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  • naruto is the only anime i watch

    can the writer make naruto get both yin and yang kurama chakra before he dies they made sasuke have a perfect susanoo so he is more op than naruto
  • Best show

    Love it
  • naruto the movie

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  • Awesome!!

    This is back when Naruto was completely amazing. Shippuden started off okay and just got terrible. Plus it doesn't compare to the original. I won't deny this show has faults. Like most of the female characters are bland or annoying (except for Temari and Hinata) and the English dub isn't the best either. But other than that, this show has great soundtrack, awesome fights, and some of the best villains. Some of my favorite characters when it comes to the original are Orochimaru, Gaara, Sarutobi, Zabuza, and Jiraiya. This also has been one of the few things that has made me cry. Especially when it came to Zabuza. Seeing him develop as a character was inspiring and his death scene to this day still gets me teary. Overall, I just love the original Naruto series. I know other says it's overrated or that it's terrible, but does that stop me from loving it? Of course not........................................ That happens with Shippuden.

    EDIT 8/2/15: So apparently there is a live action Naruto movie in the works right now by Liongate production and the director is Michael Gracy. I'm really mixed about this news. On one hand I'm really excited because I love this series. It's not like I'm a Narutard, but despite its flaws I will always love this show. However, I remember how much The Last Airbender and Dragonball Evolution sucked. It will take a lot to make this my least favorite movie ever though. I know it won't be amazing, but I'm at least hoping it will be potentially decent or good.
  • Great Series

    One of my all-time favorite anime/cartoons.
  • Sadness and Sorrow

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to share with you a cover that I performed last summer of the song sadness and sorrow of Naruto recorded in Kyoto-Japan. I hope you enjoy it and if it is the case, please share, Thanks :)

  • The show I grew up with

    It's awesome! One of the best animes ever!

    Naruto is the show that I only watch and all the other animation are nothing compared to this show AWESOME,AMAZING,WONDERFUL ANIME :) :) I'LL NEVER STOP WATCHING IT UNTIL IT COMES TO AN END
  • Naruto is... THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!

    What is there to say its just awesome I've loved Naruto since the moment i found out about it.

    10/10 5 STARS THUMBS UP WOOO!!!!!!!
  • Naruto and the water cycle

    I really like naruto when i was a kid but at time goes by and watching different animes. it made me think that the story became more of going around and around, like... can we end this already? it makes me reminiscent my grade school days about how to explain the end of the water cycle... yeah sounds like this goes on and on"

  • Top Shows

    Read all of the 1st generation manga, about 30 anime ep (05-13)
  • The Best Anime Ever!!!

    I only have two words for Naruto GREAT and AWESOME. Naruto is my favorite anime. I like this anime as compared to any anime ever made!!

    Great movie naruto

    I love it

  • naurto

    one of the best anime ever

    Greatest show ever yet they stop creating it... PLEASE MAKE NEW ONE'S!!! (English Dub)
  • yeah what title

    <3 this show forever
  • best show ever

    i watched alot of animes and imo this show is fing epic ok some times u have to drag tru some filler but hey give those people a break and let them do some fast story to take some time off =/ or is that too much to ask for u people, and when i read some people say i dont get this or no story... im like wtf? imo it has a story and i compleetly get where every character pops up from and for what kind of reason like i read that orochimaru pops up for no reason =/ u ever watched lost that show is huge and starts wiht just all kinds of random crap that gets a stroy later... like u get the story behind orochimaru later =/ jesus and then im watching it from start till shippuuden right now and imo the show only gets better :P but hey every body has his own opinion :P
  • Best anime ever!

    At first I thought it was some happy-go-lucky show for idiots until I saw one episode. From then on I was hooked in even for shippuden. I love it! By the way Tobi is Obito it came out in manga chapter 599.
  • One of the biggest titans in industry for a reason

    Often regarded as childish or "lame", these and many other stereotypes get shattered the moment one gets into this anime.

    With compelling, complex, at times rather dark characters, these show explores deep issues like discrimination, hatred, revenge, bonding, acceptance etc.

    The main thing is to give it a chance (at least watch first 20 episodes) to get an understanding of the essence of this show.

    Whilst it digs deep in itself, it hardly forgets to be funny, it is a masterful piece by famous mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, who proves his almost incomprehensible creativity by creating Naruto - which is one of the most popular shows, and I don't think my statement will be far-fetched, in the WORLD.

    Show also provides numerous references to Japanese culture and history, and is, by me, highly recommended to be watched in original Japanese with English Subtitles, because dubbed version by Disney isn't half as good :)

    P.S: sorry for poor English
  • Naruto is amazing!!!

    Ok. Im not gonna say i loved shippuden but naruto in general is amazing! Just allow me to list the reasons why.

    First - Naruto has the most amazing storyline ever. A rejected boy with no family just wanting to have caring and acknoledgement from his peers. Hes chasing after the only person he ever considered family.

    Next - The animation is amazing on this show. So much effort is put into this show and all anime shows. So many people love naruto and work hard to make the show.

    Finally - There is the most awesome fight scenes on this show. There is so much violence and great backstories to every major battle.The techniques are amazing and well thought out to make an incredible battle.

    These are my opinions abot how amazing naruto is.
  • Perfect 17 on a scale of 1 to 10 :)

    Damn straight this shows good! Best show i have seen in a long time! Every character is different which makes it interesting and so fun to watch. I give it a perfect 10. Its just great in general from the characters to the plot line. The story is both sad and funny, which is pretty hard to do but Masashi Kishimoto seems to have been able to pull it off. I love Naruto not just because its his show but because how he is, his child hood was messed up, people think of him as a demon but he still finds the time to laugh and have fun
  • Naruto is about many ninjas who live in different nation and fued with each other but the 3 main ninjas are naruto,sasuke,sakura,and their sensai kakashi they go on missions and help those who are in need and are accompanied by many ninjas on their way...

    i love this show this was the first show where all the stuff i wanna watch was in it comedy for naruto action for sasuke and romance for sakura all that stuff was in one show and i loved it no ther show beats this one cause naruto is number one!
  • The Story is about Naruto Uzumaki, a boy who contains the spirit of the nine tailed fox which attacked Konoha 12 years ago. Naruto Uzumaki dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage. A title that very few ninja have been able to achieve.

    This show is amazing, it's different from the anime I usually watch, this one is by far my favourite anime. It's a Story about a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki, who contains the spirit of nine tailed fox. This show actually teaches people a valuable lesson. In some way it actually resembles the real world. This show has good action, comedy, and a little bit of romance. The creators have done well following the manga, and staying true to the story, almost every episode I watch is just amazing, it never gets old, I watch this show every time I get the chance to watch it. I'd recommend this show to children from age 12 and up. And I'm looking forward to Naruto Shippuden.
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  • naruto is in my opion the best anime on tv now. one piece is pretty good but that hiatus was really unnessary.

    i really like watching and i try never to miss an episode. my favorite character is gaara because he's so cool with his sand power and the way he talks is chilling. i love when he does sand coffin and how he killed those three rain ninja. he was even cooler when he broke lee's arm and leg. i also really plot line. it's a ninja story and it has good plot twist and evil villians. the first major eniemies were zabuza and haku. i was one of the saddest episodes when haku died and how zabuza cried. zabuza wasn't all that evil. next was oriochimaru, the big boss of the series. he can summon snakes and has his followers along with the sand village to attack the leaf. i was so mad when he killed the third hokage and was glad that his power to do jutsu was taken away. to bad he wasn't killed. naruto is the hand's down best anime out there. although one piece and bleach could run for second and third place.
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  • Naruto the best anime I have ever watched!!!!Please cartoon network bring it back!!!!!!!!!

    When I first watched Naruto my jaw dropped and I fell in love with this amazing show!Every thing about it rocks,most of the people in Naruto rock (except Shikamaru and Choji I hate you two!!!!!)Naruto is so cool and kinda lovable,Kakashi is so badass,Sasuke is also badass and moody,and all of the others are cool to.Another thing I like about Naruto is the fights the can be very fast paced and bloody,also the plot in it impressed me like how deep it is.The animation is quite good and one of the best looking anime around.The only thing that bugged me is THE 92 EFING FILLERS I mean come on I could understand maybe 20 fillers but 92 that is so lame,cartoon network could have skipped all of the fillers and got to the ending but NOOOOOOO they had to end it when it was so close so ending and going to the Shippuden.Any way I think Naruto is so amazing and I wish Naruto would come back to cartoon network.(This is my first review)
  • WOW!

    Why did I stop watching...? Wow... this is actually my second review for Naruto, and this time... I'm gonna say how awesome it actually is! And I haven't actually seen all of it... so I don't know the full story. Ok... I can't actually see why people don't like this show...? Naruto, first of all, is the main character (obviously) and eventually becomes a ninja. Also, Sasuke (The cute one) and Sakura (The... ah... sometimes funny sometimes annoying one) are main characters too. It shows a lot of humour and some really good fight scenes here and there. The animation was pretty good, too. Anyways... 12 years ago, a nine-tailed demon fox got sealed within Naruto Uzumaki's body and since then, most adults have disliked him for his disruptive behavior around the Leaf Village. Naruto, along with Sasuke and Sakura make a team called Squad 7 or Team 7... (different sometimes where I watch it... lol). They go on a lot of adventures, making friends... and enemies, and try to get along with each other. Overall, its an awesome series that I'm actually watching online right at this second... and probably will be when anyone is reading this, lol. Anyways... it's too awesome!!!
  • One of the greatest Animes, Highly Addictive Show

    Naruto is probably the greatest animated series i've seen so far. Action, humor, drama...Naruto has got it all. Naruto is about a boy called Uzumaki Naruto, who lives in a hidden ninja village called Konoha. Neglected and hated by all of the villagers, Naruto tries his best to prove that he'll one day become the Hokage, the strongest ninja and also the leader of the village. There is of course a reason that all of the villagers hate Naruto. This goes back to his birth. Konoha was terrorized by a great demon fox, which killed a lot of people. When everything seemed lost, Konoha's fourth Hokage showed up, using a secret, but suicidal ninja technique which sealed up the demon inside of Naruto. The fourth hokage told everyone not to tell any further about the demon inside of Naruto and he hoped Naruto would be treated like a hero who saved the village, but instead of that Naruto was treated like he was the demon itself. Soon, the behavior of all the parents passed down to the children, which resulted in a bad childhood for Naruto. It made Naruto an annoying and attention seeking child. But later...through some hardships, Naruto passed his test at the ninja academy and a world of adventure now lies before him.

    This is where you pick up the story and what a story it is! Naruto has got many, many unique and well though out characters, so there's a favorite character for everyone. The action is very good, because of the many techniques that exist in the shinobi world. There are stealthy ninjas, like Shikamaru; long-range ninjas, like Temari, but also the head on ninjas like Naruto himself. The bad guys are cool, like Itachi, and somewhat scary, like the main bad guy Orochimaru. Naruto is just an Anime that everyone MUST see. You'll be addicted before you know it!
  • its the the best anime

    naruto is a nin who want to be hokage but he stood last in acad but he constly rivels sasgay who is from uchiha clan (one of the most feared clan) naruto attacks r kage bunshin , rasingan , u zu ma ki naruto combo ,rasinshruican , large rasengan and his hidden power is nine tails but the best guy in naruto is itachi ( sasgay elder bro) in shippuden its not revelied and they have others like sakura , skiamaru , ino , choji , lee , hinata , neji ,jiraya , tsunada , kiba , shino , garaa and at last akastiski so it goes around them
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