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  • This review is for both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden

    I've watched a lot of Naruto, so I know a lot of what happens. But, I'm sorry everybody, I don't think this show is nearly as great as so many people say. This is just my personal opinion, and I have several problems with Naruto. But don't get me wrong, this anime is nowhere near bad. It's just disappointing.

    And the weird thing is that, I should like Naruto. It has a relatively good story in the beginning and some pretty spectacular fight scenes. But it also has more problems in than I had originally hadn't even thought of. Firstly, the art style looks much less refined during the fight scenes, and I never really liked Naruto's animation style to begin with, not to mention some shaky camera action. Secondly, the show seems too much like a shonen anime. I know that probably doesn't make sense, since Naruto is a shonen, but if you stop and think about it, this show has so many elements that you would normally see in a shonen that it kind of makes Naruto's story less interesting. Thirdly, the fillers drag on forever. Not just the seperate plots, I mean they dragged on to the point where they continued for almost 100 episodes after Naruto and Sasuke's battle and into Naruto: Shippuden. And don't even get me started on Shippuden's many, many annoying filler arcs that completely diluded what little of the story was still interesting. There's goof filler (like in DBZ) and then there's bad filler, and Naruto has bad filler.

    However, my biggest problem with Naruto is it's characters, particularly the main characters. Naruto is the most likable of the three. Granted, almost every time he talks he practically shouts, which was more than a little annoying, but he also knew how to talk to people and make the unlikable characters see the faults in their sometimes twisted ideals. Plus, I really sympathize with his backstory, to the point where I wanted to cry from all the abuse he went through for growing up with something that he couldn't control. Next is Sakura, and I'm just gonna come out and say it, I cannot stand this bitch. I'm really sorry if you like her, but really! For practically the whole first series, she hardly did anything. Not to mention her constant pining over Sasuke was very gratting, and it made feel sorry for Naruto even more for loving this stupid girl. Speaking of Sasuke. He was very cool in the beginning of the series. Yeah, he was kind of an arrogant emo, but he started getting a little better after befriending Naruto. Then he joined Orochimaru, and he immediately went back to that arrogant emo attitude. Seriously? And he became even worse than he was before by also whining often. However, most of the side characters like Rock Lee, Hinata, Shikamaru, Tsunade and Kakashi are pretty cool.

    Naruto is one of the most reviewed shows on this site, so I know that it's very popular. But I just don't see what makes everyone say that this is one of the greatest animes ever made. Most of the characters aren't likable, the plot feels like a generic shonen plot, and it just goes on and on and on because of all the pointless filler that they decided to add. Great fighting unfortunately can't carry a show to greatness on it's own, and that's pretty much how Naruto is. If you really like it, that's completely fine, maybe you see something that I'm missing. But I believe that Naruto isn't the best anime.
  • The show I grew up with

    It's awesome! One of the best animes ever!
  • worst show ever, go watch Fairy Tail you guys .

    Fairy Tail is better .

    Naruto is the show that I only watch and all the other animation are nothing compared to this show AWESOME,AMAZING,WONDERFUL ANIME :) :) I'LL NEVER STOP WATCHING IT UNTIL IT COMES TO AN END
  • Naruto is... THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!

    What is there to say its just awesome I've loved Naruto since the moment i found out about it.

    10/10 5 STARS THUMBS UP WOOO!!!!!!!
  • naruto shippuden#123

    Naruto has been a piece of me since I could even think it feels like and if people saw what's going on they would lay bricks.
  • Naruto and the water cycle

    I really like naruto when i was a kid but at time goes by and watching different animes. it made me think that the story became more of going around and around, like... can we end this already? it makes me reminiscent my grade school days about how to explain the end of the water cycle... yeah sounds like this goes on and on"

  • My journey with NARUTO in tranqulity....

    I don't know why but I feel that my story is like naruto I can't assure anyone that I am the greatest fan or I am the one who watched it first but no mattar who ever defend me but I feel that Naruto was made for the craziest and determined person like me who reflects the same failure that i have encountered,Naruto is like me who was disliked by everyone but walking on our own shoes we changed our destiny,like Naruto I have a dream to be the leader so that everyone respects me and above all as Naruto I never give up.

    Today everyone says that I am a good girl and have my ow pretty stuff of life so they desire to walk on my shoes precisely they will never know that my life is not their peice of cake or not theirs mine,they don't know I was vanquished,usually summoned as obnoxious Ojaswee but al this small things didnot bother I have never learn to loose my hope,thanks to you Naruto as I dream of becoming bonzer and brizane watching you all the time. Everytime I went in a throng I found someone always better than me those 'better' people did not take away my confidence but provided me a path to learn through both abomination and aapreciation. I know i have got lot to do as I have a aim and no mattar what I will persue it . Thank you so much NARUTO!!!

    People say that I resemble their life,I am not dissapointed either to be ordinary actually I feel debonair that my life is also a winers tale. NEZI Huga said to Naruto that you were destined to loose when you were chosen as my opponet but Naruto proved it wrong my making his own fate by his own struggle is the point where I actually admired the great creator of in my way I say,"ITS NOT MY DESTINY WHO DECIDES MY DREAMS ITS ME WHO DISCOVERS IT!!"
  • The show must go on!!!!!!!!

    I don't watch a whole lot of anime. The shows I like the most usually don't go beyond 1 season long. A lot of the best anime shows are shut down early I don't know why, but that is just how it is I guess. Anyways , Naruto one of my most favorite anime shows. Just as the review title I made says "The show must go on"! Seriously can you stop making it like the movie Inception. I mean FFS !! Stop going back in the past and showing what has happened to all these characters! If you wanted to show what has happened in the past. Then do us all a favor. Make a season all about the past and how everything came to be. You really should've made all these episodes about the past in the beginning of Naruto. Not here and there through out the show! It really makes a show complete shit when you do this. Its not a damn movie and only an hr or so long! I'm so sick and tired of waiting for a new episode and its about some character and how they came to be who they are! Which gives my other point for this review. This is >>>{Naruto}<<
  • Top Shows

    Read all of the 1st generation manga, about 30 anime ep (05-13)
  • Not the best anime, but I'm not a hater or a super fanboy.

    While I Like Naruto a lot, it isn't top notch or above great anime like Bebop, Stein's Gate, etc. I really like the overall tone but the filler is a pain to watch(considering the 220 ep)! I also believe they talk too much in battles. Overall, great anime to get someone started. Always found Kakashi as my favorite character!
  • boring show

    I hate this show a lot


    Naruto- He's pretty much Goku

    Sakura- downright worst character on the show. she is bitch infinity. She is so mean to Naruto for no reason and obsesses over some guy that doesn't love her.

    Sasuke-So unnecessarily emo

    the others-irrelevant

    I hate all the filler and the show

  • good show

    It is good.

    But only one episode per week.

    That is really really boring.

    I forget the story even many times hence i stopped watching it.
  • The Best Anime Ever!!!

    I only have two words for Naruto GREAT and AWESOME. Naruto is my favorite anime. I like this anime as compared to any anime ever made!!
  • Awesome!!

    This is back when Naruto was completely amazing. Shippuden is okay, but doesn't compare to the original.

    Great movie naruto

    I love it

  • naurto

    one of the best anime ever
  • not worth it!

    I only have two words for Naruto, boring and annoying. The main character is constantly whining and shouting about something no one else cares about. The other characters have varying degrees of lifelessness. The plot is too dull to endure for more than a few episodes. I really tried to get into but its just not worth it.
  • Nice to have it back to the good ol' US of A uncut, but just ONE episode a week!?!?

    Toonami, you never cease to bring us some of the best Anime the weabus, otakus, and just casual anime fans get wet over, and I appreciate you doing this for us. But seriously! You had to start it all back at the beginning and on top of that, only show one episode a week!?!? I'd give it a perfect 10 otherwise, but THIS is just unacceptable so much so, I would have to give this a 9.5. :p Sure, you're reintroducing the series like we Americans never seen it, (granted with the exception of the sucky intro used in season 1 which deducts my rating to an even 9), but we last left off at Naruto Shippuden right when Asuma died, just before it got canceled on Disney XD! My nerd wikipedia research tells me that was Episode 80. In the original Naruto, you gave us 209 episodes right up to the where CN cut us off in January 31 of '09. They were all censored too. Collectively that makes 289 episodes of the series we had to watch that were tainted by prudish censorship which we American fans, who were too cheap or lazy to download the english subbed episodes onto their computer, had to endure! Toonami, I think we fans are more than entitled to see more than one "uncut" episode a week especially after waiting as long as 2 years for a decent American broadcast. :(

    Greatest show ever yet they stop creating it... PLEASE MAKE NEW ONE'S!!! (English Dub)
  • yeah what title

    <3 this show forever
  • Who Doesn't Watch This?

    The classic anime/manga, it contained wonderful characters and a winning storyline. Not the most heart-warming thing ever, but I would still recommend it. After this the fillers and the continuing storyline detracted from the overall flow.
  • While naruto vowed to be the best ninja this show already became my favorite anime

    This show proved that it was the best anime of it's time. By pulling us into a facinating and yet beutiful world. Where the animation complements the story telling and makes me amazed by the action going on in this show. The action is done so well that sometimes it's jaw dropping watching to of your favorite characters battling it out and it just looks amazing to your eyes. The characters all have very intresting with every character having a very specific motive for what there doing and why. The story can be hard to follow at times if you missed an episode or two but topically you don't need to be cuaght up to enjoy the action. The dialogue is freash and the voice acting helps pull you in to a huge world where there is always an evil guy for your characters to fight. But the villians are also what makes this show great becuase the villians are either evil people or there scray becuase of the hanes things they do. Sometimes you get the simpithetic villian which helps keep the show freash and three demisional. For all the praising I'm doing some moments feel either rushed or just unitresting you rarely get parts like that but I should mention it becuase there a chore to sit through and watch. I love the three main leads there the focus of the story and they never disapoint.
  • best show ever

    i watched alot of animes and imo this show is fing epic ok some times u have to drag tru some filler but hey give those people a break and let them do some fast story to take some time off =/ or is that too much to ask for u people, and when i read some people say i dont get this or no story... im like wtf? imo it has a story and i compleetly get where every character pops up from and for what kind of reason like i read that orochimaru pops up for no reason =/ u ever watched lost that show is huge and starts wiht just all kinds of random crap that gets a stroy later... like u get the story behind orochimaru later =/ jesus and then im watching it from start till shippuuden right now and imo the show only gets better :P but hey every body has his own opinion :P
  • Best anime ever!

    At first I thought it was some happy-go-lucky show for idiots until I saw one episode. From then on I was hooked in even for shippuden. I love it! By the way Tobi is Obito it came out in manga chapter 599.
  • One of the biggest titans in industry for a reason

    Often regarded as childish or "lame", these and many other stereotypes get shattered the moment one gets into this anime.

    With compelling, complex, at times rather dark characters, these show explores deep issues like discrimination, hatred, revenge, bonding, acceptance etc.

    The main thing is to give it a chance (at least watch first 20 episodes) to get an understanding of the essence of this show.

    Whilst it digs deep in itself, it hardly forgets to be funny, it is a masterful piece by famous mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, who proves his almost incomprehensible creativity by creating Naruto - which is one of the most popular shows, and I don't think my statement will be far-fetched, in the WORLD.

    Show also provides numerous references to Japanese culture and history, and is, by me, highly recommended to be watched in original Japanese with English Subtitles, because dubbed version by Disney isn't half as good :)

    P.S: sorry for poor English
  • I never thought I would like this show

    But I watched one day and realized that it rocks. Seriously, I just took for some stupid anime about kid ninja's, but that was retarted of me. I only took one episode for me too realize this is one of the best anime's ever. The chararcters are plentiful and extremely interesting. Even the characters that are not that important have a very interesting back-story. The other great things about the show are the action (i.e. great ninja battles and very cool justu), great music (whether it be dramatic or action). So, watch this show and love this show. You will be glad you did.
  • Naruto is a hyper active boy with a dream to become Hokage.

    Naruto is a show that got got alot of potential when the writers want to, but when they don't want to they slap in some filler, although some of them are amusing.

    Narutos limited capabilities has always made him the weakest ninja in team 7. Determined to become a recommend he trains day after day after day. That is Determent a short variation of the plot. Well at least before Naruto Shippuuden.

    Naruto Shippuuden is better than the "original" story. Well it is the same story but it's been a time leap for 3 years and lots of interesting stuff has happen, like Naruto being the only low rank ninja left in he's age.

    I would recommend Naruto to people who likes a different type of humor, but still with a decent plot to follow it up.
  • This show started out with potential, but now its sadly gone downhill ever since the end of the chuunin exams.

    First of all, I don't have time for a long-ass review right now, so I'm just going to get strait to the point. Naruto, is an average shounen, that gets treated like its one of the best series ever. Now, before any of you fans reading this go ballistic saying I don't know anything about the show, I've seen a lot of it (subbed and uncut) and I've read up to chapter 352 of the manga. The rating I gave Naruto, doesn't even count its horrible fillers (I'm being leniant here). Originally, Naruto started out with potential, and for awhile, it seemed to be going in a good direction. But that all changed in just a short while. Naruto really just drags its story on, and every time you read a chapter of the manga, or watch a single episode of the anime, it doesn't feel like you've gotten anywhere in the story at all. Another thing, is that the fights aren't as great as everyone makes them out to be. The action is good, but the overall strategy and wits used in the fight, are just average. If anyone wants to see truly spectacular and engaging fights, then you're better off with anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho, which brilliantly construct their fights. Another thing that I can't stand about this show, are many of the characters. Naruto has only a handful of decent character, whereas the rest are selfish little brats (and trust me on this one, I've seen plenty of anime, and I've read over 350 chapters of Naruto, so I know what I'm talking about). The only reason I've kept up with this series, is because I've always been encouraged that it gets better, and maybe for those who have seen very little anime, it does, but for me, who has seen plenty more anime, its not so great. Now, don't get me wrong, while Naruto isn't a great series to me, its definitely not nearly the worst either. It has its moments, but to be a great series, you need to have a truly engaging story, and great characters. Naruto's story is just average: A kid who isn't accepted at first, and wants to become top dog in his neighborhood (would be the univeral way to word it; anyways, Naruto's wanting to become Hokage, is not different than Luffy's wanting to become king of the pirates); also, we'll have some evil guys who show up, such as Orochimaru, and the Akatsuki organization, and then the "good guys" have to use mystical powers (in this case jutsus) to stop them (which is basically what almost any shounen has, so its nothing special). Also, as mentioned before, the characters aren't anything special. What's more, its that there is almost no character development. Take the main character, Naruto, who starts out as a selfish little brat, and guess what, as of Naruto Part II, he's still that same selfish little brat, only with a new uniform (and he's a little bit taller). We also have overrated characters like Uchiha Sasuke, who people praise as being great, but is also just a selfish little punk, who thinks far to highly of himself, and just feels plain sorry for himself. Trust me, with all the other anime that I've seen, Sasuke is perhaps one of the most emo characters I've had the annoyance of watching in a series. Once again, Naruto isn't a terrible anime, yet, its heavily overrated. To be a truly great anime, the show needs to entertain you every single minute, and you must never feel bored at a single point of the series. Plenty of series can hold my attention like that, but Naruto is not one of them. It has good times, but a lot of moments in the show are boring (especially these long-winded pauses in animation that it does; I'm aware that many anime do that, but not nearly as much as Naruto). Overall, Naruto is far from being the best, and there are better shounen out there.
  • Naruto is amazing!!!

    Ok. Im not gonna say i loved shippuden but naruto in general is amazing! Just allow me to list the reasons why.

    First - Naruto has the most amazing storyline ever. A rejected boy with no family just wanting to have caring and acknoledgement from his peers. Hes chasing after the only person he ever considered family.

    Next - The animation is amazing on this show. So much effort is put into this show and all anime shows. So many people love naruto and work hard to make the show.

    Finally - There is the most awesome fight scenes on this show. There is so much violence and great backstories to every major battle.The techniques are amazing and well thought out to make an incredible battle.

    These are my opinions abot how amazing naruto is.
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