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  • Uzumaki Naruto's personal quest to become the next Hokage of the hidden leaf village of Konoha. His journey takes many turns as he grows as a ninja....

    So far this anime has become an epic journey of everyone's favorite ninja, Naruto. Naruto has captured the same humor that fueled the generations love of classics such as Dragonball and Dragonball Z. And while this humor is apparent, Naruto has also captured the creative story telling that keeps fans interested on a weekly basis. I can't wait until wed when I can download the next episode from Japan. Beautiful animation, thrilling storyline, and a character that you have to want to succeed. Naruto is a 10 on all fronts.
  • This show is about a boy named Uzumaki Naruto, trying to fulfill his goal becoming the villiage Hokage which is the town top ninja. But the problem is no one respects him because a monster nail tails has been seal within his body.

    This show is about a boy named Uzumaki Naruto, trying to fulfill his goal becoming the village Hokage which is the town top ninja. But the problem is no one respects him because a monster, nail tails, has been seal within his body. Naruto must gain respect with team 9, which consist of Sasuke (Naruto's rival and very talented ninja), Sakura(a girl whom Naruto has a crush on but likes Sasuke) and Kakashi (sensei of Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto).
    The reason why this show rocks so much is because each character is so deep and the fighting is so great. Each character in the show is different from each other. The show goes into a lot of detail of each character so you begin getting attach to a couple of them.( My favorite characters are Rock Lee, Jiraiya and a course Naruto). Also the fight scence are so great because everyone has such different fighting styles, from ninja fighting using illusion to using bugs to puppets.
    Can't wait until North America gets this show later this year. It is a must see show for anyone who likes anime.

  • Naruto is a story of a boy who is shunned by all around him simply because he has a demon fox sprit sealed inside him. So if the people want to act like he is not there he is going to show them reasons to acknowledge him.

    Naruto is good because it take some many things and lumps them in together. The drawing is crisp and clear, the story’s it tells are one that can be related by old and young alike, the voice acting seems spot on and the music is very good. For me personally it was the opening song of the first episode that made me want to see what this anime was about. The drama and the music in the background seemed to mix perfectly together. It can even draw you in and have you rooting for the good guys despite the odds and have you understanding the bad guys even thou they are there to ruining the good guys fun.
    The one thing I think most people will take out of this show if they watch it is the determination of the main character. No matter what the odds or obstacles he will never let anyone stop him from reaching his goal or harm those who are important to him. This is a good anime that even if you have never seen anime or given it a decent chance you will want to see it and maybe even change your view on anime itself.
  • Blah ninjas who fight random people who attack them for no good reason,the main plot of the story is for Sasuke to avenge his family by finding his brother.This show=overrated.

    The fight scenes are boring,all they do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, fight for 4 seconds,talk,that takes about 5 episdoes.5 episdoes to kill 1 guy,the strategies are lame and the characters suk.The comedy is supposed to be funny??I wanted to watch this show so badly but it let me down,by the boring action scenes,i lost my patience around the first 30 episodes.Bleach is something better to watch.
  • I watch it every week. It's not going to make you a better person, but then what anime will? Some episodes are dull, but there is always one around the corner that will turn you into a Narutard all over again.

    It is, like most anime that aren't running for a set number of episodes, prone to dragging on for a few episodes, then hooking you again just when you're about to tune it out. The battles can play out a bit like DBZ fights, but that's not generally the case. Dragonball Z was all about power levels and powering up, whereas Naruto is all about sneakification levels...
    A:"You fell into my trap!"
    B:"No, I saw your trap, and set my own!"
    A:"I know that, and I prepared a secondary trap, hence YOU are the trapped one!"
    B:"Nice try, but I've got infinity traps, period!"
    Surprisingly, this is addicting to watch, and once you've been peer pressured into doing the first story arc, you'll be hooked just enough to try the second, then by the third you'll be selling organs for fansubs.
    The best part is that it doesn't try to blueball you like InuYasha (or other R.T. works) with the "I love you, idiot!" crap. The crushes in the show are stupid (like the crushings of 12yr olds actually are), and the characters almost seem aware of this... to a point.
    Also note: There are already a lot of "Narutards" out there, and there'll certainly be a lot more when Cartoon Network starts airing it at the end of the summer. So, if you're trying to keep your obsession in the closet, it's going to be pretty hard.
  • Naruto, a ninja with a dream.

    Naruto, a ninja with a dream. A dream to become Hokage, the most powerful ninja in the village. Inside Naruto lives the Kyubi (Demon Fox), a disastrous monster that wrecked the streets of Konoha at the time of the 4th Hokage, Yondaime. Using a forbidden technique, Yondaime sealed the fox inside the innards of a just born baby boy, Naruto.
  • Uzumaki Naruto, a hidden leaf shinobi, out on a lifelong quest to become the next hokage, the strongest shinobi, along with his mentor kakashi hatake, uchiha sasuke and haruno sakura, as they tackle shinobi missions and kickin some ninja butt...


    one of my personal vavs really cool with the sannin, and all the cool techniques, reason its not my number 1 because the fillers now arnt as great as the manga but still KICK @$$. great story line and all, brings me back to the days when dragon ball z came out on tv

    highly reccomended
  • I thought that Dragon Ball was the best anime till I saw Naruto!


    I thought that Dragon Ball was the best anime till I saw Naruto!

    You can actually see not only the character's strength moving up but you can also see their attitude evolution along the history.

    Judging by Naruto Manga unbelievable the show will still get better!! OMFG

    Naruto Manga and Naruto anime are a little bit different so if you like the anime read the Manga where you can see Kakashi's history and how he got is Sharingan.

    You can get Naruto Manga at:

    You just have to register yourself :P

    I can't whait till Wednesday to see another episode.

    Naruto will surpass dragon ball believe me!!

  • The action in Naruto will leave anyone craving for more and more. The show of a young boy with a nine tail demon fox sealed inside of him and his life as a ninja. Naruto is incredible.

    Naruto, a boy with a nine tail demon fox sealed inside him, is a show that I would recommend to everyone interested in a lot of action. It's a thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing what might twists and turns might be around the next corner. I personally love this program.
  • Naruto is just awesome!! No other word to describe that!!

    Naruto has one of the best anime stories (if not the best). The characters are original and have different personallities. They are also well drawn. The episodes are full of unexpected turnouts. In fact, the series is full of these. And what is fun in Naruto, is that, unlike other anime like.... Dragonball let's say, the battles CAN last to ten episodes (the really big ones like the one against Zabuza) but it's rare. And when it happens, there's actions going on. Not only talking. I also love the fact that they explain everything so you understand. There's also lots of flashbacks. This can be bad like it can't. Some are flashbacks of something you've already seen, but it's rare. Normally, they are new things about the story. Anyway, I highly recommend this show to any Anime lover. You can't be wrong with this one.

    Conclusion : I give it a big thrustworthy 10 :D
  • One of the best anime series ever! Great Story, Great Characters. A Must see!

    This anime is about a child called Naruto that wants to be the best ninja ever. He has a demon in him that once almost destroyed his village.
    You follow naruto in his training with his missions and naruto also gets involved in a great war with another ninja country.
  • this is without a dought the greatest anime show ever ive been watching it sence epsoid 1 and 141 aepsiods i love it even more

    this show follows 3 main kids naruto, sasuka, and sakura. 3 students that live in the hidden leaf Village. the main char is naruto who wants to become hokkage (leader of the Village). naruto is not like other kids inside his body is a nine taled fox demon who terised the village. allong the way he gets intouch with this demon and learns to harness his power in a pinch. the kids get into many fights along the way and naruto proves that someday he will become hokkage
  • In recent years, there are numerous of great anime series being released. Though, only a few can be named as the best. With many positive reasons, Naruto can classify as one in that catergory.

    With the extremely popularity of the successful of this anime, Naruto is probably one of the most watched and still going strong.

    Uzumaki Naruto, a young and mischievous boy living in a Hidden Leaf Village with a dream of someday he will become a Hokage, a chief of a village. However, with the incident of 12 years ago, a giant Nine Tailed Fox was sealed within Naruto's body, has made everyone in the village affraid to be near him. Although, everyone was cold, Naruto wants to prove that he'll become the best ninja.

  • Naruto is a really cool and interesting anime show I watched. I watch only the first few, but love it. I hope the english dubed version will still be good on cartoon network.

    Naruto is a very interesting Ninja Anime series. It is very well thought out. The series seem to be very Character Driven which is good. I watched the first few of the Japanese version of the series and loved it. I even read the Manga version to read more into the amazing story. I know that there will be a english dub version on Cartoon Network during the daytime. I hold it will still be good enough for anyone to watch even if some stuff is cut out. I will be waiting to see the English dub series, I hope they do an excellent job on the English voices of the characters.
  • How is this popular ?

    I cant believe this show is rated higher Than the sopranos..Ive watched 3 episodes and that was enough. I decided to give it a chance, and im still dumb-founded how this show could rank 25 in the shows most watched. Can a fan of this show please tell me why you watch it, and how you can find this enjoyable cause i certainly cant.
  • it is easy to describe the naruto anime in two words: "ground breaking"

    For those of you who dont watch naruto the story goes: "12 years ago, a nine tailed demon fox attacks Konoha a.k.a: the hidden village of the leaf. The fourth hokage ( Yondaime ) uses a jutsu to seal the demon fox into the stomach of a newborn baby: Uzamaki Naruto! 12years later: naruto has lived a lonely life, with all the children's parents seeing him as the demon fox itself that killed so many people. Naruto has had no parents , so he is hungry for attention ; thus he is Konoha's loudest ninja. The story continues from there. It truly is an emmersive story with branches off, and catches your attention making you have to know what happens next. Naruto is (in my opinion) the best anime, with a truly amazing story !
  • This show follows the adventures of a Shinobi (or Ninja) named Uzamaki Naruto. Naruto is a bit of a goofball and along with comrades Uchina Sasuke, Sakura and Master Kakashi try to solve missions.

    Without a doubt one of the best anime\'s ever. If you like Inuyasha,Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu hakusho then show is definetly for you. I thought Cowboy Bebop was the best anime but this show is just awesome. The characters are so well developed and the story line is just amazing. It so cool that the Nine Tail Demon was sealed into Naruto. Kakashi and his sharigan are awesome plus Sakura is pretty cute. Also Sasuke is awesome in this show. I just hope that cartoon network will show this uncut. Otherwise it won\'t be as funny. Best anime ever .
  • Boy ninja + Ungodly powerful fox-demon = comedy!

    Naruto has been called the Dragonball for the new generation. However, rather than centering on just the main character, Naruto has a good supporting cast, each with their own special psychosises, to provide entertainment. Naruto is a screw up, Shikamaru's lazy, Jiraiya's a lecher, Tsunade is a gambler... you get the general idea.

  • naruto is a phenomenon for a reason

    naruto is a fun action adventure anime about a young ninja training to become the head ninja of his ninja village (become hokage).

    naruto comprises of lots of fantastic ninja battles all following a large main story plot. the ever widening cast are all great characters and always lead to naruto having to be even stronger to battle them on his long quest. the series takes a switch around the time it was put on prime time in japan and becomes more epic, lost a bit of it's charm but is still a damn fantastic series.
    a great series to get in to.

    i was hooked from episode one and haven't stoped watching since.

    as an asside...
    if you watch naruto premiere this year and like what you see, go download the fansubs, the japanese voice acting will no doubt kick the american's ass and won't feature any nasty editing. i can't comment about the dub quality directly but you're much better off with the japanese voice acting, that is, as long as you can read.
  • Naruto is quite simply one of the best "family" japanese anime since Dragonball.Fans of DBZ and DB:GT - I promise you will like this series, as for all you other anime fans, Naruto i certainly worth a try!

    Naruto is quite simply one of the best "family" japanese anime since Dragonball. If you're looking for a complex storyline like "Serial Experiments:Lain" or adult violence like "Berserk" look elsewhere ; but if you are looking for a fun family romp with epic battles intercut with some great humour, then naruto is one of the best japanese series on tv today. The series has now been on air for several years almost non-stop and totalled over 143 episodes! Some of these episodes seem a bit lenghty at times (as Dragonball was before it)- in fact some battles are drawn out over 6 or 7 episodes and with only one episode on a week some of them seem pretty endless. The animation is also fairly average for a 21st century japansese production, although it\'s never bad enough to take you out of the action. These two small criticisms aside, Naruto is nigh-on perfect : the character design is spectacular as is the general storyline and even the music (starting with the fabulous opening credits) is top notch. Fans of DBZ and DB:GT - I promise you will like this series, as for you other anime fans, Naruto i certainly worth a try!

    This show is so unbelivable it really makes me so pumped to watch it . The story line is megnificent & the fight are out of this world if you have never seen this i recomend watching this.. Best anime in the world, nothing could ever beat it . The quests to the love story the different characters im so in love with this show. :) for real
  • Its Totally awesome!

    One of the best animes out there! The plot, characters, battles and everything is just totally awesome! The animation is cool! Just one of those original Tv shows you don't see on american TV. I love this show!!! =)

    Two words to describe this show: Super cool!

    Can't wait until its here in America! =)
  • One Of My Favorites

    Let me start off by saying, that this show is a natural phenomenon in Japan. It was so popular it worked it's way to American soil. This show is so damn good. I love this show, except the filler episodes. It seems as though Naruto's power is always toned down during the filler. I'm glad Sasuke defected because he sucks. All the characters seem great except for Sakura but later on she'll whoop some ass * you know what Im talking about manga readers* This will be a classic, im just hoping the dubbing wont suck
  • The best modern-time ninja anime series in the whole anime show.

    This anime tells a story of a young ninja boy named Uzumaki Naruto who dreams to become a Hokage to prove to everyone in the village that he's a somebody to be inspired as everyone hates him because of his past life as a fox demon who once destroy the city and kill many great ninjas.
    In his advanture, he teams up with Sakura and Sasuke and encounters many obstacles along the way.

    So far, Naruto is an ongoing anime show. A must-see and very influential in less than a week. Yet, the battles are great and the animation rocks. I'll give it a 9.4/10 ratings for it. Good anime show.
  • One of the best anime I\'ve seen!

    Filled with action, violance and comedy, the three things I love in anime. It is also one of the few shows I\'ve seen with ninjas. The battles are awesome as well as the characters. The jutsus are also great because not only are they cool to watch, but they can also be funny. This show had me buying the DVDs by the box set, even though I have to have them shipped to America!
  • Uzumaki Naruto, a 12 year old kid from Konoha Village who wants to become a Hokage (the best ninja). A fox demon attacked the village 12 years ago and the last Hokage sacrificed his life and sealed the demon inside Naruto when he was a baby.

    Visually this show is great, and it probably can't get better. The sound and music are amazing, and the voice actors did a great job to get their voices to match each character's personality. Storywise the show is also very good and follows the manga closely (exept the last few episodes).

    What made me give it such a mediocre score is that they didn't know how to plan each episode. Every 5 minutes there is a flashback of something you already saw in the last episode and what's even worse is that the flashback suddenly appears in the middle of a fight scene or just before they are going to say something important.

    I believe that this show is a bit overrated and it could've been better since it has alot of potential.
  • I LOVE NARUTO awsome show!!!!! 5 stars!!!

    This show grows on you. Its the type of show that you can start watching in the middle of the series and still know what is going on and you will love it. It has pretty much everything drama, action name it its there I LOVE NARUTO awsome show! I started watching it and i just could not stop
  • The hit Anime TV Series in Japan, "Naruto" is about a boy's dream of becoming a Hokage someday, but first he needs to undergo alot of training, trials, exams and many more to achieve his dream.

    This is a worthwhile and entertaining Anime TV Series, it won't fail to make you laugh, cry and even go crazy. Simple plot, yet outstanding. The characters are very colorful, they have a distint characteristic to make you remember each and everyone of them. To conclude, "go watch and see for yourself."
  • Naruto is a solid anime and one that appeals to many different tastes. Probably a good reason for its enormous popularity. The reason why I didn't give 9 is because of its slow-moving storytelling as opposed to more recent and popular animes like Bleach a

    Naruto is a fine anime. It presents the story of a young wannabe ninja named Uzumaki Naruto who eventually develops (and is still in the process of) a worthy ninja of the Konoha Hidden Leaf village. A lot of fighting is present with many ninjas from different/opposing villages and tournaments and this is what draws so many people to the anime. The fighting is creative (after 145 episodes, some of it is getting repetitive), exciting and well drawn (unlike Dragonball), so is always something to look forward to.

    One gripe I have for the show is that it has started to move forward at a snail's pace. Forgive my ignorance of filler episodes (I don't exactly know which ones are), but the anime has taken liberties with the original manga. Over particular arcs in the storyline, the pace of the anime drops incredibly, which almost makes it a pain to watch.

    One of the newer animes to come out that has lasted over 100 episodes, and continues to have a creative storyline with a good dose of fighting ninja action, Naruto is a gem among anime. Stuff not trying to be mainstream, Naruto is mainstream but its good. Worth taking a look at, if you haven't already watched at least SOME of it!
  • Naruto is a must see for all of you newcomers to anime. This show's got it all. Love, Hate, Jealusy and of course drama in abundance. Naruto tells the story about one boys struggle to achieve his ultimate goal, to be achknowledged by his village and to be

    Naruto offers drama from episode one and lots of it. The show has millions of viewers across the globe and it gets more every day. Untill now the show has released 145 episodes and it is increasing each week. Even thought the series has alot of filler episodes, it makes up for it by making superb episodes of those that follows the manga.

    Naruto is the story about a young boy that carries a terrible demon inside him. This demon was placed there by the greatest hero in Konohagukure* (*translation: The hidden leaf village). Because of this Naruto was not only an orphan, but he also an outcast by everyone in the village. One should think that this would be enough to break everyones spirit, but Naruto decided to prove himself that he could be the greatest ninja this village has ever seen. His goal is to become the Hokage which is the strongest ninja in the village. He wants to surpass the 4th that was the one responsible for sealing the great demon within him by giving his life for the village.
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