background stories, but aside that there's nothing special. Many are either plain annoying or just stereotypical, and the rest are okay.

    All that being said, I can easily see why this show is so popular, as it has humor that the kids may find funny, as well as background stories and lots of fights which appeal to the teenagers and adults. I personally didn't like it a lot, though. I'm looking forward to Shippuden, because I've heard it was much better… I'll better not be let down now as well.
  • 12 years ago, the 4th Hokage sealed the Nine-tailed fox in Naruto when he was just born.Along the way of achieving his dream, to be Hokage, Naruto learns the importance of friendship, and experiences bonds of the heart that he will do anything to protect.

    Naruto is one of the best anime shows around. It is packed with heart-breaking stories of the past, and bonds that will make you weep at the importance of them. It is the story of a boy who was seen as the demon that was sealed inside him to protect the Hidden Leaf Village. Of a boy who was never given a chance, and was always alone and shunned. Naruto is the name of that boy. When he was just a child, Naruto exclaimed that he would become Hokage someday. It is his dream. "To be Hokage, that is my dream. Then everyone in the village will stop dis-respecting me, and treat me like a somebody. Somebody important". This is what he tells Kakashi Sensei when he is first put in a squad with him. Although Naruto has a far-fetched dream, I believe he can reach it. He won't stop at anything until he achieves that dream, and becomes Hokage.
  • This show was a complete waste of time but that doesn't mean that it was a bad show. Naruto was a great time killer and included fun actions and story. The reason I had to score it a little lower than a 9 was because the story was getting nowhere.

    Naruto was one of the best animations I've ever seen and like most animations, you can't see the end of the story. I said that this TV Show was a complete waste of time even though I enjoyed it. It really helped me avoid boredom at summer breaks and weekends. At first, I was extremely crazy about Naruto and that was probably the reason I made such a bad mistake of finishing two hundred episodes in a few months. Because of this, I had to wait every week to watch the show which eventually I couldn't be bothered to. The story got nowhere as soon as Naruto lost Sasuke. I couldn't see the end of this story. It was the same story. Naruto goes to find Sasuke and fails many times. And also the animation itself gets a little more violent as the series goes on to the Shippuden series. So what I'm saying is: Great show, great story but lacking the grasp of attentions from audience.

    That was my review for "Naruto".
  • Naruto is a great show thats all there is to it.

    Naruto has a good plot but can be slow sometimes. But then they put out a great episode that makes up for the boring fillers. Anyone that acts childish sometimes, enjoys a little bit of violence, or needs a good, long anime to watch should get involved with Naruto. Oh, and whoever doesnt like it should keep all complaints inside their heads and STOP WATCHING IT. Anyway, all in all, Naruto is a funny, action-packed anime with a healthy dose of violence. I highly recommend it to anyone not yet watching it. I hope I've given you a good summary of Naruto and have helped you decide if its worth it or not.
  • Array

    I dont really quite get it. It is all about strategy nothing which intrest me because i'm into quick action and naruto just dont give me the feeling. The characters have intresting plots but overall the main character seems to be less focused he has the 9 talk fox demon inside him but really dont seem to affect the story at all until shippuden. The really character that was focused on was sasuke from naruto to naruto shippuden, so it really dont match with the title. The skills are all very intresting and i never seen it nor though of it as instead of blasting energy like most anime does this one has a unique way of fighting but the main character only has rassengan and multiple clone and it is those two skills that led him from a series to another and still using the same move so just like i said before the main character needs some more attention.otherwise with the new twist that suaske and itachi and all it really deserves to be watched is 10/10 alot of character development and very good plot twist each chapter unfold more certainly best manga/anime seen yet
  • Waste of time

    Yes it's a waste of time to watch this show and whats even worst people are overrating it and exaggerating about Naruto. I'll admit that the first 100 episodes were great but after that it sucks. Oh yeah and don't forget a whole year of fillers. I thought it will never end and then I had my hopes for the shippuden, and thought it will get better but I was wrong. Some people might agree with me, and others might disagree but it's just my opinion about Naruto. There are lots of animes out there that are better than Naruto and worth your time.
  • This a completely amazing show. It's an anime so of course its going to be a good show, but it has action, adventure, comedy, and romance if see it the way i do. It redefines the word "Ninja" I seriously reccomend this show to anyone and everyone.

    This show is astonishing. I love every character on this show. Shikamaru with his laziness, and Kiba for his cockiness. All around a great show. I love how instead of being just an all out action show, its got a great storyline. And i love how the flashbacks allow you to know about every character in this shows history. It's got a completely different society and rules and regulations. It has a perfectly planned out idea of how life would work in ninjas were made out of almost everyone. My favorite character would be Neji for his way of viewing life and his great personality. But all around it is a great show.
  • a ninja shunned into a special lifestyle.

    It is a very good show but it needs more action.though it is funny. It is also suspenceful so naruto is cool but when is naruto shippuden comming. we need to see more tails there have been only 1 tail I mean come onWithout more tails Iwould rather watch golf I like naruto It is funny but funny is not a ninja show.I can not live with this sasuke leaves naruto fails his mission.Oh yeah what is with the ramen.I mean It is his life good god it cant be true.I cant stand It More action,more movies ,less funny,less food ok... ok!
  • "Naruto" is a very good show that started bad but, grew up to become the great show it is today.

    "Naruto" is the popular anime that airs on Cartoon Network. "Naruto" tells the story of an adolescent boy named Naruto who wants to become a Hokage. Naruto has a dark past and the past usually makes him unpopular with the village people. To help him become a Hokage is Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke is a dark and mysterious and shy teen who is often annoyed by Naruto (but who wouldn't be annoyed). Sakura is a tomboy girl who is in love with Sasuke and is also annoyed by Naruto. That plot idea is similar to another anime "Dragon Ball". Another show about a young boy who wants to be a warrior. "Naruto" is one of those shows that starts out bad and then is very good at the end. "Naruto" begins badly because of its emphasis on toilet humor and not focusing on its characters. Later "Naruto" grows up and the characters mature and the show develop its character better. I recommended "Naruto" to anyone who wants to see a group of kids grow up. That's what I liked about this show, everybody grows up. Many shows missed that quality and "Naruto" does it very well.
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