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  • Blah ninjas who fight random people who attack them for no good reason,the main plot of the story is for Sasuke to avenge his family by finding his brother.This show=overrated.

    The fight scenes are boring,all they do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, fight for 4 seconds,talk,that takes about 5 episdoes.5 episdoes to kill 1 guy,the strategies are lame and the characters suk.The comedy is supposed to be funny??I wanted to watch this show so badly but it let me down,by the boring action scenes,i lost my patience around the first 30 episodes.Bleach is something better to watch.

    Last time I wrote a review ro Naruto it was directed at people who actually watch this terrible show. I was sort of mean. So it was taken off the site. So now I'll direct it to the people who haven't seen the show and try to convince them never ever to watch this show.
    Now where to begin. First there are only two anime series I've given a 1 to Evangelion and Naruto, and I wanted to give them a 0. But I'm focusing on Naruto. First there is the animation which looks like a two year old drew it. I draw terribly and this show makes me look great. Than there is the story which makes no sense. I swear they put a bunch of monkeys in a room, and after a few years created this show. Finally the characters. They are the most anyoing(I know I didn't spell that right.) characters I've seen. Here and I thought Shinji from Evengelion was bad no I get Naruto, the worst anime character I've ever seen.
    Oh yes one more thing. This show goes on for over 100 episodes so you get to see the same stories repeated over and over again. I know if I die and go to hell I'll be forced to watch this show and Evengelion for all eternity. I hope I was kind to all of you who for some unknown reason like this show I hope I was kind, and for you who haven't seen this show don't wast your time. Instead you should check out anime like BLUE GENDER, RUROUNI KENSHIN, Eureka Seven, PLANETES, RahXephon, and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.
  • A blond ninja with a orange jumpsuit wants to be hokage.

    Theres alot of reasons why I don't like this show. For one thing, Naruto keeps on repeating the moves. He fights somebody, they hate eachother, literally over 1-2 hours of boring flashbacks (it goes on for episodes) then Naruto does his Resengan, the battle ends. THAT'S IT FOLKS!

    How can anybody like this show? Repeative moves, Flashbacks, animation is poor compared to other animes, corny horrid writing, and how can I forget? The fillers. Literally, after the Sasuke retrivel ark, theres 80 FILLER EPISODES. All not interesting.

    Then comes Shippuden. EVEN WORSE. I have to admit, I liked the manga a bit at first,

    SPOILERS next to me: After sasuke kills itachi, the manga became boring, and introduced more moves that are confusing. What ever happen to "Naruto wants to be Hokage?" Theirs even more fillers in Shippuden, plus the introduction of the Akasuki, which are worthless Wannabe villians that repeat the same moves every 2 seconds. Masashi Kishimoto wanted to make an anime like Dragonball Z, and even Ripped off alot of moves from the series, (Goku had orange, so did naruto, the resegan and Spirit bomb look alike, etc...) but it turned out to be a MAJOR FAIL. This series makes anime look bad, seriously.
  • It amazes me that so many people think this horrible show is good, when it is quite possibly the worst anime ever aired in the US next to Battle B-Daman

    Naruto is interesting. It has mediocre art, horrible voice acting (both ENG and JAP), virtually no plot besides "getting the best you can be" and the worst characters I have ever seen in an anime. They are all so unoriginal it is astounding. The only character that is remotely good is a girl whom I can't even remember the name, all I know is she had horrible luck. I've seen 30 episodes simply to see if it would get good, it hasn't, it simply has gotten worse. The voice acting in the dub is ear-bleedingly bad. All people who like good anime with substance, stay away. If you are 12 years old and like anything CN throws at you, by all means, watch it.
  • Naruto is ruining the children!!!

    Now where was I, oh yeah, Naruto apparently is gathering up a truckload of ratings for the Cartoon Network, and those crazed young boys between the ages of 2 and 12, just can't get enough of that plucky little ninja. In fact many people are saying that Naruto will become the next Dragon Ball Z in that all boys in their tweens and early teenage years will be watching it. Now I could include some ratings information, to back up my claims about Naruto's popularity, but that would take time, and I don't have it, because I'm mad as heck, and I need to say some stuff. Mainly that Naruto is ruining the children!!!!!
    Don't believe me do you, well here are five reasons why:

    1. It encourages cheating on tests- I remember watching this one episode where all the main characters had to cheat on this Test in order to become full fledged Ninjas, and about half of the episode was about them cheating in all sorts of cool ways. Just what is this telling the children? I'll tell you what, that those little freaks can cheat on their tests, because their heroes the ninjas did it. NO NO NOOO!!!! 2. It is sexist-Whenever I watch this show that chick with the pink hair never does anything. Naruto and his little buddy Sasuke could be getting their faces kicked in by that stupid transexual kid with the ice mirrors, and the pink haired chick just cries while they are getting owned. Not to mention that one time when the pink haired chick was supposed to defend her friends from three incredibly wussy ninjas, and she got whupped, and had to have like nine other dudes save her. Then there was that episode where that same pink haired chick fought the blonde chick, and they reminisced about how they learned to arrange flowers in Ninja school. What the heck? So according to Naruto all women are good for is crying when their friends are getting their butts kicked, getting saved by other people, and arranging flowers. Lame!!!

    3. The main character is a misfit loser-Yeah I'll say it, this whole trend started with those gosh darned Harry Potter books, with their messages like "You can be whatever you want to be, and try hard". NO you stupid kids, you'll never be like Harry Potter, because Harry Potter is a freaking wizard, and wizards don't exist, but frog wizards do (and don't you people debate me on that). So by that same logic the children can't be like Naruto because he's a Ninja and Ninjas don't exist, and never did. And don't you people tell me they did!!!

    4. The main character is possessed by a Demon, and nobody cares-Back in my day whenever somebody got possessed by a demon, people either made a movie about it, tried to exorcise it, or they at least talked to a televangelist about it. But nowadays, they think oh I'll use the demon's power to beat up that freaking transexual kid with the ice mirrors, and that albino with the snake tongue. Well let me tell you what. Using a Demon's powers to beat up people no matter how annoying they are is bad, because Demons are agents of the devil!!!!

    5. They fight with weapons- Now I'll be the first to admit throwing a Ninja star at somebody is pretty cool, but I'm a teenage boy who would never do such a thing, unless if I was paid to do so, or it was in an act of Vengeance. But I digress, all the kids who watch this show will soon take their kitchen butcher knives, and begin to recreate their favorite Ninja battles, which is completely wrong, because ninjas don't use knives to kill, they use their special ninja techniques. You don't want the children to kill each other with weapons in the name of Naruto, because it's inacurate to the spirit of the show. Besides killing someone with a weapon is just cowardly, a true ninja would kill somebody with their bare hands, while they're naked, just like Brock Samson. Watch the Venture Brothers!!!!!
  • Not that good of an anime.

    This show is about a boy named Naruto who wants to become a great ninja but in the beginning, he didn't make much friends nor was he good at trying to become a great ninja. What I don't like about this show is that the fights between characters take long meaning you will have to see like 6 or probably more episodes to see a fight end which can be a waste sometime. Plus this anime is getting overrated and in my opinion, there isn't that much to like about the show.

    Overall, this anime isn't much of anyone's time, if you are a hardcore anime fan and like ninjas then this is the anime for you but if you are just a regular anime fan and don't really like ninjas like me then don't waste your time watching this show.
  • This show is a about a boy named Naruto and his dream is to be a Hokage(the best ninja in the Villge).

    This show sucks there voices don’t fit the character and there is no blood like in the manga also if u hear Naruto's voice it sound like a girl but his a boy They also don’t say some stuff right like Kuni and Hokage. If u read the manga or watch this show in Japanese but with subtitles like me u might agree or disagree with me. But I think they killed Naruto the manga and show (that’s in Japanese with subtitles).
  • show needs to be better

    Naruto is a ok show with some really weird characters.Naruto is something that a teen would like but for me it is just a complete waste of time.If you do like the show than that is ok i support who every really like's the show.It makes the show dumb when a person use his fingers to attack and that some kid has a demon fox that is almost thirty-seven stories in to a kid,just not right.Naruto is a really bad show that is why i wrote it a zero point this is a review for the naruto show.The End
  • worst show ever / i hate it

    its stupid naruto keeps sayng belive it! hes a b@tch the show has no storyline bad action and ripped other fight scenes from cowboy depop and everyone that watches this show is very inmature or are kids that need to grow up ... its a wast of time to even watch this
  • THIS SHOW IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this show. I tried to give it a 0.1 but the rating meter wouldn't let me.I don't get what's so great about it. Nothing about it makes sense. It grates on my nerves like no show can. Please discontinue it now. I could have gone my whole life without never seeing that show. It is a waste of time watching the show.
  • Whoever made Naruto is very greedy...

    Naruto is a very good manga. The problem is that the show is easily the worst that I have ever seen. The basis of Naruto is that he wants to become a skilled ninja. Well, in the show, it literally takes up one whole minute of a guy walking 50 feet. No talking, just showing him walking from different angles for 50 feet. The series may be good, but COME ON! Trim the parts where nothing happens! It's always that you wait for 5 episodes until naruto hits someone, then it's back to watching people walk for 50 feet! The Naruto show could be great like the book, but it chose the "greedy waste of time" path.
  • This show is why filler sucks.

    I'll be the first to tell you that I gave up on this show in the 140s. Yup. Haven't watched it in over a year. And why? Because the show is nothing but a parade of mindless filler! When the filler started (way back in episode 136, aired in May of 2005), the producers said that in April we would see new manga-story episodes. Guess what? We're still waiting. And the filler doesn't even make sense! Granted, I barely got 10 episodes into the filler, but every "arc" follows the same basic pattern: Naruto gets grouped or assigned to a random team (what ever happen to 3-man cells?), and said team is given a mission (more often than not, this involves yet another attempt to 'rescue' Sasuke. Which is stupid, since it's doomed to fail from the get-go, since they're not going to so blatantly deviate from the manga story). Then Naruto accompanies the team to complete the mission. And another filler starts.

    Yeah, there was filler before in Naruto, but it was only an episode or two for the most part, and even the one filler arc was sandwiched by story arcs. I was already losing interest with the three-episode-long flashback for Sasuke (who I can't stand, since he gets zero character development), and the filler just clinched it. I MIGHT go back to the show, if they decide to actually start having real story, but not likely.
  • Overrated?----Believe it!!!!!!

    Wow. People at collge are obsessed with this...of course all of em are huge shut-in types, but I digress. Both my wife and I watch alot of anime, but neither of us can stand this show. When it 1st appeared on Cartoon Network, I was excited for another good anime, as everyone at collge was hyping it, after watching the first 8-10 episodes, I was greatly disappointed. Hearing "Believe it"like evry two seconds was annoying enough to turn me away, but yet I still gave it a chance...just couldn't get into it. I suppose like alot of animes, the story (hopefully) got better as time went on....I just can't understand 20-something college students going around wearing Naruto headbands that they've had to adjust as it was made for a 10 yr. old. To each thier own I suppose, but in my eyes, this show is greatly overrated.
  • This show suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkks....

    It makes no sence and they never do anything but talk about meaningless crap through the whole episode. Being a fan of the manga i expected it to be a pretty good show but i was wrong. It sucked on so many different levels and it took like 3 episodes to get through a simple fight scene. I mean come can you have three minute long flash backs while fighting??? And it shouldnt even be called naruto because half the time it focused more on saskue or somebody else than naruto. I wanted to kills myselfs after watching the first 10 episodes. BLAAAHHHH!!!!!
  • Why i gave it a 3.2 instead of a 0 well.

    Well because id perfer this show because i would say its way better the full metal alchemist and inuyasha. That is why i gave this a 3.2 but i still hate it cause ninja games are cool but not shows it is pathetic both the english and japanese versions blow. Doesn\'t matter if i watched the original version cause i would still enjoy the english one cause i can understand it better. and besides this is lamer then dragon ball z. A complete waste of time man i shouldnt even be typing about this this show has to be taken off the earth and the two other shows i mentioned about.
  • Its about this blonde hair kid that wants to become the best ninja in the world by following his ideals of a ninja. But then it started to become another DBZ clone.

    Warning.. Spoilers!!!

    I only watched the English version and im not watching the Japanese version stop telling me the Japanese version is better, I dont care what language it is in as long as I can understand the story. Ok the series started out pretty good with the whole ninja training, ninja concept, ninja battles, and people was actually acting like real ninjas. Then every thing gets rather out of place. Like I said before people was acting like ninjas somewhat with their techniques to conceal themselves/ assassination techniques etc, etc. Then the chuunin exam showed up and pretty much threw the whole ninja concept out the window. Im not saying this is bad thing, I didnt mind the chuunin exam at first. But this snake dude (who looks like Micheal Jackson's cousin) shows up and jacked up the whole story up. Read the summary, this is about Naruto becoming a great ninja, i dont mind if you throw in a couple of bad guys every now in then but this guy, i think its a little too early for him. You already know this guy is gonna be the main villian its so obvious, either that or hes gonna get killed by another villian just to show how he is a bad mother "Shutchomouth".

    After the snake dude encounter, they decided to continue the exams for some lame reason. Then we come across a Tournament, huh??? Ok the ninja concept is all gone now, Its about power levels (Chakra) and Kaioken (pills/kyuubi/opening gates), DBZ anyone? I can see it now, flying ninja shooting chakra blasts, lol. I know DBZ is a huge influence but lets not forget HunterxHunter is to. so he is basically ripping of two shows without showing one trace of originality. whats even more annoying is that hes showing mutiple flashbacks for no freaking reason at all. He should have showed those flashbacks later on in the series but nooooo we have to see everybody's sad past. Thats another thing too sad past=ownage in combat. Then there is Gaara (some sand dude) who is basically the emoest of the emos, So you know he owns everybody, and he does nothing but emo up the show some more along with sakura's constant whining about sasuke when she should be training. ok enough of the story lets skip to the characters.

    First let me get this off of my chest, What the hell is up with Naruto shouting Believe it!!! every second. seriously I feel like taking a knife jump inside the T.V and slit naruto's throat Believe It!! Naruto is your underdog/heroine who is gonna do most of fighting while the other character watch him on the sidelines cheerleading/praising him for things any ninja can do in future battles. I might be jumping the gun on this, but I can see it coming Believe Itt!! yea yea its a shounen anime thats about naruto becoming a great ninja, but with the constant flashbacks with the other characters I should see some development if I dont see any in the near future (yes i gonna finish watching this even tho it sucks, I think it still has potential) I can just label the other characters as *FAN SERVICE* Sasuke is your typical anti-hero/rival that has a obsession for killing his brother, also he gets all emo about it too. Sakura is useless of course, and just like all anime girls she just cry/get saved by the hero/ get used as a excuse to make the hero go super sayain/yells at the hero for stupid reasons. is the Japanese sexist or somthing. Not all girls act like this. And all of them are not weak cry babies that needs to be saved all the time. Kakashi is the only real ninja in the series he actually looks like a ninja, he is cool, mysterious, peverted, has a dark past(from his dialogue it seems pretty dark to me), makes intelligent decisions. seriously the show should be called "Kakashi and the Sharingan Eye" or something like that. As for the other characters most of them are just one dementional characters that are just there to help naruto reach his goal. its like none of them have a mind of their own, since they follow naruto's ideals like its a freaking religion. or just there for fan service "ala kiba/shino" (Not the naughty fan service for those peverted individuals)

    I used to like the series when it started but then its just, oh another DBZ clone. Its not a bad show to watch if you your new to anime or haven't seen a shonen anime in general. If your like me who've seen countless clones of this type of show before than you might not like this show due to its clicheness. It might get better tho only time will tell.
  • Violent Ninja Program

    This show should be called violent ninja program because that's what it is but apparently it's named after some violent ninja food. Some lame Japanese thing is also what this show is, animé looks dumb and is really because of a few reasons, one of which being that people never move and talk at the same time, their mouths can come off of their faces and it's always badly dubbed and violent. Animé often includes fat ninjas who are often violent. Overall i rate this program low because it is lame and annoys me rather thoroughly, but my sister likes it.
  • This show is so lame.Its boring,dumb,and it stinks.The charicters on there are so weird a Ninja Master that wears two maskes over each other.

    This show is so lame.Its boring,dumb,and it stinks.The charicters on there are so weird a Ninja Master that wears two maskes over each other.I just dont get this show I dont know why anyone would like it.Its the worst Anime Ive seen yet.Its needs to hurry up and taken off the air.
  • one of the worst shows ever created.

    this along with avatar and martin mystery are all complete pieces of crap. Every time I turn on the channel and this happens to be on I want to gouge my eyes out and throught them through the tv. What where they thinking of when they created this show \"oh lets make a show about a ninja that wheres an orange jumpsuit and can change his appearance in a battle.\" I mean come on why dont they just say hey lets put on a full half hour of someone pooping or eating a piece of chicken. this show is a complete waste of money on the producers part.
  • How is this popular ?

    I cant believe this show is rated higher Than the sopranos..Ive watched 3 episodes and that was enough. I decided to give it a chance, and im still dumb-founded how this show could rank 25 in the shows most watched. Can a fan of this show please tell me why you watch it, and how you can find this enjoyable cause i certainly cant.
  • I am going to leave out the summary seeing as there are plenty of others to read..

    The Original series, Naruto, has been the most over-rated series iv'e come across. The series has little to offer a true anime fan. With good intentions and a potentially exemplary storyline, Naruto had several flaws that destroyed this anime within the first fifty episodes. First, The length of the series was never meant for the planned storyline and explains why nearly half of the series is composed of fillers.

    The characters are uninvented and unoriginal. They have what nearly every anime provides. The three main protagonists in the series, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are all examples of typical anime characters. Naruto being the typical clumsy and more or less foolish character who miraculously perseveres in the end. Sakura's character being the "damsel in distress" and brings little to nothing to table when it comes to combat. I usually find this in most anime and is found a "turn off". The female character being the one with the most potential in the show, yet only turns out to cower when the situation turns grim. Not to forget the most "annoying" protagonist in the series, Sasuke. Sasuke who after a few archs leans from a protagonist to one of the series antagonists. Every anime provides a character that drives the leading protagonist to his limits by using the typical "male ego" trump card.

    I gradually grew to hate the character, Naruto, and the personality they attached to him. His inane actions and ignorance towards himself and nearly everything thrown at him is infuriating. The art work in the series is greatly done but is over shadowed by the lacking aspects of the series.

    Finally, after 200 or so episodes they step up the shows qualities and air the sequel "Naruto Shippuuden". This show certainly makes up for every negative quality the original series had shown.
  • Naruto is very overhyped, and I mean VERY overhyped.There are plenty of other anime and manga that are just as good but aren't very popular because the only ones people ever really talk about is Naruto... I'm not saying Naruto is bad though.

    Naruto's plot is decent, the characters are pretty well developed, and there is some humor. I find the story a bit predictable, but there are some major twists in the story.
    There are 2 reasons I'm not giving it a high score.
    1. It takes a really long time for anything to happen in later episodes, and it kind of ruins the battle scenes for me. Seriously, the battle with Sasori takes 8 whole episodes? I could read the whole thing in the manga in less than an hour. 2. Major inconsistency with power. How did all the little kids get so powerful? A lot of the time, they beat up other ninjas that are supposedly ridiculously powerful and invincible, even when the opponent has killed someone far stronger before. Naruto's probably the most extreme case, especially in the most recent arc in the manga.
    Naruto's pretty good, though the manga is superior to the anime. It is definitely overhyped though, especially the anime.
  • Naruto Uzumaki wants to be the leader of his village, and will do anything to do it!

    It's kind of confusing, because they use ALOT of japanise, so my 10 year old sister has to tell me what the heck is going on, but when she does, it kind of makes sense. Sometimes I can't tell if Naruto is set in the past, or the present, since it dosen't show any cars, modern buildings, or TVs in the episodes I've seen (By the way, I only watched about 10 to 20 episodes in english). My favorite character would have to be Kakashi, because he's funny, strong, and just plain awesome. Final line is: It's confusing, but good.
  • This show is pretty pointless

    In Naruto, the characters learn and practice fighting much for no reason. This show is terrible, and this is pointless, violent, cheesy, and stupid. Think of how they praise fighting in that cheesy fashion, and that the low-quality framerate animation in animes really messes it up. Take this show off now! Last year, I had this girl in my class that was obsessed with Naruto. Here is everything stupid she did throughout:

    1. Beats people up
    2. Won't refuse when people say, "Believe it! Naruto sucks!"
    3. Says that it is cool because there is lots of blood and killing
    4. Says that killing animals is a good reason to have a pet
    5. This is the worst one- she thinks Naruto is REAL! We keep on convincing her that if he's real, that she'll have to find him. 6. Tries to start a random fight against someone stronger than her for no reason
    7. In social studies, the teacher asked, "What does geography mean to you?" and she said, "A fire town in a leaf village!"
    8. Wants to be a ninja when she grows up. Gee, I wonder how much they get paid.

    You won't want to be her, would you? What makes Naruto so special?
  • I am no anime fan actually, and what i like most about Naruto is its "dark side", i.e. hentai, especially video. Especially this very episode - Naruto hentai 11

    I am no anime fan actually, and what i like most about Naruto is its "dark side", i.e. hentai, especially video. Especially this very episode - Naruto hentai 11
    All in all I can say it is one really descent show, you may like its twists even if you are (like me) no anime fan at all. Cheers =)

    I am no anime fan actually, and what i like most about Naruto is its "dark side", i.e. hentai, especially video. Especially this very episode - Naruto hentai 11
    All in all I can say it is one really descent show, you may like its twists even if you are (like me) no anime fan at all. Cheers =)
  • Terribly overrated...

    Wow, does this show suck. It actually has the lowest rating that I've given any TV show. Now, don't get me wrong. I found Naruto cool to begin with. I was actually quite a big fan at one point. I still own manga volumes 1-5 and have given episodes 1 and 2 positive reviews. However it was just a phase and after five or six months Naruto began to bore me. Now I think that it's more or less the worst thing in the world. First off the main character is so annoying. When in a fight you may often find yourself cheering for the other person. This isn't even a good show in terms of anime. Shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka 7 and Wolf's Rain blow this show out of the water. To conclude my review all I have to say is that this is just my opinion and is no one elses. Thank you for reading!
  • This Anime is cosidered a success because its fanbase is a collection of 14 year olds who have never seen quality anime.

    Naruto is full of lame-ass flashbacks and retarded dialogue only to draw out the series more, and more, and more. There is the occasional fight, but in most cases they are incredibly full of **** that you might as well not even bother for watching for a decent fight. If you like whiny, emo, **** and boring shows with piss-poor dialogue and appeal toward an audience of 8 year olds who have been in the womb of a drug addict, then Naruto is for you.

    There are too many characters in Naruto to list because its creator has ADHD, so just know that pretty much everyone has a Dark Past , is an orphan, and has a power level of over 9000. The creator seems to have made a conscious decision to include every anime archetype know to man. In conclusion, do not watch this show for the sake of quality.

    A review from a dedicated fan taken from this review page:
    I'n my opinion naruto is Teh BEST SHOW in the WORLD!!1 and who ever dos'nt think so is dumbit's like crack once you start you can't stop it's cool (note this 10 year old hasn't gone through puberty yet he gives an advice about crack.)

    so naruto best show ever i absolutly love this show to explain it in one word is almost imposibe but if i had to i'd say fantactic just a great show there's love, rivals, friends, fallen nations, death and the story line is great it's mysteryous, funny, dramatic oh man just watch it, love it, crave it. naruto,sasuke,sakura,ino, choji,shikamaru,kakashian d others that rule!! hear me rule :} if you don't i'll kill you he he well any way watch this show k naruto's funny sasuke's emo sakura and ino are happy go luck valley girls who love the emo kid kakashis is cool
  • A shinobi who wants to be Hokage sets out on a journey blah blah blah. It's a typical ninja show with small people on steroids. The best part is the enemies that they make. **SPOILERS FOR FUTURE EPISODES**

    First of all, this show is not as great as it is shown to be. The manga is a lot better. The thing that sucks the most is all of the fillers. The show might as well be called 'Sasuke' now considering it's barely about Naruto, all about, 'finding Sasuke'. Well, at least in the manga they have some guy on guy action, in the show they only kiss. I mean, seriously, just make out with Sasuke already Naruto! You know you want to! Oh, and what's up with Sakura on steroids all of a sudden? She got her butt handed to her by Dosu and his pals. Oh, and what's up with Hinata all of a sudden? And Neji the 'genius'? Now, all of the Sanin who are oh so powerful are being flicked off? And what up with Kabuto eating Oro-chan? Also, Itachi dying, what's Sasuke's point anymore? Not Oro-chan's new host, not going after Itachi anymore. The real enemy is the leaf village considering they were the ones who made Itachi kill his clan in the first place. And the akatsuki? They are so powerful they are also being kicked off like flies. Seriously, this show is going to hell. I didn't like the whole whiney ninja thing either, and thought it would be cool to see them all grown up and the akatsuki and Oro-chan play roles at the same time, but now I regret it. Sasuke is all powerful, Oro-chan and Ita-chan are dead. Where's Kisame? And why is Kakashi so weak now, when before it was "OMG KAKASHI!" I just don't get it. Honestly, you all think it's the greatest show on earth, you have to get out of your box and find new anime. Go watch some yaoi, catch an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, or Rurouni Kenshin.
  • I love this show.

    This show keeps getting better and better, and the action is awesome! Its about a kid named Naruto who is training to become a great Ninja. He is in a group with Sakura and Sasuke, with their sensei Kakashi, who is my favorite character. The Chunin Exams rocked! Gaara was so evil and the fight was just completely awesome. Anyway, Naruto wasnts to become the next Hokage, but he's a long time away from becoming that good of a ninja, yet he impressed everyone because he gets better and better with everyday that passes. I just really love this show! Awesome.
  • WTF!

    Man this really really really really really sucks! Another one of these crappy animes with a crappy storyline, crappy music, crappy characters who boast about their obnoxious egos, and really really crappy dialogue " Believe it!" Really, what is the deal with that retarded catch phrase.The focus of this show is nothing but mindless action with little to no depth in story just like nearly every single anime out their.
    Another thing the lead character is supposed to be a ninja. Then why the hell is he wearing an ORANGE TRACK SUIT! There's no way to be stealthy in crappy 80's clothing. Furthermore these morons just engage in direct combat without consideration alternative strategies just like DBZ. Then there is the voice acting. It's as enjoyable as getting my nuts stuck in a blender. I'm pretty sure this show is made by and for three year old retarded monkeys."Believe it"
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