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  • Naruto manga deserved better than this.

    Before I begin the review, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Naruto manga. And I don't want some Naruto fans to start flaming on me just because I "apparently hate Naruto." Because I don't. But I feel that it is unfair for Naruto to have such a mediocre animation. If you don't believe me, however, here are a few reasons why the anime stinks.

    For one, the episode get too repetitive. The first few episodes were plenty interesting, but eventually it gets to the point where you feel that each episode is just pointless filler. The story-lines also get confusing fast. It jumps from an exam to a mission to a tournament and so on...Even though everything is loosely connected in some way, you'll scratch your head a lot when watching this show and mutter, "What the heck? Where did this come from?"

    Since this is a show about ninjas, you'd assume that the action sequences are epic. Of course, there has to ACTUALLY be action sequences in the first place. It's rare that you actually get to witness one, and so you'd think that the fights are even better, making the show all worth it. But no. There is usually a tragic flashback from the past, covering up most of the fight, and then just a few jutsus or shuriken.

    Also, the humor. Although there are a few funny jokes, ie.inner Sakura.... and gags, they are usually immature. A lot of people laughed when Naruto used a jitsu that turned himself into a naked woman to seduce the sensei into allowing him to pass. I guess I could understand why the joke might have seemed funny, but I just found it really perverted.

    Finally, the characters. Now, the characters are the only reasons why this show gets a 5.5 rather than a 1. There is plenty of character development and emotional parts. Of course, the characters are sometimes unrealistic and cheesy. The show also tends to center around Naruto for the most part during the later episodes. I guess, since it's called Naruto, that this would make sense, but it would be cool to see some of the other characters, like Gaara or Shikamaru, my favorite characters.

    Ultimately, Naruto is a mediocre manga, with confusing storylines, perverted humor, repetitive episodes, and a general lack of focus on the variety of characters when it comes to the later parts of the show.
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